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KATAGORY V taps producer DENNIS WARD to mix/master new album

April 7th, 2011

Salt Lake City, Utahs Progressive/Power metal veterans Katagory V have announced that famed German/American producer, Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Angra, Primal Fear, Silent Force) will helm the mixing and mastering duties for the bands upcoming 5th album, Resurrect the Insurgence.


Commented bassist/songwriter and founding member Dustin Mitchell, I know it has been quite a while since we have had any official updates concerning the new album, and many of you were becoming concerned that we had fallen off the face of the earth, but I can finally say we are seeing progress and the Katagory V machine is in full motion on ce again!


First things first, we finalized the vocal tracks around the beginning of December, and also brought in guest vocalists, Norman Skinner (Skinner, Tramontane, Ex-Imagika) Shane Provstgaard (Sonic Prophecy) and John Yelland (Shadowseer, Disforia) to help with many of the backing vocals, a first for Katagory V! These guys were amazing and we want to officially thank them for delivering a brilliant performance in the studio! We officially wrapped up recording for the album in it’s entirety in January, at which point we took a little time off before tracking down an individual that could tackle the mixing and mastering of our new album, We needed someone that would have and ear and understanding for the direction the band is currently taking.


This is also another first for Katagory V, as we have never handed over our music to anyone outside of the band, and we knew it was time to take another step forward and do something different. We already had in mind a few people that would be able to help with our vision for this new album, but one particular name kept coming up over and over, and that was Dennis Ward. We are proud to announce that Dennis has agreed to take on this challenge, and will be putting his amazing talents to use with our music. His abilities behind the board are without question, and are key to the path we are taking with Resurrect the Insurgence. After hearing some of the initial mixes, we are confident that he will help us deliver a high quality album tha t will easily overshadow anything we have done previously both musically and sonically.


Dennis Ward had this to say about the collaboration, Mixing and Mastering the new Katagory V album has been a real pleasure. The new songs have a progressive touch along the lines of Rush-meets-Iron Maiden, it also surprised me to hear some good ol’ hard rock riffing!  The band has done a great job self-recording/producing this latest offering, and I think this is the start of a new chapter for Katagory V.  I am sure fans of all rock genres will enjoy this album.

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Katagory V putting the finishing touches on new album

November 16th, 2010

Vocalist Albert Rybka of the Utah-based progressive/power metal band KATAGORY V has recently issued an update on the recording sessions of the bands 5th album, “Resurrect the Insurgence”.

Commented Rybka, “Recording for the album officially began with the drum tracks in April, followed by rhythm guitars and bass at various points throughout the summer. Acoustic guitars, leads and a dash of keyboards were tracked from early August into early October, and vocals began tracking in late October. So, here’s where we stand as of now:

Drums: 100% complete
Guitars: 99% complete (we found a 15-second spot that could use a lead fill while recording vocals)
Bass: 100% complete
Keyboards: 100% complete
Vocals: 75% complete

You may be asking, “Keyboards? When did Katagory V get a keyboard player?” Actually, we had our friend Jordan Jennings from the band Clockwork Illusion come in and add some touches to a few of the songs, including an instrumental track. If you like bands along the lines of Ayreon, Dream Theater, Suspyre, Symphony X, and even Turisas, you should definitely check them out. We want to thank Jordan for coming in and putting some beautiful textures to some of the new songs.

I flew into Salt Lake City twice at the end of October to track my vocals, and it looks like I’ll be flying out one more time before the end of the year to finish everything up. We should also be adding some extra vocal parts from a few guest singers that we will be bringing in around that same time. The plan is to officially wrap up tracking the album altogether by January. After that, it’s a matter of choosing the right individuals to mix and master it.

We know it’s been quite some time since we’ve given you folks an update, but you can rest assured that we are hard at work to give you the best album we can possibly deliver. Though I am the new vocalist of the band, I was a fan of Katagory V for a number of years prior to joining, and I can wholeheartedly say that you’re in for the most diverse yet consistent album released by the band to date. This has been a work in progress of nearly three years, and is the first album that truly touches upon every influence within the band, from progressive and power metal to AOR, melodic rock, old school thrash, and classic heavy metal. To top it off, the sonic quality of this album is light years ahead of anything previously offered by the band, and we’re just listening to the rough mixes! We’re all extremely proud of this album, and we can’t wait for you to hear it!

“Resurrect the Insurgence” will be the first Katagory V album to be recorded, produced, and engineered by long-time bassist and songwriter Dustin Mitchell, who is the sole remaining original member in the band. The album marks the recording debut of the new KATAGORY V lineup:

Dustin Mitchell – Bass
Albert Rybka – Vocals
Matthew “Bizzaro” LeFevre – Drums
Marc Hanson – Guitar
Kris Krompel – Guitar

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Winter NAMM 2008

February 16th, 2008

Winter NAMM 2008

ANAHEIM, California, USA

January 17-20, 2008

Article & Pictures by Robert Williams 

Winter NAMM 2008

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