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‘The Legend Of Valley Doom’ metal opera: song with Edu Falaschi is available for streaming

December 9th, 2014

The demo single of the song “Chamber of Wisdom” from the upcoming Metal Opera “The Legend of Valley Doom” with participation of Edu Falaschi (Almah, ex-Angra) is available for streaming on Sondcloud of the German Legacy Magazine at the following location:

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Edu Falaschi: special guest on Russian band Stilverlight debut

November 25th, 2014

Brazilian singer and composer Edu Falaschi (ALMAH, ex-ANGRA) for the first time in his career collaborated with a Russian band and recorded a guest vocal part for the self-titled debut album of heavy/power/folk metal band Stilverlight from Saint-Petersburg.


One can hear Edu’s voice in “Open Your Eyes” composition in a vocal fight with the band’s singer Max Palanin. The album will have its digital release on November 28, 2014 at Power Prog label (Germany).

STILVERLIGHT was formed in 2009. Their sound can be described as “unique styled Melodic Power Metal with multifarious influences”. Elements from Thrash, Folk, Heavy and Speed Metal can be clearly perceived and give the whole thing a very interesting and special touch. A well known Ukrainian producer and engineer Max Morton (Morton band) was responsible for the mixing and mastering.

Igor Radomsky (guitars): “I’m really happy that Edu accepted our invitation to participate in our first album!I am a huge fan of his singing in Angra and I really like Almah.”

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New Edu Falaschi’s DO IT! STUDIO opens doors in Brazil

October 21st, 2012

Singer, composer and producer Edu Falaschi (ALMAh, ex-Angra) proudly announces his new “headquarters” in São Paulo (Brazil) – “DO IT! STUDIO” recently established in a partnership with his brother and former Symbols bandmate Tito Falaschi. Besides working at Falaschi’s own projects, such as Almah first of all, it’s a new pleasant home for musicians from Brazil and abroad who dream to create a professional recording having in mind Angra, Almah or Soulspell quality.

During the first weeks of working DO IT! STUDIO has become one of the centers of the independent music in the megapolis and got many contacts from abroad due to its professional and creative approach.

Edu Falaschi: “Actually, DO IT! STUDIO is a real accomplishment of my philosophy as a producer! I have in mind to make REAL sound production according to the international standards. Having worked for more than 10 years with ANGRA, I know what it’s all about, how the production of a professional CD should be done, detail by detail and thinking about the final result as a means to show identity of the band to future fans. Every step of work should be done with a lot of care, from composition and arrangements to mastering!

Well, this year I joined my forces with my brother Tito to create this studio with modern equipment such as Amp Mesaboogie, Pro-Tools, Cubase, Mac computers, Yamaha monitors etc. All this will allow you to get to the best quality to be presented at the music market of today without wasting a lot of money. Due to our experience and contacts we can afford to select good and promising bands to work with. For example, the debut CD of Age Of Artemis (2012) is very successful in Brazil and got a record deal in Japan. Now it’s your turn!

Be serious, be professional and responsible – it’s a good base to establish your future in the music! And welcome to DO IT! STUDIO”.

For more information:


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Get ALMAH to your iPhone! The band presents official free application

October 4th, 2011


ALMAH is proud to announce its collaboration with Apple Inc. and presents its own official Application for iPhone which now is available on iTunes (for free). With the Official Almah App one can always stay in touch with the band with all its infos at one place: news, tour dates, pictire galleries with official and offstage stuff, video clips and studio reports, access to the social networks with all their features. The App is developed by Utap Inc.

The App is available for free at iTunes store at this location:

Edu Falaschi: “This step is very natural for us, it’s a part of the whole band’s direction and philosophy, to stay in the vanguard of the modern technologies and trends, to be modern and up-to-date both in music and in our life-style. And of course, it’s one more opportunity to be more in contact with our fans that is really important! The App is free, frequently updated, and I already use it myself. I’m really happy and proud that ALMAH has this kind of collaboration with Apple, remember, I made the picture for Motion cover using iPhone and I hope you’ll have a lot of fun with our new App!”

