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MARTY FRIEDMAN – solo artist, ex- Megadeth

May 27th, 2014

Marty Friedman



Marty Friedman is an American guitarist, best known for his career as the lead/rhythm guitarist for Megadeth which spanned nearly the full decade of the 1990s. During that period, the band reached its commercial peak and released several classic albums including RUST IN PEACE, COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION and YOUTHANASIA. Marty’s last album with the band was RISK (1999) and after the following tour he quit the band. Later on, Friedman relocated in Tokyo where he’s been living since 2003. Friedman has been visibly active in Japan. He’s hosted several TV and radio shows and works with various Japanese musicians. Friedman has released several solo albums, first of those were released prior his Megadeth tenure, and he just put out INFERNO which is his 12th solo release to date. This spring, Friedman finally returned to Finland, for the first time since the Risk tour. The current tour, titled GUITAR UNIVERSE 2, also features Friedman’s long-time friend Gus G. and it started in Helsinki on May 2nd. Before the show we had the pleasure to sit down with Marty and discuss about his current tour, INFERNO, living in Japan, the Metal All Stars tour, KISS, and various other topics.

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GUS G. Releases ‘I AM THE FIRE’ Album Cover And Track Listing

January 25th, 2014

Debut Solo Album Set For March 18 Release; NAMM Signings And Performance Announced

Lead Single “I Am The Fire (featuring DEVOUR THE DAY)” To Be Released Digitally February 25

 Gus G I Am The Fire album cover
Guitar virtuoso GUS G., well known in rock and metal circles for his work as OZZY OSBOURNE’s guitarist and as leader of his own band FIREWIND, has unveiled the album cover and track listing for ‘I AM THE FIRE’, his debut solo album to be released March 18, 2014 in North America. The album will be released internationally on Century Media Records, and will come out March 17 in Europe.


  1. My Will Be Done (featuring Mats Levén)
  2. Blame It On Me (featuring Mats Levén)
  3. I Am The Fire (featuring Devour The Day)
  4. Vengeance (featuring David Ellefson)
  5. Long Way Down (featuring Alexia Rodriguez)
  6. Just Can’t Let Go (featuring Jacob Bunton)
  7. Terrified (featuring Billy Sheehan)
  8. Eyes Wide Open (featuring Mats Levén)
  9. Redemption (featuring Michael Starr)
  10. Summer Days (featuring Jeff Scott Soto)
  11. Dreamkeeper (featuring Tom S. Englund)
  12. End Of The Line (featuring Mats Levén) Read the rest of this entry »

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GUS G. Signs Worldwide Deal With CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS; Debut Solo Album ‘I AM THE FIRE’ Set For Spring 2014 Release

November 27th, 2013

Gus G

Guitar virtuoso GUS G. has signed a worldwide solo deal with Century Media Records. Well known in rock and metal circles for his work as OZZY OSBOURNE’s guitarist and as leader of his own band FIREWIND, GUS G. will make his solo debut with the release of ‘I AM THE FIRE’ in spring 2014.

Says GUS G. of the signing: “Loyalty is a very important thing in the music business, and for me it just felt natural to trust my first solo effort to the hands of the record company that has been loyal, supportive, and has helped build my career for more than 11 years now – a label that I truly feel as a family. Thank you Robert Kampf, Leif Jensen, Antje Lange, Don Robertson, Steve Joh, Jens Prueter, Nasrin Vahdani, Paul Gargano and the rest of the Century family! I truly feel blessed to be a part of CM history and look forward to exploring new territories with this new album!”

Century Media founder and owner Robert Kampf adds: “‘I AM THE FIRE’ is going to be another display of the amazing talent GUS G. possesses. We at Century Media are proud to work with a player and songwriter of his class and status, as well as the fantastic new album that Gus has crafted. Horns up!”

‘I AM THE FIRE’ was mixed by Jay Ruston [ANTHRAX, STONE SOUR, STEEL PANTHER] and was recorded between Los Angeles and Gus’ home country of Greece through the latter half of 2013. A few of the album’s tracks include “Eyes Wide Open,” “Redemption,” “End Of The Line” and “Blame It On Me.” The album showcases a well-balanced mix of active rock, classic hard rock, traditional metal and guitar-driven instrumentals, taking listeners on a diverse journey and opening doors to GUS G.’s soulful playing. Guest musicians and vocalists will be revealed in the coming weeks. Read the rest of this entry »


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September 1st, 2013

Bloodstock Open Air 2013

@ Catton Park, Derbyshire, UK

8th – 11th August 2013

Review by Anna Dumpe & Ben Spencer

Photography by Michelle Murphy

Imagine a weekend of nothing but pure heavy fucking metal.
Imagine being surrounded by the friendliest 15,000 people who share the same passion for heavy metal music and lifestyle. Imagine a place where it is respectable to have beer for breakfast and drinking until you drop in an accomplishment. Imagine a festival where you can see over 100 heavy metal bands and pretty much none of them suck.

Ladies and gents, this ain’t no heavy metal fairytale!

