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Cryptopsy – Flo Mounier

November 27th, 2012

Cryptopsy – Flo Mounier

Interview by Peter Atkinson


It hasn’t been an easy 20-plus years for Montreal technical death metallers Cryptopsy. Indeed, the fact that the band have lasted this long is darn near miraculous given their myriad line-up changes – often involving key members – continued relative obscurity, and the ebbs and flows of an already limited and fickle market for the kind of brutality they deal in.

Yet they’ve soldiered on through thick and thin, overcoming a revolving door of vocalists – Lord Worm twice, Martin Lacroix and Mike DiSalvo before latching on to current frontman Matt McGachy – a football team’s worth of guitarists and bassists, and various and sundry other members. Indeed, no one from the original lineup remains, with drummer Flo Mounier being the longest-serving member and driving force behind Cryptopsy since 1992.

The band have been hailed for their groundbreaking, ultra-complex death metal – scoring a Decibel magazine Hall of Fame honor for 1996’s landmark None So Vile – and were, somewhat unfairly, pilloried for 2008’s The Unspoken King with its more pronounced grooves and – horror of horrors – intermittent clean singing. More recently, Cryptopsy not only helped restore their reputation among purists with the dynamic, full-on tumult of their self-titled and self-released new album – issued in September, sans clean vocals – they opened the vaults to their long, turbulent career with The Best of Us Bleed, an all-encompassing, 32-track, two-CD compilation released by their old label, Century Media.

In a phone interview from his home in Montreal, Mounier spoke about the two-decade rollercoaster ride of one death metal’s most innovative, yet under-appreciated bands and what the future may hold as they go it on their own.

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