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Iced Earth w support at Worldwide Plagues Tour 2014 – European leg at Lilla Vega Copenhagen, Denmark

April 16th, 2014



iced_earth_logo_3_2014 (2)

Iced Earth – headline act

Worldwide Plagues Tour 2014 – European leg

Warbringer – special guest

Elm Street – support act

Lilla Vega



16/2 – 2014

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall





The American heavy metal act Iced Earth is out on a European tour supporting their latest album PLAGUES OF BABYLON. Unfortunately the band leader Jon Schaffer didn’t manage to keep the line up from the last album DYSTOPIA intact and new members in the band are Luke Appleton on bass and drummer Jon Dette. The show in Copenhagen was one of the last ones on the tour then the band heads down to Australia and South America before the tour continues to America. The support act Elm Street comes from Australia and as special guests we find the labels mates in Warbringer.  I was really impressed by PLAGUES OF BABYLON and I was really looking forward to see Iced Earth this night. The club where the bands was going to play is called Lilla Vega and is located in downtown Copenhagen. The club inhabits about 500 visitors and I was quite surprised when I saw the choice of venue. I thought that Iced Earth would play at larger venues than Lilla Vega. Strangely were there also tickets left to the show. The doors opened at 8:00 and Elm Street was scheduled to begin the night at 8.30. Not many people was waiting in line outside the club when I showed up but the ones that was there seemed happy and was looking forward to see Iced Earth. A few hardcore fans had bought tickets to the meet and greet and they were already inside the club when the rest of us was let in at 8. The Danish crowd usually turns up when it’s time for the headline act to play and this night was no exception to that rule. Therefore there weren’t many people to see the first act.

Elm Street

The show kicked off as soon as the members showed up on stage. The band consisted of four guys from Australia that play heavy metal. Two songs were played after which the singer thanked the audience for the applauds and said that the band was really exited to be in Copenhagen. Band members are:

Ben Batres – lead vocals, guitar

Aaron Adie – guitar

Tomislav Perkovic – drums

Brandon Farrugia – bass

The band thanked both Iced Earth and Warbringer for an amazing tour and Batres said that they wanted to see a circlepit in the next song which was “Heavy Metal Power”. Before that had songs like “Heatracer” and “Barbed Wire Metal” had been played and even though the crowd was small the ones that was there made their best to support Elm Street. I thought the band did a good job and time flew by quickly. Suddenly announced Batres their last song and asked if we were ready for Warbringer. “Face The Reaper” ended the 30 minute show and Elm Street’s time in the limelight at Lilla Vega was over.


The clock was now 9 and as soon as Elm Street went off stage began the crew the work to prepare the stage for Warbringer. Warbringer used the same drums as Elm Street and the change of gear went pretty fast. There were no photo pit in front of the stage and now had people began to show up. I understood pretty soon that it was going to be a bit hard to take pictures because the Iced Earth fans always use to be a bit wild. Already at ten past nine was it so time for Warbringer to take on Copenhagen. The lights went out and suddenly stood the band there.


All of the members but the singer began the show and as soon as he showed up the band kicked off the show with “Scars Remain”. It was full speed ahead from the very start and the fans seemed to love it. “Iron City” followed and singer Kevill thanked the fans so much for their support before it was time to kick off “Severed Reality”. Warbringer are:

John Kevill – lead vocals

Carlos Cruz – drummer

John Laux – guitar

Adam Carroll – guitar

Ben Mottsman – bass

Kevill ran around like a maniac on stage during the show and took over the small space that was on stage. Warbringer’s music can best be described as thrash metal with hints of grindcore. Kevill said it was nice to be in Copenhagen and asked if the fans wanted to hear more. He also wanted to see a circlepit in front of the stage during the next song which was “Living Weapon”. A few brave fans tried to create a circlepit but it didn’t go so well. Most of the fans stood still and watched the band quite calmly. Kevill seemed to be frustrated of the lack of circle pit and said that the fans the next time could come and see the show with their parents and that they maybe could teach the fans to do a proper mosh pit! The show continued with “The Turning Of The Gears”, “Total War” and “Living In A Whirwind”.