This is Bloodstock Open Air – the greatest heavy metal music festival of our times. It’s a place where metal heads run free, headbang until their heads roll off, shout ‘SLAYEEER!’ and avoid shower for 4 days straight.
It just does not get any better than this.

Our UK team were privileged to attend Bloodstock Open Air 2013 and see things for themselves…here’s a ‘little’ insight of what went down.

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Gus G. – Firewind and the Ozzy Osbourne band

June 24th, 2013



Gus G. has become a highly respected guitarist during the past ten years. Gus first gained his name in the Swedish band Dream Evil and has been navigating a band of his own, Firewind, for years before jumping to fill up the shoes of Zakk Wylde in the Ozzy Osbourne band. sat down with Gus G. to talk about the future of Firewind, Ozzy Osbourne, his solo career, and of course his several guest appearances including Finnish “children metal band” Hevisaurus.



Following your career during these past 10 years has been pleasant since seeing you for the first time in Dream Evil and then step by step by becoming what are you now – It has been really exciting 10 years for you.

Yeah, it has been. A lot of stuff happens, crazy changes in my life. It’s been a hell of a ride, I’ve really enjoyed it. I worked hard for what I do and stuff and I’ve dedicated myself completely to all these. So, I’m really enjoying it.

What is the state of career at the moment?

I’m obviously playing with Firewind. I’m taking a break from Ozzy’s band, he’s doing Black Sabbath right now. I’m also working on my first solo album. So, I’m keeping busy.

Tell us about more about that upcoming solo album?

It’s supposed to be recorded now, sometime in July and later. At the end of the summer we are going do recording. I haven’t signed it with a label yet, I’m still finishing up the writing. I’m going to have some guests on it. It’s going to have some instrumental songs, vocal songs. And I’m planning to release it next year some time. I don’t know when. It’s very different, the music is different from what Firewind is doing.

I can guess that the album is going to be something like more traditional metal?

It’s going to be more like classic rock or maybe a bit modern rock. So, it’s not going to be so heavy metal. I have two songs that are very heavy and very instrumental, more thrashing and stuff. There is stuff that is bluesy in there and there are some that are more of, kind of like Zeppelin vibe. It’s a different thing. A bit more groovy, kind of like mid temple and stuff. A lot of love songs.

Love songs!?

Songs for the heartbroken from my life experience. “Laughs”

Are you going to sing by yourself?

No. I wish I could. I have a choice to work with many great singers, why should I bother singing. If I can get great singers to sing on my album – Why try to pretend I am singer? I’m a good guitar player, so I should be working with good singers.

Would you say any names, who will be in the album?

I can’t say right now, sorry.

But they, the lead singers, have already recorded their parts?

IMG_5012I still have not got all the guests in there, I’m still missing a couple I think. But I have three or four people in there already, there is going to be one main guy who is going to be doing a few songs. Then a few others do one song each. Some are known, some are not known. So, it doesn’t matter.

How about the rest of the guys, who else is playing on the album?

I’m going to be playing everything. Everything but drums of course.

Who is going to be the drummer then?

I don’t know yet. So, I’m working all that stuff right now.

Do you have plans to tour after the album is out?

I’d like to, if it’s received well I would love to have a full scale tour.

And the label will be?

I haven’t signed yet. I’m going to negotiate it with people. I have my own label as well in America, so if I don’t agree with somebody I will put it out of my own label.

What usually happens when you don’t have a label, one year later you are on Frontiers?

Frontiers? No, no. I don’t think I’m going to be signing with them. If I’m going to sign with a label it’s probably going to be Century Media, because I’ve worked with them for so long and they really understand what I do. So, it will be nice to kind of like keep it in a family or something. Otherwise, I have my own label. If we don’t come to terms, I will release it on my own.

How do you handle the business thing with your label, I mean,  do you take care of everything or do you have people who do care of business, promotion etc?

I have a team of people, it’s me and my manager and I have a partner in America. I have a distribution deal with a big distributor. The same with what people do, PR and Section, Radio, Business people. I have marketing team and everything. So, it’s a lot more work. But it’s a lot more rewarding at the same time. We did it for FEW AGAINST MANY in America now, for the last Firewind album and it worked out fine.

I have learned on the news that Firewind’s future is some sort of question mark after this summer?

We just talked about trying to do some more gigs this fall, maybe go to Russia or Australia. That we were supposed to play there in April but we canceled it. So, hopefully we are going to put those tours back on. I would like to do some more tours with Firewind before the year ends, and then probably next year we are going to take a break. Because I’m going to go and do my solo thing. But it’s all up in the air, maybe my solo thing, there is no interest in that. So, if there is no interest, I’m not going to play. And then I’m probably going to work on another Firewind album or maybe, you never know what happens with Ozzy. So, I always keep my options open because you never know when the phone call is going to come in.

In the beginning, Firewind sounded more like traditional power metal stuff but album by album you have progressed more into the heavy metal, classical rock stuff.

