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OLIVA: “Raise The Curtain” – the first ever solo album of SAVATAGE mastermind Jon Oliva!

May 20th, 2013


More than thirty years after the start of his career with Savatage, and successive projects/bands like  Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Jon Oliva’s Pain, now legendary songwriter und performer Jon Oliva releases his first ever solo album, titled „Raise The Curtain”.

On  June 21st (USA: July 2nd) the master’s new piece of work will be available as CD Digipak (first edition) and 2-vinyl (gatefold, limited to 800 copies worldwide).

The album will be released simply under the banner „OLIVA“ and you can expect a mixture of Jon Oliva’s early influences and the material he wrote and recorded throughout his whole artistic career.

01. Raise The Curtain
02. Soul Chaser
03. Ten Years
04. Father Time
05. I Know
06. Big Brother
07. Armageddon
08. Soldier
09. Stalker
10. The Witch
11. Can’t Get Away
12. The Truth (Bonus Track)

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JON OLIVA’S PAIN Have “24 Hours To Go” – Hall Of The Mountain King Spectacle To Be Filmed For DVD

June 16th, 2012
A Celebration of Savatage

A Celebration of Savatage

JON OLIVA’S PAIN, featuring legendary frontman Jon Oliva (SAVATAGE, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA) have issued the following tour rehearsal update:
“24 Hours To Go!

Final rehearsals are done and JOP is ready! In a little over 24 hours we will have the honor of performing (in it’s entirety) one of the greatest metal records ever recorded…and the Ritz Theatre in Ybor City (Tampa, Florida) will be the place.

The Hall Of The Mountain King record holds a very special place in the hearts of Savatage fans and heavy metalheads all over the world. We will bring it to you live on stage…your only chance to see this celebration in the US.

Tickets will be available at the door while they last.
Doors open to the general public at 7:30.
RETRIBUTION featuring Damond Jinya begins at 7:45.
JET CITY at 10:00
JOP: til close

We are filming this show and want to see everyone there. The Ritz is such a great venue. Thanks to them and Rich Rubin of Maximum Bands for making this possible.

See you in a few hours….oh yeah!”


Jon Oliva’s Pain’s schedule is as follows::

16 – Ritz Theatre – Tampa/Ybor City, Florida
23 – Brückenforum – Bonn, Germany
24 – Graspop Festival – Dessel, Belgium
26 – Club Sensation – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
29 – Turock – Essen, Germany
30 – Dokkem Festival – Raard, Netherlands

3 – Colos-Saal – Aschaffenburg, Germany
4 – Zoetermeer – Boerderij, Netherlands
5 – Biebob – Vosselaar, Belgium
7 – Sticky Fingers – Gothenburg, Sweden
9 – Z7 – Pratteln, Switzerland
10 – Live Club – Milan, Italy
12 – Bang Your Head Festival – Balingen, Germany
13 – 013 – Tilburg, Netherlands
15 – Garage – London, UK

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JON OLIVA On Upcoming Hall Of The Mountain King 25th Anniversary Tour – “We Will Perform What I Consider One Of The Best And Most Important Records Of SAVATAGE’s Career”

April 23rd, 2012
Hall Of The Mountain King 25th Anniversary Tour

Hall Of The Mountain King 25th Anniversary Tour

JON OLIVA’S PAIN frontman Jon Oliva (ex-SAVATAGE) issues update as band gears up for their European tour and warm-up show in Tampa, FL:

“With the passing of our dear friend and guitarist Matt LaPorte just a year ago, it is time to get the machine back up and running. I miss performing live, and the timing of the 25th anniversary of Hall Of The Mountain King makes this the perfect opportunity. We will perform what I consider one of the best and most important records of Savatage’s career, and this is of course another chance I get to honor my brother Criss, one of the greatest guitar players ever. I am still going through old tapes and recordings, and can’t believe what a talent he was and how he continues to inspire me. I hope you can attend this special show, we will be leaving it all on stage every night with you, the legions, by our sides. See you soon and much love to all!”

Drummer/producer Christopher Kinder adds: “This is a celebration of the life and music that we feel is worthy of this tour. Hall Of The Mountain King is a staple to many heavy metal fans around the globe, and it certainly deserves a party. The band has been in rehearsal mode for quite some time now, and really sounds fantastic. A few more weeks and we will all be on auto-pilot. It’s going to be epic! This opportunity — and there will only be these 15 shows — comes along once in a lifetime, and we have prepared a very special night for all who attend.”

