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GWAR, with GHOUL and special guests, feat. interview with Pustulus Maximus

December 27th, 2017

Words and pictures by Kyle Moore, the Metal Magnus

Summit Music Hall– Denver, CO

November 25th, 2017

This evening marks my fourth GWAR show, and I am pleased to report that they are still excellent performers. I also had the distinct pleasure of interviewing (and subsequently being murdered by) GWAR guitarist Pustulus Maximus.

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GWAR Announce October Tour Dates

August 26th, 2016


Following another extremely successful GWAR B-Q, your Lords and Masters are GWAR pleased to announce another round of tour dates for this October.  Joining them on the tour are Darkest Hour and Mutoid Man.  This run kicks off October 27th in Norfolk, VA and runs through October 30th in Washington, DC.  Tickets for the Washington DC show go on sale August 25th while Norfolk and Millvale shows go on sale this Friday August 26th.  Details on the Brooklyn show will be announced soon.

These new dates are in addition to their previously announced dates with Crowbar and Mutoid Man as well as their appearance at Riot Fest Chicago.  A completed list of dates can be found below.  It has also been confirmed that Sleazy P. Martini will be accompanying the band on all of these dates, who had the following to say:

“As manager of GWAR and America’s benevolent deep state dictator Sleazy P. Martini. I want to encourage as many Americans as possible to shun the false left-right dichotomy that is politics and make their voices heard by coming out to see GWAR defend their belts on tour this year. And while your vote will have no effect on the Presidential election this year you can take pleasure in watching Trump and Clinton fight to the death. So come out and support democracy by watching GWAR take on all comers in a political death match knowing that at least it’s not rigged… this time.”

GWAR W/ Crowbar and Mutoid Man:
9/14: Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
9/15: Cleveland, OH @ Agora
9/16: Chicago, IL @ Riot Fest (Humbolt Park)*
9/17: Detroit, MI @ Harpos
9/18: Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom

GWAR W/Darkest Hour, Mutoid Man
10/27: Norfolk, VA @ The Norva
10/28: Millville, PA @ Mr. Smalls
10/29: Brooklyn, NY – Venue TBA
10/30: Washington, DC @ 930 Club

For More Info Visit:


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GWAR Introduces “Arctic Snow” Vodka and Announces Special Events For GWAR B-Q 2016!

August 4th, 2016

That’s right Bohabs, the date is drawing closer and closer… The 7th Annual GWAR B-Q is set for Saturday August 20th in beautiful Richmond, VA at Hadad’s Lake.  The band line-ups are set for both the B4BQ and the GWAR B-Q, but in case you need a refresher here’s who you can expect to see this year.

Priming you beasts for the feast at the B4BQ on Friday, August 19th:

And annihilating stages at the GWAR B-Q on Saturday, August 20th:

So you know the bands that are playing and now it’s time to let you know about the other amazing events that are set for the GWAR B-Q!

First, your Lords and Masters are thrilled to announce their very own GWAR Vodka.That’s right! GWAR and James River Distillery will unleash Arctic Snow to the masses. Collaborating together with JRD master distiller and GWAR’s master drunks, the band and the distillery have produced a potato vodka that is sure to please Bohabs and civilians alike. Arctic Snow is 80 proof and distilled 4 times for the perfect balance of flavor and smoothness. It gets you drunk too. It will be making its debut at GWARB-Q on August 20th and will be available at James River Distillery’s store thereafter.

The “GWART” Contest will be held for the very first time! Over the past 32 years, Bohabs have been creating artistic etchings and inscriptions with their puny hands dedicated to GWAR. These creations have not gone unnoticed and please your Lords & Masters greatly.

If you think you have what it takes to impress GWAR, send ONE piece of art via email. There will be TWO WINNERS!!

A panel of experts, or a bum in GWAR’S lair, will select the top ten entries from the submissions. One winner will be picked by whomever gets the most votes online via FB and the other winner will be picked by a select all star panel of art judges, including GWAR’s very own artist, the guys creating the sick fun that you crave. Bohabs DO NOT have to be present to win either prize, and there is a chance that one artist could win BOTH prizes. Email your entry to: by Aug 6th for a chance to win.
Only one entry per person and art must be GWAR related.
The two prizes include: Relics dug out from the depths of Slave Pit hell.

Start stabbing at some paper with pens, pencils, severed limbs or whatever your feeble little minds can dig up.

