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Headbangers Open Air 2010

November 11th, 2010



by Herr Nabel

Once again a backyard of a certain farmhouse in Brande-Hörnerkirchen in north west Germany was occupied by metalheads from all around the world for three days. Anybody who has been at a metal festival knows what it is about. Metal, listening to metal, talking metal and beer.

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Headbangers Open Air 2009

September 25th, 2009



Headbangers Open Air 2009

23th July – 25th July

By Herr Nabel

This years garden party had already sold out months before the July. The nearest camping ground to the festival area was already full when we arrived around 2 pm thursday afternoon. Also as there were probably more people at the festival than ever, all the services (espicially food stands) were way too crowded with customers. Speaking of the stage area, I did not want to see some bands I don’t know so well because there were just too many people blocking views and movement. Funnily, few of our camping neighbours probably did not even want to see any bands. Damn caravaners! Maybe all this because Wacken is next weekend just around the corner?

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Headbangers Open Air 2008

September 9th, 2008


Headbangers Open Air 2008

Brande-Hörnenkirchen Germany

The self proclaimed biggest garden party in the world was once again the gathering place for classic heavy metal fans, hellrats and rivetheads of the world. The first night (thursday 24th of July) was a warm up night with only a few bands performing. There was also a warm up for all this in Itzehoe day before but our group decided to stay in Hamburg to have a good ”sightseeing” around that wonderful town. And here’s what happened during our three day stay at the grassy fields of Brande-Hörnenkirchen.

The traffic culture and roads are too much different in Germany so sadly I was a bit late to start the party at it’s earliest. It was the first time when I arrived by car to Germany in to see festivals and there certainly were problems but we made it with my loyal driver, my little brother with icy nerves. So, after one year off I was again in HOA with high expectations. Great bands, atmosphere with dedicated legions of fans all around the globe not forgetting the delicious food. Sadly we missed Messenger and Roxxcalibur and arrived somewhere after and just heard Deadly Blessing and Benedictum who were a great soundtrack while putting together our old oversized tent. Luckily our german neighbors finally helped us so thanks to them who ever they were. So my festival starts from…

By Herr Nabel and MetalSaku

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Headbangers Open Air 2006

September 8th, 2006

Headbangers Open Air Vol 9

14-15 th July 2006

Brande-Hörnerkirchen Germany

The worlds largest garden party (at least we were told so) was held for the ninth time in Brande-H√∂rnerkirchen, Germany. The two day festival (there was also a warm up party and afterparty) was nothing like the big commercial festivals which have thousands of fans and camping grounds where you get lost. Here we had an audience of maybe one thousand drinking beer in a farm’s backyard. The lineup was metal, simple as that. A few disappointing cancellations happened (Candlemass, October 31, Hobb’s Angel Of Death and Goat Horn) but still we headed over the seas to Deutchland.

The audience consisted of the elder fans of our beloved music and now want to just relax without any pressure of bigger fests. There you can meet people who’ve seen Exodus with Baloff, Slayer circa -85 etc. Cool. the area was like a paradise on earth, at least for a Metalist. The atmosphere, people and alcohol got me so charmed that I unfortunately missed many bands but some of them were seen so here we go

(Ed Note  *=saku and -=Herr Nabel)

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