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MEGADETH – GUEST Drummer Chris Adler Confirmed

March 29th, 2015
Lamb of God

Lamb of God

Dave Mustaine, of MEGADETH, and Chris Adler, drummer for  LAMB OF GOD, will join original bassist David Ellefson in the creation of MEGADETH’s anticipated forthcoming album. Adler will be appearing as a guest on the album and contributing his thundering, hard-hitting, and technically precise style and skill, adding new blood and drive into the mix while staying true to MEGADETH’s roots.

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Lamb of God @ Brixton Academy, London

February 3rd, 2014

Lamb of God, Decapitated and Huntress

@ Brixton Academy, London

18th January 2014

Review by Ashlinn Nash

Photography by  Graham Hilling

Lamb of God

Lamb of God

Brixton tonight is buzzing with anticipation for one of their favourite bands, from the crowd outside winding around the venue adorned in shirts displaying albums from the critically acclaimed “Ashes of the wake” to the most recently released “Resolution”. To the crowd at the bar deep in discussion over what tracks they would like to hear.
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LAMB OF GOD Partners with Specticast for Worldwide Distribution of “As The Palaces Burn” Feature Film

December 11th, 2013

LAMB OF GOD is pleased to announce that they have entered in to a worldwide distribution deal with Specticast (Led Zeppelin Celebration Day, Paul McCartney Rock Show) for their Don Argott (Last Days Here, Art of the Steal, School of Rock) directed feature film “As The Palaces Burn”. Filming for the feature began in 2012 and concluded in March of 2013.

“As The Palaces Burn”, not to be confused with the making-of documentary packaged with the recent re-release of the 2003 LAMB OF GOD album of the same name, was conceived to be a documentary focused on the power of music and its impact on cultures around the world and its ability to bring together people of all nationalities regardless of religious or political differences. After a worldwide casting call, filming took place in Colombia, Venezuela, Israel, India, and the United States. As filming reached its conclusion, the documentary was forced to take a major turn when the band’s lead singer, Randy Blythe, was arrested in the Czech Republic and charged with the murder of a fan in June 2012. Granted unique access to Blythe’s continuing saga, Argott’s filming covered Blythe’s 38 day imprisonment in Prague, his release and the band’s return to live performances, and finally Blythe’s trial for murder in Prague in February 2013. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 1st, 2013

Bloodstock Open Air 2013

@ Catton Park, Derbyshire, UK

8th – 11th August 2013

Review by Anna Dumpe & Ben Spencer

Photography by Michelle Murphy

Imagine a weekend of nothing but pure heavy fucking metal.
Imagine being surrounded by the friendliest 15,000 people who share the same passion for heavy metal music and lifestyle. Imagine a place where it is respectable to have beer for breakfast and drinking until you drop in an accomplishment. Imagine a festival where you can see over 100 heavy metal bands and pretty much none of them suck.

Ladies and gents, this ain’t no heavy metal fairytale!

This is Bloodstock Open Air – the greatest heavy metal music festival of our times. It’s a place where metal heads run free, headbang until their heads roll off, shout ‘SLAYEEER!’ and avoid shower for 4 days straight.
It just does not get any better than this.

Our UK team were privileged to attend Bloodstock Open Air 2013 and see things for themselves…here’s a ‘little’ insight of what went down.

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LAMB OF GOD @ The Limelight, Belfast

August 22nd, 2013


@ The Limelight, Belfast

12th August 2013

Review by Melanie Brehaut

Photography by Paul Verner

Lamb of God

Lamb of God

For those of us who didn’t make it Bloodstock this year and knowing the next round of ‘UK tour’ announcements will almost inevitably leave out Northern Ireland (argh!), tonight’s Lamb of God gig in the Limelight gives up something to be whimperingly grateful for. In fairness, LOG has returned to both the north and south of Ireland several times (take note, other bands!)
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July 17th, 2013


Long-time friends LAMB OF GOD and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE have joined forces for what will undoubtedly be one of the essential “can’t miss” tours of the fall of 2013.  The tour launches October 22 in Toronto and canvases much of the U.S and Canada.  The two bands are a dominant live pairing, and will combine for 28 North American shows in total.  Support for all shows except Los Angeles will be provided by thrash legends Testament, with Huntress opening all shows.


