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Dragonsclaw announce full details of ‘Moving Target’ album & first video

December 3rd, 2015
Dragonsclaw - Moving Target

Dragonsclaw – Moving Target

Mark Zonder joins Dragonsclaw on new album ‘Moving Target’ , Band Release first video.

Recorded over a 2 year period, Australian Metal band Dragonsclaw  are nearing completion of their third full length release which will be titled ‘Moving Target’.

Joining the band this time around on drums is  Mark Zonder (Graham Bonnet Band / ex-Fates Warning / Warlord).

Mark comments : “Having worked with Giles in Warlord , when he played me the new Dragonsclaw songs i heard a great development in their sound, and it was great to get involved on this record , these are strong powerful metal songs!”

Vocalist Giles Lavery said of the new songs , “This record finds us moving quite far away from the power metal sound of the first two releases , we wanted to make a record that was a “traditional heavy metal” record in the style of mid 80’s Judas Priest or Iron Maiden, with the raw production of something like early Twisted Sister… a focus on big memorable songs was the main priority … it has taken a long time to get this record to exactly where we want it, releasing “just another metal record” , or something that sounded like the first two Dragonsclaw records would be kinda pointless , this had to be something that took it to the next level in performance , songwriting and more … having Mark on drums was part of that plan”

Watch the first video from ‘Moving Target’ titled ‘Road Beneath Your Wheels’ here:

The final tracklisting is:

1. Road beneath Your Wheels
2. Survival
3. Cry Wolf
4. Don’t Break The Silence
5. (Tell Me)All Your Lies
6. Ghost Soldiers
7. Shadowfire
8. Back On The Streets
9. Raise Your Fist

Moving Target will be released early 2016

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Interview with Giles of Dragonsclaw

July 12th, 2013


Giles Lavery, vocalist of  Australia’s Dragonsclaw

Interview by JP

Read the rest of this entry »

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Dragonsclaw Announce Special Guest Appearance for Upcoming Album

September 3rd, 2012

Australian power metalers Dragonsclaw are currently working on their second album and have released this update:

“We are extremely happy to announce that the legendary Jack Starr (of Burning Starr / ex Virgin Steele) will be contributing to a track on our upcoming album. If anyone hasn’t checked out Jack’s new Burning Starr album “Land of The Dead”, please do yourself a favor and pick this one up… this is metal at it’s finest! Our thanks also to Rhino (of Manowar/Angels Of Babylon) for tracking Jack’s solos at his studio!

Dragonsclaw - Promo Photo

Dragonsclaw – Promo Photo

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DRAGONSCLAW – “Angels In White” Video Released Today!

June 4th, 2012
Dragonsclaw - Promo Photo

Dragonsclaw - Promo Photo

“Angels In White”, the new video from Sydney, Australia-based metallers DRAGONSCLAW, can be seen below. The clip contains footage recorded on the band’s first tour, supporting Steve Grimmett (GRIM REAPER, ONSLAUGHT), in March. The track comes off the group’s debut album, “Prophecy”, which was released in January via Arkeyn Steel Records.

Commented vocalist Giles Lavery: “We have worked really hard on putting together the best collection of songs, scrapping anything that wasn’t up to our highest standards. In fact, we wrote and recorded one track we felt very strongly about in the final days of recording… Totally crazy, but that’s what it takes to have the best record we can!

“The melody and songwriting has gotten a little bit lost these days in modern metal. We are hoping to re-introduce that while maintaining the crushing power that only heavy metal can provide. Basically, everything we grew up with and loved about the genre is here on display.”


“Prophecy” track listing:


01. Darkness Within

02. Fight For Your Life

03. Defenders Of The Skies

04. Angels In White

05. Prophecy

06. Life Through Anubis’ Eyes

07. Devil’s Firey Dance

08. Rising Power

09. Unknown Horizon

10. Revolutionary Suicide

Dragonsclaw - Prophecy

Dragonsclaw - Prophecy

The CD features guest appearances by Blaze Bayley (IRON MAIDEN, WOLFSBANE) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (EDGE OF FOREVER, EDEN’S CURSE).


