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Infernaeon – Vocalist Brian Werner and Bassist Kevin Gibbons

November 12th, 2007

Interviewed by Robert Williams

I recently had the chance to catch Infernaeon live in support of the new album “A Symphony Of Suffering” to say the band was having a shitty tour would be an understatement. I looked on as the band played every single song off the cd to about 25-30 metalheads, the bar staff, and the other bands on tour….on a very crowded stage.

I hold a lot of respect for bands still willing to pay their collective dues in establishing themselves. Infernaeon from Ft. Lauderdale is no exception. They played to the small crowd with as much intensity and conviction as you would expect for a crowd of a thousand.
As a teenager I had a book by Henry Rollins called “Get In The Van” it pretty much sums up the tough life of traveling city to city in a stink box, beat up van. Making some sacrifices, occasionally getting shit on, but forging forward in something you believe in…
I spoke with Infernaeon vocalist Brian Werner and then bassist Kevin Gibbons and talking with them and hearing some of they’re many touring stories I was reminded of that book, and proud that some people out there care enough for the metal to hand deliver right to your city even if it means taking a loss…

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