Kevill said that only Sweden remained on the tour before the band was done with the European leg of the tour and that the tour had been a blast. “Demonic Ecstasy” and “Hunter-Seeker” ended the show and Kevill thanked Iced Earth so much for letting Warbringer be a part of the tour. As soon as the last song had ended took the band off their instruments, thanked the crowd and walked off the stage. Another 40 minutes was gone and soon was it time for the headline act. Warbringer did a great job warming up the crowd and had a great set list that included both older songs as well as more current ones. The only negative thing with the show, and the same goes for Warbringer, was the poor lights. The sound system worked great but it was worse with the lights.

Set list

Scars Remain

Iron City

Severed Reality

Living Weapon

The Turning Of the Gears

Total War

Living In A Whirlwind

Demonic Ecstasy


A huge drum kit at the back of the stage was revealed by the crew and soon we could see a huge back drop with the cover of the new Iced Earth album on it. On each side of the drums hung smaller backdrops with parts of the new album cover on them and it was pretty crowded on stage from all the gear the crew put out. More people had arrived to the club and with them also more excitement. The temperature began to rise and a positive vibe could be sensed. And after 30 minutes of waiting was it then time for Iced Earth to conquer Lilla Vega and Copenhagen.



Iced Earth

While the intro played the band entered the stage and the first song out for the night was the title track to the new album “Plagues Of Babylon”. Singer Block rushed on to stage during the intro to the song and the fans gave he and the rest of the band a really warm welcome to Copenhagen. “Democide” followed and especially the fans at the front of the stage went totally crazy. Block moved from side to side of the stage connecting with the fans and it seemed like he really appreciated the support the band got from the fans. The line up of Iced Earth is:

Jon Schaffer – guitar

Stu Block – lead vocals

Troy Steele – lead guitar

Luke Appleton – bass

Jon Dette – drums

Block thanked the fans and asked if they’re doing fine. It was time to play a song taken from the previous album and the song was “V”. Block said that the next song had Schaffer written to his grandfather and it was the beautiful song “If I Could See You” taken from the latest album. Contrary to the two previous bands was the lights working in favor of Iced Earth and the crowd followed the bands moves and sang a long in almost every song. “The Hunter” made all of the fans scream like crazy and the band seemed to be having a great time together on stage. They felt solid and tight and everyone knew exactly what to do on stage. Block have grown like a front man since the last time I saw them live and I think the did a great job fronting the band. The constant touring did the band good. Block asked if we had energy left and pointed to the fans up on the balcony that they had to scream more because the fans down on the floor were beating their ass. It was now time to head back in time and to the album SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES and the song “Burning Times”. Block wanted everyone in the club to sing a long with him in the middle of the song.


The next song “Red Baron/Blue Max” was taken from the album THE GLORIOUS BURDEN and I couldn’t but be impressed by how great Block sang the older songs. Even though he have some similarities with both the old singers Matt Barlow and Tim Owens he managed to the songs to his own and totally blew my mind. Block went off the stage in the middle of the song and it was time for bandleader Schaffer to do a lead guitar show off. “Blessed Are You”, “Vengeance Is Mine” and “Cthulhu” continued the night and it felt like the audience had listened to the new songs because they sang along in them as loud as they did in the older songs. Schaffer looked as always really cool and he and Appleton backed up Block on vocals and again, it felt like the band had a great time. “My Own Savior” followed and it felt like the band had a bit of time pressure on them. Block didn’t do much talking in between the songs instead they kicked off every song pretty fast after each other. Block had the fans to scream and cheer  and the crowd seemed to love every minute of the show.


Block once again disappeared from the stage and instead Appleton and Schaffer took the center position and fired off “The End?”. After the song handed Block out the mic towards the crowd and wanted them to scream for him. He said it was time to go back to the album THE DARK SAGA and the beautiful song “A Question Of Heaven”. Block let the fans sing the first chorus and Block sang the rest of the song with great passion and feeling. That great song ended the ordinary set of the show and the band went of stage. One hour and fifteen minutes had gone since the band kicked off the show but that was not enough for the crazy fans, they wanted to hear more from Iced Earth.


