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Fear Factory – Interview with Burton C. Bell

January 13th, 2013

Fear Factory Interview – Burton C. Bell

Interview by Caitlin Smith @ the Koko, 18th December 2012


With a band that’s been going as long and is as well known as Fear Factory, it’s hard to know what to ask without dragging up questions that have been covered a million times before. Armed with my painstakingly put together list of questions, I catch up with a tired looking vocalist, Burton C. Bell, on the last date of their 7 week tour for a quick chat on all things mechanical.

[GIG] Fear Factory @ KoKo  (2)

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Divine Heresy – Travis Neal

August 17th, 2009


Divine Heresy – Travis Neal

Interviewed by Alan Gilkeson

After the unheralded departure of their former lead singer, Divine Heresy sought a vocalist who was not only better with the pipes, but who had it all together in the head. They auditioned many guys and settled on Bereaved front man Travis Neal, a young but motivated talent with the bravado to take on the world. With the recent release of the band’s sophomore effort BRINGER OF PLAGUES, Neal’s first with the band, Divine Heresy has stepped thing up a notch, going full throttle with brutal and extreme music. Combine Neal’s talent with the legend of Dino Cazares, mix in one of the best rhythm sections in Metal with Tim Yeung and Joe Payne, and you’ve got quality of epic proportions. Here’s our interview with Travis…

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Omer R. Cordell – Inside The Machine

February 17th, 2009


An Insider’s Look at Life On The Road with Fear Factory


Omer R. Cordell

Interview By Lord of The Wasteland

All Photos By Omer R. Cordell

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Dino Cazares – Divine Heresy / ex – Fear Factory / Brujeria / Asesino

November 22nd, 2007

Dino Cazares

Divine Heresy / Brujeria / Asesino / ex-Fear Factory

***Interview By Lord of The Wasteland (Transcription by Mike Holmes and Claudia)

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