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Freternia to return in 2018!!

December 6th, 2017

Freternia -most recent band picture – without drummer.

The Last couple of years a raising interest in Freternia has been brought to our attention and being formed in 1998 with a split up as soon as 2003, we all have had the feeling that it was way too early to end and that we left the stage without any proper end.

Next year it will be 20 years since we once started and we are now very happy to announce that we will release a third album in 2018! To celebrate this we have released “Warchants & Fairytales” on Spotify, iTunes & Amazon Music in a digitally remastered version. “A Nightmare Story” will also be launched in a near future.



Its a great honour to once again record an album under the Freternia Flag. There will be some brand new songs but also old stuff that never got to be released back in the Days. The album will be finished in early 2018 and the release date is yet to be announced.

Freternia: A Nightmare Story

Freternia: A Nightmare Story

Freternia: Warchants & Fairytales

Freternia: Warchants & Fairytales

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CROMONIC  – Interview with vocalist Pasi Humppi (ex-Freternia)

April 5th, 2017

CROMONIC  – Vocalist Pasi Humppi (ex-Freternia)

Interviewed by EvilG

Pasi Humppi is a name I remember well and fondly from his time with the Swedish power metal band Freternia. When I was contacted by Pasi, and given the chance to hear the new CROMONIC, I was excited because to me this new band carries on a lot of the feeling and style from Freternia. Like Freternia, Cromonic are also a Borås, Sweden-based heavy/power-metal band. Cromonic formed with the current lineup in 2013 and consists of five members. With their debut album ”Time” coming out this week, now is a good time to talk about all things Cromonic, and of course, to fill in some of the gaps regarding Freternia.

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Cromonic – Ex-FRETERNIA members return in new band

March 24th, 2005


Ex-FRETERNIA members return in new band

An interview with lead guitarist Patrik von Porat
and vocalist Pasi Humppi

Interviewed by EvilG

For FRETERNIA fans waiting to hear news about what some of the band members are now doing there is good news. That good news comes in the form of the new band CROMONIC. This Swedish band consits of: Patrik von Porat – Lead guitars, Tomas W?ppling – Rhythm guitars, Bo Pettersson – Bass, Pasi Humppi – Vocals, and Ronny Milianowicz – drums. All except for Ronny (current drummer for Dionysus) were at one time or another in Freternia. However, don’t let this fool you, this new band is not planning on being Freternia part 2, but plans to stand on their own with their own style and sound. I spoke with both Patrick and Pasi recently about their new band, Freternia, other bands they are involved in, etc. Enjoy!


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