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September 23rd, 2015

Demonic Resurrection frontman Demonstealer has been hard at work recording his 2nd solo album which features George Kollias on drums. The album is due for release in early 2016. Meanwhile he has collaborated with drummer Louis Rando from Impiety who is based in Australia and is part of various bands there. The track also features a lead guitar solo from Demonic Resurrection axe-man Nishith Hegde who is also part of horror metal band Albatross.

The single is being released independently on 2nd October via his bandcamp page ( as well as on all digital platforms like OKListen, Itunes, Spotify etc. The track has been mixed by Demonstealer himself and mastered by Daniel Kenneth Rego.

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October 7th, 2014
Indian metal veterans Demonic Resurrection have released a teaser video for their new album ‘The Demon King’ which released worldwide on Candlelight Records this July. The teaser indicates an exclusive premier of a possible music video on the Metal Hammer website on the 15th of October.
Demonic Resurrection recently completed a UK tour including performances at Sonisphere Festival as well as supporting UK thrash legends Onslaught. The band also played at the prestigious Wacken Open Air in Germany for which they released a pro shot video which can be viewed here (

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July 5th, 2014

Indian metal veterans Demonic Resurrection have just added more tour dates to their UK tour. The band is on tour with UK heavyweights De Profundis for the first half following which they join thrash Legends Onslaught and Danish thrashers Artillery on their UK mainland dates.

With De Profundis
07.07.14 – Cavern, Exeter
08.07.14 – Tiki Bar, Plymouth
10.07.14 – Owl Sanctuary, Norwich
11.07.14 – Black Heart, London
12.07.14 – Eradication Festival, Cardiff
13.07.14 – Green Door Store, Brighton

With Onslaught and Artillery
16.07.14 – O2 Academy, Newcastle
17.07.14 – O2 ABC2, Glasgow
18.07.14 – O2 Academy2, Sheffield
19.07.14 – O2 Academy, Bristol
21.07.14 – O2 Academy2, Birmingham

Demonic Resurrection is on tour promoting their new album ‘The Demon King’ which releases on 14th July via Candlelight Records

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August 6th, 2012

Indian Metal veterans DEMONIC RESURRECTION are all set to make their debut UK appearance at Bloodstock Festival on the 12th of August on the Sophie Lancaster stage. The band will be following up their performance at the festival with an exclusive show in London at The Unicorn in Camden apt titled “Darkness Over London”. Also on the bill for the show are local bands BLOODGUARD, KARYBDIS and PHYREXIA. The gig is a free entry show.

It’s an absolute honor to play Bloodstock and we’re really happy that we can follow it up with a gig in London for our fans who could not make it for Bloodstock. We’re really grateful to Andy from Bloodguard who put together the London show for us and it’s really nice to see how helpful bands in the UK are, in fact Chris (drummer for Cypher16) is driving us to Bloodstock Festival. So we’ve already seen how welcoming the people in the UK metal scene are and we can’t wait to play there now.” commented Demonstealer, frontman of DEMONIC RESURRECTION.

Fans can RSVP the facebook event page:

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DEMONIC RESURRECTION frontman Launches new band “HELLWIND”

May 19th, 2012

Demonic Resurrection frontman Demonstealer has launched a new old school heavy metal supergroup ‘Hellwind’.  The band features Akshay Deodhar (Spook) on vocals, Rajarshi Bhattacharyya (ex-Workshop) and Kiron Kumar (ex-Colossus) on guitars, Aditya Kadam (Workshop, Funk The System) with Demonstealer taking over the drummers throne.



As mentioned in an article by Rolling Stone India magazine, the band was initially an effort put in by Riju Dasgupta and Akshay Deodhar, planning to make the band a rock/power metal project, but on jamming with the entire band, they realised that the music wasn’t much of power metal and decided to change the name in the musical direction the band was heading. Riju left the band prior to the release due to work commitments and was replaced by Aditya Kadam from Funk the System/Workshop.

