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Kreator with support act’s on Gods Of Violence European Tour 2017 – leg 1 – at Amager Bio Copenhagen, Denmark

April 8th, 2017


Gods Of Violence European Tour 2017: Leg 1

Sepultura – special guest
Soilwork – special guest
Aborted – support act

Amager Bio
Copenhagen, Denmark

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall

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Kreator + Sepultura + Soilwork + Aborted @ O2 Forum Kentish Town, London

March 16th, 2017

Kreator + Sepultura + Soilwork + Aborted

@ O2 Forum Kentish Town, London

March 2, 2017

Review by Torbjørn ‘Toby’ Jørstad

Photography by Michelle Murphy

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Kataklysm @ The Underworld, London

March 4th, 2016



@ The Underworld, London

February 20th, 2016

Review by Ann Sulaiman


A sold-out show awaited Saturday night in Camden’s esteemed concert venue, The Underworld. While London was the second to last date of Canadians Kataklysm’s massive European tour with Septicflesh and Aborted in tow, it was all the more reason to see a high-octane gig take place, especially regarding how rarely Septicflesh themselves are able to play the UK. After tonight, it’s only fair that UK promoters take notes to invite all three bands to play the British isles more often.

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Kataklysm / Septic Flesh / Aborted : Nosturi Helsinki Finland

January 22nd, 2016


Seeing a huge line circulating outside the Nosturi club was truly an expected view, but a real surprising nice and welcomed one. The club was nearly packed by hundreds of people, but it was the Saturday evening people had crawled out of holes to have a few drinks and enjoy the grinding deadly brutality of these three bands.

Kataklysm was supposed to support Bolt Thrower back in 2006, but their gear got lost on the way to Helsinki from Amsterdam. However it took nearly 10 years to pay up to the missing gig. Therefore seeing such a huge amount of people at the gig was truly relief and wish to see more these kinds of packages in Finland.

The Belgium Aborted kicked the night. Aborted’s grinding core death offered a real knockout set of hyper blasting beats and ripping sonic torment riff. The band appeared to be on fire on the stage, raging with the ultimate passion. The crowd appeared to have entered to witness Aborted live. Both the crowd and the band definitely caused the best uncontrolled performance of the night.



The Greek Septicflesh made the debut visit at the Jalometalli Oper Air metal fest a few years ago. Doing the second stint to Finland along with two other bands turned out to be a good and wise combination. Septicflesh got a warm reception from the audience. The bombastic and apocalyptic songs with the powerful approach spellbounded half the audience whereas half the other couldn’t stand any second of Septicflesh’s apocalyptic sounds and songs decided to leave the hall.

IMG_7070 IMG_7042 IMG_7051


When Kataklysm was about to start, it was noticeable all of a sudden there was more room to move at the venue. Seriously did people leave the venue before Kataklysm kicked of ? How odd indeed. Well the canucks didn’t get depressed about that and unleashed the brutality of technical death metal. The four piece metal patrol delivered a good set of songs from the long career. Kataklysm’s murderous deadly metal with the modern grip sounded a bit monotous time to time.However the four piece delivered a good set of all in all 15 songs in a row.

IMG_7157IMG_7173These kinds of package tours are truly essential to pull a good amount of people to the show. Especially in this case the club was pretty packed and the atmosphere was tremendous great. Even though some people left the venue after some certain bands, that didn’t prevent the rest of the crowd from havinf fun and enjoying the night. These kinds of tours are welcomed.

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Aborted – Sven “Svencho” de Caluwé

December 7th, 2014



Interview by Petri Da Costa Seppänen

Aborted has had a terrfic year so far. The new album, “The Necrotic Manifesto”, came out earlier this year and has gathered many positive reviews from the press and fans. Not only that, the band is close to celebrate 20 years of existence and this year they played many gigs bringing their gory death/grind to the masses. I caught up with lead vocalist and founder of Aborted, Sven “Svencho” de Caluwé, while on the Hell Over Europe tour in Oslo to talk a bit about the band history, their future plans and much more.