The brand new album of ALMAH, MOTION, will be released via AFM Records on October 14th. The new CD was recorded in São Paulo, Brazil at Norcal Studios in May-June 2011. The album was mixed and mastered at Split Second Sound Studios (Amsterdam, Netherlands) by Jochem Jacobs (TEXTURES) in July. At the moment, the band is preparing to the first leg of Motion tour in Brazil. This part will continue until the end of the year and then, after some break, ALMAH will be back in the spring of 2012. Further news coming soon.


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Edu Falaschi takes part in a new anti-drug campaign by Rock in Rio, video available

August 28th, 2011
Edu Falaschi

Edu Falaschi

Brazilian metal singer, composer, producer and arranger Edu Falaschi (ANGRA, ALMAH) who is really famous by his active social position, participated in a new anti-drug campaign started by the organizers of the upcoming Rock In Rio festival. Edu was invited to record a song “I Go Without Any Drugs” together with a few stars of Brazilian popular music (MPB). The reportage about the video recording was broadcast yesterday by the biggest Brazilian TV, Rede Globo in the recent program “Jornal Nacional”.

Edu Falaschi became the only metal singer invited to take part in this campaign together with such outstanding names of Brazilian popular music as Milton Nascimento, Claudia Leitte, Rogério Flausino (Jota Quest), Sandra de Sá, Emicida, Toni Garrido (Cidade Negra), Ivo Meirelles, Rodrigo Santo (Barão Vermelho), Herbet Vianna (Paralamas do Sucesso), Di Ferrero (NX Zero).
The video is available on Youtube (and below):
Edu Falaschi will perform with ANGRA at the upcoming Rock In Rio, one of the biggest and most important musical festivals not only in Brazil but in the whole world. The band will play on SUNSET stage on 25th of September with a special guest, Finnish Metal Queen Tarja Turunen. With this significant performance at Rock in Rio ANGRA will finalize the current Worldwide Tour supporting the latest CD of the band “Aqua” (2010, SPV). After Rock in Rio Edu Falaschi will start a new tour of ALMAH ( dedicated to the upcoming album of the band, MOTION (release date in Europe and North America: October 14th, AFM Records).

Official Rock In Rio website:

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Edu Falaschi: the new Almah will be the best album in my discography

July 19th, 2011
Edu Falaschi

Edu Falaschi

Brazilian metallers ALMAH have recently finished recording of the new album at Norcal Studios (São Paulo, Brazil). As previously reported, the future CD will be entitled MOTION and it will see the light of day via AFM Records this fall. The album is produced by Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli. It will be mixed and mastered in Holland.


Almah’s frontman Edu Falaschi has been recently interviewed by Taipei Metal Webzine. The musician revealed many new details about the new CD. Check out a few parts of the interview:


Taipei Metal: In May of 2011 Almah was recording songs for the follow-up to your second record, Fragile Equality. What can you reveal about this upcoming record in terms of the style and subject matter?

Edu Falaschi: It’s getting fantastic! Its heavy, modern and up! It’s powerful! Full of good energy! An album to shake your head without stopping!


Taipei Metal: You are working with the same lineup which recorded Fragile Equality. How do you think the band has progressed in the three years since Fragile Equality was released?

Edu Falaschi: Now we are more friends and we know each other much more! This time the compositions and recordings are much more calm, relaxing and fun! Without any stress! It already became the most pleasant album I did in my life! And I have a feeling that in the end it will be the best album in my whole discography! At least the one I like the most!


Taipei Metal: What is the creative dynamic like between all the members of Almah?

Edu Falaschi: Felipe [Andreoli-bass] brought one song, Marcelo [Moreira – drums] brought one as well. I helped them with vocal melodies, etc., and I composed eight from ten songs in the CD! Then I asked the guys to help me with the solo parts! First I recorded on my own, all songs in my home studio. I did programming drums, I played guitars, bass, vocal lines and keys, and sent it to the guys for learning, practicing and creating solo parts! Then after some days we went to the studio! It all was really fast! The band is totally in shape and in the same frequency!


Taipei Metal: It is inevitable that people will draw comparisons between Almah and Angra. What is your reaction to this?

Edu Falaschi: It was natural in the beginning! But with this third album, it will definitely finish! People will see Almah is Almah and Angra is Angra! Be prepared!


