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Live Leather Leone/Chastain/CJSS Videos!

November 23rd, 2016

David T. Chastain and Leather Leone performed live together for the first time in over 25 years on October 8th at Bogart’s in Cincinnati, Ohio. This special performance was shot on video along with the CJSS ‘Last Show on Planet Earth 2’ concert.

David says, “We are posting these videos so the fans around the world who couldn’t make the show will have access to them for free and before they get bootlegged. We made sure to include CHASTAIN favorites such as “Ruler of the Wasteland,” “Angel of Mercy” and “For Those Who Dare” as well as CJSS fan favorites “World Gone Mad” and “Metal Forever.” This was just a 4 camera video shoot and the audio is basically a direct off the soundboard mix. Due to a scheduling conflict we were only able to rehearse with Leather one night before the show so there are a few mistakes here and there. However all things considered it is a good portrayal of the show. We just felt it was important to document this event.”

To view the latest LEATHER LEONE/CHASTAIN live videos go direct to one of the DTC Facebook pages at:
Live Leather Leone/Chastain Videos

To view the latest CJSS live videos go direct to the band’s Facebook page at:
Live CJSS Videos

Or you can go to the new Leviathan Records Youtube page to view the highlights of the show and other label related videos:
Leviathan Records Worldwide Youtube Channel

For more information go to:
David T. Chastain info
Leather Leone info
Leviathan Records Info

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Leather and David T. Chastain in concert one more time!

September 6th, 2016

David T. Chastain and Leather Leone will perform together live for the first time in over 25 years on October 8th at Bogart’s in Cincinnati, Ohio. This special performance will be part of the CJSS ‘Last Show on Planet Earth 2’ concert.

Leather says: “To be on stage with David T at Bogarts where it all began for me …there are no words…just incredible anticipation. It will be like coming home. To share music with all of those fans again is of the utmost importance to me”

David adds: “Last year was suppose to be CJSS’s ‘Last Show on Planet Earth’ but the fans and Bogart’s convinced us to do one more ‘Last Show.’ As far as I know this will be the last CJSS show. Once the date was confirmed I asked Leather to come and play a set as I wanted her to experience the Bogart’s environment one more time. Leather will be singing all of the CHASTAIN ‘hits’ such as Ruler of the Wasteland, Angel of Mercy, For Those Who Dare and The Voice of the Cult just to name a few. We will also play at least one of the newer songs off the recent CHASTAIN albums Surrender To No One and We Bleed Metal. Our last cross country tour together was in support for the ‘For Those Who Dare’ album. That tour seems like centuries ago but then again it feels like it was just last year. The passage of time is quite perplexing!”

To view the latest CHASTAIN videos go direct to youtube at:

‘Evil Awaits Us’

‘All Hail The King’

‘I Am Sin’

‘Rise Up’

‘Save Me Tonight’ Fan Video!

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CHASTAIN releases the “Evil Awaits Us” music video

March 20th, 2014


Leviathan Records Worldwide has just released the new CHASTAIN video “Evil Awaits Us” from the band’s new CD “Surrender To No One.” This marks the first music video from CHASTAIN with Leather Leone on vocals since the classic “For Those Who Dare” video from 1990!

The video was filmed on 3 different continents. David T. Chastain explains, “With the band scattered around the world it took us a little more time than we would have liked but in the end it does justice to the story.” Joining David and Leather on the video are original bassist Mike Skimmerhorn and new drummer Stian Kristoffersen. There is also a special appearance by Metal internet sensation Ladyevil. David states “Ladyevil brings her beauty to go with the beast of CHASTAIN. Her transformation from innocence to evil as she moves through the supposedly haunted mansion is exactly what the lyrics foretell. I was told the ghosts were out and about during her video shoot in Brazil!”

Leather adds the final words, “I am so excited to be back out doing the things I love. Seeing myself in another CHASTAIN video was something I thought would never happen again! Thanks to all the fans who have helped make ‘Surrender To No One’ such a success and make me feel wanted again in the world of Metal.”

To see the video and more info on CHASTAIN go to:


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David T. Chastain

January 24th, 2014

Interview with David T. Chastain  

by Helias

Leather Leone is back in the saddle again! She is one of the fewest female metal voices that wrote a chapter in metal history. Now, she has stepped up from the vocalist spot and the band releases another Chastain diamond with the original voice. Metal-Rules got in touch with David T. Chastain to talk about the new album, Leviathan label, downloading issues, Gus G. any many more…


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CHASTAIN Release Lyric Video

January 2nd, 2014

Leviathan Records Worldwide has just released the first official video off the CHASTAIN Cd “Surrender To No One.” Guitarist David T. Chastain states, “We wanted to get something official up there as soon as possible so we arranged for a lyric video of ‘Rise Up.’ I think it turned out pretty damn good all things considered. There are already quite a few fan videos out there for the new Cd. Some more elaborate than others. We hope to have performance videos for a few of the tracks in the not too distant future. However with members living all over the world it is going to take some ‘studio trickery’ to pull it off. However we have done something similar in the past so it is just a matter of time.”

To check out the video go to either or youtube:

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David T. Chastain

August 28th, 2005

Interview With David T. Chastain

Interviewed in October 2000 by Rick


David T. Chastain is one of the preeminent guitarists in the world today. On the metal scene since the early 80s David has released Cds with CJSS, Chastain, Chastain/Harris, Zanister and solo. I recently got the opportunity to interview David about what is going on with him including the release of a brand new CJSS CD entitled “Kings of the World.”

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