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Moonspell – Interview with Fernando Ribeiro

February 21st, 2015

Moonspell LogoInterview with Fernando Ribeiro

Interview by Oliver M.



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Moonspell Vocalist Fernando Ribeiro

August 24th, 2005

Moonspell - the interview

Moonspell Vocalist Fernando Ribeiro
Interviewed in October 1999 by EvilG

Moonspell are one of those bands that your either get – or you don’t. For me it has been a gradual process. They are the type of band that grows on you with each listen. Their moody dark form of metal is best listened to when in a pensive mood and with an open mind. I first heard Moonspell on their CD “Irreligious.” After repeated listens they really started growing on me. This is different from most of the other metal I listen to but it’s also refreshing because you cannot compare Moonspell to anybody. They are their own band with their own style firmly rooted in METAL. 

When I was given the chance to speak to Moonspell’s lead vocalist, Fernando Ribeiro, I was quite excited. I knew the guy was deep and complex, as  reflected in Moonspell’s lyrics, so I knew I was in for an interview which would probably be unlike most others. I was right.

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