Taipei Metal: From a creative standpoint, what differences do you see between working with your two bands, Almah and Agra?

Edu Falaschi: Angra is typical and traditional symphonic power metal band and Almah is a fresh and modern thrash power metal.


Taipei Metal: What are your plans as far as touring with Almah after your third album is released?

Edu Falaschi: We’re gonna do lots of concerts in Brazil in September and October. And we are try to organize an Euro tour and who knows an Asian tour in November and December! We are working for it!


The complete text of the interview is available here:


ALMAH is: Edu Falaschi – vocals, Felipe Andreoli – bass, Marcelo Barbosa – guitars, Paulo Schroeber – guitars, Marcelo Moreira – drums. The band was established by Angra’s singer Edu Falaschi in 2006 and released two albums: “Almah” (2007) and “Fragile Equality” (2008). At the moment, the band is going to play the first shows in 2011 at ForCaos (22/07, Fortaleza) and Armazem do Som (23/07, Juazeiro do Norte) festivals in Brazil.



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Edu Falaschi reports from the studio about the new Almah

June 16th, 2011

Edu Falaschi about the new Almah album in the interview to Brazilian radio
ALMAH keeps working at the third studio album, the follow-up to the previous success, Fragile Equality (2008). As we have previously informed, the band has been recording at Norcal Studios (São Paulo, Brazil) since May 2th.  This Monday, frontman and founder of Almah, Edu Falaschi, revealed a few details of the new album in an interview to Heavy Nation program broadcasted by one of the most important internet radio stations in Brazil, UOL Radio. Here are the parts of the interview in English:

“It’s the fastest CD-recording I’ve ever done in my life! – tells Edu. – We began working at the end of April and had everything together within one month! I mean, the pre-production, arrangements, the basic parts/solos creation and the guitars/bass/drums recording… Everything took less than one month! And the last week I started to record the vocals. Four songs are almost ready. Also, we already have the cover artwork almost finished and now we’re developing the complete layout for the future CD.

We don’t have any exact date as of now. It will be scheduled taking into account the interests of all our label partners: in Brazil (Lazer Company), Japan (JVC) and Europe&North America (AFM). We’re going to mix and master the material in Europe and we plan to have the new CD ready by the end of July. But most likely we will wait with the official release until September. The new album is produced by the band itself, mainly by me and Felipe, but the entire band have worked at the basic parts, arrangements, songwriting…

Right now Angra is going on the road with Aqua Tour until the Rock In Rio festival, then I will be really concentrated on Almah’s new album. I’m looking forward to present this material, which is probably due in September. We will work with total dedication, because the CD is very good! It’s the heaviest stuff I’ve ever recorded in my life, the guitar work kicks ass!

The guitar parts have been recorded with 7-strings instruments, half-step down (B flat), and the result is very solid and heavy. The rhythm guitars were played four times for extra punch. The new stuff will show that Almah is not really a melodic metal band… But, mainly, this album will make it clear that Almah stands on its ground! While the first CD was my solo one, and the 2nd, Fragile Equaity, was the first album with the current line up, then unknown for the public, this time Almah is very well consolidated as a band. It’s got its own place, sound, identity and, also very important, its own true fan army!”

ALMAH is: Edu Falaschi – vocals, Felipe Andreoli – bass, Marcelo Barbosa – guitars, Paulo Schroeber – guitars, Marcelo Moreira – drums. The band entered Norcal Studios in São Paulo, Brazil on 2th of May. The release of the album, as-yet-untitled, is planned for September 2011 worldwide. The CD will include 10 songs.

The complete news topic is available here:

The original program in Portuguese:

More info about Almah:


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ALMAH is back with new album in 2011/to enter the studio in May

March 21st, 2011


Brazilian metallers ALMAH led by the singer, composer and producer Edu Falaschi (also, Angra) enter the Norcal Studios in São Paulo on 2th of May to record the material for their long awaited 3rd album, the follow-up of successful Fragile Equality (2008). The line-up remains the same: Edu Falaschi – vocals, Felipe Andreoli – bass, Marcelo Barbosa – guitars, Paulo Schroeber – guitars, Marcelo Moreira – drums. The release of the album, as-yet-untitled, is planed for September 2011 worldwide.