Iced Earth shortly returned to the stage and Block wanted to see some hands in the air while they fired off “Dystopia” as the first encore. From the album SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES came the next encore in “Watching Over Me” which Schaffer wrote about his friend who got killed in a motorcycle accident. Block said that song was very special to the band and that the song is one of his personal favorite songs to sing. He wanted everyone to sing a long in the song with him. And this was also one of the fans favorite songs and everyone sang along throughout the song. Block urged the crowd to give a warm applaud for both Elm Street and Warbringer for opening for Iced Earth and then was it time for the last song for the night. Block counted 1-2-3 and the fans scream ICED FUCKING EARTH! but Block wasn’t happy and encouraged everyone to scream louder and after the third attempt he was happy. Of course followed “Iced Earth” which always is the ultimate ending of an Iced Earth show.


The show ended after 1.40 at 11.55 and both the fans as well as the band seemed to be really happy and satisfied with the show. I have nothing negative to say about the show, everything was great!! It was an amazing set list and even though I lacked a few of my personal favorite songs the set list was great. The crowd was dedicated and brought out the best of the band. It was nice to see that Block had grown and matured as front man and he is a brilliant singer. The only thing that could be better next time is if the club can fix a photo pit, it was really hard to take pictures amongst all the waving hands and banging heads. This was an amazing evening in every possible way and I really hope that Schaffer can continue to keep this line-up solid.




Set list

Plagues Of Babylon/Apocalypse (segue)



If I Could See You

The Hunter

Burning Times

Red Baron/Blue Max

Blessed Are You

Vengeance Is Mine


My Own Savior

The End?

A Question of Heaven



Watching Over Me

Iced Earth

iced_earth_logo_3_2014 (2)

iced_earth_logo_2_2014 (2)


Thanks to Thomas Strimmer at Century Media HQ Germany for help with press/photo pass.

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Remembering Oliver Withöft, Co-Owner of Century Media Withöft, 49, Passed Away January 20, 2014

January 25th, 2014


 ”I have lost my best friend of 32 years and my business partner of 24. Although the unthinkable already happened three days ago, I am still in a state of utter shock. Oliver Withöft leaves a space that cannot be filled for all who held him dear. He was a tremendous father, husband, son and friend and will be terribly missed. I will always treasure him in my heart as the witty, brilliant and altogether great person he was. Farewell Oliver, see you on the other side and in our next life. Your brother, Robert” 

–Robert Kampf, Century Media founder

 Oliver Withöft, co-owner of independent record label Century Media, passed away on January 20, 2014 after falling ill several months ago. He was 49.

Born in Dortmund, Germany in 1964, Withöft studied linguistics, business and history in both Germany and the U.K. Robert Kampf started Century Media Records 25 years ago simply to create a suitable label home for his own band, Despair. He was looking for a trustworthy and strong partner to lead the company with and found this person in his best friend and fellow musician Oliver Withöft, who joined the company eighteen months later, sharing the same love and passion for music, and metal in particular. Since that very day, these two friends developed one of the most important independent record labels on the planet. Today the company has around 100 people on payroll in Dortmund, London, Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Melbourne and the Netherlands. A lot of musical careers were developed over the years: Lacuna Coil, Shadows Fall, Suicide Silence, In This Moment, Otherwise, Iced Earth, Die Broilers, Arch Enemy and Heaven Shall Burn are just a few of them. Century Media became a brand name recognized across the world. Oliver Withöft was always the strategic, legal and financial mind behind the organization. He was not only a strong fighter for the company, but also a very intelligent and forward-thinking leader. When the music industry drastically changed in the ’90s, he was the first to think about new ways to adapt to the needs and challenges of the rapidly-changing market. We have lost a great man with an amazing sense of humor, a warrior, and an overall very human being. Oliver leaves behind a wife, Judith, and their three daughters. Read the rest of this entry »


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Malmoe Festival 2012 with Marduk,The Hives,Imperial State Electric and Graveyard in Malmoe,Sweden

October 31st, 2012

 Marduk – Posthusplatsen

The Hives – Big Square

Imperial State Electric – Posthusplatsen

Graveyard – Posthusplatsen

Malmoe Festival



22-24/8 – 2012

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall



Malmoe Festival is a seven day long festival held in the central parts of Malmoe. This year the bands above were of interest so read on for the reviews. 