The band’s lineup is as follows:


Ben Thomas – Guitar

Giles Lavery – Vocals

Ray Martens – Keyboards

Aaron Thomas – Bass, Orchestration

Alcides “Seed” Stowe – Drums


“Angels In White”:


“Darkness Within”

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DRAGONSCLAW to support Grim Reaper Vocalist STEVE GRIMMETT on his first ever “Hell Downunder 2012” tour of Australia

December 5th, 2011
Dragonsclaw - Promo Photo

Dragonsclaw - Promo Photo

Sydney Based power metal group DRAGONSCLAW will support Grim Reaper Vocalist STEVE GRIMMETT on his first ever “Hell Downunder 2012” tour of Australia.

Steve will be performing a unique setlist of material from his years as frontman for Grim Reaper/Onslaught and Lionsheart.

Steve and Dragonsclaw will play the following N.S.W. Area shows


March 8th @ The Patch in Wollongong

March 9th @ The Basement in Canberra

March 10th @ The Sando Sydney


Tickets and Special VIP meet and greet packages are available and selling out fast at


Additional support comes from Sydney metallers Darker Half.


Dragonsclaw’s Debut album Prophecy featuring Guest vocals by Blaze Bayley will be released December 20th on Arkeyn Steel Records… The Offcial Press release is below:


Dragonsclaw sign to Arkeyn Steel for a December 2011 release of their debut album ‘Prophecy’


Dragonsclaw the Sydney, Australia based Traditional/Power metal band have signed to Greek metal label Arkeyn Steel

for the worldwide release of their debut album ‘Prophecy’ which features guest vocals by Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden/Wolfsbane) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever/Eden’s Curse)

2 Tracks can be downloaded FREE from the bands facebook page.


“For a long time we have been thinking to start a new series of

releases that would present selected Metal bands of today. But we

simply needed the band that would blow our minds away and would make

us start this whole project. The surprise came from Australia. From

the very first time that we listened to the advance promo of their

debut we were sure that this was THE band. Why? Because in their music

you will find all the power, the energy and the inspiration that

would give form to the perfect Metal album. We caught ourselves not

being able to stop listening to their stuff and to tell you the truth

it was mostly an action of fan-driven enthusiasm than any kind of

label strategy to sign those Australian Metalheads. They rule!”


Kostas Athanasohlou / Chris Papadakis


– Arkeyn Steel Records


Dragonsclaw Vocalist Giles Lavery adds:


“We are very happy to sign with a label that is so dedicated to traditional Metal and who firmly believes in our band and our debut release, we are hoping and looking forward to an ongoing relationship with Arkeyn Steel , they are fans of the genre first and foremost and they know it inside and out, which made them the obvious choice”


The Album is due for release December, a preview of all ten tracks can be seen here:

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DRAGONSCLAW – New Promo Video Featuring Samples From Upcoming Debut Album ‘Prophecy’

October 3rd, 2011

Traditional Power metal metal band DRAGONSCLAW – have uploaded an album promo video featuring samples from all 10 tracks from their upcoming debut album ‘Prophecy’

The album features Guest Vocals from Blaze Bayley (Iron maiden / Wolfsbane) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edens Curse/Edge OF Forever).

The video can be viewed here:

Dragonsclaw - Promo Photo

Dragonsclaw - Promo Photo

The band will be making an announcement in the coming weeks regarding album release wordwide.

three full length tracks can be heard at the bands reverb nation page here

Or here

Vocalist Giles Lavery gives the following update:

It has been a busy last few weeks talking to labels and we are happy to say we have it narrowed down to a few choices, and we will be making a decision in the next few weeks…

it will be a hard choice, we have met some very supportive metal loving label folks so far.

We have had an amazing response to our promo video for ”Defenders Of The Skies” and had email from all over the world, Europe , USA, Russia to name a few… A special

mention must be made to the amazing Greek and German metal fans who have written us and supported us at this early stage, I will never forget this ! you guys are the best!

Please feel free to stop by our Facebook, Youtube or Reverb-nation pages, there will be regular updates and some cool stuff going on closer to the album release!

