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Breaker – Mark (drums) & Jim (vocals)

August 24th, 2005

Mark Klein (drums) & Jim Hamar (vocals) of

Interviewed December, 15, 1999 by Waspman

As we hurtle towards the Millennium, it seems that an ever-increasing number of bands are looking backwards to the 80’s for inspiration. One need only look at the current Hammerfall craze for a perfect example of this. At the same time, it seems that many bands from the 80’s are trying to capitalize on this resurgence of “true” metal and reforming to show these new whipper-snappers a thing or two.

There were a number of metal hotbeds in the 80’s (Los Angeles and the Bay Area immediately come to mind), but one that was generally overlooked was Cleveland. Yes, Cleveland. Bands such as Shok Paris, Purgatory, and Destructor all made waves in the halcyon days of “true” metal. However there was one band that stood out, even then. Taking their name from both a classic Accept song and album, this band broke out quick and fast and then seemingly disappeared just as quickly. That band was, and is, Breaker. Having recently reformed because of the constant demands from their loyal European fanbase, Breaker are back to kick your teeth in and blow your eardrums. What’re you gonna do about it?

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