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Calmsite drummer Jukka Penttinen

February 8th, 2005

?It A?int Noise Pollution?
Interview with Calmsite drummer Jukka Penttinen

Interviewed by MetalGeorge
Thanks to for promo pics!

Careening down the metal highway, Finland?s booze-addled rock ?n rollers Calmsite have release their debut full length, ?The Erector? via the American Oak Knoll Productions.  With a high energy sound that rides the line between Melodic Death and down home Hard Rock (think Gandalf?s ?Rock Hell? meets Sweden?s Demons of Dirt), ?The Erector? is a surprisingly fresh and exciting listen.  With the band?s up-tempo riffing and driving backbeat (complete with cowbell!), Calmsite are poised to make a mark.  With a new album on the way via Finland?s up and coming Firebox Records (licensed in the States via Oak Knoll), thing?s only look better for these Finnish bastards.  Though this is merely a short update on the band?s affairs, the fact that Calmsite is still an as-of-yet unknown band on these shores should make this little chat a worthwhile peek into a band that is beginning to make a name for themselves. 

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