BA 2018 dates announced, early bird tickets up for sale and the first batch of bands revealed!

October 10th, 2017

After the last year, that was for the first time in history sold out in pre-sale, we now bring you early bird tickets for Brutal Assault 2018! The festival will be held between 8th and 11th August 2018 again in the fortress Josefov.

The first wave of PRINT @ HOME tickets is on sale until the end of April 2018. Please orger at our new e-shop

We are happy to welcome Swedish classics AT THE GATES – who spawned melodic death metal, influenced metalcore and went ahead of their time with the all-time classic record Slaughter of the Soul.

Confirmed is also demonic Hellenic death metal of DEAD CONGREGATION, who themselves have also re-defined blasphemous death metal stemming from the depths of netherworld with their instant-classic debut record Graves of the Archangels. Ever since they’ve stayed loyal to the subgenre they helped to revive and belong among the most essential bands death metal has to offer these days.

SADISTIC INTENT set their path to be classical styled underground death metal around 30 years ago, when it was not yet coined what will be in the future regarded as so and they never strayed from this path.

They kept low profile and swore their oath to the underground and we now have the great pleasure to welcome them at BA for the first time ever! After years we will welcome back legendary Dutch act PESTILENCE. Tech death metal pioneers who left significant mark on extreme metal scene promised to play mostly all-time classics.

MISERY INDEX on the other hand never shied away from mixing death metal up with grindcore and helluva dose of adrenalin and they will present their juiced-to-the-tits style at BA again! Returning to our festival are also THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, who are drawing on melodic and metalcore elements and combining them in a powerful and energic death metal blend. And for the first time ever you will have the chance to experience uncompromising dirt-laden violence hardcore grind of their fellow Americans NAILS. Equally uncompromising will be also British act KUROKUMA, who are ready to blow brains wide open with a vicious sludge sound.

The genre of doom metal will also be represented by guardians of the old ways NOVEMBERS DOOM from the US and on the other hand purveyors of progress and experiments OBSCURE SPHINX from Poland. Progressive and reflective attitude to composing will also be showcased by Emperor frontman IHSAHN with his solo project.

As for black metal, even here we managed to get representatives of the ultra-orthodox school in CARPATHIAN FOREST and on the other hand we’ll host agents of melodic Portland scene with members of Agalloch, Uada and Maestus with their new project PILLORIAN. Beyond that we’re also gonna have WHOREDOM RIFE out of Nidaros, Norway, who are firmly rooted in classical second wave black metal of the early 90’s. However, beyond that they also manage to bring in their distinctive style of eerie melodies and massive amounts of charisma, especially in their frontman K.R. Geared to battle with this combination of elements in conjunction with their strictly underground integrity they might be able to become the banner bearers for the genre known as true Norwegian black metal.

The out of ordinary icing on the metal cake will have form of retro-futuristic electronica produced by French half-man, half-synthesizer PERTURBATOR, who took both metal and electronic scene by storm with his peculiar dark synths paying homage to the 80’s and aesthetics stemming not only from movies of the period but also from metal-specific approaches.

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Brutal Assault – Jaromer Czech

September 19th, 2017


The experience at Brutal Assault 2016 was an ultimate great and brilliant one that returning to the festival was definitely a must. It isn’t any wonder why Brutal Assault is an insane credible pleasant fest because of the stellar line-up, a lot of great food,  a wonderful old fortress as a festival area, and above all….cheap beer! This festival easily blows most other festivals away. Once again the line-up  was huge, but still varied, covering a wide range of extreme from the side to the side. All in all 110 bands had once again been booked for the four day metal inferno. Trying to witness as many bands as possible was quite challenging and near impossible. Here is the brief article of the mighty Brutal Assault.