Yeah, more classical rock stuff. Yeah. I think our style is a blend of things, like there are some hard metal moments. There is some traditional heavy metal you hear, like the Priest, Maiden influence. And then there is songs that are like influenced from bands like Thin Lizzy or rock bands, 70’s rock bands. So, it’s an interesting blend. It’s not just one thing. There is many colors, many sides to Firewind I think.

But when you were younger, I guess you were more obsessed by the power metal stuff than nowadays?

I was listening to a lot of Yngwie Malmsteen, when growing up,  and I still do.  The first album – I want to save a lot of guitar in there and a little shredding stuff and the fast double bass stuff. Yeah, later on I started to slow down a little bit to my songwriting, trying to write different kinds of songs. So, there is no point for me to make the same album two times. So, look at the first album, BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL and look at ALLEGIANCE, its two different bands, two different things. But it’s still the same, somehow it still remains the same. Somehow we can pull it off. But I like that, I like to change it up. I don’t want to do copies of the old songs, do a bad copy of that. I want to go to the next song. It’s the same with the FEW AGAINST MANY record, it doesn’t sound like the stuff we did before.





Speaking of the members of Firewind, sometimes I’m not sure who is in the band or who is out ?

Me too, I don’t know. Sometimes, I got to show up for a tour, I don’t know who’s going to sing.

I was about to ask about Apollo. When he left the band, did this come out as a surprise to you?

No, not at all. He quit before as well. Back in 2007 he quit during the world tour of ALLEGIANCE.’ So, we hired Henning Basse from Metallion. And then two years ago, he also skipped the European tour for DAYS OF DEFIANCE, so we hired Mats Levén. So, it was no news to me at all. Apollo always did this as music was his hobby, he was never a 150% in this, like us.

Do you think he is now completely dedicated to spirits of Spiritual Beggars, because I saw him with spiritual in Holland a few months ago?


I don’t know, I haven’t spoken to him in months. I don’t know what he’s doing.

You also got a new drummer when Mark Cross left the band after three years…

We got this guy Johan Nunez from Nightrage. He was suggested by Marios my friend. Marios plays in Nightrage and I needed a drummer for the upcoming tour, and Johan here is s session guy. But we really, he liked us and we liked him. But he brought the new energy to the band, he’s a younger guy. So, we asked him to stay and he’s been in the band since 2011.

When members come and leave, do you ever wonder that, “Why I’m doing this?”

Many times. There is always times I’m like, “Fuck this.” But then, you know what I think after awhile I’m like, “Fuck this, if some guys doesn’t see the interest in this. Fuck him.” There is people out there that love this band. And what’s going to be more sad, a member leaving or the band quitting? The band quitting – And I’m not a quitter. So, I always come back. I hit stronger. When somebody fucking leaves, I come back stronger. That’s always my motto, that’s always how I think. I know there are people that are really dedicated to the band, and I don’t want to let them down. We’ve been doing this for 10 years. And we make a living from this, and these people, we know we owe them our career. I’m not going to quit because somebody, maybe he didn’t make a million dollars like he expected, “Come on, fucking wake up.” If you want to be a millionaire go fucking be a banker, don’t be a rocker. Do this because you love music, if you make money cool or whatever reason.

As you mentioned Yngwie Malsteen, but he had the same problem that you have – The guys keep on coming and going all the time?

Yeah, yeah. I think he had more members than I had in my band.

But he is a little bit older so you have still plenty of time to beat him on that! “Laughs”

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. That thing is also with Yngwie. A lot of people had joined his band. They join for the wrong reasons.People join the band called Yngwie Malmsteen, he sells the tickets, people go to see him. You should know your place. And musicians, it’s weird that we are weird people. Because the egos get involved. I know my place, I know what I have to do in the band. It’s the same with Ozzy, I’m hired to play the guitar. I don’t go and tell him what to do, he’s the boss. I’m there to play the  guitar, I play the best I can. My own band is a different story.

When you got job with Ozzy – Do you think that Firewind has got more people, more audience to gigs or is it a normal stable thing for all?

I didn’t know what was going to happen, all I know is that I wanted to continue with the band. I knew there was going to be a break for at least a year because with Ozzy. And I said, will see what happens. And when we went back and did some gigs, we have no new album out. We booked a tour in America and a tour in Europe, just to see what happens after all these. We had no marketing, our contract with Century media had expired, so we were on our own, “Okay, let’s book a tour, let’s see what happens.” We went out and toured out there. It was very successful. There  were still a lot of interest in the band, a lot of fans came out. And I saw a lot more Ozzy T-Shirts in the audience, it was a good thing. I was happy, because obviously some people kind of like, “Who is the new kid?” And they check and they go, “I didn’t know your band is great.” I think it’s catching up, it’s growing, it’s something that’s on a long run. And I think is going to bring in a lot more people in hopefully.

Gus G. on stage with Ozzy 2011

Gus G. on stage with Ozzy 2011


As you have played with several musicians and bands, you are always asked to play some solos and riffs on their albums – How do you pick up bands and where you are going with it ?