The Costume Contest returns to the GWAR B-Q as minions of Bohabs adorn themselves with duct tape and tampons to win meaningless prizes and gain acceptance from their masters, GWAR. Sign up for the costume contest at 2pm at Pavillon J near the Mill Rd gate with clearly marked Event signage. The winner and runner up will be paraded around on stage in front of the festival crowd to claim their prizes.

This year will see the return of the “Spew-O-Lympics”, a semi-aquatic-flail-fest of despair! Wanna-be contestants are required to submit a short essay on why they feel they should be considered to participate in this hallowed event. Longer than 200 words ensures immediate disqualification (and dismemberment). The band themselves will read these essays while taking a dump, and judge the top selections. Find out how to enter at

Also returning this year at the GWAR-B-Q is the Rolling Wheels of DeathSkate Park. In an effort to bump up the number of life altering casualties, GWAR has added a second half pipe that is 6′ tall and 12′ wide with a 7′ transition.  Remember you must be 18 to enter the park and will have to sign a waiver to be able to participate.

The insane freaks from the FBM Bike Co. will also be back again with multiple bike ramps to propel hapless Bohabs high into the air, just to come crashing down into the inky depths of Hadad’s Lake.

For More Info Visit:


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GWAR Hails June 10 As Ticket On Sale Date For The Wildest Party of The Summer!

June 2nd, 2016


The 7th annual GWAR B-Q  will be held on August 20th in beautiful Richmond, VA at historic Hadad’s Lake. GWAR will of course be performing a set full of murder and mayhem, and now we finally have the information that you have been waiting for! On sale dates and ticket prices!!!

Tickets for the B4BQ and GWAR B-Q will go on sale Friday, June 10th at 12:00 PM EASTERN at

Various ticketing packages will be available and are detailed below.  Remember what they say, “The Early Bohab gets the cheaper tickets” so all of you Earth Scum should buy quickly because there is a high demand for Early Bohab tickets and prices increase as the supply of remaining tickets goes down. For complete ticketing information on the B4BQ and GWAR B-Q visit

Here’s the lowdown:

Standard (General Admission) Early Bird tickets start at $50 Limited supply at this price! Includes all day event entry.

Deluxe tickets start at $100  Limited supply at this price!
Includes all day event entry, official GWAR B-Q t-shirt, special viewing area access near the stages… and Express Wristband.

Premium tickets start at $249/$299 (Limited Quantity 125)-Includesall day entry, official GWAR B-Q t-shirt, B4BQ show entry, VIP area access, Express Wristband, Meet & Greet signings with festival artists… and a possible chance to appear on stage with GWAR!

And let’s not forgot the B4BQ that is set for August 19th in Richmond, VA at The National which features the entire Summer Slaughter Tour package including: Cannibal Corpse, Nile, After The Burial, Suffocation, Carnifex, Revocation, Krisiun, Slaughter to Prevail and Ingested.

Stay tuned for more additions to the sinsational GWAR B-Q weekend line up to be announced!

Bohabs interested in serving their Lords and Masters as volunteers at the GWAR B-Q can follow this link to our Volunteer Application HERE. Tell us everything there is to know about you and our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you soon if you fit the profile for human  slave…err, Volunteer.

Check out THIS COMMERCIAL, to get a chubby (or a nubby) and get ready for the 7th Annual GWAR B-Q!

For More Info Visit:


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GWAR Announces “Midnight in the GWARden of New Year’s Evil” Show In Richmond, Virginia

November 22nd, 2015


As GWAR continue their global domination on their 30th Anniversary tour, the intergalactic warlords have announced a special show for New Year’s Eve!  “Midnight in the GWARden of New Year’s Evil” will take place December 31st at the National in GWAR’s adopted home of Richmond, Virginia.  The event is presented by Night Prowler Productions and XL102.

This unprecedented celebration is a must attend for all Bohabs as GWAR is set to ring in the New Year with a special one of a kind performance.  Special guests and exclusive events for the evening will be announced in the coming weeks.  Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10:00 AM Eastern HERE.

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GWAR with Cryptopsy and Battlecross in Calgary, Alberta

October 16th, 2015

GWAR with Cryptopsy and Battlecross

Calgary, Alberta, October 13th, 2015)

Review by JP
Photos by Jeff Bartelli

It was a pleasant autumn night for a Metal concert in Calgary. Arriving early-ish wanting to see Battlecross I was mildly disappointed but not surprised to see a low turnout. More on this later.