LAMB OF GOD will end the North American portion of the Resolution record cycle with this tour.  It will include a coast to coast visit to all major Canadian cities which will be LAMB OF GOD’s first visit to Canada on this cycle other than a festival play in June in Montebello and a show in Toronto in January 2012.  In the last year, both Ashes of the Wake and Sacrament have been certified gold in Canada.  LAMB OF GOD will finish the Resolution cycle completely with a visit to Europe and South Africa in January 2014. Details on that tour will be released late August.  Read the rest of this entry »

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LAMB OF GOD Vocalist RANDY BLYTHE Pens Memoir, Signs North American Book Deal with DA CAPO PRESS

July 2nd, 2013

Coming Spring 2014



During the next few weeks while Lamb of God is gearing up for several dates overseas in August, vocalist Randy Blythe is busy gearing up for the release of his upcoming memoir. The memoir, which puts emphasis on the past year of his life, is an incredible, harrowing, heartbreaking, and redemptive story told in Blythe’s already well-recognized writing style. It seems that almost every major media outlet has attempted to righteously cover the story of Blythe’s arrest, incarceration, trial, and acquittal for manslaughter in the Czech Republic last year, but now, the man at the center of it all unveils the truths of the ordeal, personally detailing every aspect in his own words. No ghost-writers, no co-authors, just Randy Blythe, himself.

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LAMB OF GOD – Singer Found Not Guilty!

March 5th, 2013


According to ITV News, a Czech court has acquitted the frontman of US heavy metal band LAMB OF GOD, Randy Blythe, of charges he caused the death of a fan at a concert in Prague three years ago.

The prosecution had accused Blythe, 42, of causing the death of the 19-year old fan by pushing him off the stage at a 2010 concert.

If found guilty of manslaughter, Blythe faced up to ten years in prison. Daniel Nosek’s family was also demanding the equivalent of over $500,000 in damages.

The State Attorney immediately announced his intention to appeal the verdict; he has eight days to put this in writing.

Randy Blythe: “I Am A Free Man. Please Remember The Family Of Daniel Nosek In This Difficult Time”

Randy posted the following via Instagram: “I have been found not guilty & acquitted of all charges against me. I am a free man. This photo (shown below) was taken by my friend @aceyslade- it says it all. Please remember the family of Daniel Nosek in your thoughts & prayers in this difficult time. I only wish for them peace. Thank you for your support- Randy”

Randy has been acquitted of charges that he caused the death of a young fan in Prague in 2010.

Randy has been acquitted of charges that he caused the death of a young fan in Prague in 2010.


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LAMB OF GOD Frontman’s Trial Delayed; Randy Blythe To Return To The United States

February 6th, 2013 are reporting that LAMB OF GOD singer Randy Blythe will return to the US this week after it was announced in court that his trial on manslaughter charges in the death of a fan, Daniel Nosek, at a Prague concert over two years ago, would be delayed. Nosek’s parents are demanding compensation of 10 million Czech Koruna (approximately $530,000).

Blythe’s defense team asked for the delay because a key witness was sick, according to Prague Post reporter Jonathan Crane who is helping cover the trial for The defense team wanted that witness to testify in person. Another witness is scheduled to testify Thursday, after which the trial will be postponed until March 4th, Crane said.

Blythe will be allowed to return to the US until his trial resumes. He indicated in court that he would definitely return to Prague next month, Crane said.

Blythe was held in custody in the Czech Republic after being arrested on suspicion of manslaughter by Czech police at the Prague airport on Wednesday, June 27th. It is alleged that during a May 24th, 2010 Lamb Of God concert, Blythe pushed the 19-year-old fan, who had climbed onstage, back into the audience. The fan lapsed into a coma and died of bleeding in the brain fourteen days later.

More of’s coverage of the Randy Blythe trial can be found at this location.

