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Guitarist Tommy Bolan discusses about Warlock, Triumph and Agony 30’th Anniversary shows and more

August 27th, 2017


Warlock was a German heavy metal band, formed originally in 1982. The band gained popularity and commercial success in Europe in the mid-1980s, due also to the personality and stage presence of female lead vocalist Doro Pesch. Warlock supported on tour successful metal bands, such as Judas Priest and Megadeth and they also performed on some of the biggest metal festivals including Monsters of Rock at Castle Donington in 1986. A couple of months later the band relocated to the US and also went through a few line-up changes. Guitarist Peter Szigeti and bassist Frank Rittel left the band they were replaced by American musicians Tommy Bolan and Tommy Henriksen. The new lineup started working new material with acclaimed producer Joey Balin, and as a result, the band released TRIUMPH AND AGONY (1987) which is still the band’s most successful album to date. Although the album was a big success, there were more changes to come. By the end of the decade, Doro Pesch was the sole original member who remained in the band, and she was forced to change the name to Doro for legal reasons. Doro has continued her successful career as a solo artist, but Warlock has reunited with different lineups for festival appearances and special occasions since 2003, under the name Warlock 1986. In 2017, Doro announced that she’s going to reunite with TRIUMPH AND AGONY era guitarist Tommy Bolan and the band would do a selected shows to celebrate the 30’th Anniversary of the album under the name Doro Pesch’s Warlock. The first show took its place in Swedenrock Festival on June. There I had a pleasure to meet Tommy and discuss all things related to his time with Warlock, reuniting with Doro and his other career steps including working with Richie Ramone. Read on!

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June 18th, 2013

Doro Pesch



German vocalist Doro Pesch is one of the best-known female singers in heavy metal, and she has earned the designation of Metal Queen. At first, Doro became known as the lead singer of band Warlock with whom she released four albums including the classics TRUE AS STEEL (1986) and TRIUMPH AND AGONY (1987). The band disbanded in 1989 and Doro then started her successful solo career which includes, so far, twelve studio albums. The latest album titled RAISE YOUR FIST was released last October and this time the tour arrived to Finland. I met the always joyful Metal Queen in the backstage of Club Nosturi and here are the results of our nice conversation. Read on!

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Doro with support Bai Bang on Winter Tour 2011 at Kulturbolaget in Malmoe, Sweden

May 27th, 2011



Doro Winter Tour 2011

Bai Bang (support act)


Malmoe, Sweden

April 9th, 2011

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall



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Doro Pesch

February 7th, 2005

Interview and photos by Marko Syrjala

Former model Doro Pecsh formed a band Warlock in the early eighties and together they reached a great success worldwide until they called it quits by 1988, as Pesch launched a solo career. She has just released her new album called ?Classic Diamonds? and now after seventeen years she finally returned to play in Finland. This interview was done right before their show in Helsinki last November.


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