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From Hell’s Heart: Top 5 Current Metal Drummers

May 22nd, 2015

From Hells Heart

From Hell’s Heart:
Top 5 current metal drummers

Drummers are the driving force of the metal engine. As most focus is on a band’s front-person, we thought it would be nice to look at the skin-pounders and round up a list of our favs. For our purposes this time, the constraint is that they have to be a drummer that is currently active in METAL….that means the drummer has to actually still play in a current recording/touring metal band! We asked our staff to try and not make it a list of their top 5 fav bands, and to actually think about what they believe great drumming to be. It’s doubtful that everyone’s top 5 bands actually contain the best drummers…it’s possible, if you’re a drummer and listen to bands based on deadly drumming. Otherwise, each staffers list focuses on great drummers, regardless of the band(s) they are in.

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From Hell’s Heart – The Perfect Supergroup (May 2009)

April 25th, 2009
From Hell’s Heart: May 2009

"The Perfect Supergroup" 
From Hells Heart...

The topic for May is "The Perfect Supergroup." We each played god and imagined what would make a perfect supergroup. Looking at the wide range of metal styles, time periods, and skill levels, the choices and line-up possibilities are endless. To keep things consistent, here’s the guardrails we used for our selection process: 

1) Musician can be either alive or living.

1) One musician per instrument, except for guitar (you can choose up to two).

2) For the musicians in your supergroup, you can choose from a particular era if you like. 

Who would be in your ‘super group’?

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