A lot of that stuff happened when I lived in Sweden and I was working with Fredrik Nordstrom in his studio and a lot of bands were recording there. Usually somebody would say, “Do you have a guitar player who can do a solo here.” And then Fred would say, “Yeah, my new guitar player. He’s from Greece, he’s great.” So, I ended up doing a little session like that because of Fredrik in the studio connection. And then after that, I don’t know for some reason a lot of people were contacting me. They were like, “We would like you to play a solo.” Here and there and stuff.


Like Rotting Christ?

Those were friends of mine. A lot of those were people that I knew. Again there was people that I did know, I don’t know. It was Rob Rock, asked me to play a solo at some point and other bands, I don’t remember. I’ve done a lot of those and if I liked the music I check it out and I do it.

How about the Hevisaurus? I had to ask because my nephew is really obsessed about it.

That took some convincing, because I wasn’t sure I wanted to be involved with that. But Nino from Thunderstorm – So, he’s a good friend of mine for years and years – And our first European tour was with Thunderstorm, we shared a bus with them. He was, “Dude, I’m doing this fucking thing. Project is taking off big times, you should check it out. It’s like really good metal stuff.” I’m like, “Alright. And you really asked me.” So, I’m like okay. I like the song and it was fun, it’s cool. We did it for the kids. It was the Hevisaurus song “Rayh” that I played.

I think it also helps, you doesn’t understand the lyrics?

Yeah, I know, but the music was cool.

Is it possible to see you on the stage with the Hevisaurus costume ?

I don’t think so. I gave to Riffy Raffy Refry one of my guitars zone, I think he plays my second guitar.


Do you have any opinion about the new Black Sabbath album 13?

I just streamed the other day, because I was steaming on night times, and I fucking love it. It’s a very dark album, very doomy. Which I like, because they got back to what they do best. Yeah, and I love it. I really like, ‘God Is Dead’ song. I like, “Zeitgeist”, “Planet Caravan” type of vibe and everything. There is really brilliant moments in the south, you need to listen to the vibe more because some stuff is too fucking heavy, you can’t take it all in with a couple of listens. But I pre-ordered it on iTunes, so the day when it comes out it’s going to be downloaded already and what a beautiful song.

I think that it serves the 70’s sound and the feel and it really great with that album. There are long, over eight minute long songs there – really doom stuff indedd.

I’ve been listening it “Into the Void”. that what it was. Fucking eight minute doom roll, it’s like. It’s doom, yeah.

I think you have been asked for this many times, since you were asked to join the band, you played on the album SCREAM and all the songs were written written already?



Were you fully satisfied to material because it was quite different to what you had done before?

Yeah, it was a different situation. But I took it as a challenge. And I think I did my best considering the circumstances that I worked under. And Ozzy also understood that and he didn’t push me, he didn’t stress at me at all. Same for him and Sharon, they were like, “Go in the studio, do what you need to do.” This is what Ozzy want to add, go to stuff and they were very nice and very open minded. They gave me the chance to play in Ozzy band. He used to appreciate that.

If there is going to be another Ozzy album, and you said there are lots of writing that you have done already. So, is it going to be some different style this time?

The stuff that I write it’s different and only center, I’m trying to writing more on the classic Ozzy thing. The last time I spoke to Ozzy about it, he wanted to do an album like in the old days version f:ex BLIZZARD OF OZ. He got the band, doing the old jamming. Hopefully that will happen too, we have to see.

You are a big fan of Ozzy albums like THE ULTIMATE SIN and BARK AT THE MOON if I’ve understood, right?

Yeah. I’m not sure if we would make a ’80s kind of album, but we would try to make it a bit of an album that could be… I imagine the next Ozzy album to be an album that you can still play 20 years from now, and it doesn’t sound dated. Like BARK AT THE MOON stuff, there is a fantastic material there. But it’s from the ’80s there. But look at BLIZZARD OF OZ and DIARY OF A MADMAN, those albums. You can still listen today, the song currency. I would love to make an album that it can be current forever.

You were also the guy who did bring back the songs from THE ULTIMATE SIN to the set list. That must not have been easy to make Ozzy to do those songs again?

I don’t think I was not the guy, I just said to Ozzy, “Hey man, “Killer of Giants” is a great song.” And I said, “It’s one of my old time favorite song, one of the first song I learned how to play. I said, “You should think about that.” And then he listened to it, he came back, “What the hell, it’s a fucking great song.” And then we started playing it.

He didn’t play that stuff near to 30 years.

Sometimes you just need to remind a little.

Now when Ozzy is busy with Sabbath, how much you do communicate with him?

He’s very busy with the stuff he does, and I don’t want to bother him. Sometimes we text each other and hey, how are you and stuff. But I don’t bust his balls. I’m sure he’s got a million things going on. And when he’s ready, I’ve been writing a lot of stuff. I’ve sent him a bunch of demos, he has them, when he’s ready he can call me and I’ll always be there, so.

Gus G. live 2010

Gus G. live 2010

Gus G. live 2010

Gus G. live 2010


You have covered the “Maniac” song, which is from the ’80s – Can’t remember now who sung it originally?

Michael Sembello.