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LAMB OF GOD’s CHRIS ADLER Announces Exclusive North American Endorsement and Distribution Deal with VRUK Corporation

January 16th, 2013

New Video Launched Highlighting the CHRIS ADLER Signature VRUK DrumMaster Heel Plate

LAMB OF GOD’s CHRIS ADLER is pleased to announce his new, exclusive North American endorsement and distribution deal with VRUK Corporation, specifically in conjunction with the CHRIS ADLER Signature VRUK DrumMaster Heel Plate—a vital tool for drummers looking to increase endurance and speed that CHRIS ADLER himself will be distributing exclusively throughout North America.

The CHRIS ADLER Signature VRUK DrumMaster Heel Plate acts as an attachment to your current pedal setup providing heel support, rebound acceleration and control, the key factor of any drum technique. Today, CHRIS ADLER released a brand new video that shows what the VRUK DrumMaster Heel Plate is and how it works! Head to this location to view the video (click “watch video” link), read testimonials, grab coupon codes and more! Read the rest of this entry »

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LAMB OF GOD MANAGER RESPONDS TO BLYTHE INDICTMENT; Czech Republic plan move forward with indictment

December 4th, 2012
Lamb of God

Lamb of God

As news breaks of Randy Blythe’s indictment on manslaughter charges in the Czech Republic, manager Larry Mazer responds with the following statement:

“After a three month investigation, the prosecutor in the Czech Republic has decided to move forward with an indictment of Randy Blythe on the charge of manslaughter with intent to cause bodily harm. Obviously, we intend to fight vigorously against these charges as we feel that in no way did Randy intend to cause bodily harm on the young fan who subsequently died from injuries sustained at the show.  As he has stated previously, Randy intends to go to Prague to defend himself at trial.


While it is a tragedy that a Lamb of God fan died following a performance by the group, in no way do I feel that Randy did anything improper that led to the young man’s injuries and subsequent death.  The price of a ticket to a show does not entitle audience members access to a band’s stage.  In the years since the murder on stage of Dimebag Darrell Abbott, performers of all genres have had to become more guarded while performing in response to the dangers presented by fans trying to become part of the performance.  We believe that Randy responded professionally to the numerous amount of fans rushing the stage that day, a number of them captured on videos that have been posted on the internet. We have testimony from the venue operator that acknowledges lax security and an improper barricade being used that evening. Numerous testimonies from fans also were contradictory as to the actions of the multiple fans that tried to access the stage.

At this point, all that the band, myself, and our lawyers can do is to present a defense and try to convince the panel of judges who will hear the case that Randy is innocent of all charges and that his name and reputation need to be cleared and that he be permitted to carry on with his life and career always mindful that a fan passed away after a Lamb of God performance.

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LAMB OF GOD Teams Up with AXS TV for Live Broadcast

November 6th, 2012

Currently on tour in the United States supporting their latest album Resolution, LAMB OF GOD is pleased to partner with AXS TV for a live broadcast of their Philadelphia show on November 24th from the Electric Factory.  Traveling with a full multimedia production, the band chose Philadelphia, site of the platinum DVD Killadelphia, knowing that it would be a wild night of metal.  The broadcast will run from 10 p.m. until 11:15 p.m. ET.  For more information on AXS TV and on the Lamb of God broadcast go to or follow @AXSTV on Twitter.


As part of the promotion for the broadcast, LAMB OF GOD has given AXS TV a signed Willie Adler ESP guitar for a giveaway.  Here is the Facebook link to sign up for that promotion: 


Check out LAMB OF GOD’s exclusive announcement about the LIVE concert event on AXS TV:


The Resolution U.S. tour continues until December 16th with In Flames and Sylosis on all dates.  Hatebreed will appear until November 19th and then HELLYEAH will appear through December 16th.  Dates are below.



