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AVANTASIA – Tobias Sammet

February 13th, 2016





Tobias Sammet is the man and the visionary behind Avantasia and Edguy. Tobias sat down with in Helsinki to discuss the brand new Avantasia opus entitled GHOSTLIGHTS. Avatansia is best known for their bombastic and rock opera oriented metal offerings. The band has conquered thousands of fans all over the world and they’re now more popular than ever. GHOSTLIGHTS is the bands seventh studio album. This is yet another masterpiece by Avantasia offering a magnificent journey into the world of Tobias Sammet and his musical adventures. Here’s the summary of the discussion we had about the album creation process, Avantasia in the Eurovision contest, the special quests, and more, including the current state of Edguy. Read on!  

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NEW SONG – Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall – “No Control”

October 12th, 2015

Are you ready for another facemelter from Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall!?!??!?! Check out “No Control” featuring the one and only Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple, Official Yngwie Malmsteen) on lead vocals!

Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall- “No Control”

Pre-order KINGDOM OF ROCK on (CD or MP3) here: (MP3 pre-orders include instant downloads of “No Control” and the title track, “Kingdom Of Rock” (featuring Jorn Lande on lead vocals).

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JORN Announce Lineup Departures

July 12th, 2012

JORN vocalist Jorn Lande (MASTERPLAN, AVANTASIA) has issued the following band lineup news:

“Tore Moren (guitar) and Nic Angileri (bass) will no longer be playing with us. They will both be focusing on their solo carreers and other projects, and we wish them all the best of luck for the future. You both rock and we love you! New lineup will be announced soon, as the Jorn saga continues…”

Jorn recently released their new video, for the Bring Heavy Rock To The Land album cut, ‘Live And Let Fly’. Check it out below:


For more details visit

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MORTY BLACK – ex TNT, Vagabond, Jorn etc

July 5th, 2012



Morty Black (real name Morten Skaget) is a bassist, best known from his long career with Norwegian hard rock band TNT. Morty recorded seven studio albums with the band, including the classics TELL NO TALES and INTUITION. Altogether he spent 21 years with TNT before leaving the band in 2004. Morty later played for many famous Norwegian artists like JORN, Terje Rypdal, and Åke Aleksanderson. He’s also been doing session work for international artists such as Mariah Carey and he’s running his own booking agency called Intro Music. On June 2, 2012 TNT celebrated its 30th anniversary by playing a concert at the Clarion Hotel in Trondheim. The band performed with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra as well as both former TNT vocalists, Dag Ingebrigtsen and Tony Harnell but unfortunately Morty wasn’t able to do the show because of his other commitments. We met Morty on following day at the Clarion hotel and discussed about his ongoing things as well as his past with TNT and other interesting topics. Read on!

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Norway’s JORN to Release New Album “Bring Heavy Rock to the Land” on June 5, 2012

May 1st, 2012

Legendary Metal Vocalist Explores “A Variety of Musical Landscapes” on Highly Anticipated New LP

Norwegian powerhouse vocalist Jorn Lande‘s (MASTERPLAN, AVANTASIA) JORN will release its long awaited new album Bring Heavy Rock To The Land in North America on June 5 via Frontiers Records.  Produced by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Steeler) at Denmark’s Jailhouse Studios, the album delivers 11 tracks of seriously strong heavy music “guaranteed to get your adrenaline going,” with a riveting sound that has solid roots in classic hard rock / heavy metal music, such as Dio, Black Sabbath, Rainbow and Whitesnake.

JORN “Bring Heavy Rock to the Land”

The record’s title track “Bring Heavy Rock to the Land” will be released as a single worldwide on May 14.  A video for the song is in the works and will be directed by Thomas Tjader (In Flames).  “The title track was a natural choice for the lead track,” JORN explains. “Sometimes a song’s got the magic and you just know it.  “Bring Heavy Rock To The Land” is such a song and regardless of how the whole album is evaluated by critics, I feel that this song will live on and become an essential Jorn classic!”  The album also contains an invigorating cover of the Christopher Cross classic “Ride Like the Wind“, reworked in electric JORN fashion.  “I thought “Ride Like The Wind” would be a good song to do Jorn style,” the vocalist continues.  “Saxon also released a version of this song in the 80’s, and the arrangement we made ended up beeing a mix between the original version and Saxon’s.  It’s just a fun song to sing and play”.

Jorn Lande‘s strong and diverse voice and monster songwriting skills have now become legendary in the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock world.  In a career spanning nearly 20 years and with over two million albums sold, Lande has been the featured voice on over 30 releases as frontman for Millennium, Ark and Masterplan and was recently featured on spectacular projects such as Tobias Sammet’s “Avantasia” and Ayreon.  In May, 2010 an original JORN song and music video honoring legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (who had died of stomach cancer just five days before) called “Song for Ronnie James” was released in tribute. Soon after, it was announced that Jørn (along with former Deep Purple vocalist Glenn Hughes) would join Black Sabbath / Heaven & Hell members Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice to perform a final Heaven & Hell set in tribute to Dio at the High Voltage Festival on July 24, 2010 (see footage HERE).  All of the proceeds from the event went towards the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund.

The track listing for JORN‘s Bring Heavy Rock To The Land is as follows:

          1.) My Road
          2.) Bring Heavy Rock To The Land
          3.) A Thousand Cuts
          4.) Ride Like The Wind
          5.) Chains Around You
          6.) The World I See
          7.) Time To Be King
          8.) Ride To The Guns
          9.) Black Morning
         10.) I Came To Rock
         11.) Live And Let Fly (bonus track)

In addition to vocalist Jorn Lande, JORN also features Nic Angileri (bass), Willy Bendiksen (drums) and guitarists Jimmy Iversen and Tore Moren.

