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Hellfest Festival 2014

July 14th, 2014

Hellfest Festival 2014

@ Clisson, France

20th-22nd June 2014

Review by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs & Graham Hilling
Photos by Graham Hilling



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Rämlord (feat. ex-members of Impaled Nazarene, Maple Cross, Sentenced, Legenda) will be releasing their first single on the 27th of June

June 10th, 2014

Jarno Anttila suddenly ran out of bullets after serving 18 years in the ranks of the Impaled Nazarene -army. He started to dream of totally different kind of band. The year was 2010 Anno Domini and the first victims of his were drummer Janne Mannonen (also familiar from YUP) and Niko Karppinen (former hired session musician in Finnish band called Sentenced), who should be able to handle bass duties in the steering wheel of this Rolls Royce of instruments.

Obscure connections also provided obscure results in the search of the guitarist. Tommi Kanerva who had gained fame in numerous punk and hardcore-acts like Kostajat, Murheenlaakso and Vaasankatu SS. Mikko “Mojo” Ojala’s remarkable ability to generate growls beyond the grave combined with powerful clean vocals convinced the others that he was the right guy to take a spot as a frontman of the band. This gave birth to Rämlord, the band where old guys play old-school metal with modern additions.

If you happen to wander in the middle of the night at the graveyard hearing voices from the darkest pits of hell and hear groans of the lost souls… Oh yes! It’s Rämlord which with the certainty of over 2000 played gigs is ready to devastate your comprehension of everything safe and familiar or….normal.

Listen the opening track of the single “Evolve to Monster” here:

Check out Rämlord playing live nearby you! Band will be performing in official Tuska –club at Virgin Oil on Saturday 28.6.2014 with Omnium Gatherum and Medeia! After the gig band promises to follow up their motto adapted from Venom: “We drink the booze of the dying alcoholics!”

Single contains the following songs:
1) Evolve to Monster
2) Mark of Cain

Order your copy of the single here:

Rämlord is:                                                                                               Discography:
Mikko Ojala-vocals                                                                                      Demo (2011)
Jarno Anttila –guitar                                                                                Demo (2013)
Niko Karppinen – bass                                                                              S/T 7” (2014)
Tommi Kanerva – guitar
Janne Mannonen – drums

For more information:

For bookings and interviews contact:
Miika Mega Kuusinen // Metal Asylum Promotions // phone: +35840   579 2248

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The Black Curse Over Hellsinki April 2009

May 5th, 2009


The Black Curse Over Hellsinki was a two-day black metal mass festival arranged in the mid of April. During two days, the most obscure and nihilistic black metal outfits got on the stage to spread their own blasphemic messages in front of hundreds of people. However, the second day was without any doubts extremely tempting and interesting because of the headliner of the day being Root hailing from Republic Czechia and two leading black metal names Impaled Nazarene and Enochian Crescent. As usual hundreds of people had arrived to testify the ritual during these days and especially the venue was entirely packed on the second day.

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