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Danny Rexon – Crazy Lixx

May 8th, 2010


Danny Rexon – Crazy Lixx

Interviewed by Alan Gilkeson

Over the past few years I’ve read about what some call the "New Wave of Swedish Sleaze" and for the most part I’ve blown it off. For some reason the re-emergence of other styles of metal, the likes of thrash and speed, seemed more legitimate. As the years pass I’ve fallen victim to the cliche that hair/glam/sleaze metal was not good music, that it was Hollywood make-up and hair, without substance. Then a few weeks ago, tasked with a review of another Swedish glam act, my mind opened up a bit as I listened to a really nice record from a band called Lippstixx ‘n’ Bulletz. A week later I interviewed Ron Keel, remembering that 80s L.A. metal had some excellent acts. Then when presented with NEW RELIGION from Crazy Lixx, being more then ready to check out this new glam scene, I was pleasantly surprised!!! If you have an open mind about glam metal, then this is a new band that you would do well to check out. We caught up with vocalist Danny Rexon to discuss the band’s 2010 release ‘New Religion’…enjoy.

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