Fields of the Nephilim @ Islington Academy, London

January 5th, 2016

Fields of the Nephilim

@ O2 Islington Academy, London

17th December 2015

Review by Graham Hilling

Photography by Jo Blackened

Fields of the Nephilim @ O2 Islington Academy

Fields of the Nephilim @ O2 Islington Academy

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Fields Of The Nephilim – Virgin Oil Helsinki Finland

March 29th, 2013

Fields Of The Nephilim

Fields Of The Nephilim

Murheenlaakso plays Mana Mana
The 22nd of March 2013
Virgin Oil Helsinki Finland

 Review and photos by Arto Lehtinen

Fields Of The Nephilim has carved immortal marks into the gothic/metal world by being one of the most innovative creators in this specific genre. Even though the line-up has undergone more than a few changes since the rebirth of Fields Of The Nephilim, with one original surviving member left (frontman Carl McCoy) the band still sounds and looks as it is supposed to. When Fields Of The Nephilim made their debut visit to Finland headlining the Helldone indoor festival organized by H.I.M., there were only a handful of people who had crawled to the show. Back in 2008, Fields Of The Nephilim had been booked to the Tuska Open Air festival, playing under the bright sunlight didn’t create the justified atmosphere for having the right mood. Finally, Field Of The Nephilim made the triumphal return to the soil of Finland in March by playing the nearly sold out show in front of 600 people.

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TUSKA 2008

September 12th, 2008


TUSKA 2008

Review by the Finnish team of

"No Pain No Gain" as Scorpions used to sing, but the last weekend of June in the central park of Helsinki was nothing but pure pain from the beginning to the end in a good way. The Tuska Open Air metal festival has been taken place ten years in a row. The first festival took place at the Tavastia club back in 1998. As the years passed by, the festival has grown bigger and carved out its prestigious and now legendary reputation all around the world.

Traditional metal had a minor role on the roster of Tuska 2008. Extreme metal, in different forms, attracted and had drawn many extreme metal hearts. As well, metalcore bands KillSwitch Engage landed at Tuska for the first time with a massive impact. The younger audience appeared to be delighted about that. Power metal had the strongest presence as it had a dominating role last year. But booking Slayer, Carcass, and Morbid Angel were extreme brilliant achievements. 

Even though the festival was sold out several months ago, the most  surprising thing from the Tuska organization was to let people of the age of 70+ go in for free! All in all a few hundred metal grandpa and grandma’s were witnessed headbanging for several bands!!!

As usual, the whole three piece Finnish Metal-Rules.Com squad attended Tuska again to sense a reek of putrefaction, feel raining blood and obtain the pleasure to kill. Enjoy!!

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