Do you know a singer contest called Voice of Finland – Where they pick up the singer there. there was a Voice of Finland contest on the Finnish TV – And one of the guys went there and sung this “Maniac” and it was really powerful, and the credits were given to Firewind?

Really? That’s great. When was that ?

This Spring.

This is awesome.

I think you can find it from YouTube. You search the Voice of Finland and Maniac in one.

Okay, I’ll check it out.

And the guy won the whole thing.


Yes and he’s a rock/ metal singer. It’s funny, it’s the most favorite TV show. There are hundreds of competitions and the winner gets a record deal, and other things. And usually…

…The 15 minutes of fame?

Yeah, something like that. But usually the guys keep on singing like biggest hits and stuff like that f.ex Bon Jovi. But he was really brave and sung that song.

That’s nice, that’s cool. Maybe he sung it, was a backing track from us.

No. He had a live band. Alright, thank you for your time.

Thank you.





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TURISAS – Comments on Current Tour

February 1st, 2013
Turisas - 2013 concert poster

Turisas – 2013 concert poster

In a recent interview with Turisas violinist Olli Vänskä, Olli talked about the tour and the timing of the tour before the release of their new album:

What was the thinking behind doing the tour now, instead of waiting a couple months when the album release was closer?

We knew that we were going to release the album this spring and there was a gap where we knew we could do a U.S. tour. Earlier years we were really bad about scheduling things in a smart way. We’ve had like one year between tours in the U.S. and we know how important it is to be there. We thought that we’d do some groundwork for the actual album release tour and a little bit of testing the waters to be able to reap whatever we sowed last year on Paganfest, which was really good and I’m glad it went well. We thought that this was a good place to return.

We will be doing some shows here and there in Europe as well and going to Israel for the first time and doing a festival in Belgium or something like that and then have the album release in May and do the summer festivals and then probably come back to tour in the states next fall. So it’s all part of a master plan.

It’s definitely a good way to remind folks you’re still around, people’s attention spans being what they are these days.

Absolutely. That was kind of the main idea behind it. We wanted to step up the pace with the album, the last two coming three years after the one before it, and you know how the industry is these days. But even though it’s only been two years since Stand Up And Fight, we don’t see that we are rushing anything.

We are just trying to keep the heat that we’ve already built so we don’t have to start back at the level we began at when the last album came out. You want start where you finished off, so yeah, we want to get the name out there and get people excited about the new album before it comes out.

This bill is a bit different that what you’ve come over with before – last time with Paganfest, before that more of a black metal thing with Cradle of Filth and Nachtmystium. This one is a real mixed bag of styles.

Paganfest was great, but that folk/Viking/Pagan/whatever shit – not shit, that’s the wrong word, but you know what I mean, there’s just so many genres there – everything that comes from Finland people just brand as folk metal, so that’s established, even if it’s not entirely accurate. The idea for this was to broaden the scope of the whole horizon in a way that shows there’s something more to what we do and get away from the idea that if you’re a folk metal band you should only tour with folk metal bands or if you’re a death metal band you should only tour with death metal bands.

As long as there is some kind of touching point between the bands and people can feel that there is something interesting there, it should work. If we went out with some really technical math-metal band, it might be a bit weird, but Firewind is kind of traditional power metal that is very anthemic, which much of our music is. And Stolen Babies are bit avant garde, they have a folk side to them. So there is some common ground there.

I think the variety of the bill is not a weakness, it’s a good thing. There are these insane package shows that have like five death metal bands in a row, each one more brutal than the rest.


“Guards of Glory – North American Tour 2013″ feat. TURISAS with special guests FIREWIND, STOLEN BABIES

Sat/Feb-02–Jacksonville, FL–Roc Bar

Sun/Feb-03–Atlanta, GA–The Masquerade – Downstairs

Tue/Feb-05–Richmond, VA–Empire

Wed/Feb-06–New York, NY–Gramercy Theatre

Thu/Feb-07–Worcester, MA–The Palladium – Upstairs

Fri/Feb-08–Montreal, QC–Les Foufounes Électriques

Sat/Feb-09–Toronto, ON–The Mod Club

Sun/Feb-10–Chicago, IL–Bottom Lounge

Mon/Feb-11–Cleveland, OH–Peabody’s Downunder

Wed/Feb-13–Minneapolis, MN–Mill City Nights

Fri/Feb-15–Denver, CO–Marquis Theatre

Sat/Feb-16–Salt Lake City, UT–In the Venue

Mon/Feb-18–Seattle, WA–Studio Seven

Tue/Feb-19–Vancouver, BC–Biltmore Cabaret

Wed/Feb-20–Portland, OR–Branx

Thu/Feb-21–Oakland, CA–Oakland Metro OperaHouse

Fri/Feb-22–West Hollywood, CA–Key Club*

Sat/Feb-23–Santa Ana, CA–The Constellation Room*

Mon/Feb-25–Tempe, AZ–910 Live*

Thu/Feb-28–Dallas, TX–Door*

Fri/Mar-01–San Antonio, TX–White Rabbit*

Sat/Mar-02–Houston, TX–Warehouse Live*

Mon/Mar-04–Orlando, FL–The Social*

Tue/Mar-05–Ft. Lauderdale, FL–Culture Room*

Wed/Mar-06–Tampa, FL–State Theatre*




A special VIP Meet & Greet package is available for all the shows. For full details, please see