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Iced Earth on Dystopia World Tour 2011-2012, Europe Under Ice at Amager Bio Copenhagen Denmark

January 31st, 2012

 Iced Earth

Dystopia World Tour 2011-2012, Europe Under Ice

Fury UK (support act)

Amager Bio



December 3, 2011

Live review and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall





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Arch Enemy on Swedish Chaos Tour 2011 with support at Mejeriet Lund Sweden

December 28th, 2011

 Arch Enemy

Swedish Chaos Tour 2011

Engel – special guest
Evocation – support act

Mejeriet, Lund, Sweden
11/11 – 2011

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


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Napalm Death with support act on European Tour 2011 at The Rock Copenhagen Denmark

March 14th, 2011


Napalm Death 
European Tour 2011

What Worms Inherit 

The Rock



8/2 – 2011

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall




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DESPISED ICON – confirm their last ever European shows

June 12th, 2010

Despised Icon have confirmed their final ever European shows – they’ll be touring with The Black Dahlia Murder

06.08.10 Germany Leisnig @ Suck N Summer
07.08.10 Germany Wacken @ Wacken Open Air (DI only)
08.08.10 UK Port Lympne Wild Animal Park @ Hevy Fest
09.08.10 UK Sheffield @ Corporation
10.08.10 UK London @ Garage

12.08.10 Czech Rep Jaromer @ Brutal Assault
13.08.10 Germany Aschaffenburg @ Colos Saal
14.08.10 Belgium Ieper @ Ieper Fest
15.08.10 Holland Rotterdam @ Baroeg (Matinee)
16.08.10 Germany Bochum @ Matrix, Summer Seek And Destroy *
17.08.10 Germany Saarbrücken @ Garage, Summer Seek And Destroy *
18.08.10 Germany München @ Feierwerk
19.08.10 Austria Wien @ Szene, Summer Seek And Destroy *
20.08.10 Germany Dinkelsbühl @ Summer Breeze


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ORPHANED LAND – confirmed to tour Europe with AMORPHIS, GHOST BRIGADE in November

June 12th, 2010

Oriental metal sensation ORPHANED LAND will continue to tour massively in support of their much acclaimed new opus “The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR” (OUT NOW!) as the band has just confirmed an extensive European run with Amorphis and Ghost Brigade kicking off November 5, 2010!

Vocalist Kobi Farhi states:

“Hi everyone – as you can see “The never ending tour” goes on!!! We’re very happy to add many dates in Europe with Amorphis to our schedule since they are a band we really love. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you again, so make sure you’ll be there!”

Until then, ORPHANED LAND will be busy playing several major European festivals this summer (incl. Wacken, Gods Of Metal, Summer Breeze) plus a US tour supporting Katatonia from September 8th to October 7th, 2010. To view the band’s complete itinerary, head over to or!

See below for all upcoming European dates:


26.06. Collegno (Italy) Gods of Metal 2010
27.06. London (UK) The Underworld

06.08. Wacken (Germany) Wacken Open Air
20.08. Dinkelsbuehl (Germany) Summer Breeze Open Air
21.08. Méan (Belgium) Méan Metal Festival VI

With Amorphis:

05.11. Copenhagen (DK) Pumpehuset
06.11. Aalborg (DK) Metal Festival
07.11. Hamburg (D) Markthalle
09.11. Glasgow (UK) Cathouse
10.11. Manchester (UK) Academy 3
11.11. London (UK) O2 Academy Islington

12.11. Utrecht (NL) De Helling
13.11. Vosselaar (BE) Biebob
14.11. Aschaffenburg (D) Colos-Saal
16.11. Leipzig (D) Hellraiser
17.11. Warsaw (PL) Proxima
18.11. Wien (AT) Szene
19.11. Pilsen (CZ) KD Serikovka
20.11. Ljubljana (SLO) Cvetlicrna
21.11. Budapest (HU) Diesel
23.11. München (D) Backstage
24.11. Ludwigsburg (D) Rockfabrik
25.11. Erstfeld (CH) Transilvania
26.11. Bologna (IT) Estragon
27.11. Lindau (D) Club Vaudeville
28.11. Bochum (D) Zeche



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NAPALM DEATH – The leaders of the extreme post their new video clip

June 12th, 2010

The undisputed leaders of the extreme, NAPALM DEATH, just finished a new video clip for the song “On The Brink Of Extinction”. The track is taken from the stunning “Time Waits For No Slave” album and the video manages to perfectly mix the intensity of NAPALM DEATH live with the shocking brutality of mankind.