As Makhija told, “The band will be playing originals but have decided that we will also do a lot of fun pop rock covers in our own style. There is a gig in the works right now, we’ll let you know as soon as it is confirmed.

The band has already created a storm, as with the news of the band, they also launched a single called ‘Taste of Metal’ on their SoundCloud page.


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Demonic Resurrection completes 12 years of existence and releases new video

April 6th, 2012

Veterans of Indian metal Demonic Resurrection complete 12 years as a band. Starting out in 2000 as a bunch of 17 year olds the band has come a long way since then with a career spanning over a decade, the band has released 3 albums and an EP. Their career highlights have been many, notably being featured on the Global Metal movie, signing to Candlelight Records, winning the prestigious Metal Hammer Golden God Award, playing festivals like Inferno and Brutal Assault and most recently confirming for Bloodstock Festival in the UK.

The bands frontman Demonstealer posted a note on facebook about the band completing 12 years which can be read at

The band also released a new studio instrumental video for the song ‘Where Dreams And Darkness Unite‘ from their 3rd full-lenth album ‘The Return To Darkness’ that was released worldwide on Candlelight Records.

We shot two songs as studio instrumentals just after Husain quit a few months back and Ashwin Shriyan joined us on bass and we’d released one of those videos and today felt like the right time to release the second one and so here it is.” said Demonstealer on the release of the new video.

The previous studio instrumental video for the track ‘Dismembering The Fallen‘ can be viewed at

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DEMONIC RESURRECTION announce new bass player

February 19th, 2012

Indian metal veterans DEMONIC RESURRECTION have announced their new bass player via a video on their youtube page.

Video Link

A few days ago the band announced that long time bassist Husain Bandukwala was stepping down from active touring and writing duties and shifting over to the management side of the band. A video of Husain explaining his reasons and the band paying him a small tribute can be viewed here.

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Demonic Resurrection announces departure of longtime bass player Husain Bandukwala

February 15th, 2012

Indian metal veterans Demonic Resurrection have announced that long time bass player Husain Bandukwala has decided to leave the band and no long continue as a full time touring musician.

The band has created a video blog with Husain’s statement and parting words along with the band members giving an small tribute to him as well.

The video can be viewed here.

So far no replacement has been announced yet. In more recent news the band announced the first fan funded video project which received complete funding from the fans within 48 hours of announcing the project. Pledges towards the video can still be made at and all excess funds will be utilized to give back something to the fans that pledged.

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Demonic Resurrection fan funded video project achieves target amount in 48 hours

February 13th, 2012

On Wednesday 8th Feb Indian Metal veterans DEMONIC RESURRECTION announced the launch of their first ever fan funded video project. Fans of the band could pledge an amount towards the 100,000 INR target required for the video and in return could pick from various packages like an exclusive preview, email updates, behind the scenes footage, free guitar lesson etc.

In just a little over 48 hours of launching the project the band achieved 100% of their required amount. “I’m ecstatic!‘ said a visibly excited Demonstealer, “When we started this project we had no idea what the reaction was going to be and to have achieved our target amount in such a short span of time is remarkable, it really shows the kind of dedicated and supportive fanbase we have, literally putting their money where their mouth is.

Fans and well wishers can still pledge towards the video project at or

All excess funds are going to be put into sending some more back to the fans who pledged, we really value our fans and we want to give back to them more than expect, so we might make some special merch or send some freebies their way.” said Demonstealer.

Demonic Resurrection’s first music video for the song ‘The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance’ can be viewed below:

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Demonic Resurrection releases ALL-STAR concert footage

November 29th, 2011

Indian Metallers Demonic Resurrection have released 4 pro shot videos from their All-Star concert held in November. The All-Star concert was one of the pre-parties held for the Bacardi NH7 Weekender. The All-Star concert saw a host of vocalists and bass players join the band on stage creating a unique experience for Demonic Resurrection fans.