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From Hell’s Heart: Halloween / horror monsters – week 1: Frankenstein

October 3rd, 2015

From Hells Heart

From Hell’s Heart:
Halloween/horror monster week 1: Frankenstein

Promotional photo of Boris Karloff from The Bride of Frankenstein as Frankenstein's monster (1935).

Promotional photo of Boris Karloff from The Bride of Frankenstein as Frankenstein’s monster (1935). CC License.

The month of October means the imminent arrival of the Heavy Metal Holy Day…Halloween! This, the scariest and Metal-est of all months, we bring you five new topics for our editorial column FROM HELL’S HEART. Each week we will post the staff Top Five songs based on classic Halloween/Horror monsters. This week is a classic movie monster…Frankenstein! Please join us and enjoy all of our theme columns this month and have a happy Hell-o-ween!

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GWAR Debut New Products At GWAR B-Q, Vendors Announced, Brutal Brunch Details Revealed

August 13th, 2015


The 6th Annual GWAR B-Q is set for this weekend and GWAR themselves have promised to deliver four new amazing products for humanity to choke on.

First, the highly anticipated “Let There Be GWAR” book will be available for the first time to the masses of Bohabs that know how to read. (Don’t worry there are plenty of pictures, so even the Bohabs that can’t read can still enjoy it too.)  “Let There Be GWAR”  is a comprehensive behind-the-scenes history of GWAR.  This 360 page oversized hardcover book is chock full of fascinating first-hand accounts and rare, never-before-seen photographs. The book follows the band from the mid-1980s, known in GWAR lore as the “Dim Time,” when the group came together at a derelict dairy building in Richmond, Virginia, through the 1990s and 2000s, when the band spread across the face of the planet like a plague.  It’s a must have for all Bohabs, even the illiterate ones.


What is a GWAR B-Q without alcohol?  It would still be a festival but not as fun!  This year the Scumdogs debut the exclusive Oderus Ale.  It’s GWAR’s legendary beer and it’s back by popular demand. These brews always sell out at the GWAR B-Q! For the third year running, Cigar City Brewery of Tampa FL. has crafted a very special tribute brew, Oderus Ale, to the legendary Scumdog! This beer is bold, strong, and drunk just like the ultimate Scumdog warrior it’s named after. Hail ODERUS!!!


And this one is just for you, Bohabs, fires of hell for you to put in your mouth, ’cause life’s too short for bland food!  GWAR is also pleased to debut their Bohabanero Sauce.  This sauce is not for wimps but it doesn’t sacrifice flavor for heat’s sake. Affectionately named after GWAR’s faithful followers, the Bohabs, this hot sauce brings the smack of habanero peppers and the subtle sweetness of carrots in a unique combination! If you crave equal parts pleasure and pain, Bohabanero Sauce is what you’ve been seeking and you can try it for the first time at the GWAR B-Q!


The one and only CiGWARs are returning to this year’s GWAR B-Q. CiGWAR No.2 is a full bodied smoke with a spicy yet smooth finish. These puros are handcrafted by Pete Johnson of Tatuaje at My Father’s Cigar factory in Nicaragua, available at the GWAR B-Q, and sold exclusively by Havana Connections with five locations in the Richmond and Williamsburg areas. Come smoke a CiGWAR in the great outdoors at Hadad’s Lake during the 6th annual GWAR B-Q.

In addition to GWAR’s Oderus Ale,CiGWARs and BohabaneroSauce, and the new book, there will be a sea of vendors that will be slinging grub and peddling their wares for you human scum to buy.

Alamo BBQ
Carytown Burgers
Five Point Records
Fleur DeLuna
Great White Buffalo
Happy Empanada
Hardcore Sweet
Horror Show Jack Fangsmith
Jdeans Smokin’ 6 BBQ
King of Pops
Love Hope Strength
Maui Wowi
Mister Softee
RVA Beard League
Sugar Shack Donuts
Taboo RVA
Texas Beach
The Dog Wagon
The Return of the Mac
Vinyl Conflict
World of Mirth

Capping off this three day festival of music, debauchery and mayhem is the inaugural Brutal Brunch.  What is the Brutal Brunch?  It’s now the official closing party of the GWAR B-Q and it is FREE and open to the public.  The event takes place from 2:00 – 6:00 PM at Abner Clay Park, across the street from the GWARbar located at 217 W Clay St, in the historic Jackson Ward District! The Brutal Brunch will feature live music from The Sawyer Family, Sarah White, and Richmond’s own Mag Bats.  This family friendly event (yes, GWAR can be nice and appeal to families sometimes) will showcase more local food and art vendors as GWAR has an ever growing soft spot for Richmond artists!  Bring a blanket or grab a chair there. Whatever you do, enjoy the day! The band will be mingling at this party with you human scum, giving you one more opportunity to worship your Lords and Masters and giving GWAR themselves the opportunity to say THANK YOU to GWAR B-Q weekend patrons, sponsors, and meaningless passers-by alike! We encourage you to end your weekend of mayhem and hangovers by hanging with us in the park, visiting GWARbar, and indulging in food and some Hair of the Dog once more before high tailing it out of beautiful Richmond… until next year!