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Getaway Rockfestival 2010 at Gasklockorna in Gavle, Sweden

October 4th, 2010



Getaway Rockfestival




8-10/7 – 2010


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall





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Frontiers Records announce the release of the third chapter of ALLEN / LANDE project entitled “The Showdown”

September 22nd, 2010

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of the third chapter of ALLEN / LANDE project entitled “The Showdown” on November 5th 2010.

ALLEN / LANDE represents the finest expression of Melodic Metal nowadays. With two world renowned singers, Jorn Lande (of Jorn and Masterplan) and Russell Allen (of Symphony X) sharing lead vocals, this project has become a staple among the fans of Hard Rock and Melodic Heavy Metal music. The first chapter of Jorn Lande and Russell Allen’s collaboration, “The Battle” was unleashed in September 2005 with unanimous acclaim from fans and critics alike. Many websites and magazines named it “Record of the Year”. Its success made it one of the most popular releases ever in Melodic Heavy Metal, thanks to beautiful, sweeping piano and keyboards, heavy guitar riffs, virtuoso guitar solos, hooky choruses and the vocal talents of two of the finest Heavy Metal vocalists around.

In spring 2007, the second chapter entitled “The Revenge” was released and met again with an amazing reaction from press and fans. Heavier and with a tighter production, thanks to the involvement of Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69, ANGRA, PLACE VENDOME) at the mix, the album excited the fans who loved the first chapter.

Now it is the turn of “The Showdown”, the anticipated third album of the studio project. “With two of the best singers in the business it’s easy to get inspiration to write good music” says the mastermind of the project, Swedish guitar player, songwriter and producer Magnus Karlsson, who adds “When it was decided that Russell and Jorn were going to sing on the first album I knew that if I could just write great songs and get the right mix it would have a very good chance to be a success”. Musically “The Showdown” sounds like “A mix of both previous releases with “The Battle” being more Melodic and “The Revenge” which was more in the Hard Rock direction”, according to Karlsson, who concludes “I’m more satisfied than ever with the songs and performances, but also because the mix by Achim Kohler (Primal Fear) is by far the best I ever had on any album!”

“The Showdown” cover art was designed once again by Rodney Matthews (Asia, Magnum, Diamond Head etc.) and includes the following tracks:
The Showdown; Judgement Day; Never Again; Turn All Into Gold; Bloodlines; Copernicus; We Will Rise Again; The Guardian; Maya; The Artist; Eternity; Alias (bonus track).

The videoclip shot for the song “Judgement Day” with Jorn Lande’s lead vocals can be watched below:

The songs “Judgement Day” and “The Showdown” can exclusively be listened in full in streaming on the Frontiers Web radio from September 21st.
Tune in at:

The album will be exclusively be available in the CD digipak edition (first pressing), limited vinyl and digital download.

Jorn Lande: vocals
Russell Allen: vocals
Magnus Karlsson: guitars, bass, keyboards
Jaime Salazar: drums


Weblinks: / /

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June 17th, 2010





Jävlä Swedenrock, här kommer vi igen. The annual roadtrip to Swedenrock by the Finnish Metal‑Rules.Com  team is already the tenth time in a row.  The  2010 line‑up presented a wide range of metal and hard rock. Therefore, over 70 bands offered nothing but an utter blast and a helluv an experience for the attendees to enjoy metal and rock. Swedenrock has been successful during the past ten years as the festival has always been sold out. This year wasn’t any exception as the fest was sold out despite the lousy economomic situation worldwide. As mentioned in the first sentence, this is the tenth time in a row when Sweden Rock has been featured on Metal‑, so it is quite logical for us to give a real in‑depth article of several bands performing at Sweden Rock. The  weather wasn’t ideal compared to previous years. It either rained or was windy with a little sunshine. But we were there for bands, not for having some beach party. We are not able to cover every bloody band, but hopefully you will have a pleasant reading experience… Enjoy or die !!!


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JORN LANDE Pays Tribute To RONNIE JAMES DIO At Sweden Rock Festival

June 11th, 2010

Video footage of Norway’s Jorn Lande (JORN, MASTERPLAN, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) paying tribute to late metal hero RONNIE JAMES DIO at the Sweden Rock Festival on June 10th can be seen below:

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Jorn Lande with Seven Thorns at Spirit Black European Tour 2009 at The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark

December 9th, 2009




Jorn Lande

Spirit Black European Tour 2009

Seven Thorns – support act

The Rock



25/11 – 2009


Reviewed and live pictures by Anders Sandvall

Guest Contributor: Ulrika Henriksson








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Jorn Lande with Vindictiv on Spirit Black Scandinavian Tour 2009 at Kulturbolaget Malmoe, Sweden

September 22nd, 2009



Jorn Lande – headline act

Spirit Black Scandinavian Tour 2009

Vindictiv – support act




12/9 – 2009


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall





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Russell Allen of Allen/Lande

November 11th, 2005



Here is a short interview that I’ve done with Russell Allen. He, together with Jorn Lande, has recently released the album THE BATTLE on Frontiers Records and I was interested in what two singers of such an excellent caliber had to offer the listener. So here’s what Russell had to say about the album and he was also kind enough to reveal what he’s up to in the near future.


Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Big thanks to Stefan at Atenzia for arranging the interview.

Also great thanks to Frontiers for lending pictures to me.


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