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NILE – Karl Sanders

January 18th, 2008

Karl Sanders

Interview by Luxi Lahtinen

Live photos by Marko Autio

Transcription by Andy Osborn

The cherishers of ancient Egyptian mythology Nile, have been touring hard for their latest album, ITHYPHALLIC. The album has been breaking some chart positions in many countries, and naturally strengthening Nile´s own position as one of the leaders of today´s death metal scene. The band is undoubtedly in its best strike nowadays – and their album sales prove that even more firmly.

The Nile war troops hit Helsinki on one cold evening on November 24th, 2007 – and only just 2 hours before the scheduled showtime, I managed to talk briefly to Karl Sanders about the ongoing tour, their latest bone-crusher ITHYPHALLIC and even a bit more regarding Nile´s future plans.

Special thanks to Silke from Tough Enough Promotion & Management for getting me booked this interview with Karl Sanders.

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NILE – Karl Sanders

July 9th, 2007

NILE  –  Karl Sanders

Interviewed by Simon Lukic
Transcribed by Murphy

Nile has been turning heads for years now and is one of a few bands who have taken Death Metal into uncharted waters. Their latest effort ITHYPHALLIC will soon see a worldwide release in July and is sure to be another crushing affair – if the two new tracks aired during their last tour of Australia in May are anything to go by. The following interview was conducted with the ever accommodating Karl Sanders, one of the scenes most unassuming and talented musicians.  

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Nile – Karl Sanders

July 4th, 2006


Karl Sanders – The guitarist & vocalist of Nile
Interview and live/off-stage pictures by Luxi Lahtinen


The US catacomb warriors Nile hit on the Finnish soil on May 1st 2006 for the very 1st time, having touring mates Yyrkoon from France and Australian Psycroptic along with them. This was Nile´s 2nd leg of the European tour, a continuation for their successful “Annihilation of the Wicked” world tour which started last year.

Since the band was in Finland for the very 1st time, I felt an urgent need to find out why they had so well managed to avoid coming to Finland before – amongst other things, like a common brotherhood of metal fans, the troubles the band faced in Estonia, voodoo witchery and so on.

It was the vocalist and guitarist of Nile, Karl Sanders who I found taking pictures outside of the venue with his digicamera, about 3 hours before their gig. While he was taking some pictures from one of the harbours of Helsinki, I decided to join him, and the recorder was put rolling after his permission…

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