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KRYPTOS – Vocalist & guitarist Nolan Lewis

May 11th, 2008

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KRYPTOS vocalist & guitarist Nolan Lewis

Interview by Luxi Lahtinen

India obviously isn´t one of those countries that one expects great metal to com from. This of course has pretty much to do with people´s sheer ignorance and prejudices that way too many of us have about India, about 80% out of all population living there, being Hindus.

Kryptos, one of the most leading metal forces coming out from that country, got a lot of good response internationally for their debut album SPIRAL ASCENT that came out in 2004. The band´s 2nd album, THE ARK OF GEMINI, which is schedeled to be released worldwide through Old School Metal Records on June 13th, 2008, will hopefully bring Kryptos on another level of success that they would truly deserve.

The band´s frontman Nolan Lewis explains further about the making of the THE ART OF GEMINI, also giving a very insightful view into the the current state of heavy metal in India, as well as cutting down some of those strange prejudices that at least one poor, somewhat misleaded reporter obviously had about a relationship between the government of India and heavy metal in general, prior to this conversation (poor me – an ignorant fuck).  


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