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Autopsy – Chris Reifert Interview

September 28th, 2011

Autopsy’s Chris Reifert Interview

by Shelia Hamilton

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Chris Reifert – Ex-DEATH, ex-AUTOPSY & ABSCESS

May 3rd, 2007


Chris Reifert – Ex-DEATH, ex-AUTOPSY & ABSCESS

Interview by Luxi Lahtinen


Chris Reifert played drums on Death´s legendary debut album, SCREAM BLOODY GORE. Since he parted ways with Chuck Schuldiner in 1987 (when Chuck decided to move from San Francisco to Florida) Chris formed Autopsy together with Eric Cutler and Eric Eigard. Autopsy´s 1st two albums, SEVERED SURVIVAL (released on Peaceville in 1989) and MENTAL FUNERAL (Peaceville, 1991) are nowadays considered some of the most classic and finest Death Metal albums of the whole genre – and every devoted Death Metal fan surely subscribes that somewhat easily.

Since the Autopsy´s coffin was sealed by the band´s last official studio album, titled SHITFUN (on Peaceville, 1995), Chris has worked with several side projects and bands; from Doomed to The Ravenous to Murder Squad, etc. – and finally with Abscess, in which he has continued spreading his filthy and sick messages for the whole world. The band´s latest work, HORRORHAMMER, was just released through Tyrant Syndicate Productions (owned by Fenriz of Darkthrone), and the album is about all that the title kindly wants already to suggest.

I got in touch with Chris some time ago and he agreed to do this interview about his entire career from the days of his first band Burnt Offering (he was just 15yrs old back in the day when he played in that band) to the current times of Abscess. So without prolonging your curiosity regarding our conversation done via email, let Chris tell more about his long career for the readers of So, go ahead Chris…

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