“I’m very happy with Almah’s comeback in 2011, first of all, because this third CD should consolidade Almah as a band once and for all!!! This album will show you a mature band and it will define the individuality and language of our sound, which is the most important thing! I’m very exctited to launch it soon!”

Edu Falaschi


Almah was established by Angra’s singer Edu Falaschi in 2006. The previous CD, Fragile Equality saw the light of day in September/October 2008 through JVC (Asia)/Laser Company (Brazil)/AFM Records (Europe, North America) and became one of the most significant and best selling power metal albums at that time. In Brazil it was recognized as the best album of the year and Almah became the best band according to the rock and metal media. The Fragile Equality tour started in São Paulo in November 2008 and finished in June 2010 in Brasília. Then the musicians began to prepare the ideas for the next CD. More details about the new album will be revealed soon.


Official website:



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Edu Falaschi to take part in KAMELOT show in Brazil in April

February 2nd, 2011
Edu Falaschi

Edu Falaschi

Edu Falaschi (Angra, Almah) will be a special guest of KAMELOT show in São Paulo, Brazil of the upcoming “Pandemonium Over South America 2011” tour dedicated to the brand new album of the band «Poetry for the Poisoned» (2010). The concert will take place in Espaço Lux in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo on April, 9th. The tickets are available here:
“Pandemonium Over South America 2011” tour has 6 announced dates and it will start on April, 7 in Chile. Edu Falaschi will share the stage in São Paulo with such great singers as Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire), Simone Simons (Epica) and Elyze Ryd (Amaranthe) who will help KAMELOT in this tour during the temporary absence of the permanent vocalist Roy Khan.
KAMELOT’s drummer Casey Grillo recorded the drums for the debut self-titled album of Edu Falaschi’s band ALMAH (2006/2007 Laser/AFM/JVC).
According to Edu Falaschi:
“It’s a lot of honor for me to perform live with my friend Casey, Thomas and all the guys from KAMELOT. Today the band counts on the great singer Fabio Lione who helps them in this tour. They called me to take part in this show in my home town city, São Paulo! It’s clear that I immediately said “yes”! We are talking about Kamelot! One of my favorites metal bands ever! For those who don’t know, Casey recorded the drum parts for the first ALMAH’s CD in 2006 and since then we have become friends even more. And especially due to this fact I will do my best in order to give to all KAMELOT fans an unforgettable night! I’ll put my heart on it! See you there soon!”


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Edu Falaschi (vocalist of Angra and Almah) campaign for environmental protection

November 18th, 2010
Edu Falaschi

Edu Falaschi

Edu Falaschi has recently participated in the recording of a song that is to be a part of a new animal protection campaign, fighting against social violence and destruction of the environment. The action is inspired by ANDA – The News Agency of Animal Rights – Brazilian organization established by the journalist and animal defence activist, Silvana Andrade. Edu Falaschi recorded a song together with such renowned national artists as Lucinha Lins, Elba Ramalho, Cláudio Lins, Carlinhos Brown, Patrícia Marx, Tetê Espíndola among others.

According to the vocalist, he is always very happy to take part in such kind of projects and that the environmental protection & animal defence awareness should always be promoted. If everyone does what he can, even any little effort will give the humanity more chances to change the actual situation, believes Edu.

The song will be released soon in Brazil by the initiators of the project. To learn more about ANDA organization in Portuguese:

At the moment Edu Falaschi is touring with ANGRA supporting the brand new studio album of the band “Aqua”, released in Europe and North America on 27 Sept./12 Oct. through SPV/Steamhammer. The band recently performed in Japan (2 shows at Loud Park Festival) and Taiwan (1 headlining show in Taipei). Until the end of 2010 Angra will continue making shows in Brazil, and on 13-14th of January the band will play in USA together with another legendary Brazilian-based metal act, Sepultura. The headlining European Tour is planned for February, 2011. Angra has been recently confirmed as a participant of Rock In Rio 2011 Festival.