1- Darkness Within
2- Fight For Your Life
3- Defenders Of The Skies
4 – Angels In White
5 – Prophecy
6 – Life Through Anubis’ Eyes
7 – Devil’s Firey Dance
8 – Rising Power
9 – Unknown Horizon
10 – Revolutionary Suicide

Dragonsclaw - Prophecy

Dragonsclaw - Prophecy

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September 17th, 2011
Dragonsclaw - Prophecy

Dragonsclaw - Prophecy

Traditional Metal act DRAGONSCLAW have uploaded three tracks to their official facebook page streaming audio player as a preview from their forthcoming debut release ‘Prophecy”, which features guest vocals from Blaze Bayley (of Iron Maiden / Wolfsbane fame) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever, Edens Curse, and who has also worked with Ian Paice, Roger Glover & James Labrie).

The tracks can be streamed at this location:

DRAGONSCLAW are a four Piece Heavy Metal outfit that features Guitarist Ben Thomas, already an established name with his work with PAINDIVISION and his guest appearances with EMPIRES OF EDEN , and Vocalist Giles Lavery who brings an immense vocal range and an ear for melodies in the tradition of the classic metal genre. The band is also made up of Bassist Aaron Bryn Thomas and Ray Martens On Keys… The band is recruiting a full time drummer shortly for live dates.

Guest Vocalist Alessandro Del Vechio has the following to say regarding his appearance on the album:

“Even if I’m not the typical “metal” singer, as I am known for my melodic stuff, I grew up on the right stuff like Dio, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath so I really enjoyed getting the call from Dragonsclaw. It’s music I normally don’t sing every day so my performance was genuine and fresh…and that’s how a performance should be when you’re a guest on a record. Really wish these guys the best!”

The Debut album which was recorded over the last 12 months and mixed and mastered by Producer Stu Marshall (Empires Of Eden/Pain Division/Ex – Dungeon) is a true celebration of traditional metal.

Vocalist Giles Lavery gives a run down of the 3 tracks below


This track opens our album , it is a heavy “Balls to the wall” fast powerful dose of metal, it already seems to be favourite amongst those who have heard it and is very much in that JUDAS PRIEST style … who are of course one of our favourite groups, we think this will be a stormer live too


Probably our most melodic track on the cd, the Guitar harmonies and the Chorus really stay with you after listening … this was a very late addition to the album , we were working on a track that wasn’t quite coming together and then this one just came out from an idea Guitarist Ben Thomas had, He’s great, he is a never ending supply of riffs and song ideas, We laid this one down in 2 nights and it is a fine addition to the cd , needless to say the other track got left behind very quickly…
it is very early 80’s sounding and hopefully will find favour among the fans of that NWOBHM or early US STEEL scene


Another fantastic riff from Ben , and we called upon COREY WYER from Australian band ‘THE CURSING STONE’ for lyrics here, I have Known COREY for years and he’s alwasy been a great Lyricist … he did a great job here and this track is a face melting power metal anthem about a deadly entity from another world desending upon earth … would we survive, I think not?

The Band are currently working on securing a label for the debut and are in the process co-ordinating the release for different territories.

Giles Added “We have a really strong set of songs here, We need the right label and the right folks behind it , we also have a Promo video for another track due in the coming week put together by Filmmaker and band photographer JEREMY BELINFANTE.”

Dragonsclaw - Promo Photo

Dragonsclaw - Promo Photo

Some early reviews of the album describe the work as a mix of Judas Priest, Helstar, Symphony X, & early Kamelot, one of Europes leading online metal sources ‘Forgotten Scroll’ had the following to say:

“The album rules simple as that. This band came out of nowhere and they are actually handing a Metal bomb full of inspiration, passion and power, that should be released as soon as possible. For those who are after some high quality Metal this is the record they should look for. It is already on my top ten list for the best albums of the year”

Any interested Labels, Radio Shows, Websites, Zines, Or Journalists should contact the band at

The full review can be read here.

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DRAGONSCLAW – Complete Debut Release; Blaze Bayley Guest Vocals

September 1st, 2011




DRAGONSCLAW feature a contemporary take on the power metal genre, forged in the established traditions of heavy metal. DRAGONSCLAW boast a sonic alloy of aggressive yet catchy song writing, soaring vocals powerful melodies and blazing guitar solos combined with symphonic orchestration and imaginative lyrics. DRAGONSCLAW are a celebration of what legions of metal fans love about traditional metal, updated for 2011.