Let’s start off talking about the the beginning of Aborted, which was almost 20 years ago. How were the early days for the band and what were the musical influences that made you form IMG_8652Aborted?

 Well, it was very different from now, that’s for sure. When we started, death metal wasn’t at its peak, it was actually on its way down because during the early 90’s death metal was doing well, but then black metal became really popular. So there wasn’t that much death metal going around. Our influences must have been mainly Carcass, Suffocation, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Slayer.

You mentioned that death metal was back then on decline [in the mid 90s], so was it difficult to get the band going and people interested forming the band with you?

 It was difficult to get the right people.

Besides the musical influences you mentioned, what kind of horror or gore movies made you pursue lyrically this gore theme?

 Well, obviously the Hellraiser series was very important, also Re Animator, Evil Dead, that kind of stuff. The old 80’s slasher crap. (laughs)

Looking back now not only to the death metal scene, but the whole metal scene in Belgium, how was that?

 Well, there were more people going to shows and all that. There were way less shows too. I mean, you gotta watch everything in perspective, there’s less people at shows now but there are a lot more shows. The metal scene wasn’t doing bad, black metal and the whole Gothenburg scene was starting to explode. So back then that stuff was more popular than what we were doing.

Do you think that nowadays is a lot more easier or more difficult to get people interested in the band?

 Well, it’s easier coz the band is bigger since we worked for such a long time. On the other hand, let’s say that if the position where are now was 20 years ago, we’d be a much bigger band coz there was less going on.

Through these almost 20 years of band, you are the only remaining original member, how difficult was to keep the band going with all these line up changes and like you said, getting the right people?

 It was tough, but you do it because you like doing the music. Once we found Ken here [Ken Bedene – Aborted’s drummer], the last couple of years have been Strychnine_covereasier. We’ve been working for a bunch of years, J.B. [J.B. Van Der Wal – Aborted’s bassist ] too, he’s been on and off with us since 2008, Ken since 2010 and the other guys have been for two and half years. It’s been pretty solid the last couple of years.

But was there any point in your career when you thought that maybe you should quit facing so many difficulties?

 After the “Strychnine.213record I wanted to, but then I really didn’t want to end on a shit record, coz I hate that album, which is why we took a year break. In 2009 we didn’t do shit, then we came back 2010 with “Coronary Reconstruction” and things are getting better since then.

And through all these records, is there a specific one that you are the most proud of or one that you could say it was the turning point for the band?

 Well, the “Coronary Reconstruction” EP and the new album probably.

Let’s talk about the current tour, the Hell Over Europe. How has it been so far?

It’s been really good so far. We have done five shows now, it’s been really good. The only show that wasn’t so good was Cologne, but you know that city is known for not being so good for our style of music. But the vibe on the tour is good and everybody is nice, we all know each other for years, besides Miasmal, but yeah it’s been pretty easy.IMG_9853

You had Matt [Harvey] from Exhumed singing with you “Coffin Upon Coffin” in Hamburg, is that something that’s gonna…

He’s doing every night with us.

Oh every night? I thought it was just then that happened. That’s pretty cool. Are you joining them on stage as well or?

 Not tonight. (laughs) I don’t know, it’s up to them.

Are you guys going to extend the current album tour for next year or is this current the last one to promote “The Necrotic Manifesto”?

 I think we are still touring but it’s mainly going to be North America. As far as Europe goes, this current tour and maybe some festivals. We haven’t done US with this new album, so we wanna go once or twice next year. After that we’ll do a dvd of the 20 years of the band, with an extra cd that has all the audio from the dvd, plus maybe four new songs.

Ok, coz I was just gonna ask about the band’s 20th aniversary, so that’s the plan?

 Yes, it’s gonna be a mixture of a full live show, actually couple of live shows and a documentary but in a horror movie style. We are trying to come up with some original ideas.

You guys worked again with Jacob Hansen on the production of “The Necrotic Manifesto”, so are you guys going to work again with him since he also worked on “Global Flatline”?

