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Kreator with support act’s on Gods Of Violence European Tour 2017 – leg 1 – at Amager Bio Copenhagen, Denmark

April 8th, 2017


Gods Of Violence European Tour 2017: Leg 1

Sepultura – special guest
Soilwork – special guest
Aborted – support act

Amager Bio
Copenhagen, Denmark

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall

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SEPULTURA – guitarist Andreas Kisser

March 16th, 2017



Sepultura, as we all know, is the famous Brazilian metal export who gained a loyal fanbase all around, including Finland. The Brazilian metallers recently released their latest album MACHINE MESSIAH. The album is definitely one of the greatest and strongest releases of the Derrick Green era. Therefore it was a good time to sit down with Andears Kisser to talk about the new album, the old school Brazilian metal scene, and his old band before Sepultura. 

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Kreator + Sepultura, Soilwork @ The Circus, Helsinki

February 15th, 2017


10.02 2017

It’s been a long time since Finland has been treated with such a great package tour as this. Therefore, it is a bit strange that although this show was originally supposed to be in the Old Ice Hall of Helsinki, at the last minute, it was moved to a smaller venue. However, the night with four bands and Kreator as headliner was a successful event. The Circus has a capacity of 1200 people and the show was totally sold out. attended the gig to witness Soilwork, Sepultura and the mighty Kreator in action.

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Sepultura – Helsinki Finland

November 19th, 2015


   Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland


               Review and pictures by Petri da Costa

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Music Diablo РGuitarists Andr̩ NM

December 31st, 2010




Music Diablo – Guitarists André NM


Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Jan Rosenberg at CMM Marketing for setting up the interview.

Thanks to Tommy Morriello at Crash Bang Management for all the help.

Thanks to CMM Marketing for providing promo pictures of the band.


The Brazilian thrash act Music Diablo released their brilliant debut album MUSIC DIABLO in Europe in May of 2010. When I heard the band’s music I got really interested  and thought that an interview was in order. I hooked up with guitarist André NM so he could cast light over the band and their music. Even though the band’s lead singer is Derrick Green the music doesn’t have a lot in common with Sepultura. If you’re into Brazilian heavy music make sure to check out André’s other band Nitrominds.

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Igor Cavalera & Derrick Green of Sepultura

August 23rd, 2005

Igor Cavalera & Derrick Green of Sepultura
Interviewed in Jan. 1999 by David Lee

SEPULTURA are experiencing both the best and worst of times all in the same instant.  The departure of founder member, lead vocalist and brother, Max Cavalera, seemed to be the end of one of metal’s heaviest bands, that is until the survival instincts of the remaining three members took over.  A new vocalist was found and work continued on a new album.  This is usually where most bands change direction, not the case with SEPULTURA, not in the least.   “AGAINST” sounds and feels exactly like  SEPULTURA records have always sounded and felt.  The record is harsh, brutal and tribal yet maintains a lyrical intelligence that your average death metal band may be able to emulate but could never produce themselves. Along with American vocalist, Derrick Green, the remaining members of SEPULTURA have created one of their finest records which includes the bonus feature of having a track co-written by METALLICA’s Jason Newsted.  What exactly will happen next for this now international metal unit is a question that can only be answered with time but one thing is certain, there is a renewed strength and a feeling of power surrounding the band that is infectious. One listen to “AGAINST” and you will be convinced that SEPULTURA is here to stay. I had the chance to speak with both Igor Cavalera and Derrick Green on the phone from New York.


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