DRAGONSCLAW was conceptualised in 2007 by guitarist, Ben Thomas and inspired by the epic compositions and raw technicality of bands such as Symphony X, Adagio and Kamelot. DRAGONSCLAW remained an idea until Thomas could find a line up of like-minded metal virtuosos to bring his compositions to life. During this time Ben built up a local reputation as an up and coming six-string shredder, playing guitar with Sydney thrash metal band, Paindivision. Thomas was also featured as a guest guitar soloist on the Empires of Eden albums, ‘Reborn In Fire’ and ‘Songs Of War And Vengeance’.

New Zealand born vocalist, Giles Lavery, joined DRAGONSCLAW in 2010. He brings to DRAGONSCLAW an immense vocal range and a fine ear for catchy choruses and vocal melodies. Giles’s influences run deep in the ether of metal and hard rock music, from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar and King Diamond to AOR groups such as Survivor, Journey and Foreigner. Lavery fronted New Zealand metal group, Bloodwych, through the late 90s and has most recently been singing with the Australian Ronnie James Dio Tribute Show. Giles’s faithful renditions of Dio classics lead to him being invited to sing on several local and international projects. Lavery has recently recorded with New Zealand metal band, Beltane, on their album, ‘Auld Toby’ and with the Australian traditional metal band, Doomed Beast, which has drawn acclaim from legendary Darkthrone drummer, Fenriz.

Keyboardist, Ray Martens, has a long history in Australian rock and heavy metal having played in bands such as Paindivision, Shock Therapy, Scoundrel and Mr Scary. A reformed Mr Scary supported Danger Danger frontman, Ted Poley, on his 2010 Australian Tour. Martens has most recently been playing alongside Giles in the Australian Ronnie James Dio Tribute Show to packed venues and audience acclaim.

The band is rounded out by Ben’s brother, Aaron Bryn Thomas, on bass and orchestration. Aaron recently graduated from the Australian Institute of Music, and runs Llewellyn studios where DRAGONSCLAW’s debut album ‘Prophecy’ was tracked.

DRAGONSCLAW have recently completed recording their debut album ‘Prophecy’, which is being produced by Stu Marshall (Paindivision, Empires of Eden, ex-Dungeon). The album contains 10 solid tracks of indomitable metal and features very special guest vocal performances by Blaze Bayley whose legacy includes Wolfsbane and British metal legends Iron Maiden, and Alessandro Del Vecchio of Edge Of Forever, Eden’s Curse, Glenn Hughes, Ian Paice, James LaBrie.

Original artwork for the album was designed by Maggotmaster.

‘Prophecy’ will be released in late 2011 and is sure to claw the ears of the most discerning power metal aficionados.

Vocalist Giles Lavery has the following to say regarding the band’s debut:

’We have worked really hard on putting together the best collection of songs, scrapping anything that wasn’t up to our highest standards, in fact, we wrote and recorded one track we felt very strongly about in the final days of recording… totally crazy but that’s what it takes to have the best record we can! The melody and songwriting has gotten a little bit lost these days in modern metal, we are hoping to reintroduce that while maintaining the crushing power that only heavy metal can provide. Basically everything we grew up with and loved about the genre is here on display, I cannot wait for people to hear this material and to perform it live once we hit the road! I might also add that working with Blaze Bayley is a dream come true – being a massive Maiden/Blaze fan I am truly honoured!’

Guitarist, Ben Thomas, had this to add:

‘For me it’s been a long time coming, but I feel the wait is worth it. Also noteworthy is the lyrical contributions from Corey Wyer from the band “The Cursing Stone”.’

Line Up:

Ben Thomas – Guitars

Giles Lavery – Vocals

Ray Martens – Keyboards

Aaron Thomas – Bass Guitars & Orchestration

Dragonsclaw are currently looking for a full-time drummer.


Giles Lavery singing parts in the studio

Blaze Bayley talking about his part on the album

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