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BRUCE DICKINSON – “What Does This Button Do?”

December 12th, 2017

Bruce Dickinson is a man who needs no introduction to metal bangers. Iron Maiden has enjoyed and still does the fanatical following in most of the countries among the metal and rock fans decades after decades. Bruce Dickinson could be described a modern-day renaissance artist. Besides being the Iron Maiden frontman, he has recorded albums with the Samson band, plus solo albums of his own. Outside of the music world, Bruce Dickinson has been involved in writing books, movie scripts, being a radio DJ and known as a highly ranked fencer. The legendary frontman of Iron Maiden is going and already has released the biography book of his long life called WHAT DOES THAT BUTTON DO where he unveils more about all those activities. The book is his first, maybe his last (according to him) biography covering all his life from his childhood till the most recent events in his life. Dickinson has been traveling all around the world, promoting his book quite a lot. He also visited Finland where he had two signing sessions. Hundreds and hundreds of fans arrived in the hope of getting the books signed, and he signed all of them. Despite two days of long signing sessions Dickinson also did a significant number of interviews with several journalists including Metal-Rules.Com. He deserves all the respect and other bands out there, take a lesson of Bruce Dickinson’s attitude and moral. Here is the interview.

Interview and pictures by Marko Syrjala


First of all, welcome to Finland again!

Thank you very much. Very nice to be here just the day before your Independence Day celebrations.

The reason you’re here is that you’re promoting your new WHAT DOES THAT BUTTON DO book. What kind of feedback have you gotten about it?

Well, I’ve been very pleased with the reaction here. We are doing amazingly well the book so, I think we’re into the third reprint already.

Are you a kind of guy who follows what media writes about you, the bands, your book or do you try to stay away from all that?

Well, I don’t get much choice about it now because the book’s out so that people can write and say what they want about it. So yeah, I don’t have much control over it, so I don’t worry about it.

I think the book is overall entirely personal. There is a lot of talk about your own private life, like for example, the cancer thing. How did you decide which topics and subjects are going to be included and which are not?

I didn’t necessarily need to go and affect other people’s lives that much was quite enough stuff going on in my life to make an interesting book. So, anybody, looking for scandals about loads of other rock stars or more that sort nonsense, was not there. In any case but the book is – I’m obviously a huge chunk of my life. But there’s no of other things in the book as well which I think people might find a hope interesting. I see writer afterward, and I say look – I made a decision when I started writing the autobiography-; “What are you going to put in what are you going to leave out? You can’t put everything in is 400 pages. What are you going to put in and what are you going to leave out?” I left out 40000 words anyway which I wrote. Concerning wives and children and all the rest of it then it affects their lives in a way which – I don’t think it is necessarily 100 percent positive. People just start gossip around them and talk about them, and everything and they’re not that they’re not obviously important to me, but they’re not necessarily important to the story of the autobiography of mine.

Bruce Dickinson in Helsinki 2017

Most of the biographies of the rock stars have the holy three themes included; sex, drugs and rock n roll. There’s not much talk about sex or girls in your book. Was it something that you wanted to leave out on purpose?

Well, I mean this is what it is. But it’s not that much about drugs, to be honest with you. Yeah, I smoked something, I smoked dope when I was at university. I put that in there just because I wanted to make the point that I don’t see the point in a drug they didn’t do anything to a great extent for me. So, stopping was pretty easy. I mean it’s not like I was an addict it’s not like I’ve ever purchased a drug in my life. Actually, I’m the worst guy on the planet because I used to smoke everybody else’s dope. And as for the sex bit of it, there is a little bit of sex in it, but not to the point where I’m describing how incredibly I’m in bed and not basically because why would you want to do that. Like people don’t know what it’s like to have sex. Most people have, and most people who have sex have with girlfriends, boyfriends whatever make love their whatever. Yeah, I can tell you it’s no different. Everything works just the same game. It’s just something that happens to the entire planet. So, what’s different. Why did that have to go in the book? It’s just sort of it’s another kind of Rockstar narcissist. That’s not the thing with this book. I didn’t want this to be a confessional about how big my Willey’s or “Ok I’m in Odessa” nonsense it’s so tedious it’s boring. I think a book should be entertaining. I think it should be a little educational a little bit informative and funny and I think it should celebrate life.