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January 15th, 2013

FIREWIND have announced Kelly Sundown Carpenter (Adagio, Beyond Twilight, etc.) as new vocalist for their upcoming North American touring activities, after longterm vocalist Apollo Papathanasio parted ways with the band. Even though Papathanasio has been temporarily replaced for some touring activities in the past, he has appeared on all FIREWIND releases since 2006’s “Allegiance” album and the band’s upcoming live-album will feature recordings from his recent final shows with the group.

FIREWIND have checked in to comment the news as follows:
Today we are in the unfortunate position to announce that Apollo has decided to step down permanently from the vocal duties in FIREWIND. For the past few years it was evident that Apollo could not keep up with FIREWIND’s ever growing and demanding touring & promotional schedule. Several times we’ve had to recruit replacements in order to continue touring the world and keep playing for our fans. We’re lucky enough to have worked with some of the best Metal singers out there!

Although we’re sad to announce Apollo’s departure and we sure will miss him, at the same time we feel that the show must go on! FIREWIND is a band that has gone thru lots of ups and downs the past 10 years, but is still going strong!

With that said, we’re happy to announce that Kelly Sundown Carpenter (Adagio, Beyond Twilight, Darkology) will be singing for us on the upcoming N. American tour with Turisas! This guy’s a phenomenal singer and we can’t wait to get out there and Rock! We’re looking forward to our return in America. See you all soon!”

FIREWIND wrapped up 2012 with 4 packed club-shows in their native Greece, commencing the celebration of the band’s 10th Anniversary of existence and entered studios in order to mix recordings from their “Few Against Many” live-campaign for an upcoming live-album, scheduled to be released before the summer of 2013.

Here is a list of all next FIREWIND live-dates revealed so far:

“Guards of Glory – North American Tour 2013”

02.02.2013 Jacksonville, FL – Roc Bar
03.02.2013 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
04.02.2013 Charlotte, NC – Tremont Music Hall
05.02.2013 Richmond, VA – Empire
06.02.2013 New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
07.02.2013 Worcester, MA – The Palladium
08.02.2013 Montreal, QC – Les Foufounes Électriques
09.02.2013 Toronto, ON – The Mod Club
10.02.2013 Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge
11.02.2013 Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s Downunder
13.02.2013 Minneapolis, MN – Mill City Nights
15.12.2013 Denver, CO – Marquis Theatre
16.02.2013 Salt Lake City, UT – In the Venue
18.02.2013 Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
19.02.2013 Vancouver, BC – Biltmore Cabaret
20.12.2013 Portland, OR – Branx
21.02.2013 Oakland, CA – Oakland Metro Operahouse
22.02.2013 West Hollywood, CA – Key Club
23.02.2013 Santa Ana, CA – The Constellation Room
25.02.2013 Tempe, AZ – 910 Live
28.02.2013 Dallas, TX – The Door
01.03.2013 San Antonio, TX – White Rabbit
02.03.2013 Houston, TX – Warehouse Live
04.03.2013 Orlando, FL – The Social
05.03.2013 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room
06.03.2013 Tampa, FL – State Theatre


14.04.2013 Mons (Belgium) – PPM Fest
27.04.2013 Dortmund (Germany) – Rock in den Ruinen
05.05.-12.05.2013 Full Metal Cruise (DE/UK/F/NL)
05.06.-08.06.2013 Sölvesborg (Sweden) – Sweden Rock Festival
08.08 2013 Derbyshire (UK) – Bloodstock Open Air
15.08.2013 Dinkelsbühl (Germany) – Summer Breeze Open Air


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Evil Masquerade – band leader/guitarist Henrik Flyman

December 21st, 2012


Henrik Flyman band leader/guitarist – Evil Masquerade

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Trine at DARK MINSTEL MUSIC for the help and for the promo pictures of Evil Masquerade taken by: Thomas Trane

Single pictures of Henrik Flyman are from his own homepage and taken by: Thomas Trane

Additional live pictures are from the archives of: Anders Sandvall



The Danish/Swedish act Evil Masquerade released their fifth album earlier this year titled PENTAGRAM. The album is in my opinion one of the best albums of 2012 so of course was an interview with band leader/guitarist Henrik Flyman perfectly in order. This time around we spoke about PENTAGRAM, about the bands history with various labels through the years as well as past and present band members. If you’re into some good old fashioned hard rock make sure to check out Evil Masquerade I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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FIREWIND Special 10 Year Anniversary Shows in Greece; Confirmed for Sweden Rock Festival 2013; Gus G. guitar clinics in the UK this weekend!

