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July 9th, 2017


Once again, the Finnish two-man-team made their annual road trip to Sweden Rock.  The 2017 line up presented a wide range of metal and hard rock as usual. Over 70 bands offered one hell of an experience for the attendees during the four-day festival. Sweden Rock has been successful during the past twenty years, always being sold out as it was again this year. However, it took a bit longer until all the tickets were gone this year. It has become quite logical for us to give an in-depth report on several bands performing at Sweden Rock to all the readers out there. It was an enormous pleasure to testify Scorpions, Venom, Ratt, Warlock, Running Wild, and a whole lot more.  Unfortunately, we are not able to cover every bloody band, but hopefully, you will have a pleasant reading experience… Stay hard, True As Steel.

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KROKUS – Bassist Chris von Rohr

July 11th, 2013

Chris von Rohr

Chris von Rohr of KROKUS

Krokus logo


Switzerland’s most successful hard rock band of all time, Krokus, are back with their new album DIRTY DYNAMITE. The new album presents Krokus at their best. It’s all about bluesy hook-filled hard rock performed by the classic line up of the band: vocalist Marc Storace, guitarists Mark Kohler, Fernando von Arb and Mandy Mayer and bassist Chris von Rohr. The band enjoyed large international success in the early 80’s. During that period the band released such classic albums as ONE VICE AT TIME, METAL-RENDEZ VOUS and HEADHUNTER but later on the band went through several personnel changes and slowly their popularity started to vanish. The classic line up announced re-union in 2008 and the band released album HOODOO in 2010. It’s been five years since the reunion and as said earlier the band is now back with DIRTY DYNAMITE. Krokus performed at Sweden Rock festival in early June and there I was able to sit down and discuss various topics with bands founding member Chris von Rohr. Read on!

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July 29th, 2012

Hellfest Festival 2012

@ Clisson, France

15th – 17th June 2012

Review by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

Photography by Sabrina Dersel

Move over Batman – there’s a new symbol dominating the night sky as Hellfest’s mighty H calls brothers to arms for a weekend, that quite frankly, would strike fear into the heart of many a-charging army. As one of the official t-shirt’s states: Keep repeating – it’s only music… it’s only music… it’s only music…
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High quality GOTTHARD xongs from Madrid

October 7th, 2010

MSN /ROCK METAL TV Spain exclusively filmed in high quality several songs of the last GOTTHARD gig in Madrid. The footage is totally  unreleased.

We want to remember Steve Lee and pay him a little homage.

GOTTHARD – Top Of The World (Live in Madrid)

GOTTHARD – Need To Believe (Live in Madrid)

GOTTHARD – Sister Moon (Live in Madrid)

MSN /ROCK METAL TV is the new rock television in Spain directed by Mario Ruiz from Krea Films and veteran Spanish journalist Rafa Basa from

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Update: Official Statement Regarding Death Of GOTTHARD Singer Released

October 7th, 2010

The world has lost one of it’s greatest rock singers: GOTTHARD frontman Steve Lee was killed in an accident during a motorcycle trip in the USA on Interstate 15 between Mesquite and Las Vegas and died at the scene.

The Gotthard singer had flown to the US with some biker friends last weekend to fulfill a long-cherished dream for which he’d never had the time, due to his heavy touring schedule for many years. It was to be two weeks through the states on a Harley Davidson. The 21 Swiss bikers started their journey on Sunday on a total of 12 motorcycles. On Tuesday, October 5th, about 50 miles from Las Vegas, the group had stopped at the roadside to put on their rain gear as it had started to rain. On the slippery road, the trailer of a passing truck began to skid. The driver attempted evasive action but his trailer clipped five of the motorcycles parked at the roadside; one of them hit Steve Lee. Rescue services attempted resuscitation but efforts were stopped after 20 minutes. At 4:13 PM local time, Steve Lee was pronounced dead.