Singer Mark “Barney” Greenway explains the meaning behind “On The Brink Of Extinction”: “As regards the meaning of the song, we wanted to convey that the process of evolution is an amazing thing, but also to say that as human beings we have the ability to assist where other beings suffer. In other words, we don’t just let the rule of ‘survival of the fittest’ dictate that we should just stand back and either allow things to go into decline or participate in it.”

The video was recorded and edited by Daniel Brand with animations by Danny Bacchus and you can check out the video clip on the band’s official MySpace Profile and leave your comment:

Furthermore, the band is currently crisscrossing the globe from Europe over to Australia and Japan before returning to Europe on the Campaign For Musical Destruction Tour in November/December 2010 with Immolation, Waking The Cadaver and more. Stay tuned for more details and see below all upcoming shows by the masters of grindcore!


11.06. Copenhagen – Copenhell 2010 (Denmark)
13.06   Download Festival – 2nd Stage

01.07. Sete – Theatre de la Mer (France) + SEPULTURA + WALLS OF JERICHO
02.07. Limoges – Salle John Lennon (France)
03.07. Riga – Festival (Latvia)
08.07. Neskaupsstad – Eistnaflug Festival (Iceland)
10.07. St. Wendel / Saar – Rock am Bach Festival (Germany)
23.07. Castellana Sicula (Palermo) – Sikelian Hell Festival (Italy)
24.07. Misano Adriatico (Rimini) – Boulevard Rock Club (Italy)
25.07. Trecate (Novara) – Area Feste (Italy)
30.07. St. Goarshausen – Rock Area Festival (Germany)
06.08 . Sevastopol – MHM Fest (Ukraine)
08.08. Folkestone – Hevy Festival (Great Britain)

13.08. Jaromer – Brutal Assault Festival (Czech Republic)
14.08. Bad Berka – Partisan Festival (Germany)
21.08. Koszalin – Rockfestival Generation (Poland)
28.08. Rijssen – Elsrock (Netherlands)
01.09. Perth – t.b.a. (Australia) + DYING FETUS
02.09. Adelaide – t.b.a. (Australia) + DYING FETUS
03.09. Melbourne – t.b.a. (Australia) + DYING FETUS
04.09. Sydney – t.b.a. (Australia) + DYING FETUS
05.09. Brisbane – t.b.a. (Australia) + DYING FETUS
08.09. Osaka – Club Quattro (Japan) + VENOMOUS CONCEPT
09.09. Tokyo – Club Quattro (Japan) + VENOMOUS CONCEPT
11.09. Tokyo – Earthdom (Japan)
12.09. Nagoya – Club Quattro (Japan) + VENOMOUS CONCEPT
30.09. Thessaloniki – Block 33 (Greece)
01.10. Athens – Ann Club (Greece)
02.10. Lichtenfels – Way of Darkness Festival (Germany)
03.10. Oberhausen – Death Feast Ultimate (Germany)
06.11. Berlin – SO36 (Germany)
07.11. Iduna – Drachten (Netherlands)
10.11. Lille – L’Aeronef (France)
11.11. Vaureal – Le Forum (France)
12.11. Rennes – Antipode (France)



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June 12th, 2010

Sixth studio album available in North America

THURINGEN, GERMANY – Germany’s politically charged heavy metal outfit, Heaven Shall Burn, has unleashed their sixth studio album, Invictus, in North America today, courtesy of Century Media Records. Invictus [the full title of which is Invictus (Iconoclast III)] is the third part of the “Iconoclast” story, following the 2008 release, Iconoclast, and the 2009 DVD, Bildersturm. Like its predecessors, Invictus will again tell stories about unconventional heroes, while shedding a different light on well-known idols and legends.

