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Onslaught – Legendary British Thrashers

November 3rd, 2006

Sy Keeler – The vocalist of Onslaught

Interview & live pictures by Luxi Lahtinen

Thanks to Duke for the transcription 


"I am so excited and can’t wait for everyone to hear the finished album. Thrash Metal will never be the same again. It’s time for Slayer to step aside. Our lyrical content is ugly and ‘will’ upset people. The music is so fucking brutal. Is that the same band who recorded IN SEARCH OF SANITY? A mix of POWER FROM HELL and THE FORCE, dragged screaming and thrashing into the 21st century. You have been warned!"Sy Keeler on 25th of July 2006

Hmmm…. such brave words from such a bravely talking guy. wanted to find out how much Sy?s announcement held water by testifying the band?s live appearance at the precious Jalometalli Festival in Oulu, Finland on August 18th. The band not only played a well-chosen cavalcade of old Onslaught classic songs at Jalometalli, but also threw a couple of new songs off from their forth-coming 4th album, titled KILLING PEACE (due to out in February 2007 on Candlelight Records) as teasers. According to these new songs they played for their Finnish fans, "Destroyer of the World" and the album?s title track "Killing Peace", it can somewhat fully be subscribed the time has come for Slayer to step aside – not matter how good Slayer?s latest album CHRIST ILLUSION was. KILLING PEACE will contain 9 new songs full of hard, heavy and fast Thrash Metal without any kind of compromises, the way we ?old timers? still remember Onslaught when Sy was screaming his lungs out in the classic Onslaught line-up.

Sy talks about the new album in this very interview for – and just about much more…


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