The band’s schedule is now as follows:

16 – Ritz Theatre – Tampa/Ybor City, Florida
23 – Brückenforum – Bonn, Germany
24 – Graspop Festival – Dessel, Belgium
25 – Biebob – Vosselaar, Belgium
27 – venue tba – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
29 – Turock – Essen, Germany
30 – Dokkem Festival – Raard, Netherlands

3 – Colos-Saal – Aschaffenburg, Germany
4 – Zoetermeer – Boerderij, Netherlands ,
5 – Biebob – Vosselaar, Belgium
7 – Byscenen – Haugesund, Norway
9 – Z7 – Pratteln, Switzerland
10 – Live Club – Milan, Italy
12 – Bang Your Head Festival – Balingen, Germany
13 – 013 – Tilburg, Netherlands
15 – Garage – London, UK

Following is a rundown of the VIP package details for the Tampa show on June 16th:

“In order to give fans a more direct and special experience to this upcoming celebration, we have decided to offer a very limited number of VIP packages. One hundred (100) tickets total will be made available. It will be offered on a first come/first serve basis. Payment for this package can only be made through PayPal.

Details: VIP Ticket Package $75.00

Package includes:
– 1 general admission ticket to the show
– 1 25th Anniversary HOTMK tour T-shirt (large or extra large only)
– 1 VIP laminate
– 1 signed photo
– entrance into the venue for JOP’s soundcheck
– priority entrance into the venue when public doors open.

Note: Time of entrance and when to pick up your VIP package will be made available one week before show date. All VIP ticket holders will need to exit the venue after soundcheck and then re-enter when official doors open. You must specify when you pay for your package(s) what size t-shirt you want ( L or XL only). NO changes to shirt sizes will be honored once payment has been made. Payment is through PayPal only and there are no refunds for any reason. This is limited to 100 tickets…period!

Important: Those that have already purchased tickets can send $50.00 via PayPal and you will be added to the VIP will-call list. You must have
your paid ticket to enter the venue for this event. No concert ticket, no entrance. And we are not responsible for any ticket problems whatsoever.

This is on a firstcome/first serve basis and we make no guarantees. If you pay for a VIP package and it is sold out, your money will be returned to you. We suggest you book it now!

VIP Ticket ordering process:

1. Log on to your paypal account.
2. Click “Send Money”
3. Type: as payment recipient.
4. Fill in: $75.00 as amount to be sent.
5. Comment box: Specify your t-shirt size ( L or XL only ) and the name that tickets will be picked up at will-call. (You cannot change the T-shirt size or the will call name once your order has been placed… you have been warned)
6. Confirm information and send payment…you’re done!

See you soon… and get ready!”

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JON OLIVA’S PAIN Announce Funeral Arrangements For Guitarist Matt LaPorte

April 25th, 2011

JON OLIVA’S PAIN guitarist Matt LaPorte, who passed away at his home in Florida on Wednesday, April 20th, will be laid to rest on Saturday, April 30th at the Moss Feaster Funeral Home in Largo, Florida. Go to this location for information.

MATT LaPORTE - May 3, 2008 Photo by

Matthew Davis LaPorte- September 11, 1970 - April 20, 2011. MATT LaPORTE - May 3, 2008 Photo by

The band has issued the following statement with regards to the funeral:

“Please pass this information on to everyone you know. Anyone wishing to send flowers or whatever should send them directly to the funeral home in care of Matthew LaPorte so that floral companies locally will be able to inform the service personal upon delivery.

It’s been a very rough week for all of us, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of him, JOP and of course his family and friends. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday to celebrate his life together.”

Warm regards,

JOP Read the rest of this entry »

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Crimson Glory statement regarding the passing of Matt LAporte

April 23rd, 2011
MATT LaPORTE - May 3, 2008 Photo by

Matthew Davis LaPorte- September 11, 1970 - April 20, 2011. MATT LaPORTE - May 3, 2008 Photo by

Florida metalers Crimson Glory have released the following statements on the rec…ent passing of guitarist and friend, Matt La Porte:

“We were all deeply saddened to learn of Matt’s untimely departure from this realm. He left indelible marks on the lives of the people who knew him, both as a highly accomplished musician and a true friend. He was a great teacher and an eager friend, and always wanted to help with the band in any way. He truly dedicated himself to the people and the music he was passionate about, and he always added a unique element of comedic revelry, coupled with a certain melancholy depth that can only come from someone who has loved and lost in the ways that Matt La Porte has. He stuck to his guns and he stuck by his friends, and he will be very sorely missed by all of us.”

“Matt was my dear friend, as well as my introduction to Crimson Glory.” “I’m so glad to have collaborated on other musical projects with him. If it weren’t for him, a lot of people wouldn’t be in the bands they’re in: Circle II Circle, Jon Oliva’s Pain, and of course my involvement with Crimson Glory. He’s the one who introduced Crimson Glory’s music me, and this whole thing that I’m inolved in is because of Matt. I’m so thankful to have had him in my life.”

“I am deeply saddened by the loss of my good friend. He was a beautiful, passionate, generous, witty human being, and an ultra-talented guitarist. I was always impressed with his guitar skills, but even more impressed by how generous and nice he was to all his friends and fans around him.

