TREAT to Release Ghost of Graceland April 15th

February 2nd, 2016
by Celtic Bob


Frontiers Music Srl is truly excited to announce the return of the mighty TREAT with their brand new, kick ass album entitled Ghost of Graceland! It will be released on April 15th.

Building on the success of their last album Coup de Grace (2010), hailed by both fans and critics as a masterpiece, TREAT is releasing an album packed with reflective, soul searching songs dressed in devilishly seductive yet hard hitting melodic rock.

“This is where we are today, as a band, as musicians, songwriters and individuals. It’s a statement: this is us in 2016”, says main songwriter and guitarist Anders Wikström.

Ghost of Graceland, was produced by long time TREAT fan and respected writer/producer Peter Mansson and co-produced by Anders Wikström, showcases a band with a thirty plus career, that are hungrier and more energetic than ever!

To achieve the organic, pure, bold, (somewhat) cocky, contemporary sound with melodies and choruses to die for that they were going for, the band took a step back. Says Anders Wikström: “It’s a musical as well as a personal soul searching. We traced us back to our roots, the music and the heroes that got us dreaming back in the 70’s: KISS, Van Halen, Sweet, Deep Purple and UFO. An era where music and musicianship really mattered and rock ‘n’ roll was a matter of life or death.” TREAT got in the time machine and retrieved all that restless energy. But Ghost of Graceland, with all it’s delicious, action packed and hook ladden melodic rock that could soundtrack a party, also sees a band that reflects on their personal lives.

Robert Ernlund (vocals), Anders Wikström (Guitars and backing vocals), Patrick Appelgren (keyboards, guitar and backing vocals), Jamie Borger (drums) and new bass player Pontus Egberg (King Diamond) are a powerhouse. Pontus replaces the band’s songwriting partner Fredrik Thomander who has also been performing live with the band since 2013. “When we started working on this album and in need of a permanent replacement on bass, Pontus was the only guy we had in mind. He´s a good friend of ours and a fantastic musician and live performer. He and Jamie just blow the roof off together on this new album!”

“We’re doing what we love. We’re proudly flying the flag for hard and melodic rock. Honestly, this is a very, very good TREAT album”, says Anders Wikström. TREAT are proud, confident and hungry for more!
Experience TREAT Live at Frontiers Rock Festival in Trezzo Sull’Adda (Milano) on April 23rd 2016.

Ghost of Graceland Track Listing:

1. Ghost Of Graceland
2. I Don’t Miss The Misery
3. Better The Devil You Know
4. Do Your Own Stunts
5. Endangered
6. Inferno
7. Alien Earthlings
8. Nonstop Madness
9. Too Late To Die Young
10. House On Fire
11. Together Alone
12. Everything To Everyone

TREAT Lineup:
– Robert Ernlund – lead vocals
– Anders Wikström – lead guitars and background vocals (lead vocals on “Together Alone”)
– Patrick Appelgren – keyboards, guitars and background vocals
– Pontus Egberg – bass guitar
– Jamie Borger – drums

Produced by Peter Mansson / Co-produced by Anders Wikström

For More Info Visit:

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John 5 – Illuminates NAMM Jam 2016, Anaheim CA 1-22-16

February 2nd, 2016
by Metal Rules

John 5 – Illuminates NAMM Jam 2016
Anaheim CA 1-22-16

Review and photos by Robert Cavuoto

John 5 – NAMM Jam 2016

John 5 – NAMM Jam 2016

John 5 and his band, The Creatures, were the headlining act at the 2016 NAMM Jam at The Grove in Anaheim CA as part of the NAMM convention (National Association of Music Merchants).

One of the hardest working musicians on the planet has to be guitar virtuoso John 5. He was out touring with Rob Zombie in October, in November he embarked on a string of West Coast instrumental dates, he put out a Greatest Hits CD/DVD of fan favorite instrumental songs and if that wasn’t enough he is currently working on a new instrumental studio CD.

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Band Submissions Now Open For Edmonton’s Black & Doom Fest ‘Black Mourning Light 2016’

February 2nd, 2016
by EvilG

2016 Edition – October 22, 2016
Rendezvous Pub, Edmonton
10+ bands
Tickets range from $30 to $40

Edmonton, AB based Black Mourning Light Metal Festival, a celebration of black, doom, and dark death metal is proud to announce after a successful debut during Halloween 2015 that they will be returning for a 2016 edition set for October 22nd. The onslaught will be held at the Rendezvous Pub with a lineup of bands from across Western Canada all in the vein of black and doom metal along with select death styles. Last year’s line up included 11 bands from three provinces such as headliner Idolatry (Edmonton), Altars of Grief (Regina), Noire (Winnipeg), Ossific (Winnipeg), Vile Insignia (Calgary) and more.

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February 2nd, 2016
by EvilG
Black Earth band photo by Masa Noda

Black Earth band photo by Masa Noda

On January 22nd, Arch Enemy guitarist/founder Michael Amott announced the return of original singer Johan Liiva and guitarist Christopher Amott for a special one-off project dubbed Black Earth, which will perform Arch Enemy material from the band’s first three albums on tour in Japan this May.

