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Pathology: Slam Bloody Gore

April 8th, 2011


Pathology: Slam Bloody Gore

Interview by Shawn Jam Hill

In the metallic world, some of the most brutal heaviosity can also be the silliest. Nobody can deny the greatness of Cannibal Corpse, for example, but their bloody disgusting lyrics detailing zombies, necrobutchers, plagues and,um, being raped with a knife are slightly less genius than the heavy riffosity at hand.

When I first heard San Diego’s Pathology, the crushing death grunts of vokiller Matti Way were a) totally indecipherable and b) totally awesome. But I figured they were treading the same blood-soaked waters as their Corpse-Grinding peers. Turns out I was completely wrong. When delving into the lyrics printed in the liner notes of the band’s exceptional new album Legacy Of The Ancients (Victory), I found a trove of stories detailing conspiracy theory, giants called the Nephilim who will rise and conquer mankind, freemasons and the inevitable coming of a reptilian race all set to a blistering slam-metal soundtrack rife with sick riffs and Dave Astor’s (ex The Locust) dizzying percussive mastery.

This ain’t your average bunch of heshers.

 I recently caught up with new vokillist Jon Huber, a 26 year old super-mellow dude from the Northwest who just happens to love crushing slam. Just like Mark Wahlberg in that classic movie Rock Star, which is loosely based on Tim “Ripper” Owens’ ascendancy to the top of the heap as Halford’s replacement in Judas Priest, Huber loved Pathology, tried out for the vokill vacancy and got the gig. Here’s my quick chat with a very astute and well spoken rocker who enlightened me on the perils of living in a van and the travails of a slamming death metal band on the road for perpetuity.

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