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Brutal Assault 2016 Jaromer Republic Czechia

November 12th, 2016


Brutal Assault has been on the bucket list of the Metal-Rules.Com staff for years. Until now the parts clicked into the right position and stars had aligned in the right on the astronomical map. There were a lot of praising stories about the festival as a whole. Above all the unique and amazing where the Brutal Assault festival is arranged in the ruins of the ancient fortress in the northeast Republic of Czechia. What truly was amazing there ? Well especially how liberal the local police forces turned out to be. Even though a car was parked somewhere in the centrum of Jaromer, there was no ticket placed in the windscreen. The traffic was mellow, even though some accident had happened.  All in all 110 bands had been booked to Brutal Assault and that was an insane amount of bands to be honest. However trying to witness as many bands as possible was after all quite challenging and time-to-time impossible. Here is the brief article of the mighty Brutal Assault.

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Rebaelliun – Fabiano Penna

October 12th, 2016




The Brazilian death metal horde Rebaelliun’s brutal and raw, yet the technical grip, death metal is such mauling and crushing that every death metal fan should fall on their knees. Even though the band was on hiatus for about 13 years, there is no piece of evidence of getting rusty or slowing down. The most recent album HELLS DECREES is without any doubts one hell of brutal output indeed. Metal-Rules.Com talked to the band’s guitarist Fabiano Penna about the new album and the past the present and the future. 

Interviews and pictures by Arto Lehtinen

Good day down there in Brazil, how’s it going at the moment?

Hey there! Things are fine over here, last week we played here in São Paulo to support the release of our new album here and it was killer.

THE HELL’S DECREES being the third album of Rebaelliun, the previous album came out back in 2001, well I can’t help asking what 576027you see the main different between those albums as the time has flown a little bit?

I think that the spirit is the same. Extreme Death Metal, fast and furious. The main difference is that now the song writing is more mature, we’re able to sound intense and extreme with less efforts, let’s say. The playing is also in another level, it’s almost 15 years later and we all developed better as musicians during this time. Band is tighter and cleaner. And the album is heavier than our first albums as well, due to a lower tuning and the song writing itself again.

When you started working on The Hell’s Decrees, how long after the long hiatus did you have to find the right balance in the writing and the composing to have all the songs finished for the album?

Well, we had a very tight schedule. We announced the band one day and a few days later Hammerheart Records offered us a deal where we should have to deliver a new album in 7 months. We started from zero, from nothing. So there was no time or chance to find any balance, I wrote the first song (Dawn of Mayhem) a couple of weeks after we announced the album and I just kept writing music until we had the 8 tracks for the album. Of course I did some pre production in my home studio and tried out a few different things here and there, but the fact is that we did not have time to think too much. I just realized the quality of the stuff after it was recorded, mixed and mastered. And I really enjoy it, to be honest.

Did the recording process of The Hell’s Decrees go smoothly or did you face any unexpected challenges while recordiimg_6534ng the material for the album?

I work producing bands in Brazil on the last 10 years, more or less. I know the shortcuts to get a good performance in studio. I mean, when writing the music – this time I wrote the whole album – I avoided anything too complicated for my playing at this moment, I tried to use material that would be comfortable to play in studio and live. The same for drums. I wrote the drum lines in the demos and showed to Sandro. The stuff that was too hard for him to play and that would demand time to be played well, we just cut off and changed for good lines for his own playing. I believe that this concept of ‘playing well’ has more to do with playing comfortable than playing a lot of notes. That’s my concept.

I assume you sat behind the producer desk, did you mainly take the main control over mixing and recording of the album and observer every detail went as planned?

Yes, it was a very stressing process, I assume. And mainly because the schedule was too tight, so we did not have the luxury to make any mistakes. I had less than 10 days to mix the whole album, the mastering was already booked in another studio and I could not change the dates. So I had to pay attention on the first track I mixed to get the right sound on the first couple of days, otherwise it would become a hell for me to deliver the album in time. During recordings I believe that things went well most of the time, the experience in studio and producing help a lot.

Is it the easy flowing and easy process to work with the guys after these years to get the songs completed?

