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Copenhell Festival 2017 at Refshaleoen Copenhagen, Denmark

September 29th, 2017

Copenhell Festival 2017
Refshaleoen, Copenhagen, Denmark
22-24/6 – 2017

Live pictures and review by: Anders Sandvall
Guest contributor: Ulrika Henriksson

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Overkill – Interview with Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth

March 23rd, 2014

Overkill Interview

with Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth

at O2 Islington Academy, London

13th March 2014

Interview by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

Photos by Graham Hilling



“I’m not sure what the fuck is going on here with these lights!” laughs Bobby, as we board the Overkill tour bus, which does appear to be operating some pulsing disco light setting. “This is like day one for me. I dunno if it bothers you or not – I feel like I’m doing a porn!” He laughs again.

Hang the lights. We got things to discuss. Especially as given that Overkill’s forthcoming new album has been delayed, and with it the rest of the European tour, we’re lucky we’re here at all. With the band about to take in a handful of dates throughout the UK, including a headline spot at Hammerfest, we grab a few moments of frontman Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth’s, one of heavy metal’s nicest guys, time to talk about the new record (It was probably the hardest one to make for me…), the music industry (But for some reason there’s always a want for this stuff. There’s always a need….), seizing opportunities (You know take that chance and if you can and succeed more times than fail you can string days into years and into decades…), and pie…

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OVERKILL: European Killfest 2013 Scandinavian leg, Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark

June 11th, 2013




European Killfest 2013 Scandinavian leg
Electric Hellfire – support act

Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark
27/4 – 2013

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


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OVERKILL – Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth

May 28th, 2010

Overkill Logo.jpg

Overkill Band.jpg

Interview conducted by Robert Williams

Videography courtesy of Sandra Torres

After thirty years of wrecking necks live, East Coast thrash metal legends Overkill are still in their prime, as evidenced by this year’s excellent onslaught of an offering dubbed "Ironbound". Hitting the road in support of the new record, the green and black attack headlined the aptly-named KILLFEST tour atop a bill that also featured God Dethroned, Vader, Evile, Warbringer and Woe of Tyrants. Overkill frontman Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth is in good spirits this night in Austin, Texas as he cracks jokes and fills us in on life out on the road. The subject of the evening is primarily focused on the pummeling new Overkill record and the band’s immediate tour plans. Rather than placing too much emphasis on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the band’s debut album "Feel the Fire", Blitz seems very content with the band’s present achievement and looks to the future of the band with excitement and anticipation. Tonight’s concert is further proof why now is as good a time as any, to be an Overkill fan.

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Overkill/Infernal Majesty/Stress Factor 9 Live In Vancouver: September 15, 2005

October 23rd, 2005

Overkill/Infernal Majesty/Stress Factor 9
Thursday, September 15, 2005
Richard?s On Richards
Vancouver, BC  Canada


**Live Review & All Photos By Lord of The Wasteland

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Overkill Vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth

July 28th, 2005

Vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth

Interview By Lord of The Wasteland/Transcription by Adam & Jodi

**All pics from

Twenty years is a long time?longer than some of the readers about to pore over this interview will have even been on this Earth, yet thrash legends, Overkill, are celebrating that monumental anniversary with the release of their 14th studio album, entitled RELIXIV (pronounced ?Relics?).  A lot has happened in those twenty years and the band has seen many members come and go but with vocalist Bobby ?Blitz? Ellsworth and bassist D.D. Verni at the helm from day one, Overkill is ready to take on the world with a huge tour (finally including Canadian and U.S. west coast stops) and a celebration of sorts for having survived twenty years in the heavy metal trenches.

I spoke with Ellsworth in early-March and found him to be one of the funniest subjects I have ever interviewed.  After clearing the air with a discussion about the NHL players? strike, we got down to business with a 85-minute chat about the new album, big plans for the band?s 20th anniversary, the early days of Overkill, surviving the 90s, his health, why there are always ten songs on their albums, what?s it?s like being known as the ?working man?s metal band? and about a hundred other things!  Enjoy?

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