Among the passengers were Gotthard bassist Marc Lynn and Lee’s girlfriend Brigitte Voss Balzarini. All other fellow riders were unharmed. Steve Lee was 48 years old.

With Steve Lee, we not only lose one of the world’s best rock voices but also an extraordinary personality. Despite his enormous successes, the singer had retained a very subtle eye for detail and often impressed the people around him with his sensitive observation. Due to his personality, he had a serious outlook, without losing his sense of humour and lust for life. Steve Lee met his environment with respect but always had, in his gentle way, a very simple, personal touch. He understood like no one else how to enjoy without going too far – to him, alcohol and parties were things he met with level-headedness. The singer sold several million albums throughout his career with Gotthard, several of them reaching platinum, double or triple platinum status.

As well as the legions of devastated fans, Steve Lee will be greatly missed by all who knew him for his personal greatness outside of his band’s achievements.

As previously reported, an In Memoriam video can be found at this location.

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GOTTHARD Singer Dead After Motorcycle Accident In Nevada

October 6th, 2010
R.I.P. Steve Lee (Gotthard)

R.I.P. Steve Lee (Gotthard)

According to Switzerland’s, GOTTHARD singer Steve Lee was killed in a motorcycle accident in Nevada yesterday (Tuesday, October 5 at 16:13 PM). He was 47 years old.

Lee was on a Töfftour with 30 colleagues when they pulled over to put on their rain gear on Interstate 15 between Mesquite and Las Vegas, NV. A trucked seized and hit five parked motorbikes including Lee’s who died on the scene.

Lee’s girlfriend Brigitte Voss Balzarini and Gotthard bassist Marc Lynn (45) were also injured in the accident.

Bassist Chris Von Rohr of fellow Swiss hard rock veterans KROKUS told Blick: “I’m speechless, can even think of what to say. My deepest condolences.”

Gotthard Manager Jan Bayati said “It is a tragedy. Even the American media will report on the tragic accident.”

Joe Fackrell, spokesman for the Nevada Highway Patrol confirmed the death. Whether the driver will be charged is not yet known.

View an In Memoriam video here.

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January 28th, 2008


Gotthard is a name still new to many despite the fact that they have had 11 number one albums in their homeland of Switzerland. Add 1 Diamond Award for 1 million albums sold in Switzerland, 1 Triple, 5 Double platinum and 5 Platinum to the list and it’s safe to say the band are a phenomenon. The last few years has seen the band set up a working relationship with Nuclear Blast Records – the latest effort being the very strong DOMINO EFFECT which should be blasting on radio’s all over the world right now. The fact that it isn’t is a crime and a good reason to hook up with guitarist Leo Leoni for an interview. Read on…

Written by Simon Lukic

Transcription by Mike ‘Fucking Hostile’ Holmes 


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Live And Louder, Mexico 2006

November 9th, 2006

Live And Louder Rock Fest
8th of October 2006,
Palacio de los Deportes (México)

Article by Chico Migraña, Pics by OCESA


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Krokus – Guitarist Mandy Meyer

October 13th, 2006



Canadian born Armand “Mandy” Meyer was born at 1960 in Saskatchewan. Some years later his family moved to Switzerland where he started his musician career in the late seventies. Now, years later, his list of credits includes work with such names as ASIA, Gotthard, House Of Lords, and Katmandu. At present, Mandy is playing in the legendary Swiss band Krokus. Although he worked with Krokus in the early eighties (two years touring), it wasn’t until last year that he kind of returned in fold when he replaced founding member Fernando von Arb, who had just parted ways with the band. Last year was a busy time for Mandy and Krokus. There has been a lot of touring, including the bands first USA tour in a long time. Last month Krokus released a brand new studio album called HELLRAISER.This interview was done in June 2006 at the Swedenrock festival and then we had this nice conversation about the new album, Krokus tour, his past bands, as well as many other interesting topics. Hope you like it!  
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