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ACHERON Enter Studio To Record New Album

March 23rd, 2013

Ohio blackened death metal vets ACHERON will enter the studio next month to begin the recording process for Kult Des Hasses, the follow up to 2009’s The Final Conflict: The Last Days of God. The band has also announced that guitarist Ricktor Ravensbruck (WOLFPACK 44, ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB, WOLFEN SOCIETY) will be a special guest to add some of his lead guitar work to the album.

Band founder Vincent Crowley commented, “Things have been going very well in the ACHERON camp. We plan to hit the studio and start recording on April 12th. We are all very pleased with the songs and know our fans will enjoy ‘Kult Des Hasses. We have also hired artist Timo Wuerz to do the artwork for the new album. I promise all of you that this album is going to be pure old school Satanic underground music! Ave Satanas!” Read the rest of this entry »

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Mike Browning – After Death, ex-Incubus, ex-Morbid Angel, etc.

September 23rd, 2007

Mike Browning

After Death, ex-Acheron, ex-Nocturnus, ex-Incubus, ex-Morbid Angel, etc.

Interview by Luxi Lahtinen & Arto Lehtinen
Intro by Luxi Lahtinen

MEGA-thanks to Andy Osborn for the transcription 


First off, please do note everybody this IS NOT any of the recent interviews made with Mike Browning (After Death, ex-Nocturnus, ex-Morbid Angel, etc.), but an interview that was conducted with him in 2003 already, 4 long yet tormenting years ago.

So, why was this interview with him published 4 years later may some of you rightfully ask? To make a long answer to short one: Due to a number of unexpected reasons; mainly because of some unfortunate circustances what happened to the interview discs right after they were sent to the transcription for the first time – and what happened after that (the dics getting lost, etc.). It would be very easy to make scapegoats for this enormous delay of getting this huge interview of Mike Browning out, but it wouldn´t serve anyone´s interest, or purpose anyway.

However, even if some of the information is obviously badly outdated in this interview (especially for After Death), we thought to publish it here in without shortening it a bit, but put it out in its entirety the way it was meant to be published originally, back in 2003. Mike Browning provided a lot of in-depth information for this very interview that just never gets outdated – telling many very informative things about the past times with his other bands prior to After Death. Also, since Mike put so huge amounts of effort and time into answering the interview questions, we sincerely thought the only right thing to do, was to get this interview released some day, no matter what.

Now let Mike quide all of us through the early days of Morbid Angel to Incubus to Nocturnus, etc. In fact, this is more like a story about Mike Browning, and we can quarantee you it´s absolute a great read! Now enjoy this long ride under Mike´s very expert guidance…!

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