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ATHEIST – Kelly Shaefer & Steve Flynn

September 17th, 2009

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Interview with ATHEIST´s Kelly Shaefer and Steve Flynn

Interview and live pictures by Luxi Lahtinen

Thanks to Andy Osborn for the transcription

ATHEIST - Whole band.jpg 

The Floridian jazz-tinged tech-deathsters Atheist, disbanded in 1994, but 12 years later, decided to resurrect the band back from the dead. Since then lots of things have happened for the band. Atheist signed to the French Season of Mist label (as well as Gnostic, featuring three members from the Atheist camp). Then they hired a young, but very talented rookie named Jonathan Thompson to play the second guitar in the band, and have done quite a lot of an intensive touring for the last couple of years – playing at as many festivals as possible, added with some well selected clubs gigs as well.

On August 15th 2009, Atheist finally hit the Finnish soil for the very first time during their whole history, performing an exclusive show at Jalometalli festival in Oulu, which many consider a true mecca for the Finnish metal. Just 2 hours before the show, I managed to hook up with both Atheist frontman Kelly Shaefer and skin basher Steve Flynn, who both shedded some light on what´s going on in the Atheist camp at the moment – telling when people can expect a new album from them and so on.

So guys, to get started…

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Atheist – Kelly Shaefer

July 1st, 2006



Atheist – Vocalist Kelly Shaefer

Interviewed by Luxi Lahtinen


When talking about a highly technical and innovative Death Metal,  Atheist, – along with Death and Cynic, are one of those bands that broke a bunch of musical boundaries on their way towards the success they gained during the late eighties, and the first half of the ´90s. The band´s catalogue consisted of only three albums, but they all were very unique yet groundbreaking in their own way. They set certain standards for the concept of ´technical Death Metal´. There is no wonder why many consider Atheist´s second album, UNQUESTIONABLE PRESENCE, as one of the finest Death Metal releases of all time It certainly was that very album where Atheist´s sound was sharply culminated, being a real masterpiece of very ambitiously played, highly dynamic technical Death Metal, with its occasional and cleverly done jazz-tinged parts.

Atheist regrouped in the beginning of 2006 in order to do an exclusive run of both festival and club appearances in Europe this summer. Many people who never got to see Atheist playing live, now have a chance to see them one last time even if a couple of original Atheist members cannot participate on the tour for some obvious reasons (2006 also means 15th Anniversary of Roger’s death), but you can read all about them (and more) from the interview that I recently conducted with the frontman Kelly Shaefer of this mighty Floridian tech-Death Metal group. 

Atheist (2006)

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Kelly Shaefer of ATHEIST

August 24th, 2005

Kelly Shaefer of ATHEIST
Interviewed in Feb. 2000 by EvilG
Thanks to Nathan Robinson for helping out with the questions! 

Atheist are one of the more influential yet under-rated technical death metal bands of the early 90’s. Unfortunately, the band dissolved in 1994 and now ten years after the band’s first release people are just starting to get it now. In the coming months Atheist’s three CD’s – Piece of Time (1989), Unquestionable Presence (1991) and Elements (1993) will be re-released. The vocalist for Atheist, Kelly Shaefer, recently spoke with with us at length concerning Atheist and to a lesser degree about his new band Neurotica which was formed in 1994 as a (then) side-project.

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