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Nonexist – Leader & Guitar Virtuoso Johan Reinholdz

December 13th, 2014


Leader/guitar virtuoso Johan Reinholdz – Nonexist

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Thanks to Nonexsist for the promo pictures of the band
Promo pictures taken by: Sofia Bennrup


A while ago I hooked up with guitar virtuoso Johan Reinholdz (Andromeda, Skyfire) in order to talk about the brilliant new Nonexist album FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS. The band is back on track again and since I love the bands music I thought it was time to feature the band once again in The first Nonexist album came out in 2002 called DEUS DECEPTOR and I urge every fan of extreme metal to check out the bands two albums so far. Reinholdz and I spoke about putting the band together again, his relationship to the singer – the wellknown Johan Liiva (ex- Arch Enemy, Hearse, Furbowl) and what the future has in store for Nonexist. 

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Max Thornell, drummer – Furbowl, Hearse

March 17th, 2010




Drummer – Max Thornell

 Interviewed by Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Vic Records provide the promo pictures of the band

Thanks to Roel van Reijmersdal at Vic Records for all the help



The innovators of the genre death’n’roll, Furbowl, have currently re-re-released their long lost treasured debut album THOSE SHREDDED DREAMS. Because of that I felt it was time to check out what Max Thornell, drummer and founder of the band, had been up to since we last spoke. In this interview you will read about what really happened 20 years ago when Furbowl released their debut and why Vic Records has now decided to re-release the item. We also spoke about Max’s other band Wonderflow that he founded after Furbowl and his newer act Hearse that he has together with Johan Liiva. Here comes an in-depth interview with one of the genres true icons Max Thornell.  


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Hearse – Max Thornell

August 27th, 2009


It is time again to talk to one of the members in the Swedish Death  and Roll band Hearse. This time I had the pleasure to talk with drummer Max Thornell about the band. We talked about all things you need to know like the band, live shows, the new album, label and much, much more.


Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks so much to The Boss of Vic Records Roel van Reijmersdal for help with the interview

Thanks to Vic Records for the promo pictures of the band






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Johan Liiva of Hearse

July 9th, 2007

Interviewed by Anders Sandvall

Promo pictures are taken from the band´s homepage
Thanks to Max for letting me to use the pictures in this interview

The Swedish death’n’roll trio Hearse has recently released their long-awaited fourth album. I hooked up with the lead singer, legendary Johan Liiva in order to know more about the new album, the band and some other things in general.



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