Said DemonstealerWe wanted to give the fans a different experience at this gig and since it was such a memorable concert we ensured that we got a 2 camera setup to film it, we’ve even got a kind of All-Star documentary planned for the future. We hope that fans that weren’t able to attend the concert can experience some part of it through the videos.

Video 1: Spirits Of The Mystic Mountains featuring Biprorshee (Albatross) on Vocals and Dr. Hex (Albatross) on Bass
Video: 2: A Darkness Descends featuring Biprorshee (Albatross) & Gareth ‘Crudus’ (Spiked Crib) on Vocals and Dr.Hex (Albatross) on Bass.
Video 3: A Tragedy Befallen featuring Karan Pote (Abraxas) & Siddharth Basrur (Goddess Gagged) on Vocals and Ory (Atmosfear) on Bass
Video 4: The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance featuring Pratika (Chronic Phobia) & Jugal (Ex-Chronic Phobia) on Vocals and Ory (Atmosfear) Bass
The band played a 9 song set and this is the first set of videos to be released. A set set is scheduled to be released within the next month.
More videos can be viewed at the bands youtube channel

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Indian Metal bands 1833AD, Noiseware and Workshop find a spot on the new Metal Hammer Global Metal CD

October 4th, 2011

In recent times UK based magazine METAL HAMMER has taken a keen interest in the Indian heavy metal scene. Last year a Planet Metal CD was released in March featuring Indian metal bands Bhayanak Maut and Undying Inc which was followed by Demonic Resurrection winning the Metal Hammer Golden God award for Global Metal.
Earlier this year the magazine released ‘Global Metal Vol.2′ a  15 track CD featuring a whopping 10 Indian bands including bands such as AlbatrossScribeDevoid, Heathen BeastSlain etc. This was followed up with another Indian metal band Dark Desolation being featured in a CD after that. In the latest issue of Metal Hammer (featuring Mastadon on the cover) three Indian bands 1833AD(Delhi), Noiseware (Pune) and Workshop (Mumbai) have been featured on the Global Metal Vol.3 CD.
Editor at large, James Gill had this to say “There are lots of great metal bands coming out of India at the moment – and they’re great for the reasons all the best seminal metal is great: it’s raw and honest and grounded in the underdog and DIY mentalities. There’s also a musical originality that while rooted in the greats – Maiden, Priest, Metallica, Slayer – draws from local music and culture to give it a unique individuality.
The tracklist for the CD is:

  1. Kimaera – A Silent Surrender
  2. Device – Temptation’s Desert
  3. Nami – The Growing
  4. Cultura Tres – El Sur De La Fe
  5. Dies Irae – For
  6. 1833 AD – Who Will Kill The Emperor?
  7. Arise In Stability – Maverick’s Wind
  8. Archiaos – The Distant
  9. Sabbathica – Laberinto Del Destino
  10. Zombiefication – Last Resting Place
  11. Razed – A New Light
  12. Noiseware – Need For Sleep
  13. Workshop – Kothai Doro Cho
  14. Fusnota – A Colder Place
  15. Skinflint – Iron Pierced King

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Demonic Resurrection signs exclusive booking deal with Spellbind Records

September 6th, 2011

Indian metallers Demonic Resurrection have signed an exclusive booking deal with Dubai based Spellbind Records which is the home for artists such as Nervecell and Black Violin. Spellbind Records will be exclusively booking the band for shows across the middle eastern territories like Dubai, Qatar etc.

Said the band in a statement “We’re really happy to sign the deal with Spellbind Records as we’ve seen their work with Nervecell and they are super professional and spare no expense taking care of their artists. There wasn’t any hesitation on our part and we signed up with them once they made us an offer. We’re really looking forward to taking our music to the metal fans in the middle east and playing there.

The news comes as a positive step forward after the bands recent setback of being unable to perform at the Sonisphere Festival UK and having to cancel their subsequent tour there on account of not being given a VISA for the performance.