LAMB OF GOD Tour Dates:

7-Nov / St. Louis, MO / Pageant / Buy St. Louis Tickets Here


8-Nov / Indianapolis, IN / Egyptian Room / Buy Indianapolis Tickets Here


9-Nov / Milwaukee, WI / Eagles Ballroom / Buy Milwaukee Tickets Here


10-Nov / St. Paul, MN / Myth / Buy St. Paul Tickets Here


12-Nov / Louisville, KY / Expo Five / Buy Louisville Tickets Here


14-Nov / Stroudsburg, PA / Sherman Theater / Buy Stroudsburg Tickets Here


15-Nov / Glens Falls, NY / Glens Falls Civic Center / Buy Glens Falls Tickets Here


16-Nov / New York, NY / Roseland Ballroom / Buy NYC Tickets Here


17-Nov / Silver Spring, MD / Fillmore / Buy Silver Spring Tickets Here


19-Nov / Orlando, FL / House of Blues/ Buy Orlando Tickets Here


20-Nov /Atlanta, GA / Tabernacle / Buy Atlanta Tickets Here


21-Nov / Charlotte, NC / Fillmore / Buy Charlotte Tickets Here


23-Nov / Wallingford, CT / Oakdale Theater / Buy Wallingford Tickets Here


24-Nov / Philadelphia, PA / Electric Factory / Buy Philadelphia Tickets Here


25-Nov / Boston, MA / House of Blues / Buy Boston Tickets Here


26-Nov / Niagara Falls, NY / Rapids Theater / Buy Niagara Falls Tickets Here


27-Nov / Pittsburgh, PA / Stage AE / Buy Pittsburgh Tickets Here


28-Nov / Richmond, VA / The National / Buy Richmond Tickets Here


30-Nov / Chicago, IL / Congress Ballroom / Buy Chicago Tickets Here


1-Dec / Detroit, MI  / Fillmore / Buy Detroit Tickets Here


2-Dec / Columbus, OH / LC Pavilion / Buy Columbus Tickets Here (Cannibal Corpse replacing HELLYEAH)


3-Dec / Grand Rapids, MI / Orbit Room / Buy Grand Rapids Tickets Here


4-Dec / Des Moines, IA / Val Air Ballroom / Buy Des Moines Tickets Here


6-Dec / Houston, TX / Bayou Music Center / Buy Houston Tickets Here


7-Dec / Dallas, TX / Palladium Ballroom / Buy Dallas Tickets Here


8-Dec / Kansas City, MO / Uptown Theater / Buy Kansas City Tickets Here


9-Dec / Denver, CO / Fillmore / Buy Denver Tickets Here


11-Dec / Farmington, NM / McGhee Park / Buy Farmington Tickets Here


12-Dec / Las Vegas, NV / House of Blues (Rescheduled from 11/1 show) – Tickets purchased for original performance will be honored


13-Dec / San Francisco, CA / Warfield /          Buy San Francisco Tickets Here


14-Dec / Medford, OR / Medford Armory / Buy Medford Tickets Here


15-Dec / Spokane, WA / Knitting Factory / Buy Spokane Tickets Here


16-Dec / Seattle, WA / Showbox SoDo /          Buy Seattle Tickets Here


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LAMB OF GOD Announces Fall U.S. Tour; IN FLAMES to Support, HATEBREED and HELLYEAH Split Tour Appearances; SYLOSIS to Open

September 5th, 2012
Lamb of God

Lamb of God

After a successful reunion with singer Randy Blythe at the two Knotfest shows in mid-August, LAMB OF GOD is pleased to announce a 38-date fall U.S tour starting October 30th in Phoenix, Arizona. Joining LAMB OF GOD as direct support for the entire tour is In Flames. Hatebreed will be joining the package from October 30th until November 19th at which point HELLYEAH will replace them for the remainder of the shows. British band Sylosis will open all dates. Due to Randy Blythe’s continuing legal situation, the band will not be able to perform in Canada on this tour but look forward to doing an entire Canadian run in the near future.

The tour will be the first U.S tour in support of the band’s CD, Resolution, which debuted at #3 upon its release in January, and will be the last tour dates of 2012. Tickets for the tour will begin to go on sale the weekend of September 21st.