November 9th, 2012

Melodic Metallers FIREWIND are wrapping up the calendar year 2012 with 4 special club-shows in their native Greece, where the band in order to commence the celebration of the bands 10th Anniversary of existence. The shows will be each at two nights in the same venues of Athens and Thessaloniki and will feature two different sets. Here are the exact dates:

15.12.2012 Thessaloniki (Greece) – 8ball Club
16.12.2012 Thessaloniki (Greece) – 8ball Club
20.12.2012 Athens (Greece) – Kyttaro Live
21.12.2012 Athens (Greece) – Kyttaro Live

Currently, FIREWINDs mastermind guitar-wizzard and Ozzy Osbourne bandmember Gus G. is over in the UK for two special guitar clinic event starting today. Make sure to catch him here:

Thursday, November 8th, 2012 Birmingham / UK – Pmt Birmingham (7 PM)
Saturday, November 10th, 2012 Poole / UK – Absolute Music (7:30 PM)

Most recently, FIREWIND have also been confirmed to appear at 2013s Sweden Rock Festival, taking place in Sölvesborg, Sweden from June 5th 8th. Other bands appearing include Kiss, Rush, Status Quo, Saxon, Accept, Amon Amarth, Bullet, Leprous and many more. Check out more details here: or here:

Here is a list of all next FIREWIND live-dates revealed so far:


15.12.2012 Thessaloniki (Greece) – 8ball Club
16.12.2012 Thessaloniki (Greece) – 8ball Club
20.12.2012 Athens (Greece) – Kyttaro Live
21.12.2012 Athens (Greece) – Kyttaro Live
25.04.2013 Melbourne/Richmond (Australia) The Corner Hotel
26.04.2013 Perth (Australia) Rosemount Hotel
27.04.2013 Sydney/Leichhardt (Australia) The Bald Faced Stag
28.04.2013 Brisbane (Australia) Beetle Bar

05.05.-12.05.2013 Full Metal Cruise (DE/UK/F/NL) /

05.06.-08.06.2014 Sölvesborg (Sweden) Sweden Rock Festival /

08.08 2013 Derbyshire (UK) Bloodstock Open Air

A live-clip of the FIREWIND song Glorious off their current album Few Against Many recorded live (with fancams) in Londons O2 Academy during the bands last headlining tour can be seen here:

A recent interview with FIREWINDs Gus G. filmed in London for O2 Academy TV during the ongoing tour with Leaves Eyes can be seen here:


FIREWINDs current album, Few Against Many, was mixed by Jason Suecof & Eyal Levi at Audiohammer Studios (Trivium, All That Remains, Death Angel, etc.) and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music (Mastodon, Hatebreed, Symphony X, etc.). The iconic albums artwork was once again created by FIREWINDs longtime partner in all design matters, Gustavo Sazes / (Arch Enemy, Angra, Dream Evil, etc.). While the albums standard version is available in the CD format as well as LP and also as Digital Download, Few Against Many is also released as limited edition Digipak CD with two bonus tracks. Few Against Many has recently climbed up the national sales charts in Greece to occupy the # 1 top spot for several weeks!


More FIREWIND online action:

Album track by track video with Gus G., Pt. 1:

Album track by track video with Gus G., Pt. 2:

Album EPK-clip:

Wall Of Sound official video:

Edge Of A Dream (Feat. Apocalyptica) official video:

Guitar play-through video for Few Against Many:


Stay tuned for more news on FIREWIND soon.


FIREWIND online:


Century Media Records online:

Century Media webshop:


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Apollo Papathanasio – Firewind, Evil Masquerade and Spiritual Beggars

September 6th, 2012

Apollo Papathanasio

Firewind, Evil Masquerade and Spiritual Beggars

 Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Trine at DARK MINSTREL MUSIC for the promo pictures of Evil Masquerade taken by: Thomas Trane

Thanks to Laura Thulke at Century Media for the promo pictures of Firewind taken by: Hatzakis Photography

Additional live pictures are from the archives of: Anders Sandvall


One of the hottest singers is the Greek/Swedish Apollo Papathanasio who sings with Firewind, Evil Masquerade, and Spiritual Beggars. Many of you may not know what Apollo was up to before he joined these bands, so I decided to get in touch with him focus more on his earlier work. Be sure to check out the new Evil Masquerade album PENTAGRAM and the new Firewind album FEW AGAINST MANY where Papathansio gets to air his lungs. I have really longed for making this interview and now it’s here…

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FIREWIND Guitarist Gus G. Announces US Clinics In August

June 17th, 2012

FIREWIND guitarist Gus G. (also OZZY OSBOURNE) has confirmed a string of guitar clinic dates in the US for August:



7 – Sam Ash Music – Carle Place, NY

8 – Washington Music – Washington DC

9 – Sam Ash Music – King of Prussia, PA

10 – ALTO Music – Middletown, NY

Firewind’s new album Few Against Many, has achieved the following chart positions around the world:


UK: #11 (Rock Album Charts)

Sweden: #12 (Rock Album Charts)

USA: #28 (Billboard “Heatseekers” Top New Artist Charts)

Germany: #90 (Official Album Sales Charts)

Firewind - Few Against Many

Firewind – Few Against Many

Produced by Gus G., Few Against Many, was recorded with long time band mates vocalist Apollo Papathanasio, Bob Katsionis (keyboards/guitar) and bassist Petros Christo at Valve Studio in Greece as well as The Sweetspot Studios in Sweden and sees the band expand on their signature melodic sound with some of their most aggressive songs to date. Mixed by Jason Suecof and Eyal Levi at Audiohammer Studios (TRIVIUM, ALL THAT REMAINS, DEATH ANGEL) in Orlando, Florida. Few Against Many also marks the recording debut of new Firewind drummer Johan Nunez (NIGHTRAGE).