Spellbind Records is a new independent record label, music production company and distributor located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. (

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Demonic Resurrection confirms debut UK performance at Sonisphere Festival

April 12th, 2011

Mumbai metal band Demonic Resurrection will make their first UK appearance at the Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth, England, on July 10, 2011. This will be the first time that an Indian band has played the festival. Demonic Resurrection will be joining a high-profile lineup of bands that includes Slipknot, Motorhead, Opeth, Gojira, Arch Enemy, In Flames and Mastodon besides the headliners — the Big Four of metal — Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax.


We (Demonic Resurrection) are at a loss for words to describe how we feel on being confirmed to play Sonisphere. Just the thought of watching the Big 4, let alone be playing the same festival as them, is enough to give us goosebumps, not to mention the insane lineup of bands like Opeth (who we’ve opened for in India), Arch Enemy, Periphery and many others who we can’t wait to see. DR fans can expect a blistering performance from us, it is our first gig in the UK and we intend to make it a memorable one,” said the band in a statement released to the press. This will be the band’s third international concert appearance after playing the Inferno Festival in Norway and Brutal Assault in the Czech Republic last year. The band also said that they would be adding more UK dates to their tour.


Sonisphere is a touring music festival that takes place over several venues across Europe through June and July. The festival is in its third year and has quickly

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Demonic Resurrection Inks deal with OMerch

December 14th, 2010

Indian Metallers Demonic Resurrection have inked a merchandising deal with OMerch, a company set up by Opeth and their management to handle merchandise. The company boasts of an all-star roster including bands like Opeth, Enslaved, Katatonia, Textures and Nevermore, among other big metal bands. The bands international webstore is open at
“We are extremely delighted to sign up with OMerch as they are a terrific company and make great quality merchandise. We were looking to make it easier for our overseas fans to get access to our merch and when OMerch contacted us saying they were interested we didn’t have to think twice about it.” – Demonstealer (Vocals/Guitars)

2010 has been THE year for Demonic Resurrection, they signed to Candlelight Records earlier this year through which their 3rd album ‘The Return To Darkness’ was released worldwide to rave reviews from the press. The band also picked up the Global Metal award at the Metal Hammer Golden God awards in June following it up with 2 awards at the Rolling Stone India Metal Awards. They also played at the Inferno Festival in Norway and Brutal Assault in Czech Republic.

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Demonic Resurrection cover contest gets bigger with contributions from fans and partners

November 16th, 2010

In October 2010 Indian Metal band Demonic Resurrection who recently signed to Candlelight Records and released their album ‘The Return To Darkness’ worldwide in July launched ‘The Unrelenting Guitar Cover Contest’ where fans were invited to cover the song ‘The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance’ and upload a video on youtube and the winner would get some band merchandise as a prize.
However wanting to give their fans more, they opened the contest to drummers, vocalists and bassists as well and tied up with Furtados Music India (the leading importer for musical instruments in India) to give each winner a gift voucher worth Rs.1500. Following this there were donations of Rs.1000 from 2 anonymous fans raising the prize money by Rs.2000 giving DR fans a far greater prize than previously.
This however has driven the band to give back even more to their fans and have tied up with India’s top rock and metal magazine Rock Street Journal who will give 2 free passes for the Great Indian Rock Festival where Demonic Resurrection will be playing alongside Enslaved, Meshuggah and other bands. The passes are worth Rs.1100 and valid for both days of the festival (unless the winner attends the festival in Kolkata or Pune where it will be 1 day). The prizes don’t end there, the winners will each receive a 1 year subscription to  RSJ magazine.
The tickets will be a special wildcard prize and every entry in all categories will be eligible to win those tickets. Entries for this will close on 5th December.
Details for the cover contest:

Details for the GIR Festival:

Rsj Magazine:

Contest Entries viewable at:

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