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DEMIGOD – Legendary Finnish Metallers

August 20th, 2007

Interview and live pics by Luxi Lahtinen


Let´s make a bold statement for starters: The legendary Finnish metallers, Demigod, have returned back to us – with a storm that has been named somewhat fittingly to LET CHAOS PREVAIL. It´s been 5 years since Demigod´s 2nd album, SHADOW MECHANICS, so obviously many of us have a good enough reason to sincerely believe Demigod had called its quits, but luckily those suspicious doubts don´t hold any water.

Since the days of SHADOW MECHANICS, lots of murky water has been flowing under the bridge, and many things have been happened in the Demigod -camp, too. Line-up changes aren´t the only changes Demigod has gone through over these past years, but the band has also traveled a long way from those Death Metal paths they used to have in the past, especially on their highly acclaimed debut album, SLUMBER OF SULLEN EYES. Nonetheless, Demigod´s new album LET CHAOS PREVAIL introduces the band in a new light that can hardly be considered any worse compared to their past, glorious old days. The musical steps they have taken on LET CHAOS PREVAIL, are somewhat drastic, but not for any worse direction if that was one of our biggest fears.

LET CHAOS PREVAIL has now been released – and the members of Demigod are eager to reveal more about it as well as some of their other plans regarding the coming months. Now let´s enter Demigod…  

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