How this book writing process was different to writing a solo album – I mean, that’s always a quite personal project as well compared to working with any Iron Maiden stuff?

No, it’s not like writing a solo album. Writing a solo album is writing a solo album. You’re creating fiction with songs. So, it’s no it’s not it’s all right if I’m writing a book like this is a standalone process. I think because it’s not like writing a fictional book, and it’s not even like writing a nonfiction book you can stand back and do research because you have opinions. But this one that you’re already in it. You know so it’s a curious hybrid autobiography. And I know you have to be quite selective about it. You can’t put every single thing you’ve ever done in your entire life. Down here the red. Any of you know when people have they keep diaries. I never keep a diary. I never bothered to do that. So I couldn’t be asked as like you expect me to sit down and write what I did every day. God Almighty is boring. And that’s the problem is when I look at people that keep diaries, and they publish them. Got that boring and tedious. “Oh my god. Really”. You know I mean Richard Burton’s diaries. I thought “Oh wow. I bet these up. I learned something today I had halibut. It was undercooked, and the wind was disgraceful. However, the bed was beautiful and comfortable.” And so are many autobiographies. I don’t read them for that very same reason. But I occasionally in the build-up to writing this went and spent an hour or so just flicking through autobiographies. And the big thing that came across was like “Oh my god who cares about things how I think I like to write an autobiography that might just be a little bit more of the wool that might be a little bit odd.” The people might read it and go oh I didn’t know that. That’s interesting. Or something. Not just that, the rock star autobiography.

When did you make a decision that you wanted to write a book about your life after all?

Well, I had all kinds of people chasing me to write a book for 10 – 12 years or so, and I never bothered to do that because I knew what was involved. You had to spend a long time doing it. And I thought “Oh I can’t be bothered.” Then I’ve got the cancer thing, and I got clear of that, and I did the BOOK OF SOULS too and then at the end of it all kind of sorted out. After I get clear of cancer I thought; “This is a perfect place to end a book because one of the biggest problems with writing an autobiography is the question, when and where you’re going to stop it? I mean just before you die I mean, that was the point of writing it. So, you’ve got to stop it somewhere. And I thought this is the perfect place to end it. Having just gotten a clear concept that’s a great place to stop. And then, of course, the stop point is easy. It’s the beginning of the rest of your life. So, it’s a journey. I mean, in an autobiography like a novel should be it should be a journey from the beginning all the way through. My editor at Harper Collins’s Jack Fog was great because he took all my stuff which was just in sequential order and started to edit it. He edited it like a novel. When we sat down sat down together to do that it took us about three and a half days to get rid of 40000 words which he thought was going to be difficult. But once I understood what he was trying to achieve we were both doing cutting like crazy because it became really easy to lose eight or ten pages of one story because it was a story you didn’t if you didn’t know, it was that you didn’t know, it was gone yet. So, from that from that point once he understood what he was after.

Life is a lot easier so you can tell in the book that you missed Genesis show because you attended the school like one year after the band played.

Yeah yeah.

Are there some other bands that do you have wanted to see, but it never happened?

Oh yeah, I have missed every single band I’ve liked most. I missed every show of those bands, except Uriah Heep with David Byron, who is my biggest influences. I’ve never seen those other ones, not even a single time. Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Jethro Tull. I never saw them, and there is some specific reason for it. I was at school. Ok, so, I was at boarding school. It was that also a money related. I just couldn’t afford to go because I was in a boarding school. And it was as simple as that. And they weren’t around you know so. So, I had to imagine what it was in real life. It was a bit like the Marquis De Sade for all of his crazy pornographic writing never had sex except in his mind because he was locked up in jail and he had to write down all these crazy fantasies on toilet paper. And this is the truth. The more they locked him up, the more insane his fantasies became, and in the end, it became utterly absurd. I mean it’s ridiculous. And it was a little bit like that with music. I imagined all these people doing all these amazing things onstage in my head because there were no videos back then. So, there was no footage you could see of people very much you know there was nothing like a Top Of the Pops or something, and we only had. And that was very rare. We were allowed to watch TV, so I imagined everybody in a real sort of kinetic way. People ask me why I run around like I do on stage and it’s because that’s how I imagined that all my heroes ran around on stage. When I finally saw them on stage, after most of them later on reunited, they just were just standing there.

