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BLESSED DEATH – Guitarists Jeff & Nick

February 15th, 2007

Blessed Death guitarists Nick Fiorentino and Jeff Anderson

Interview by Luxi Lahtinen


Talking about an underrated Thrash Metal band, New Jersey thrashers Blessed Death might well be one of those bands that recorded a couple of albums (KILL OR BE KILLED on Megaforce in 1985 and DESTINED FOR EXTINCTION on Roadrunner in 1987) in the ´80s -and almost vanished away from the metal scene without leaving any traces behind. It´s fair to say that Blessed Death managed to built up a solid fanbase in all those years they were spreading their unique Thrash-havoc everywhere on the globe.

The year 2006 had almost come to an end and surprisingly, like a bolt from a crystal-clear sky, a ´new´ Blessed Death album, titled HOUR OF PAIN, hit the markets. HOUR OF PAIN (which was originally supposed to titled BORN TO DIE) is actually that Blessed Death´s 3rd unreleased album that many knew they recorded, but it was never released… until now. What happened then? What killed the band eventually?

I got in touch with the original Blessed Death guitarists Nick Fiorentino and Jeff Andersen through the official Blessed Death forum, and an opportunity to interview the guys popped up. As the interest was already there for the interview, both Nick and Jeff agreed to do it for Read all about why Blessed Death split up in the beginning of ´90s, why it took 16 years to get their 3rd full-lenght album released, what are the chances for a Blessed Death reunion, what both Nick and Jeff think of today´s metal scene – and many other topics as well.


Ok, now let´s get started with…

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