This time the process was completely different than in the past: I wrote all the music and Lohy wrote all the lyrics and the vocal lines. And it worked very well. We changed a few parts during the few rehearsals we could make before recording – we rehearsed only 8 times before starting the recordings – and also we changed a few vocal lines in the studio during recordings. But as I said before, it was a very ‘straight’ process, we wrote the stuff, recorded it and it was ready, we did not think too much about it…

As for the title of your new album, “The Hell’s Decrees”, does it describe the content of the album, the brutality of the songs and other things?

Yes, it does. The title reminds one of the songs from our first album, Burn the Promised Land – the track Hells Decree. The whole conception talks about a decadent and chaotic world, something like how the world should be and look after the annihilation we talked about in our previous album from 2001.


As for the rebirth of Rebaelliun, well how did this come about after all?

During these 15 years, there was several moments that the subject came to us. Sometimes when we met, sometimes a friend who talked about, etc. Last year a very close friend of us in Brazil, who had produced some shows of Rebaelliun back in 2001, offered us a small tour in Brazil, like a reunion, in the main cities, for the new Death Metal fans that could not watch the band live at that time. We
thought it was an interesting idea, but to prepare a decent show it would take months of rehearsing, etc. And we all live in different cities nowadays, it would cost a lot of money to prepare this show. So we started thinking about maybe recording a new album and then playing the shows, and then weimg_6606 assumed that we could give a chance to the whole project again as a band itself, not only a reunion. And here we are…

When you started putting Rebaelliun back together after 13 years, was each member willing to start the band again or did you have to talk about the band’s future and solve some personal issues?

Again we did not talk too much. I believe that most of the personal issues are in the past, we all are different people nowadays, with different experiences and so. Of course we still have problems, everybody does, but I believe that we’re more able to deal with that today. It’s not perfect, but we’ve been able to travel, to play live, to promote the band, to work on the music we love. That’s what matters in the end.

Did you firstly do a try out rehearsal to figure out how the playing works out or did you find the chemistry immediately?

The very first rehearsal was great. I mean, the last time we were all together in the same place had been in 2001, and then we were in a rehearsal room again, in 2015. It was like a jump in time, you know? And we started the rehearsal just like we did in the past, playing Morbid Angel’s Day of Suffering to warm up, and it sounded great. Then we started working on the new stuff. Great memories of that day…

When did you actually start thinking seriously about going back to the studio and recording the next Rebaelliun album?

We announced the band one day, the day after Hammerheart Records got in touch and offered us a deal. At that moment we already had a lot of offers to play live in Brazil, it looked like everybody wanted to organize our ‘first’ show after so long. Then we realized that we would have to work hard from that day on, and that’s true, it’s been 16 months and I still didn’t stop one single day… And I love that.

The first two albums came out on Hammerheart as well as The Hell’s Decrees, how come did you decide to stay on Hammerheart –1986 did you have some commitments to fill up the deal or did other labels try to get you signed?

We didn’t even try other labels, they offered us a good deal, we had a good experience with them in the past and we just thought it was the best thing to do.

How much do you give the credit to the staff at Hammerheart for working for the third Rebaelliun album regarding all the promotion, so on and what they have done for you so far just to get the band’s name back on the map of the extreme metal scene?

I think they’re doing great. The album got great reviews in the main publications in Europe, we’ve got tons of interviews, there was a good support for the shows we did in Europe last August. It’s doing good so far.

The solos have been the important factor in the Rebaelliun songs slightly reminding me of Trey Azagthoth’s relentless solos, obviously you are a bit influenced by Azagthoth’s guitar works and inspirited in your own solos?

Yes! Morbid Angel has been our main influence, with Slayer of course. Both bands always had great guitar solos and so we just used this same conception with Rebaelliun. I believe that today I’m more focused on song writing than on shredding to be honest, and that’s related to music listening and music producing. But we will always have guitar solos in our music, it’s almost a trademark we created for ourselves and there’s a lot of people waiting for this when listening to our music.