In speaking to Bravewords, Michael Amott clarified: “It’s a one-off tour in Japan and that’s all. It’s just supposed to be something super fun and not Michael Amott’s new band (laughs), and that’s where the confusion lies.”

“We brought Chris and Johan over for Loud Park, and the promoters over there offered us a tour,” Michael reveals. “They suggested that we do something to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the first album in Japan to a fuller extent. Arch Enemy is taking it slow this year, doing some writing and some shows here and there, so we thought it would be a good idea, but we obviously can’t call it Arch Enemy. We came up with using the name of the first album, Black Earth. They booked six shows in Japan so it’ll be quite extensive. I thought the buzz would be contained to Japan but of course the news got picked up and spread around thanks to social media and metal news sites. And when I was at NAMM last weekend in California everyone was asking me about Black Earth (laughs).”

“Johan doesn’t want to be the singer of Arch Enemy,” Michael adds. “That’s never been his thing as far as being in an act that tours worldwide. Black Earth is just something that we all wanted to do because it’s going to be a lot of fun for us and the fans in Japan.”

Fans should be aware that Black Earth is intended to have a very limited run, so don’t expect them to surface outside of Japan except on YouTube or the planned DVD.

For the full conversation go here.


Black Earth line-up:

Michael Amott – guitar
Christopher Amott – guitar
Johan Liiva – vocals
Daniel Erlandsson – drums
Sharlee D’Angelo – bass

Tour Dates:

17 – Tokyo, Japan – Shibuya Club Quattro
19 – Fukuoka, Japan – Drum Be-1
21 – Hiroshima, Japan – Hiroshima Club Quattro
23 – Osaka, Japan – Umeda Club Quattro
24 – Aichi, Japan – Nagoya Club Quattro
27 – Sapporo, Japan – Lane24 Penny Sapporo

Arch Enemy releases with Johan Liiva:

Black Earth (1996)
Stigmata (1998)
Burning Bridges (1999)


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January 31st, 2016
by EvilG
Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

Currently on their final tour, metal legends Black Sabbath were forced to cancel their January 30th show in Edmonton, Alberta due to frontman Ozzy Osbourne coming down with extreme sinusitis. The band’s February 1st show in Calgary, Alberta has also been postponed. According to an update from Live Nation, details regarding rescheduled dates will be announced as soon as they are available.

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Machine Head’s Robb Flyyn calls out Phil Anselmo for Racist Salute

January 29th, 2016
by EvilG
Machine Head

Machine Head

As reported/transcribed by Ultimate Guitar:

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn issued a video response toPhil Anselmo‘s recent racist outburst.

As reported, Anselmo concluded the recent “DimebashDimebag Darrel tribute show by shouting “White power” and giving the crowd a Nazi salute.

Robb stressed that only in metal community are things like this so easily “brushed off,”addressing the majority of online comments that had the “lighten up, grow a thick skin” type of attitude.

He pointed out: “If this was Chad from Nickelback, if this was Justin Bieber, if this was Tom Brady, if this wasLars fucking Ulrich, heads would roll! Holy shit, the goddamn shitstorm that would fly around if Lars Ulrich screamed ‘White power’ from the stage!

“The same silly argument: ‘Why is it OK for a black man to say ‘Black pride,’ but it’s not OK for a white man to say ‘White pride’?’ Well for one, in case you need a little brush up on your history, white men aren’t oppressed by black people here in America.”

He added about racism: “I’m talking about our lifetime – 40-50 years now. No white person has been oppressed by black people, quite the contrary. And it’s not OK to scream ‘White power’ and then brush it off as a fucking joke about white wine, especially when there was none.”

Focusing on how Anselmo acted that night and during the show, at which Robb was also present as a special guest, Flynn said that Phil was obnoxious, noting:

“Within 30 seconds of sitting down and talking to him, this drunk ass decided to let me know that he hated the ‘nigger era‘ of Machine Head, ‘hated it with a passion, that stupid look.’

“I just laughed in his face,” Robb added, saying how ridiculous it is that Anselmo makes image remarks considering Pantera’s early glam era.

Directly addressing Phil, Robb said: “I had to stand on that fucking stage with you, and granted, I wasn’t on that stage when you said all that stupid shit; no, I was only on stage when we were playing ‘New Level,’ and you were sieg-heiling after the ‘and power (white power)’, like you’ve done forever now.

“And nobody calls you on it! No bands call you on it. I’ve talked to people on so many tours, ‘Yeah, Anselmo’s out there sieg-heiling and mouthing the words ‘white power.’ Why don’t you call him out on it?! ”Cause I love Panteraman, and who wants to start shit with him?!’

“Exactly, who wants to start shit with you? You’re a big bully, a big scary dude. But, enough’s enough. Enough’s enough!

“Now, I haven’t felt connected to the metal community for quite some time now. I don’t get it, I don’t get how this kind of shit is tolerated!

“Do I think we should go and lynch Phil Anselmo and call for his head? No, you are more than welcome to say all that shit. But that freedom of speech doesn’t allow you freedom from criticism. ‘Cause that shit’s wrong!