We have actually done four albums with him. We were with him and we left for a few records to try out different people, but we just came back to him. I think it Aborted+-+Coronary+Reconstruction+EPfits the best for us.

Talking about the new record, you guys released a special edition on cd that came with a card game. Who came up with that idea and have you played it already?

Yeah, we played it, of course. We are all gamers, but basically Danny [Tunker – Aborted’s guitarrist] and I came up with the game and I made it in about two days. Two days of intense work.

Was this game based on something specific or a particular game that you like?

 Not really, I mean he [Danny] knew the zombie card game, so we very loosely based it on that, but basically we came up with that from start to finish.

You guys have frequently recorded a lot of covers, and recently Max Cavalera said that he liked a lot the “Arise” cover. Have you guys meet him or you found about his opion just from the press?  

 We haven’t met him, but we have seen in many interviews where he has spoken about it. We saw a picture of him with a [Aborted] t-shirt that he must have bought it somewhere, that actually was really cool to see. Last year we were on tour with The Black Dahlia Murder, we were in Stockholm and we met L-G from Entombed and he was speaking very highly about our Entombed cover. It’s been really cool to get some feedback from the bands that were very influential to us back in the day.necrotic

You talked a little bit about your feelings regarding the death metal scene in Jason Netherton’s book [Extremity Retained: Notes from the Death Metal Underground], you said it was a bit more special then. I don’t know how you see this but nowadays there’s this nostalgia going on, whether is the bands releasing more vinyls and cassete tapes, plus the whole retro thrash scene, so do you think this a general feeling from most people? That back then was more special, that they want to bring back for example the 80’s feeling or how do you see this?

 I think it’s a mixture of hipsters and people who miss the old shit. I can’t imagine a 16 or a 17 year old kid missing tapes, you know what I mean? (laughs)

What about you: you like the vinyls better? Whats your take on the whole digital era?

 I listen to my music, sadly, mainly on my phone or my computer or in the car. I still have a huge cd collection, but I don’t even have a cd player here. I still buy them, but I also buy digitally, it’s just more convenient. I still love vinyls because of the artwork.

Well, thanks for the interview and hope the rest of the tour goes well!

 Thank you, right on man.

 The Official Aborted sites

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Bloodstock Open Air 2014

August 29th, 2014

Bloodstock Open Air 2014

@ Catton Hall Derbyshire

7th- 10th August 2014

Review by Ashlinn Nash

Photography by Michelle Murphy 

Bloodstock 2014

Bloodstock 2014

Bloodstock has become something of a staple holiday for many metal heads, with its fine selection of musical delights, the drinking until dawn, great company, dressing up and of course the bin jousting! What more could you want besides all of this?

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DECAPITATED w/ABORTED @ Dingwalls, London

April 27th, 2012

Decapitated @ Dingwalls, London

26th Feb 2012

Review by Hal Sinden

Photography by Michelle Murphy


Gig cancellation or relocation due to poor pre-sales seems to be fairly rife recently, most notably in the Camden area, with a fair few extreme metal gigs being shifted at the last minute from staple mainstays like the Underworld to the spare attic-like confines of venues such as Upstairs at the Islington Garage.

Those who have kept their bookings unchanged have in some cases suffered shockingly poor attendance (especially if the Origin / Psycroptic show in February was anything to go by), it’s therefore heartening to see that this event has remained as booked, however it’s also intriguing to see how well a bill of this intensity will go down at Dingwalls – with “down” being the operative word, given the venue’s tiered flooring system for the audience area.

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DECAPITATED, ABORTED and CYANIDE SERENITY announced for Neurotic Deathfest March 2012

November 25th, 2011

DECAPITATED (Poland), ABORTED (Belgium) and CYANIDE SERENITY (UK) have been officially added to the annual NEUROTIC DEATHFEST in Tilburg in The Netherlands. After an intensely successful 2011 edition, Neurotic Deathfest will once again return to the infamous 013 venue in Tilburg. Contrary to all preceding editions, the festival will be held over the course of three days and a total of over fifty top acts will rise up on the stages of Tilburg. DECAPITATED, ABORTED and CYANIDE SERENITY join an already huge line-up, including milestone acts such as Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Suffocation, Morgoth, Napalm Death and Acheron.