Tickets are still available for purchase at Online GWAR B-Q ticket sales end Friday night Aug 14th at 8pm. So, save some money on the advanced online ticket price. B4BQ tickets for Friday Aug. 14th at the National are available at  Tickets will still be available at the gates for both shows, the B4BQ and the GWAR B-Q.

Don’t forget to use the hashtags when posting about the weekend’s events!

For More Info Visit:

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GWAR Announces “30 Years of Total World Domination Tour”

April 28th, 2015

30 years have passed since GWAR awoke from the prison of their Antarctic slumber in 1985. Since that time, the band has used broadswords and guitars to shape the music and culture of mankind. 30 years later, the world sucks more than it ever has, and humans have GWAR to thank!  Three decades of bloodlust, throttling the life from humanity, and perverting the human imagination have left no doubt that GWAR rules supreme!

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GWARbar is OPEN!

January 17th, 2015

With only 4 hours to spare, GWAR made good on Oderus Urungus’ promise to open the GWARbar in 2014 when they smashed down the doors to 217 W. Clay St. Richmond, Virginia, in the historic Jackson Ward arts district, on New Year’s Eve 2014. The ensuing party has yet to die down as GWAR fans, foodies and even neighborhood families revel in this brilliant new addition to the Virginia restaurant scene.

The GWARbar makes real the longtime fantasy of GWAR, the most brutal rock band in history, to open a restaurant and bar worthy of their name. The project was spurred by Jonathan Staples of James River Distillery and their departed lead singer, Dave Brockie. Along with restaurant partner Travis Croxton of Rappahannock, GWARbar’s mission is to bring “intergalactic junk food” to citizens of Richmond, Virginia and visiting GWAR fans from around the universe. The restaurant’s ambience balances beauty and brutality in the band’s trademark style, brought to life with the design and construction genius of Barry Griffin at Griffin Customs.


Patrons of GWARbar will enjoy sipping signature drinks out of a specially designed GWAR Tiki mug. Founder and owner, Holden Westland of Southern California’s Tiki Farm, the world’s largest manufacturer of Tiki mugs, has worked with GWAR to create a Tiki based on the band’s characteristic visual style. This GWAR Tiki will be highly collectible, and is available exclusively at the GWARbar.

Michael Derks, GWAR guitarist, and the driving force behind GWARbar reports, “The thing most people are surprised about is just how damn good the food is. Head chef Jeremy Dutra (drummer for Richmond’s own US Bastards) has made my vision of gourmet junk food rock! With items like our Scumdogs (house made sausages) and McDuckets (a duck, chicken, cheese and truffle nugget) we are turning your guilty pleasures into gastronomic masterpieces!”

For More Info Visit:

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Gwar @ MacHall, Calgary Alberta

November 25th, 2014


Gwar Eternal Tour 2014

with Corrosion of Conformity and American Sharks

November 6, 2014

Photos & Review Monika Deviat

Gwar © Monika Deviat

Gwar © Monika Deviat

The Gwar Eternal Tour is just that, the continuation of GWAR and a demonstration that they can keep the story and music going – perhaps for the “next thousand years”.  Gwar is soldiering on after their bandleader and vocalist Dave Brockie, who played Oderus Urungus, sadly passed away after an accidental heroin overdose in March 2014. With Oderus missing from their ranks the scumdogs have joined forces with two new members, Blóthar and Vulvatron, who mysteriously appeared on stage one day through a time travelling device. On this tour Gwar is searching for their missing leader through North American cities and through time. American Sharks from Austin, Texas have been the opening act for the entire tour. Poland’s Decapitated acted as support for the first half of the tour and then were replaced by Corrosion of Conformity for the second half. On November 16, 2014 the tour rolled into Calgary, Alta., to slaughter the masses at MacEwan Hall.