Bruce Dickinson live at Helsinki, 2002

You have a lot of great stories about your old bands before Iron Maiden in the book. For example, Samson. You seemed to have quite a lot of difficulties with that group, but you’re very proud of those times.

I think we were such a strange band. I mean we were all over the place in so many ways. It was a great experience. I mean I wouldn’t have swapped it for the world because I learned a lot. I learned a lot of actually what not to do. I also got a huge amount of experience from particularly the second album that I did with them, SHOCK TACTICS. I learned a massive amount about singing from that album. And that led pretty directly into what I did with on THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST. Martin Birch then turned it into what I became subsequently as a vocalist.

Before Samson, you were fronting a band called the Shots. That band has a look, which was horrible, to be honest. Have you ever seen a group which was really bad but later on one or a few of its members have managed to have a great career in the music business?

Probably there have been a few bands like that, but I can’t remember any of them personally. I’ll have to think about that more “Laughs.”

One special thing about the Shots was your unique dressing which included golden jockstraps. Whatever happened to those?

The golden jockstraps are long gone and have been eaten by worms that can be just me on the right one. So, those are finally in a better place “Laughs.”

Shots promo shot. Bruce pictured in the middle with the hat. Photo by

There are great stories behind your solo albums. When speaking a bit about your solo career, you recently released a box set including all of your solo albums. Does that mean that you’re going to activate your solo career again sometime soon?

There’s a half an album of solo stuff sitting on a shelf in Roy Z’s bedroom right now. I just need to go and get some time and go in and writes some more material. I mean I was halfway through doing it. It was going to be a whole concept album, and it was going to be called “If Eternity Should Fail” and “If Eternity Should Fail” was the title track to my new solo album. And a bit like what happened “Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter,” Iron Maiden wanted to use it, so that’s what happened again. But if I did do another solo album, which I think I will, I might just stick to my original plan and have that as the title track. I mean I did write it. It was there first. It was the first track that I wrote you know for it. So yeah, I probably still include that song but it would be the feel would be slightly different not very much from the Maiden version.

You have also said in the interviews that you really enjoyed writing this book. And like you already mentioned, you have some bits some parts which you cut off. Do you feel that there could someday be another book about your life or is this enough about that topic?

Well, there’s 40000 words of stories sloshing around. I’m not sure how you would organize it or how you would put it together. I’m not even seriously thinking about it at the moment because I’m in the middle in the middle of this one right now. It’s only been out for a couple of months, so we’ve got a long way to go with this book. You know it’s going to go to the whole the hardbacks, and it’s going to get released in Germany next year and then Brazil and Spain and Italy and all these places. And then there’s the back’s going to come out later, and it’s going to be going to be two years working on this book. During that time, I might write some other bits and I might not, but I need to figure out how they approach because you can’t do a second autobiography. You know people do that a lot. I mean some people are releasing their fifth biography, and they’re only 25. There are lots more spaces on the pages, and the paper is really thick again “Laughs.”

Our time seems to be up now. Here’s one more question left. The Maiden will be back on the road in spring, and then you’re also coming back to Finland. What can the fans expect from that upcoming tour?

Well, of course, you can expect surprises. The one thing I will say is I’m really pleased to be doing this indoors. We made a decision that we would try as much as possible to do indoor shows this summer. Obviously, there is some festival shows so, we can’t do that 100 percent. The main reason is that the show is we’ve been designing the show for almost a year now, that “Book of Souls” was such a great show. We thought wow how we’re going to beat this. So, now we’ve come up with something which I think is going to be pretty spectacular.  You definitely will not want to miss the beginning of the show.


The interview is released in courtesy of 


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Iron Maiden Announce Legacy Of The Beast European Tour 2018!

November 15th, 2017
Iron Maiden Announce Legacy Of The Beast European Tour 2018!

Iron Maiden Announce Legacy Of The Beast European Tour 2018!