In general how do you usually start creating new songs for Rebaelliun?

Since I work producing bands and also writing music for short movies and animations, I start things right on the computer with some conception in mind. At least I have the tempo of the song in mind, then I start to try some riffs in this tempo using a metronome and the ideas start to happen. But I’mimg_6603 a lot dependent on the computer, I record the riff and I have to write the drums right after that to check how it sounds. In the old times I was used to record riffs in a cassette and show them to Sandro a few days later, and then in a rehearsal I would check how it would sound the whole idea – guitars + drums. Nowadays I do this in my home studio and already know if it will work or not. I believe most of the song writers in Metal work like this nowadays.

Could you unveil a little bit about the lyrics what they deal with?

The whole idea is to be a continuation of Annihilation, lyrically speaking. After the world as we know it was annihilated, what do we found? A very chaotic atmosphere, no laws, no rules, some radical cults and religions arising and this dangerous environment. That’s the ‘scene’ we had in our minds while creating the new album.

Has it always been an easy step for you to set yourself into a songwriting mood? Or do you first have to find yourself in some specific state of mind and feeling before your songwriting get its sharpest edge?

That’s a good question. As I said before, on the last years I started to write music for movies. Nothing big, but some Brazilian shorts, lots of animations (for kids mainly) and music for advertisements as well. When you work with music for demand, as it is called, you have tight schedules and very specific requests from directors. And so you discipline yourself to write the music they need in the time they have. This is a fucking excellent exercise for people who write music, because you depend less and less from what’s called inspiration. And you find out that most of the music genius we know today, they wrote a lot of music every day (for demand too) and that it rarely depended on inspiration, because they had schedules too. I mean, you learn how to write music more quickly and from time to time you end writing something ‘more special’ than the rest of the material.img_6593

When Rebaelliun went on the long hiatus, you formed another band called The Ordher, could you consider having two bands at the same time? Or is The Ordher permanently dead and buried for the time being?

Yes, I formed The Ordher in 2005 and until 2010 we worked quite a lot, it was a very interesting project. The good thing about The Ordher is that it was a trio and I had to trust 100% on my guitar playing and also on my music writing, because it depended only on me. Nowadays I’m completely focused on Rebaelliun, sometimes Brazilian bands offer me to be a session member for shows and I could not get any proposal till now, but if it happens in a good time, why not?

Did you have any so called leftover material or ideas from the era of The Ordher used or modified for Rebaelliun’s songs?

Not at all. We quit The Ordher in 2010 and as far as I can remember, I had no idea about what to do concerning a new album at that time. But I have listened mainly to the first album on last weeks, there’s a lot of good ideas there that maybe can have some impact on new Rebaelliun songs, maybe…


You have played in several places and with several bands, I can’t help asking which bands bands you especially would like to make a tour or played together with?1983

That’s a though question. There’s this idea to have Krisiun and Rebaelliun together on stage sometime, we met the guys last week in our show in São Paulo and we again talked about that. That would be killer… And of course, if someday we could share the stage with Morbid Angel or Slayer, that would be a dream come true…

Taking a quick glance at your gig calendar, I paid attention that you have some one-off gigs booked, did single shows in Brazil and of course a short visit to Europe. Well it seems like there’s no extensive tour in sight yet, so what’s the latest news from that front? Is there a headlining or co-headlining tour of Rebaelliun  planned?

Yes, we have played every month since April, when we played our first show. In Brazil it is really hard to have a long tour, playing every day, it’s almost impossible. The distances are too big and you’re only able to play during the weekends. But that has worked for us, we played already in some of the main cities, some of these shows being in important festivals, it’s being good. The mini tour in Europe was fucking great, specially both festivals we did, Party San and Brutal Assault. We’re planning a long tour in Europe for next spring, but it’s not fixed yet.