Two songs off Invictus, “The Omen” and “Combat”, can be streamed on the band’s official MySpace page at:

The new album debuted in the 9th position on the German Media Control Charts, when it released on May 21st.  This marks the first time Heaven Shall Burn and Century Media Records have cracked the Top 10 in Germany.

Heaven Shall Burn is…

Alexander Dietz – Lead Guitars
Matthias Voigt – Drums
Maik Weichert – Lead Guitars
Marcus Bischoff – Vocals
Eric Bischoff – Bass

Heaven Shall Burn online…

The new full-length, which Outburn Magazine calls, “the perfect marriage of metalcore and melodic death metal,” was recorded at Tue Madsen’s Antfarm Studio in Aarhus, Denmark.  The album was produced by Heaven Shall Burn’s guitarists, Alexander Dietz and Maik Weichert.


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Peter Stalfors bass player – Dream Evil

March 18th, 2010

Dream Evil

Bass Player Peter Stalfors

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Live pictures by: Anders Sandvall

Transcript by: Ulrika Henriksson

Promo pictures by: Patrik Ullaeus

Thanks to Century Media Records for providing the promo pictures and thanks to Jenny Walroth at Century Media Scandinavia for setting up the interview.



Here is an interview I did with bass player Peter Stalfors in the Swedish heavy metal act Dream Evil. The interview was done in Lund when they stopped by to do a show as support act to Stratovarious earlier this year. It was a really long time ago since I last spoke with the band members so I had a lot to talk to Peter about. But due to the time limit we mostly talked about the new album IN THE NIGHT, the new members, the tour and of course what Peter thinks the future has in store for Gothenburg’s finest act Dream Evil.



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Watch Them Die – Vocalist Pat Vigil

November 22nd, 2005

Interview With Vocalist Pat Vigil

Interview By Lord of The Wasteland

All photos courtesy of Century Media Records and Watch Them Die

Watch Them Die’s new CD, BASTARD SON, hit me like a ton of bricks upon first listen.  Not only is the Oakland-based band pulverizing in its intensity and outright brutality, but the thrash-influenced riffs of Greg Valencia and ferocious vocals of Pat Vigil tore me a new one.  With every other new CD released these days seeming to be a metalcore hackfest, it was refreshing to hear an American band flip off the norm and go right for the jugular.

Pat Vigil took the time to answer a few questions about the new album, their just-completed tour with Exodus and 3 Inches of Blood, being on the road with GWAR and how the combination of Black Metal, punk, hardcore and Bay Area thrash bands shaped the ass-kicking sound of Watch Them Die…


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The Haunted Vocalist Peter Dolving

November 21st, 2004

Interview with Peter Dolving

by Lord of The Wasteland


Pics courtesy of, Century Media, Earache Records and Union Musik and of course some taken by staff.


Call them thrash, call them melodic death?whatever.  The Haunted is pure metal and their brilliant new CD, rEVOLVEr, was just released October 19th to glowing reviews.  As emphasized by the unique spelling of the title, rEVOLVEr is a progression for the band in more ways than one.  Not only did they leave long-time label, Earache Records, last October but they also lost vocalist Marco Aro.  Aro?s replacement was none other than the band?s original vocalist, Peter Dolving, whose superior range gave the band?s 1998 self-titled debut album as unique a sound as it has with rEVOLVEr.  New label, Century Media, is pushing rEVOLVEr very hard and this should be the album that gets The Haunted into the big time on North American shores.

< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> 

EvilG spoke with the band the day after it was announced that Dolving had rejoined the fold ( so I was eager to speak with the singer a year later now that the album was complete and he had time to settle into familiar shoes once again.  During our forty-five minute interview, I found Dolving to be full of laughs but also very well-spoken and forthright in his opinions.  Besides the new CD, new label and big < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />U.S. tour with Shadows Fall and Damageplan, Dolving openly discusses his horrific youth, his side projects, media labels and the differences between The Haunted?s two screamers.

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