For more news:


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Edu Falaschi (Angra, Almah) presents new official photo gallery

October 9th, 2010

The singer of ANGRA and ALMAH, Edu Falaschi presents his new official gallery of photos at the official website

More than 600 photos demonstrate various eras and aspects of the entire career and life of the musician and producer.   ANGRA and ALMAH official and live photos, Edu Falaschi official and offstage pictures, special guest appearances and workshops, studio work, photos with friends, partners and fans, many old photos and the most recent ones – everything you can find here:
Edu Falaschi’s team thanks all the photographers, fans and friends who helped to create the biggest online collection of photos of the musician.


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Edu Falaschi (Angra, Almah) produces the debut album of Artemis

October 5th, 2010
Edu Falaschi (Angra, Almah) produces the debut album of Artemis: the band reveals a few details of this collaboration in the interview for the fan-club of the singer

Edu Falaschi (Angra, Almah) produces the debut album of Artemis: the band reveals a few details of this collaboration in the interview for the fan-club of the singer

Along with his activities as a frontman of Angra which is back on track with its 7th studio album Aqua recently released by SPV, Edu Falaschi continues his career as a producer.   Having established his name producing the own bands Symbols (Symbols – 1998, Call to the End – 2000) and Almah (Almah -2006, Fragile Equality – 2008), now he works with other promising names of Brazilian metal scene such as Artemis, Still Alive and Angels Holocaust.   Edu joined Artemis from Brasília in the second half of 2009 at the pre-production stage, and now the whole work at the album is almost finished, – as it has been recently reported by the Artemis musicians in the interview for “Edu Falaschi European Fan Club”.   In the interview the drummer Pedro Senna and the guitarist Nathan Grego tell about various details of the new album, the history of Artemis and its influences, the new singer Alírio Netto, upcoming single and, of course, about the collaboration with the producer Edu Falaschi.

A few parts of the interview:   Pedro Senna: I met Edu a few years ago, because I was always a big fan of Angra and I have always been present at shows and backstage, we were not friends yet, but we already had some contact. When Almah released “Fragile Equality” I was sure that he was the right guy to produce our album. Our press office was the same (MS Metal Press) and I asked Edu Macedo to contact him and then we started talking about the project. It was a hard time to Artemis, we had line-up and sound changes.
Edu Falaschi European Fan Club: Could you explain how do you work together, the band and Edu Falaschi?
Pedro Senna: When we started working on the album, we still didn’t have any song prepared for the fact that the band has started again, so we came up with little ideas of riffs and melodies, and he was directing us to these ideas to turn their song with all parts. They all got through enough changes over the time, so we decided to do more than one year of pre-production, so that the songs were cut and mature enough to enter the studio and record them.
Edu Falaschi European Fan Club: Have you got some stress due to the celebrity and experience of your producer?
Pedro Senna: Work with Edu always been easy, the only problem was change some dates due to numerous commitments that he had, but it was easy to solve too.
Edu Falaschi European Fan Club: I’d like to know what do you learn with Edu Falaschi as a producer … I’m sure it’s very rewarding to work with an experimented and awesome musician and producer as him! Pedro Senna: This was another factor that led us to want to work with him, we learned a lot of things, like how to think in a composition, or how to work with a band in a professional level. We’ve gained much experience with this album and I’m sure the next will be even better because of this and other experiences that we acquire over time.
Nathan Grego: Work with Edu is a great learning experience for me, I could spend time discussing and learning about composition, part of songs, what works and what does not work and styles. As composer of the band I had much contact with Edu and I believe that the ideas he added in the compositions have become crucial for the identity of each one.   The complete interview with Artemis by Sylvie Catez (Edu Falaschi European Fan Club/ Edu Falaschi France) you can find here Edu Falaschi started his career as a producer in 1998 with his band Symbols. He also produced both Almah albums, “Almah” (2006/2007) and “Fragile Equality” (2008, together with his band mate Felipe Andreoli). Falaschi together with the other band members of Angra produced the recent CD of the band “Aqua” (2010). Currently Eduardo is finishing the debut albums of two Brazilian bands Artemis and Still Alive and a new EP of Angels Holocaust as a producer. More about Edu Falaschi Producer:


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ANGRA/Edu Falaschi – Back To Life Tour 2009-2010

July 23rd, 2010


Before the release of the 7th studio masterpiece AQUA, and the start of the new World Tour supporting the album, Edu Falaschi with ANGRA finished the Back To Life Tour 2009-2010 with a great performance on stage of Anime Friends Festival in São Paulo (Brazil).