26 Saku Arena, Tallinn, ESTONIA *
28 Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, FINLAND *

01 Tele2 Arena, Stockholm, SWEDEN *
03 Dahls Arena, Trondheim Rocks, NORWAY
05 Royal Arena, Copenhagen, DENMARK *
07 Sweden Rock Festival, Solvesborg, SWEDEN
09 Rockavaria, Königsplatz, Munich, GERMANY
10 Expo Plaza, Hannover, GERMANY *
13 Waldbuhne, Berlin, GERMANY *
16 Firenze Rocks, ITALY
17 Novarock Festival, Nickelsdorf, AUSTRIA
20 Letnany Airport, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC *
22 Graspop, Dessel, BELGIUM
24 Hellfest, Clisson, FRANCE
26 Geneva Arena, Geneva, SWITZERLAND *
28 Volt Festival, Sopron, HUNGARY
30 Messegelaende, Freiburg, GERMANY *

01 Gelredome, Arnhem, HOLLAND *
05 AccorsHotel Arena, Paris, FRANCE
09 San Siro Ippodromo, Milan, ITALY
10 Hallenstadion, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
13 Altice Arena, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
14 Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, Madrid, SPAIN
17 Piazza Dellà Unita D’Italia, Trieste, ITALY
20 Rockwave Festival, Athens, GREECE
22 Hills Of Rock, Plovdiv, BULGARIA
24 Zagreb arena, Zagreb, CROATIA
27 Tauron Arena, Krakow, POLAND
31 Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, ENGLAND *

02 SSE Arena, Belfast, NORTHERN IRELAND *
04 Exhibition & Conference Centre, Aberdeen, SCOTLAND *
06 Manchester Arena, Manchester, ENGLAND *
07 Genting arena, Birmingham, ENGLAND *
10 O2 Arena, London, ENGLAND *

(No further countries will be added to this touring schedule).

Most shows go on-sale Friday 24th November. Pre-sales start Monday 20th November. We’ll keep you updated!

*Special Guest will be Killswitch Engage

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The Iron Maidens @ O2 Academy Islington, London

November 13th, 2017

The Iron Maidens

@ O2 Islington Academy, London

October 29, 2017

Review by Gabor Csete

Photography by Miguel de Melo

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Run to the Hills: The Iron Maidens are back in town!

October 16th, 2017

After their triumphant UK debut in 2016, the world’s one and only all-female Iron Maiden tribute return to our shores in October, and this time they’re here to conquer the land of their idols beyond London.

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IRON MAIDEN Completing the collection – Vinyl reissues coming this summer

March 24th, 2017

Completing the collection! No Prayer through to Final Frontier album reissues coming this summer – all on black vinyl!

Parlophone Records will follow 2014’s reissue of the first eight IRON MAIDEN albums, which spanned the 1980s, with twelve brand new pressings of albums from the period 1990-2015 in heavyweight 180g black vinyl.

Unlike the 1980’s reissues which were cut from the original analogue master tapes, the audio on these releases has been cut from the high resolution remasters of 2015 when the Maiden catalogue was digitally upgraded. They will be packaged in identical artwork to the initial vinyl releases.

The records will be released chronologically across a three month period:

May 19th: No Prayer For The Dying / Fear Of The Dark / The X Factor / Virtual XI

(Pre-order available now: Collectors Box | No Prayer For The Dying | Fear Of The Dark | X Factor | Virtual XI)

June 23rd: Brave New World / Rock In Rio (Live) / Dance Of Death / A Matter Of Life And Death

July 21st: Death On The Road (Live) / Flight 666 (Live) / The Final Frontier / En Vivo! (Live)

As a bonus, the first two albums (No Prayer For The Dying & Fear Of The Dark) will also be made available in an exclusive Collector’s Box sized to house all 12 albums with additional space for fans to insert the latest Maiden studio album The Book Of Souls, which was released on triple black vinyl in 2015. The Collector’s Box will be a strictly limited edition and available while stocks last.

These high quality, black vinyls comprised of eight studio albums together with a specially selected choice of four live recordings from this period, completes the IRON MAIDEN album reissues series and offers Maiden fans the opportunity to own the band’s entire studio album legacy on vinyl simultaneously for the very first time.

For the latest info on everything, make sure you visit

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @IronMaiden


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September 13th, 2016

Chronicling The World Of Rock, Metal & Pop Culture @ WWW.NEILDANIELSBOOKS.COM




ISBN-10: 0760351678 ISBN-13: 978-0760351673 Up the Irons!

Iron Maiden is the updated edition of the first-ever complete, illustrated retrospective of the band. Music journalist Neil Daniels relates the band’s entire history and provides a complete, up-to-date discography, while respected heavy metal journalists and Iron Maiden experts, including Ian Christie, Martin Popoff, and Mick Wall, analyze the recordings. The stories behind the band’s formation, roster changes, recordings through 2015’s The Book Of Souls, and tours through 2016 are complemented with nearly 500 images, including live performance and candid off-stage photographs, and memorabilia, including handbills, gig posters, backstage passes, buttons, ticket stubs, and, of course, Eddie, Iron Maiden’s iconic Derek Riggs-created mascot.


Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Voyageur Press; Updated ed edition (1 Oct. 2016) Language: English
ISBN-10: 0760351678
ISBN-13: 978-0760351673
Product Dimensions: 23.4 x 2.5 x 27.6 cm

NEIL DANIELS is the author of respected biographies of Metallica, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Pantera. His books have been translated into over a dozen languages. Visit his official website at

Formed in 1975 by a young, East London bass player named Steve Harris, Iron Maiden went on to become one of the most successful heavy metal acts in history. With an estimated 85 million albums sold worldwide, the band remains hugely popular.

This new edition of Iron Maiden is required reading for any heavy metal fan. The book covers the compilation From Here To Eternity (2011); the CD/LP/DVD/Blu-ray release of En Vivo! (2012); the Maiden World Tour (2012-2014) to North America, Europe, and South America; The Book Of Souls album (2015); and the 2016 tour.

For more information, please contact Neil Daniels at Neil Daniels Books; email him 

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Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2016 @ Hammersmith Apollo, London

June 30th, 2016

Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2016

@ Hammersmith Apollo, London

13th June, 2016

Review and photography by Sabrina Selkis

 With hardly any time to recover fully from Download Festival in the Midlands of England, it is already time to go to the 14th annual Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards. Also it is the birthday celebration of 30  years of Metal Hammer Magazine, and what a ride it has been!
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Iron Maiden announce four shows for Canada

October 8th, 2015

Iron Maiden will play 4 shows in Canada on the North American leg of The Book Of Souls Tour:

APR 01 – Montreal, QC – Bell Centre
APR 03 – Toronto, ON – Air Canada Centre
APR 08 – Edmonton, AB – Rexall Place
APR 10 – Vancouver, BC – Rogers Arena

The Iron Maiden Fan Club presale starts on Tuesday 13th October and tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday 16th October.

Iron Maiden 2016 Tour

Iron Maiden 2016 Tour

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July 15th, 2015


In celebration of Trooper Premium British Beer smashing through the 10 million pint barrier in just over 2 years, a special limited edition bottled brew, Trooper 666, will be made available to Trooper and Iron Maiden fans in many countries around the world from the 1st October 2015.

At the request of fans, and following the huge success of Trooper, Robinsons will make an even stronger ABV limited edition of the original brew. Again created by Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson in collaboration with Robinsons Brewery of Cheshire, this supercharged 6.6% version of the 4.7% bottled version will be available this autumn for a limited period only.

Beer aficionado Dickinson explained, “Our fans have been asking for a stronger brew and it seemed only right to do this at 6.6% ABV!  Despite the links with our song “The Number of The Beast”, the name Trooper 666 has actually come about as a result of some detailed research by historian Terry Brighton, who has shown that there were in fact 666 soldiers that rode in The Charge of the Light Brigade during the Battle of Balaclava in 1854, and not just the 600 of Tennyson’s famous poem.”

Brighton, author of Hell Riders: The Truth About The Charge Of The Light Brigade asserts, “A nominal roll was made at the time listing the cavalrymen present at Balaclava – I then used other contemporary records, of those killed and wounded, taken prisoner, assigned to other duties and so on, to prove who did and did not charge, and amazingly it added up to 666! Remarkably one of the extras was the hungover Regimental butcher, who charged wearing his butcher’s overall in place of his uniform, and wielding a butcher’s axe instead of a sabre.”

“Trooper 666 is the same award-winning Trooper recipe but brewed to a higher gravity,” explains Trooper Brand Manager John Robinson.  “The result is another wonderfully authentic beer that is packed with malt but slightly sweeter than the original. It has a dry finish and is remarkably moreish.”

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Bruce Dickinson – officially given the all-clear by specialists!

May 16th, 2015
Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson

Iron Maiden announced that following his recent MRI Scan, singer Bruce Dickinson was today officially given the all-clear by his specialists. Just before Christmas, Iron Maiden vocalist Dickinson visited his doctor for a routine check-up. This led to tests and biopsies which revealed a small cancerous tumour at the back of his tongue.

