HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE: North West tour dates announced – Support coming from Christian Mistress

October 25th, 2011

17th Street currently streaming on

San Francisco’s HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE will be hitting the road this December for a string of dates in the North West with support coming from Relapse Records’ Christian Mistress. HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE will be playing with their newly-rejuvenated line-up in support of their upcoming album 17th Street, a brash and heartfelt song cycle, blending the best elements of NWOBHM, thrash, doom metal, and American folk music while somehow sounding unlike any of these. Check out 17th Street, which is streaming in its entirety on NPR’s site HERE.

HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE NW Tour with Christian Mistress supporting
12/08 Vancouver BC Biltmore Cabaret w/1 more tba
12/09 Bellingham, WA Shakedown w/ 1 more tba
12/10 Seattle, WA Highline w/1 more tba
12/11 Portland, OR Mississippi Studios w/ Spellcaster

The first single The Grain, also available as a lyric video, can be checked out HERE.

Here’s what press has been saying about 17th Street, which comes out this Tuesday OCT 25:

“For a little more than a decade, Hammers of Misfortune’s members have synthesized the best elements of metal without sounding like any one of them at once. It’s a seamless vision of thrash, doom, traditional, prog and even folk styles, all unified under the organizing influence of guitarist John Cobbett. In fact, it might be the folk touches that make Cobbett’s songwriting universal; something beyond a bevy of spine-chilling riffs that, if taken away, would still reveal stellar songs. That’s where the band comes to a head on its fifth album, 17th Street.”

17th Street is nothing short of an incredible album: discontent, unsettling, never still and terribly lovely. ‘The Grain’ is one of the best songs I’ve heard this year, and I have no doubt that this album will be on many year-end lists, including mine.” 4.5/5

“For the past decade and change, San Francisco’s Hammers of Misfortune have done progressive metal right: Their ambitious, impeccably rendered compositions make room for honest emotion alongside the larger concepts.”

“It’s been a great fall for new music, but no album over the last two months has captivated me quite like the fifth album by San Francisco’s Hammers of Misfortune. I’ve long been an admirer of the band’s work – they have yet to put out a mediocre record – but I’ll readily admit to have been blindsided upon first hearing the soulful strains of 17th Street, as I wasn’t expecting to be their best work since the days when Mike Scalzi was their lead singer, let alone arguably the best album they’ve ever put out, period.”

17th Street is one of 2011′s best and HoM one of metal’s most promising!” Metal Sucks

“17th Street is absolutely littered with brilliant moments, but its real magic unfolds when encountered as a unified piece. Not only do the graceful movements and counterpoint sections of each individual song ring truer with each return, but melodic and lyrical themes are deployed across the entire album, each subsequent invocation all the richer for its familiar resonance.” 9/10 Metal Review

“The lyrics reflect a very real (but never too literal or overtly topical) anxiety about economic decline, political corruption, the petty cruelty of those undeserving of holding power, and the incessant degradation of the powerless. Even so, given that so much of this album is shot through and through with a world-weary melancholy, the fact that the album is an unparalleled joy to listen to is an unimpeachable testament to the fact that this is a truly special band.” 9/10 Metal Review

John Cobbett: guitar
Chewy Marzolo: drums
Sigrid Sheie: organ, piano, vocals, flute
Leila Abdul-Rauf: guitar, vocals
Joe Hutton: vocals
Max Barnett: bass

Fans can keep up with HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE at the following links:

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HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE: first single, artwork, and track listing now available

September 8th, 2011

The new full-length album 17th Street out October 25

With a newly-rejuvenated line-up and their signature sound intact, San Francisco’s HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE have returned with 17th Street, a brash and heartfelt song cycle, blending the best elements of NWOBHM, Thrash, Doom, and American Folk music while somehow sounding unlike any of these. 17th Street takes the band’s inimitable sound to a new level, creating an emotional gravity that only further accentuates the band’s formidable songwriting chops. “I can see how someone could find it an upbeat record,” says John Cobbett, guitarist and producer of the band, also of underground metal legends Ludicra and Slough Feg. “There are glimmers of hope there. But if you listen carefully to each song, you’ll find that each one has its own point of view; you might find hope, or something very different, very dark.”

You can now hear the first single, The Grain, which has been made into a lyric video, HERE. Fans can now preorder a copy of the album, which is available on both CD and 180 gram double LP gatefold vinyl.

17th Street track listing:
1. 317
2. 17th Street
3. The Grain
4. Staring (The 31st Floor)
5. The Day the City Died
6. Romance Valley
7. Summer Tears
8. Grey Wednesday
9. Going Somewhere

Stay tuned for more information on HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE and their upcoming release, 17th Street, available in North America on October 25.

John Cobbett: guitar
Chewy Marzolo: drums
Sigrid Sheie: organ, piano, vocals, flute
Leila Abdul-Rauf: guitar, vocals
Joe Hutton: vocals
Max Barnett: bass

Fans can keep up with HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE at the following links:

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