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Janick Gers of Iron Maiden

August 24th, 2005

Janick Gers of Iron Maiden
Interviewed in July 1999 by David Lee

Janick - Live

It is not as though IRON MAIDEN haven’t blazed plenty of trails across the heavy metal landscape already. One might think that selling upwards of fifty million records and redefining a genre when it was starting to sag around the middle was more than meeting the heavy metal call to arms, one might think this but, only when the subject is other than the beast that is IRON MAIDEN. Though they would be quick to tell you that they never really left, MAIDEN is back and more powerful than anyone could have ever conceived.

A PC video game, “ED HUNTER,” is this summers reason to wake band mascot Eddie from his slumber not to mention the army of stage hands and crew that it takes to stage a MAIDEN event. The game itself is built completely around the world of MAIDEN and visits all the famous scenes capes from the classic album covers. Thugs throwing bottles at you as you shoot the popup portraits of the band and even Eddie himself, all to the music of IRON MAIDEN. Strictly family entertainment me thinks! A bit less violent and the real focus of what MAIDEN does are the twenty “Greatest Hits” as chosen by the fans via the MAIDEN web site. Pure capitalistic democracy in action here on this three CD release Janick Gers has ridden the MAIDEN beast for the last decade of its being and has given fans their moneys worth on both album and stage, now he is part of what can only be described as a heavy metal guitar army. Along with fellow axe wielders, Dave Murray and Adrian Smith, Gers has engineered a faster, broader and meaner MAIDEN that is currently huffing and puffing its way across America and soon, Europe. By Spring of next year there should be a new album featuring the beefed up six man lineup of Gers, Smith, Murray, bassist Steve Harris drummer Nicko McBrain and the most popular MAIDEN mouth, Bruce Dickinson. What more could the metal world ask for? And lest you be fooled into thinking this is just some quick cash scheme masquerading as a “reunion”, well, get thee to a show and then you will witness a sizable chunk of metal’s past glory as well as a glimpse into a very exciting metal future. Janick was kind enough to sit and chat before the mighty MAIDEN’s Detroit gig.

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