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SATAN’S HOST @ La Respuesta, San Juan, Puerto Rico

April 27th, 2013

Satan’s Host

@ La Respuesta, San Juan, Puerto Rico

March 16th 2013

Produced by K&K Entertainment

Review by Titus Isaac
Videography by Dennis Rivera
Photography by Fran Jaume

Satan's Host

Satan’s Host

The anticipation for this particular show was built not only because of the production team’s promotional efforts, but also because a particular group of religious fanatics who decided to start some silly campaign to boycott the show.

Apparently, these people felt that it was just “too much” to allow a band with a name like Satan’s Host to play on the island, even though bands like Marduk and 1349 had already visited Puerto Rico.

I guess we should thank these people for promoting the show through means such as the local news programs and newspaper articles. Although not one of these people showed up the day of the show, they definitely helped in getting the attention of Metal fans that were otherwise unaware of Satan’s Host music or the fact that they would play here in Puerto Rico.
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MUNICIPAL WASTE @ La Respuesta, San Juan, Puerto Rico

October 24th, 2012

Thrash, Mosh and Die…

MUNICIPAL WASTE  @ La Respuesta, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Saturday September 29th  2012

Review & Photography by Fran Jaume

Produced by K&K Entertainment, the Thrash, Mosh & Die concert turned out to be a fun, diverse event in terms of the bands’ performances and crowd reaction. It was a real challenge getting to the event: my car broke down the previous night and I could not find somebody to hitch a ride with! Finally, after many attempts, I managed to hitch a ride with Dennis Rivera, bassist/vocalist of local Thrash Metal band D.O.D.

If it wasn’t for him letting me tag along, this review wouldn’t have been possible, so I am very thankful to him!
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