We became good friends after the passing of Midnight, and having him perform with us at Prog Power X for Midnight’s benefit was very special. He always said that he felt so honored to have had the opportunity to be Midnight’s friend and to write music with him, and we shared those same sentiments. He shared with me about how amazing it was to just hear these incredible, creative ideas and songs coming out of Midnight, and he helped him turn them from ideas into tangible recordings that we otherwise might not have ever heard. Indeed, he truly revered and loved Midnight and his body of work with Crimson Glory, and it was only natural that he was able to help us find Todd La Torre: the new voice and the personality to fill Midnight’s shoes and get CG back on track.

Matt gifted us with many priceless things, from his friendship and commitment to our endeavors, to Midnight’s recordings, to the introduction of Todd La Torre. I remember how excited he was about Todd, and he had every right to be.

Matt had a keen ear for talent and was a spectacular guitarist as well, and I was always humbled by how much he admired my songwriting and guitar playing with Crimson Glory; he always made me feel so much more special than I ever thought I was. I think he had that effect on everybody who knew him.

It’s very difficult to start our 25th Anniversary tour on the heels of such sorrowful news, but I find solace knowing he is at peace transcending the electric skies with his dear friend, Midnight. I can still see his big, bright, beautiful sky-blue eyes sparkling with stars, and I will always remember him that way…”

“I am so saddened by the news last night of the passing of my good friend and much admired musician/guitarist Matt Laporte… He was the brilliant guitar player of Jon Oliva’s Pain, Circle II Circle, numerous other bands and honorary third guitarist of Crimson Glory when we played live for Midnight’s memorial concert at prog power. We all loved and admired Matt and were happy to have his presence in our band to help us through a hard time. Matt introduced us to our new singer, Todd La Torre, helping to make a bright new beginning possible for Crimson Glory. His presence will remain with us forever, along with all his friends and fans he left behind. R.I.P. Matt Laporte Your friend, Ben Jackson”

“Matt was a great technical player, yet his delivery was one of great feeling. Off stage, his quirky, dry sense of humor had me in stitches. I’m going to miss that guy. RIP, Matt.”

“My heart is heavy for the loss of my friend Matt La Porte. He was an incredible guitarist and a wonderful human being! I will miss him.
Rock in Peace Matt!!”

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JON OLIVA’S PAIN Pay Tribute To Guitarist MATT LaPORTE – “That Great Band In The Sky Just Got A Whole Lot Better”

April 22nd, 2011

“It is with great heartache and sorrow that we relay the passing of our dear friend, band-mate, guitarist and brother Matthew LaPorte. Matt passed away in his home shortly after 6:00pm on Wednesday, April 20th No information regarding his cause of death is currently available.

MATT LaPORTE - May 3, 2008 Photo by

Matthew Davis LaPorte- September 11, 1970 - April 20, 2011. MATT LaPORTE - May 3, 2008 Photo by

Matt was a brilliant guitar player on all levels. He understood that instrument better than almost anyone. His knowledge of music in general was just amazing. His contributions to JOP and every band he ever played with was also without measure. He was truly a one-guitar army when he needed to be and his solo performances on all the JOP CDs will forever send chills down our spines. A near 20-year history and friendship with one of the true greats has now ended and we are deeply saddened.

Matt was a fan of all kinds of music and instruments, having even embarked on a mission to conquerthe hammered dulcimer…one of the hardest instruments to play. He was always tryingto expand his musical horizons and influences. He marveled at the musical greats, both old and new. He was never one to rate his talents above others and often commented about the great new music and artists he had just discovered.

Criss Oliva was without a doubt his most profound influence, and anyone who saw him play SAVATAGE songs knew that Criss was channeling his talents via Matt. Matt’s attention to detail and always striving to play everything perfect is without comparison. We would sit for hours during rehearsals with him muddling over whether a guitar chord was played exactly as recorded. Sometimes frustrating, but always appreciated in the end. He was the professionals’ professional when it came to his guitar skills, and the loss of such a talent will be forever felt.

Matt was a gentle soul, and would avoid conflict at all costs. He got along with everyone and greeted all with a smile on his face. There was a shyness and almost embarrassment felt by him from the adoration of his fans around the world…and he had many. He was humbled by the love and respect music fans gave to him, but in a quiet way, that made him work just a little bit harder. His had a hilarious, twisted and often sarcastic sense of humor that was
unique to him. A very funny man indeed.

We miss you terribly Matt, and we will celebrate your music and life each and every day. That great band in the sky just got a whole lot better, and you are in the most peaceful place you could have ever hoped for. Until we meet again…”

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April 21st, 2011

JON OLIVA’s PAIN guitarist and collaborator with many a Florida based metal outfit, guitarist Matt LaPorte has passed away. CIRCLE II CIRCLE bassist Mitch Stewart referenced the unfortunate event on his Facebook page. More information as it becomes available.

MATT LaPORTE - May 3, 2008 Photo by

MATT LaPORTE (left) - May 3, 2008 Photo by

Laporte and Oliva recently scheduled an intimate performance/songwriting clinic at Seminole Music & Sound in Seminole, Florida on May 8th.

Laporte performed on all Jon Oliva’s Pain albums from 2004’s ‘Tage Mahal to last year’s Festival.

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