In what kind of places do you usually play in Brazil and South America in general and with whom?img_6525

We played in some very famous festivals over here like Abril Pro Rock or Matanza Fest and also in underground clubs. For us it does not matter how big it is, we really love to be on stage and we get the same energy for both situations. We have shared the stage with several Brazilian bands such as Funeratus, Queiron, Ancestral Malediction and many others.


Do you view Rebaelliun will be pushing and stretching musical boundaries again when it’s time to record the next album or do you view Rebaelliun will follow the path of the brutal death metal?

I have thought a lot about that lately. Specially because I already started writing new material. I’m always inclined to keep writing the same kind of riffs I’m used to, this kind of riff that it’s the sound of Rebaelliun. But I know how important it is right now for us to include different elements in our music to make it more diverse and interesting, for ourselves and for the audience. Right now I would say that I’m looking for more darker tunes for the next albums, I have listened more Black Metal than Death Metal on last months and it should have an impact on the song writing for the coming album…

Do you have working titles for some of the other songs that you may use for this forthcoming album and can you reveal any for the img_6695readers?

Not yet. Lohy will take care again of the lyrics and we just have talked about the way we should follow, but there’s nothing decided yet.

What other plans do you have for Rebaelliun?

Now that we don’t have close shows to play I will finally work on some other issues as launch our official web site, then a virtual store with all our merch items. We’re talking to an agency in Brazil to take care of our shows in South America in 2017 as well, I’m talking to an agency in Europe about a long tour next year, we’re writing new music and working on the Brazilian release of The Hell’s Decrees, which must happen before December.

I for one thank you for your time to do the interview and as usual, the last words are yours…

Many thanks for this great interview! For those who still don’t know, Rebaelliun is back since last year, we have a new album out called The Hell’s Decrees released this year thru Hammerheart Records and we’ve played live since then. You can look for more stuff on all social medias and hopefully we meet soon somewhere in the road. At war!!

The official sites of Rebaelliun


Official Homepage


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Abbath Moonsorrow and Grave booked to Brutal Assault

April 24th, 2016

Black Friday announcement with ABBATH, MOONSORROW and GRAVE!

This time we’re about to bring more orthodox stuff to the table, starting with Norwegian giant gone solo ABBATH! The aptly named DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT will perform their blood soaked ritual at this BA. We are also welcoming the pagan veterans MOONSORROW. Germans DUST BOLT bring thrash metal as well as their partners in crime LOST SOCIETY from Finland. Blasphemous Polish death metal act EMBRIONAL will be part of the line-up as well as Swedish melodic doom/death act OCTOBER TIDE and lycanthro punk originators WOLFBRIGADE. Fans of modern forms of metal would appreciate young Australian metalcore with mathcore elements JACK THE STRIPPER. American songwriter KING DUDE will perform his dark neo folk. Unfortunate news in the end, NILE had to pull out the fest, however we managed to get two other great death metal acts on the bill to compensate this loss. Namely the godfathers of Swedish death metal GRAVE and the returning turn-of-the-millenium Brazilian prospects REBAELLIUN!

For more please continue to:

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September 3rd, 2013



Wednesday – Saturday August 07-10, 2013
JAROMEŘ – Old Army Fortress JOSEFOV / Czech Republic (130km east of Prague)

by Ryan Bartek

BRUTAL ASSAULT 2013 program guide

BRUTAL ASSAULT 2013 program guide

Brutal Assault is one of those festivals that the random American or Canadian may have glimpsed in the advertisements of Terrorizer or Metal Hammer. From afar it always looks epic, but the reality of it is beyond words. Of course I’d never met anyone that had attended it from our side of the Atlantic. Indeed, when I was there this summer, I met maybe four Canadian guys and two Americans who were only there because they worked in Germany. Otherwise, I was nearly the lone dweller of North America, minus the bands themselves. It is a shame too, because apart from Obscene Extreme (which also takes place in Czech Republic), I found Brutal Assault 2013 to be one of the greatest metal fests I’d ever attended.

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