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Copenhell Festival 2017 at Refshaleoen Copenhagen, Denmark

September 29th, 2017

Copenhell Festival 2017
Refshaleoen, Copenhagen, Denmark
22-24/6 – 2017

Live pictures and review by: Anders Sandvall
Guest contributor: Ulrika Henriksson

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GENTLEMANS PISTOLS – Interview With James Atkinson

November 19th, 2015

gents-logo (540x342)
Interview With Guitarist/Vocalist James Atkinson

By Peter Atkinson

Photos from
and Nuclear Blast Records

England’s Gentlemans Pistols have maintained a steady, if somewhat low-key – and apostrophe-free – presence over much of their dozen years together. Led by frontman/guitarist/founder/lone original member James Atkinson, they have released three albums – the latest of which, Hustler’s Row, arrived in mid-October – and toured mostly around their home country and mainland Europe, with a few gigs in Japan.

With Hustler’s Row, however, the band stand to make something of a bigger splash. For one thing, after two albums on the modestly underground Rise Above Records, the Pistols have signed with Nuclear Blast for the new record. For another, since 2009 the band’s ranks have included guitarist Bill Steer, whose other band – and fellow Nuclear Blasters – Carcass have experienced a remarkable resurgence in the wake of their 2012 comeback album Surgical Steel, raising the Pistols profile – even if slightly – by osmosis.

And Hustler’s is just an all-around more likable album than the previous releases, full of bouncy rhythms from drummer Stuart Dobbins and new bassist Robert Threapleton, fetching harmonies and hooks, and fantastic guitar teamwork from Steer and Atkinson. Its retro vibe channels everyone from Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple to The Sweet and Traffic, with just a hint of old Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, without ever sounding like mere idol worship.

Via Skype from the band’s home base of Leeds, Atkinson offered the following about the new album and the label situation, the evolution of Steer’s involvement with the band and its impact on their sound, and his hopes for the road ahead as the Pistols look to strike while the iron is comparatively hot.

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Amon Amarth with support act Carcass and Hell on Deceiver Of the Gods European Tour 2013 – Scandinavian leg at Kulturbolaget Malmoe,Sweden

January 17th, 2014


Amon Amarth

Deceiver Of the Gods European Tour 2013 – Scandinavian leg
Carcass (Special guest)
Hell (Support act)

Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden
6/12 – 2013

Review and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall

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CARCASS – Guitarist Bill Steer

January 5th, 2014

Bill Steer

Bill Steer



The legendary Carcass returned with a vengeance! Their new album SURGICAL STEEL is an amazing piece  of evidence showing how the band has remained stainless and sharp. The album has literally blown both new and old fans easily away. Carcass embarked on their European tour with Swedish viking metallers Amon Amarth and British occult metallers Hell. They arrived to Helsinki to play a sold out show for the Finnish metal freaks. Before the show, talked to Bill Steer about touring, Carcass re-union time, past times, and of course the new album.
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CARCASS – Interview with Bill Steer

September 8th, 2013



Interview with guitarist Bill Steer

By Peter Atkinson

Promo photos from Official Carcass Facebook page
Live photos by Peter Atkinson

With the mid-September release of their brilliant comeback album Surgical Steel, the return of English extremists Carcass that began in earnest with a spate of reunion shows in 2007 is now complete. And 17 years after the band went out with a whimper, issuing the toothless Swansong in 1996 after they’d effectively already split following several years of label and internal turmoil, they are indeed back with a vengeance.

Surgical Steel manages to at once capture the surging riffs and sinister wit of Necroticism and the crunching melodies and robust production of Heartwork; pay occasional homage to the gnashing vitriol of Reek of Putrefaction and Symphonies Of Sickness; and bring the catchiness of Swansong into the mix, though with decidedly more oomph, all while making it sound fresh, new and vital. This is certainly no mere trip down memory lane, Surgical Steel raises the bar for modern metal the way Reek and Symphonies set the mark for gore-grind back in the day and Heartwork paved the way for melodic death metal.

Oddly, founding guitarist Bill Steer (ex-also of Napalm Death) and bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker essentially removed themselves from the metal scene altogether after Carcass split, despite having spawned numerous sound-alikes who can still be heard to this day. Steer formed the blues rock band Firebird. Walker recorded an album of tongue-in-cheek country covers – though he did join with Latin narco-grinders Brujeria in 2006. But they obviously never lost the “Carcass spirit,” if you will, and when the time finally came to give a go at crafting new material, they went at it with abandon.

Having walked away from the Carcass reunion in 2010 to focus on Arch Enemy, on again/off again guitarist Michael Amott played no part in Surgical Steel, nor did Arch Enemy’s Daniel Erlandsson, who’d been playing drums. Founding drummer Ken Owen was physically unable to perform, the result of a near-fatal cerebral hemorrhage he suffered in 1999. He did, however, contribute backing vocals on the new album and has lent his full support to Carcass’ reanimation.

But with two new members on board – guitarist Ben Ash, who did not play on the album, and drummer Dan Wilding, who did – the band haven’t missed a beat. Indeed, they’ve got a lot of the life back in them – and then some – that was sucked out during the rather trying final few years of the first go-round.

Via Skype, a chatty Bill Steer offered the following on the life, death and rebirth of one of metal’s most groundbreaking, yet misunderstood bands.

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