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November 13th, 2011

DECAPITATED are back! Bands like DECAPITATED don’t come along very often, having created a vicious, precise and innovative form of death metal since their inception in 1996. The year of 2011 begins the whole new chapter in the history of the band. The band has released their newest opus, ‘Carnival Is Forever’ via their new label Nuclear Blast. This, their fifth studio album, was produced by Waclaw ‘Vogg’ Kiełtyka, sound engineered by Arkadiusz ‘Malta’ Malczewski , with drums recorded and album mixed by Daniel Bergstrand (BEHEMOTH, MESHUGGAH, DIMMU BORGIR, KEEP OF KALESSIN).

Joining the spiteful assault are Belgian death metal legends ABORTED upcoming UK sensation CYANIDE SERENITY. Here comes 2012, ABORTED spent the bigger part of 2010 and 2011 writing the successor to Coronary Reconstruction and here comes ‘Global Flatline’. The result of two intense years of songwriting and dedication. Produced, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen studios in Denmark, ‘Global Flatline’ is an organic wall of death metal that will leave none alive.

DECAPITATED with ABORTED and Cyanide Serenity performing at:

Friday 24 February – UK – Birmingham @ HMV Institute

Saturday 25 February – UK – TBA

Sunday 26 February  – UK –  London @ Dingwalls

Monday 27 February  – UK – Manchester @ Moho

Tuesday 28 February  – UK – Glasgow @ G2 (The Garage)

Wednesday 29 February – UK – Reading @ Sub 89

Thursday 01 March  – UK – Nottingham @ Rescue Rooms

Friday 02 March  – UK – Bristol @ Fleece

Saturday 03 March  – UK – TBA


HMV INSTITUTE – BIRMINGHAM / Friday 24th February 2012

Doors 6.30pm / Tickets £15adv / 14+ show

Advance tickets / info available at


Saturday 25th February 2012: TBA


DINGWALLS – LONDON / Sunday 26th February 2012

Doors 7.00pm / Tickets £16adv / 14+ show

Advance tickets / info available at


MOHO – MANCHESTER / Monday 27th February 2012

Doors tba / Tickets tba /

Advance tickets / info available at


G2 (THE GARAGE) – GLASGOW / Tuesday 28th February 2012

Doors 7.00pm / Tickets £15adv / 14+ show

Advance tickets / info available at


SUB89 – READING / Wednesday 29th February 2012

Doors 7.00pm / Tickets £15adv / 14+ show

Advance tickets / info available at


RESCUE ROOMS – NOTTINGHAM / Thursday 1st March 2012

Doors 6:30pm / Tickets £15adv / 14+ show

Advance tickets / info available at


THE FLEECE – BRISTOL / Friday 2nd March 2012

Doors tba / Tickets tba /

Advance tickets / info available at


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ABORTED releases digital single for the title-track from their upcoming album, “Global Flatline”

October 27th, 2011

Belgian death metal lunatics ABORTED will be releasing their seventh studio album, Global Flatline, on January 23rd in Europe and January 24th in North America, but the band is now giving fans their first preview of what’s to come with the release of the album’s title track, “Global Flatline”! This digital single is available for purchase on iTunes here and on Amazon here, so be sure to download your copy!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by the renowned Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, PESTILENCE, HATESPHERE) at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark, Global Flatline features several guest vocalists, including Trevor Strnad (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER), Julien Truchan (BENIGHTED), Jason Netherton (MISERY INDEX), and Keiijo Niinima (ROTTEN SOUND). ABORTED recently released a horrific teaser trailer for Global Flatline here— stay tuned for even more new material from the band coming soon!