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Gwar – Interview with Beefcake the Mighty

November 18th, 2014

Interview with Beefcake the Mighty of Gwar

Interview by Monika Deviat

November 15, 2014

Beefcake the Mighty on Stage in Calgary Alberta, Nov 16, 2014. Photo © Monika Deviat

Beefcake the Mighty on Stage in Calgary Alberta, Nov 16, 2014. Photo © Monika Deviat


The day before I experienced the Gwar Eternal Tour in Calgary Alta., I had the opportunity to speak to bassist Beefcake the Mighty while Gwar was in Spokane.  Or “Spo-cane” as he pronounced it, saying “It rhymes with cocaine”. The band is in the midst of a tour that journeys through an impressive number of North American cities. Gwar is soldiering on after their bandleader and vocalist Dave Brockie, who played Oderus Urungus, sadly passed away after an accidental heroin overdose in March 2014. With Oderus missing from their ranks the scumdogs have joined forces with two new members, Blóthar and Vulvatron, who mysteriously appeared on stage one day through a time travelling device. They now search for their leader through North American cities and through time. Beefcake tells us a bit about the tour and we of course discuss some aspects of killing humans.

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Gwar – Interview with Vulvatron

November 18th, 2014

Interview with Vulvatron of Gwar

Interview by Monika Deviat

November 15, 2014

 Vulvatron on Stage in Calgary Alberta, Nov 16, 2014. Photo © Monika Deviat

Vulvatron on Stage in Calgary Alberta, Nov 16, 2014. Photo © Monika Deviat

Since Vulvatron appeared on stage with Gwar by travelling backwards in time, I have realized how extremely pathetic our understanding of physics is here on Earth. If you have been paying attention to interviews and press releases regarding this new member of Gwar from the year 69000, you will know she is brilliant and that her knowledge of physics and engineering surpasses that of any human.

I was able to arrange an interview with Beefcake the Mighty about the current Gwar Eternal Tour which you can read here. But I had a different theme for the questions I wanted to ask Vulvatron. From her previous interactions with humans I knew she had a sharp mind and wit and some of her comments about herself piqued my scientific curiosity. I could not get away from my day job of uselessly pushing buttons, occasionally writing some combination of numbers and Greek letters into meaningless patterns and looking at pretty colored lines on grids to set up a phone call with Vulvatron on her tour schedule. However, she agreed to answer a few of my science related questions via email.

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GWAR Eternal Tour Honors Lost Leader Oderus Urungus and Introduces New Scumdogs

October 5th, 2014

The Scumdogs of the Universe are sharpening their axes and stoking the fires of their great war engines in preparation for the fall 2014 GWAR Eternal Tour. Global leaders had hoped the bouts of terror accompanying GWAR‘s annual rampages would finally come to an end with the passing of the group’s monstrous captain, Oderus Urungus. But tonight politicians, religious leaders, and citizens around the world are asking, “Why?! Why won’t GWAR just leave the Earth in peace?”

The band’s toothsome guitarist, BalSac the Jaws of Death had this to say: “Something is wrong, unspeakably wrong. It feels as if the very fabric of reality has been ripped from belly to taint. And it all centers around Oderus’ disappearance. One moment, life is fantastic, as we celebrate the near sinking of Japan as a result of our recent journey across the Pacific; and the next, he is just gone. Suddenly the world is a dark, vile place with hordes of trolls biting at my hooves and daring to spit poison in my face. There is a great evil behind this, and I will not rest until I know what has become of my brother!

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New Female GWAR Member, Vulvatron’s First Interview Posted

September 24th, 2014
GWAR - Vultvatron

GWAR – Vultvatron

Last week, GWAR announced they had officially added not just one new member in Blothar, but a second, female member in Vulvatron. When we learned of this development, we immediately contacted GWAR’s intergalactic publicist to get us on the horn with this new vixen of torment. We learn about Vulvatron’s origins and how she became one of the scumdogs of the universe. Here is a sample:

Why do you think it took GWAR so long to add another female member?
GWAR enjoyed giving you humans blue balls for many years.

Which member of GWAR did you sleep with to get the gig?
Vulvatron’s sexual prowess is far superior, and although I slept with the entire band and management at the same time, they were not able to keep up. My sexual functions are far too advanced to mate with most primitive forms.

Does sexism exist in GWAR? Are you only entitled to 70% of the crack compared to male members?
I consumed the entire crack rider, and then needed a further crack buyout for lunch, dinner, and aftershow. GWAR is an extremely sexist band, we all believe in having all of the sex all the time.

Read the entire interview at:

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