Below are the dates for the tour:

Tue/Oct-30 Phoenix, AZ @ Comerica Theater


Wed/Oct-31 Los Angeles, CA @ TBA


Thu/Nov-01 Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues


Sat/Nov-03 Lubbock, TX @ Lonestar Pavilion


Sun/Nov-04 San Antonio, TX @ Sunken Garden


Mon/Nov-05 Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom


Wed/Nov-07 St. Louis, MO @ Pageant


Thu/Nov-08 Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian Room


Fri/Nov-09 Milwaukee, WI @ Eagles Ballroom


Sat/Nov-10 St. Paul, MN @ Myth


Mon/Nov-12 Louisville, KY @ Expo Five


Wed/Nov-14 Stroudsburg, PA @ Sherman Theater


Thu/Nov-15 TBA


Fri/Nov-16 New York, NY @ Roseland


Sat/Nov-17 Silver Spring, MD @ Fillmore


Mon/Nov-19 Orlando, FL @ House of Blues


Tue/Nov-20 Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle


Wed/Nov-21 Charlotte, NC @ Fillmore


Fri/Nov-23 Wallingford, CT @ Oakdale Theater


Sat/Nov-24 Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory


Sun/Nov-25 Boston, MA @ House of Blues


Mon/Nov-26 Niagara Falls, NY @ Rapids Theater


Tue/Nov-27 Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE


Wed/Nov-28 Richmond, VA @ The National


Fri/Nov-30 Chicago, IL @ Congress Ballroom


Sat/Dec-01 Detroit, MI @ State Theater


Sun/Dec-02 Columbus, OH @ LC Pavilion (no HELLYEAH)


Mon/Dec-03 Grand Rapids, MI @ Orbit Room


Tue/Dec-04 Des Moines, IA @ Val Air Ballroom


Thu/Dec-06 Houston, TX @ Bayou Music Center


Fri/Dec-07 Dallas, TX @ Palladium Ballroom


Sat/Dec-08 Kansas City, MO @ Uptown Theater


Mon/Dec-10 Denver, CO @ Fillmore


Tue/Dec-11 Farmington, NM @ McGhee Park


Thu/Dec-13 San Francisco, CA @ Warfield


Fri/Dec-14 Medford, OR @ Medford Armory


Sat/Dec-15 Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory


Sun/Dec-16 Seattle, WA @ Showbox SODO



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LAMB OF GOD Announces eBay Memorabilia Auction for Randy Blythe Defense Fund

August 29th, 2012
Lamb of God

Lamb of God

MACHINE HEAD’s Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel, MEGADETH’s David Ellefson, Slash, and FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Also Contribute

While LAMB OF GOD singer Randy Blythe is back home in America after five weeks in prison in the Czech Republic, his legal problems are far from over.  Manslaughter charges are still hanging over Blythe and at some point over the next few months he will have to return to Prague and stand trial.  Faced with continuing massive legal bills, LAMB OF GOD has decided to create an eBay auction of equipment and memorabilia to raise money for Randy’s legal bills. All equipment was either used on tour or in the recording studio or in a video.  The auction features items provided by all five members of LAMB OF GOD.

In addition, a number of musicians have offered equipment to be used in the auction.  Guitars have been donated by Machine Head’s Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel as well as Slash and Five Finger Death Punch. Megadeth’s David Ellefson and Five Finger Death Punch’s Chris Kael have each contributed a bass and the members of Five Finger Death Punch also have contributed a signed skateboard.

Justice Now, the site set up for donations, will remain open for those wishing to donate to Randy’s defense fund.  The band appreciates all of the support Randy has received since his arrest on June 28th and is thankful for all of the donations that have been made in these tough economic times.  As stated before, without the fans, there is no LAMB OF GOD.


Click here for the link to the LAMB OF GOD Memorabilia site and here for the link to the Justice Now site.

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Copenhell Festival 2012 at Refshaleoen Copenhagen, Denmark

August 14th, 2012

Copenhell Festival




15-16/6 – 2012

Live pictures and reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Guest contributor: Ulrika Henriksson




Here comes a review of the great Copenhell festival that took place during two slightly rainy days in the middle of June. Acts that performed included Slayer, Anthrax, Lamb Of God, Immortal, Saxon, Gojira etc.. Lets take a closer look at what the festival had to bring…..



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