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Ghost Machinery line-up changes & 3rd album details

October 13th, 2014
Pete Ahonen, Picture by Hanne Strengell

Pete Ahonen, Picture by Hanne Strengell

As previously reported, lead vocalist Taage Laiho isn’t in the band anymore. His work can be heard on GM’s second album Out For Blood and he also did a miniature tour with the band at the time of release. His signing out doesn’t involve any drama, it was only due to schedule and distance problems.

After seriously considering all the possibilities, the guys came up with a solution. The new lead vocalist for the band is Pete Ahonen, who is also the songwriter and guitarist in the band. This decision is natural because the band’s debut Haunting Remains had Mr. Ahonen on the lead vocals as well.

Bass player Sami Nyman made a decision to leave the band last winter. The guys did look for a new bassist among other things but the right kind of axeman wasn’t found easily. Mr. Nyman managed to do a comeback after a band meeting this fall. He explains: “Sometimes life throws you around and you have to make a decision. That’s only to find out later on that it was a big mistake. I’m lucky as hell to have such amazing band comrades, such as the guys in Ghost Machinery. Now’s the time to concentrate on our third album.”

Their third album is titled Evil Undertow. Cover artwork looks amazingly good and the recordings are nearly done. After finishing a few guitar parts and solos and wrapping up the vocals it’s a done deal. The release date is somewhere in the near future but it unfortunately won’t be this year. The album will be released via German label Limb Music.

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Ghost Machinery ”Out for Blood” release date, artwork & track list!

July 21st, 2010
Ghost Machinery  ”Out for Blood”

Ghost Machinery ”Out for Blood”

Out for Blood the new album from the Finnish Ghost Machinery will be released in 27th of August, in Europe as well as digital worldwide release. North American release date is set to be in 5th of October.
Cover artwork is designed by Rainer Kalwitz who’s previous works includes artists such as Metal Church, Shadow Gallery, Praying Mantis, Dare etc.Artwork can be seen to the right and on the bands official website
Final track list is as follows:

  1. Face of Evil
  2. Out for Blood
  3. Guilty ( guest solo from Olaf Lenk of At Vance )
  4. Blood from Stone
  5. Name Remains in History
  6. Fortune Teller
  7. Lost in Time
  8. Sentenced to Life (in paradise)
  9. Mask of Madness
  10. Eternal Damnation
  11. Send me an Angel ( Blackfoot cover )

Blood from Stone single will hit the Finnish radios within a week  and also the preparations for a little tour to promote the album is in progress!

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