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Karl and Konstantin from Kaamos

March 4th, 2006


Karl and Konstantin from the Swedish old school Death Metal squad KAAMOS

Interview and live pictures by Luxi Lahtinen

Kaamos, this old school Death Metal foursome from Sweden, is undoubtedly highly respected and appreciated amongst so-called true Death Metal crowd these days who are being able to capture all those musical elements tightly together one by one that are essential and vital for this kind of Death Metal. When the band hails such Death Metal pioneers as Possessed, Autopsy, Grotesque, Dismember and the likes as their main influences, it?s pretty obvious which school Kaamos comes from.

The band?s latest album, apptly titled LUCIFER RISING on Candlelight Records, is a great effort to prove what makes old school Death Metal so old school sounding that it manages to throw you through a time gate back in time; back to those times where bands like Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Incubus, Grotesque and such wicked and grotesque sounding old school Death Metal leagues reigned supreme. Kaamos has found that precious heritage of the old school Death Metal legends, and they are doing amazingly good with it.


I hooked up with both band?s vocalist and bassist Karl and guitarist Konstantin before their show in Helsinki 4th of February 2006, and we talked about one of our favorite common topics ?old school Death Metal? what it is all about – amongst other things, and lots of Kaamos -related issues were naturally touched upon as well.


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