Dickinson says: “I would like to thank the fantastic medical team who have been treating me for the last few months, resulting in this amazing outcome. It’s been tough on my family and in many ways it was harder for them than me. I’d also like to send a heartfelt thanks to all our fans for their kind words and thoughts. I’m a firm believer in trying to maintain a positive attitude, and the encouragement from the global Maiden family meant a great deal to me. Right now, I’m feeling extremely motivated and can’t wait to get back to business as usual, as soon as I can!”

Iron Maiden Manager Rod Smallwood adds: “We are of course all absolutely delighted that Bruce’s doctors have pronounced him free of cancer. Although Bruce is naturally eager to resume Maiden activities, it will take a while before he is completely back to full strength, as we explained previously. Because of this, the band will not be touring or playing any shows until next year. We know our fans will understand the situation and, like us, would prefer to wait until Bruce is back to his usual indefatigable levels of fitness before going out on the road. For now, the focus will be on putting the finishing touches to the new Iron Maiden studio album and that is what we will be concentrating on over the coming weeks. The release however will definitely be this year. Meanwhile, I’d like to echo Bruce’s words and thank all Maiden fans. You have been incredibly patient, putting Bruce’s health and well-being first during this difficult time and the band and I appreciate all your positive support.”

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From Hell’s Heart: The top 5 songs about Ancient Egypt

May 15th, 2015

From Hells Heart

From Hell’s Heart:
What are the top 5 songs about Ancient Egypt?

This will be the first in a series about history. We won’t do a history one every week, just now and then. The idea is, loads of metal bands derive lyrical inspiration from history. Some bands even build their whole “shtick” around a specific historical era. For this week, that historical era is Ancient Egypt….you know, the time of the pharaohs, the ancient Egyptian gods etc… Below is what out staff picked as the best songs about this topic.

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From Hell’s Heart: Best Album Intros

April 23rd, 2015

From Hells Heart

From Hell’s Heart: Best Album Intros

Some album intros are totally annoying and you always skip them when you put on the album. However, some are excellent, set the mood for the listening experience, and are totally memorable. Those are the ones we focus on for this week.

For our selections, we limit the choices to ALBUM intros, not just any ole song intro. It can be a spoken intro, sound effects, or a shorter musical piece…but is not a “song” or a part of a song, it is a stand alone track on the album. We asked our staff to give us their top 5 selections and some thoughts on them. Check out the results below….

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February 19th, 2015
Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson

As posted to:

“Just before Christmas, Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson visited his doctor for a routine check-up. This led to tests and biopsies which revealed a small cancerous tumour at the back of his tongue. A seven week course of chemotherapy and radiology treatment was completed yesterday. As the tumour was caught in the early stages, the prognosis thankfully is extremely good. Bruce’s medical team fully expect him to make a complete recovery with the all clear envisaged by late May. It will then take a further few months for Bruce to get back to full fitness. In the meantime we would ask for your patience, understanding and respect for Bruce and his family’s privacy until we update everyone by the end of May. Bruce is doing very well considering the circumstances and the whole team are very positive.”

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Copenhell Festival 2014 at Refshaleoen Copenhagen, Denmark

August 23rd, 2014

Copenhell Festival 2014
Copenhagen, Denmark
11-13/6 – 2014

Review and live pictures by Anders Sandvall


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PAUL DI’ANNO Reveals Artwork And Tracklist For ‘The Beast Arises’ DVD

July 30th, 2014

Paul Di'Anno_The Beast Arises_DVD

The Beast is back! The original voice of Iron Maiden, and the front man of such bands as Killers, Battlezone and Gogmagog, arises to bring his fans a show of sheer heavy metal brutality! Paul Di’Anno returned to Poland in April to play a string of live shows. One of the shows –  at Lizard Club in Kraków on April, 9th – was recorded for the purposes of a live DVD release “The Beast Arises”.

The material from the DVD captures a sensational live show in a club full of audience that would not let Di’Anno leave the stage for a long time. The release features mind-blowing performances of the classic material from the first two Iron Maiden studio albums, “Iron Maiden” and “Killers”, as well as songs by Killers, Battlezone, and, to top it off, a fierce cover of Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop” – all this making for an outstanding show that will leave no fan in doubt that the Beast has truly risen! The DVD also includes an interview with Paul Di’Anno, a photo gallery and other extras.

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