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Interview with Nick Calpakdjian, creator of Metal Down Under

March 30th, 2014

Interview with Nick Calpakdjian
Creator of Metal Down Under

A documentary film about the Australian Metal scene

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SE CONQUER ALL FESTIVAL – Gaelic Theatre, Sydney 14 January 2006

April 21st, 2006

BEHEMOTH with HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH, The Amenta, The Furor, Psychroptic, Ebolie, Flesh Mechanic, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace
Gaelic Theatre, Sydney 14 January 2006

by Brat and Turner, photos by Brat

There is something to be said about the music we listen to representing the state of our mind. Those of you who have met me on the forum, at a gig or festival, or have read other reviews I have written will know that I’m the flower metal chick, so it’s understanding that I received so many questions and shocked reactions when I voiced my intentions of seeing BEHEMOTH. Plus HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH were playing and I wanted to see them again.
Since Christmas, when I was forced to deal with some extreme emotions, I haven’t been able, and have even been afraid, to listen to power metal or any music where the lyrics have been understandable. It was time to load some aggressive music onto my iPod which wouldn’t take me on an emotional rollercoaster ride and the waiting promo copies of the new Exodus, Hypocrisy and Old Man’s Child were just what I needed. In need of more mind-numbing escapism, I then went in search of the latest BEHEMOTH CD, “Demigod”, but obviously I wasn’t the only person in Sydney who wanted to hear the latest offering before seeing them live so all I was left with was “Grom”. OK, so I’ll get a history lesson instead before I see them in the flesh. While I was at it, I picked up the HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH CD “Hobbs Satan Crusade” which seems to be a local 2003 best of release.


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First Annual Australian Heavy Metal Music Awards / Metal For The Brain 2005

April 19th, 2005

First Annual Australian
Heavy Metal Music Awards

Review and Pics by Brat

With a healthy dose of cynicism I attended the first Annual Australian Heavy Metal Music Awards in Canberra the night before Metal for the Brain (MFTB). Brought to us by the Australian edition of Kerrang Magazine and the organisers of MFTB, I decided to give our scene some support and cast my vote in the categories even though I didn?t think any of the people and bands I voted for would get a mention. How wonderfully was I surprised.


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