ABORTED online:

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ABORTED release studio webisode; now on tour in Europe

July 16th, 2011

Death metal butchers ABORTED are back and have begun work on a brand new album, “Global Flatline”! Now joined by Ken Bedene (formerly of ABIGAIL WILLIAMS) on drums, ABORTED is stronger than ever and excited to unveil the new effort. For anxious fans that want a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Global Flatline”, a new studio webisode is now available, so be sure to check it out! More studio updates will be posted soon.

View the new ABORTED studio webisode below:

For European fans, check below for ABORTED’s upcoming shows in July and August, including appearances at such renowned festivals as Party San and Summer Breeze!

ABORTED tour dates:
14.07.11 Copenhagen (DK) / The Rock
16.07.11 Aalborg (DK) / Day Of Decay fest
08.08.11 Toulouse (F) / La Dynamo
09.08.11 Montpellier (F) / Secret Place
11.08.11 Schlotheim (D) / Party San
14.08.11 Vosselaar (B) / Biebob
18.08.11 Dinkelsbühl (D) / Summer Breeze
21.08.11 Séné-Brittany (D) / Motocultor Fest

Press opportunities for ABORTED are available, so please contact to schedule!

ABORTED online:

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ABORTED – New album; studio footage online

June 25th, 2011

Long known as the leaders of gore, ABORTED is back and have begun work on a brand new album that will be revealed later this year via Century Media Records. Now joined by Ken Bedene (Abigail Williams) on drums, ABORTED is stronger than ever and is excited to unveil the new effort, which has been titled ‘Global Flatline’. Vocalist Sven De Caluwe checked in with this update:


‘We got to Ribe at Hansen studios this last monday and Ken Bedene nailed down 15 tracks in no more than 4 days in the most meticulous precision. Everything is sounding massive so far and we can’t wait to unveil more of GLOBAL FLATLINE as the process continues. Guitars and Bass are up next, and I can guarantee you, this is going to be the most intense and crushing record the band has released.


Stay tuned for more Carnage!!!!’


Fans can check out studio footage of Bedene tracking his parts on the record here.


In the coming weeks, stay tuned as ABORTED unveils even more details regarding ‘Global Flatline’ and upcoming touring surrounding the album.

Aborted online:

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March 28th, 2011

Belgian death metal veterans ABORTED will begin recording its seventh full length record to date from June onwards at the infamous Hansen Studios with producer Jacob Hansen (Invocator, Hatesphere, Volbeat). The band will be tracking over 15 tracks of the most brutal and intense material they have written to date. The sonic onslaught – baptized as “Global Flatline” – will contain 12 tracks with additional bonus material featured on limited editions.


The artwork for “Global Flatline” will once again be handled by Justin Osbourne who previously worked with the band on its 2010 EP “Coronary Reconstruction” as well. Since 2011 marks the ten year anniversary of ABORTED’s “Engineering The Dead” record, the band decided to re-record two tracks of the album as part of the bonus material for “Global Flatline”. You can vote for your favorite “Engineering The Dead” songs on the band’s Facebook Page:

Vocalist, founder and gurgloroth Sven de Caluwé comments:

“We are thrilled to be finally recording “Global Flatline” and have the material out there. It is exciting in many ways, one being that this might be one of the most important records in ABORTED’s career. We really took our time in composing the most heavy and uncompromising material the band has written to date. Some of the material is faster than ever, some of the material is slower than ever, some old school and some new school, inspired by all eras of ABORTED, yet still sounding unique on its own. Writing this record definitely took us back to the roots of why we started playing this kind of music in the first place, the passion and adrenaline you get from playing extreme metal.


Obviously it just isn’t a carbon copy of “Goremageddon” or “Engineering The Dead” or anything: there are plenty of new elements as well since we never believe in writing the same record. Those who checked out “Coronary Reconstruction” have had a small taste of what’s to come and we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with “Global Flatline”!


We are also very excited to be working again with Jacob Hansen, the man who produced “Goremageddon” and “The Haematobic” EP and it was always a pleasure to work with him then, so this should be a blast.”


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Whitechapel – Guitarist Alex Wade

July 30th, 2008



Guitarist Alex Wade

***Interview By Lord of The Wasteland

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