 For more details on Firewind visit

Firewind recently released their new video, which was shot during the band’s latest shows in their homeland Greece by Colin Marshall. Check out ‘Wall Of Sound’ below:


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Evil Masquerade Release party for the new PENTAGRAM album 2012 at Raahuset Copenhagen, Denmark

June 15th, 2012

Evil Masquerade

Release party for the new PENTAGRAM album




19/5 – 2012

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall

Guest contributor: Ulrika Henriksson



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FIREWIND – “Few Against Many” Chart Positions

June 2nd, 2012
Firewind - Few Against Many

Firewind - Few Against Many

FIREWIND’s new album Few Against Many, has achieved the following chart positions around the world:

UK: #11 (Rock Album Charts)

Sweden: #12 (Rock Album Charts)

USA: #28 (Billboard “Heatseekers” Top New Artist Charts)

Germany: #90 (Official Album Sales Charts)

Produced by Gus G., Few Against Many, was recorded with long time band mates vocalist Apollo Papathanasio, Bob Katsionis (keyboards/guitar) and bassist Petros Christo at Valve Studio in Greece as well as The Sweetspot Studios in Sweden and sees the band expand on their signature melodic sound with some of their most aggressive songs to date. Mixed by Jason Suecof and Eyal Levi at Audiohammer Studios (TRIVIUM, ALL THAT REMAINS, DEATH ANGEL) in Orlando, Florida. Few Against Many also marks the recording debut of new Firewind drummer Johan Nunez (NIGHTRAGE).

For more details on Firewind visit

Firewind recently released their new video, which was shot during the band’s latest shows in their homeland Greece by Colin Marshall. Check out ‘Wall Of Sound’ below:


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FIREWIND – Wall Of Sound (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Unleashed

May 3rd, 2012

“Wall of Sound” taken from the album Few Against Many. Century Media 2012.

Firewind - Few Against Many

Firewind - Few Against Many

Pre-order the new album “Few Against Many” now:

EU exclusive Bundle (Digipak CD + signed “Forged by Fire” CD):
US exclusive Bundle (Digipak CD + Tshirt + Poster):

Get the new single on iTunes: (EU) | (US)


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FIREWIND Sign New Deal With Century Media Records; New Album Title

January 12th, 2012

Greek melodic metallers FIREWIND, lead by guitar wizard and OZZY OSBOURNE band member Gus G., have signed a new worldwide deal (excluding North America) with their longtime partners, Century Media Records.


Gus G. checked in from the studio to comment on the newly settled partnership as follows: “I hope everyone had a great holiday season and we’re kicking off 2012 very strong with lots of stuff in the works. We’re currently completing work on our upcoming Firewind studio album, which is coming out killer! I think this album will turn a lot of heads and I can’t wait for you to hear it! Be patient cause we got lots of announcements coming, including a few surprises!


Also, I’m happy to announce that we’ve re-signed with Century Media in Europe!! Whether I’ve been working with CM on Firewind since 2005 or earlier projects since 2002, we’ve always had a winning team. Together we’ve achieved fantastic things in the band’s career and the proof is the ever growing fanbase and popularity of Firewind. When I explained them my vision and ideas for the new album, they convinced me they’re the right partner to take this to a new level! Many thanks to Leif Jensen, Antje Lange, Jens Prueter and the whole team of CM Europe!”


Antje Lange, Century Media’s European label manager, adds: “We feel very honoured to work with Gus G. further on and play our part in the fast development of this outstanding Greek talent. Firewind is one of the few fast growing bands in their genre. They have the ability to write excellent songs, Gus G. is a true magician on guitars and their live performance is breath taking. Any one out there asking for more?”


Firewind are currently in the studio recording their new studio album, Few Against Many, which will see a release before the summer via Century Media Records. Check out some footage from the studio below:


Firewind will be playing two special shows this week in their native Greece to conclude the worldwide touring cycle for their current album, Days Of Defiance, but also to kick-off the new year 2012 with style. Additionally, Firewind have already announced the first couple of European summer festival dates: Masters Of Rock Festival (Czech Republic) and Summer Breeze (Germany).


Here are all upcoming tour dates for 2012:



13 – Ioannina, Greece – Boxx Live Stage

14 – Athens, Greece – FUZZ



12-15 – Vizovice, Czech Republic – Masters Of Rock Festival



16-18 – Dinkelsbühl, Germany – Summer Breeze Open Air



Stay tuned for more Firewind news in regards to the upcoming album.


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