This show became the biggest highlight of the final part of the tour. One of the most important rock/metal media in Brazil, “Whiplash!” Webzine highly appreciated the latest performance of Angra and Edu Falaschi on the festival.

Anime Friends Festival took place in Mart Center, São Paulo (Brazil) on the last week and it was dedicated to the famous Japanese art of Anime. It included shows of several Brazilian rock and metal bands and various events for anime fans. Angra played on Friday, 16th of July. The band presented the set-list of Back To Life Tour 2010 and, specially for this event, Pegasus Fantasy – a song from the soundtrack of anime series Knights of the Zodiac (Cavaleiros do Zodiaco) or Saint Seyia which is very popular in Brazil.

As Whiplash! Webzine reports, despite the diversity of people who attended the show (besides metal fans, for sure there were a lot of anime and manga’s fans) the band really rocked.

Edu Falaschi was very inspired and his performance that memorable night was incredible, as he sang both the old and the more recent classics of Angra. In particular, the reporter mentions such classical song as Silence and Distance performed with great feeling and vibration that excited and united the public. And the great interpretation of Lisbon made by Edu Falaschi, as well as his recent version of Nothing To Say where he got its highest notes were accepted with great enthusiasm of the audience. And, of course, the hits from the “nova era” of Angra like Rebirth, The Voice Commanding You, The Course Of Nature, Spread Your Fire and others.

“Thus, if you have had any doubt regarding Angra, you can forget it! – tells Whiplah! – The band made a brilliant show on the stage of Anime Friends with a lot of respect to the fans, fascinating everyone with its professional performance, real team-work and great frontmanship of Edu Falaschi. It was a perfect aperitif before the things that should happen soon, and those who have been to there, will never forget”.

Picture gallery of Angra at Anime Friends by Danilo Palange:

Fan Video Angra – Pegasus Fantasy Ao vivo Anime Friends 2010

Set List

– Unfinished Allegro

– Carry On

– Nova Era

– Waiting Silence

– Silence and Distance

– Angels Cry

– Lisbon

– The Course of Nature

– Acid Rain

– The Voice Commanding You

– Rebirth

– Nothing to Say

– Deus le Volt!

– Spread of Fire

– Pegasus Fantasy


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Edu Falaschi produces a new EP of Angels Holocaust

July 22nd, 2010


Edu Falaschi (ANGRA) is producing the new EP “Crystal Night” of Angels Holocaust (Brazil). The CD will include three songs and the first video of the band as a multimedia section.

According to the vocalist Rodrigo Cafundó: “This is a great opportunity for Angels Holocaust! Our motivation is getting even stronger due to our work with Edu. We count on the experience that he has got during his international career and believe that he will bring a lot of improvements into the sound of the band. He is a great producer and all out team has the highest expectations possible regarding the quality of the upcoming EP”.

“Crystal Night” should be released in the 2nd half of 2010 in Brazil. Angels Holocaust is going to publish video reports from the studio through its official sources.


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Edu Falaschi (Angra/Almah) launches the official English website

July 21st, 2010

On the threshold of the worldwide release of the long awaited 7th studio album of ANGRA “Aqua” Edu Falaschi presents the English version of his official homepage

Check the link on the front page of or follow directly to get to actual news, biography, interviews database, photo stream, links, tour dates, curiosities – all the most important details of the background and the present career of Angra and Almah singer, composer, producer and arranger Edu Falaschi in English.

You can share the news, live dates and articles from through your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and other services.

Also are available:



Facebook artist page:

Facebook profile:

Youtube channel:

Besides the Portuguese and English versions of the official site you can find the links to the official sources of Edu in French, Japanese and Russian on the front page of

At the moment Edu Falaschi with Angra is preparing for the upcoming release of the 7th studio masterpiece of the band and the next World Tour supporting “Aqua” album. The first dates in Brazil and Japan are already scheduled:


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