“If you weren’t offended by that, fuck you! Fuck you! FUCK YOU! There’s no place for that in metal! And if there is a place for that in metal, count me out! Goodbye Phil Anselmo, I’ll never be playing another Pantera song as long as I live…”

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Nightwish with support on Endless Forms Most Beautiful European Tour 2015 Falconer Theater Copenhagen,Denmark

January 29th, 2016
by Anders Sandvall


Nightwish: Endless Forms Most Beautiful
European Tour 2015

Arch Enemy – special guest
Amorphis – support act

Falconer Theater, Copenhagen,Denmark
16/11 – 2015

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall


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Sweden Rock 2016 – Anthrax, Dirkschneider, Lita Ford and more confirmed!

January 29th, 2016
by EvilG
Sweden Rock 2016 - Anthrax, Dirkschneider, Lita Ford and more confirmed!

Sweden Rock 2016 – Anthrax, Dirkschneider, Lita Ford and more confirmed!

With Slayer and Megadeth previously announced, the addition of Anthrax to the line-up means that three quarters of “the big 4” of thrash metal are confirmed to visit Sölvesborg this summer! Anthrax, who have not played Sweden Rock since 2005, are returning with their classic vocalist Joey Belladonna behind the microphone and have a brand new album out in late February.


Original Accept vocalist Udo Dirkschneider has been fronting his own band U.D.O. since the late 80’s. About a decade after his last reunion stint with Accept, he is bidding his final farewell to his old bands catalogue with a tour under the name Dirkschneider, where he and his new band are performing Accept songs exclusively. After this tour, Udo has vowed never ever to sing an Accept song again, so this may be the last chance for his Swedish fans to hear him sing classics like “Balls to the wall”, “Fast as a shark” and “Metal heart”.


One of the greatest female icons in rock, Lita Ford, has also been confirmed for the festival. She had her breakthrough with legendary The Runaways before launching a long and successful solo career which has produced the big hit (and Ozzy Osbourne duet) “Close My Eyes Forever”, among many other songs. We can expect Lita to be eager to prove herself this summer: her last visit to Sweden Rock, in 2009, did not quite turn out as planned since her second guitarist was unable to come with the band to Europe due to passport problems.


Here are all 10 acts announced today:



Lita Ford

Glenn Hughes

Raised Fist


Imperial State Electric

The Kentucky Headhunters

220 Volt

The Eric Bell Trio


57 out of a total of 82 acts are hereby announced. More information about all artists performing at this summer’s festival can be found at as well as information about tickets!

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Legendary producer & musician, Jacob Hansen of Pyramaze

January 28th, 2016
by Anders Sandvall

Jacob Hansen – Pyramaze

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Emil Westerdahl at Inner Wound Recordings for setting up the interview.
Thanks to Inner Wound Recordings for the promo pictures of the band.


The Danish progressive/power metal act Pyramaze released their fifth album last year. I hooked up with legendary producer, musician and member Jacob Hansen in order to know a little bit more about the band and the album. The new vocalist in the band is Terje Haroy who fills the shoes of such singers as Lance King, Matt Barlow and Urban Breed. Me and Mr. Hansen also talked about the future of the band as well as the fact that the band is performing at the Prog Power USA this year, read more about Pyramaze below.

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ENTOMBED A.D. Interview with L.G. Petrov

January 28th, 2016
by UK Team

Press_Logo_01Entombed A.D. Interiew with L.G. Petrov

Conducted January, 2015

Interview by Jarod Lawley

Before the release of the Swedish death metallers’ 2nd album, Dead Dawn, on February 26th, we spoke to Entombed A.D.’s much loved vocalist L.G. Petrov about what to listen out for on the new record, touring with Behemoth and Abbath, and metal cruises!

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Lamb of God and Anthrax, Electric Factory, Philadelphia, January 16, 2016

January 26th, 2016
by Infamous Butcher

Lamb of God / Anthrax

Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA

January 16, 2016
Review by InfamousButcher, Photos by SheWolf

Sometimes a city chooses and band and vice versa, forming a special bond. Whenever Lamb of God (LoG) comes to Philly, it’s a big fucking deal! Philadelphia is rabid for LoG and they know it, regularly selling out venues to insane crowds. Hell, even LoG’s infamous KILLADELPHIA was recorded at my beloved Trocadero Theater! Tonight’s mayhem is at the Electric Factory and thrash veterans Anthrax are opening up. This is the first LoG show in Philly in a while and they are supporting last year’s VII STURM UND DRANG while Anthrax is getting ready to release FOR ALL KINGS next month. Sounds like a good Saturday night to me! Onto the Electric Factory!


The Electric Factory is a semi-famous venue that is really kind of a shithole. The original Electric Factory at 22nd and Arch Street (1968 – 1973) had acts like Jefferson Airplane (my uncle who’s a priest went to that!), Vanilla Fudge, Jimi Hendrix, etc. The modern version at 421 North 7th Street opened in 1994. I’ve been here many times for various acts. It is a general admission theater (capacity 2,500) with an upstairs bar that has some seating. The place tends to get oversold and tonight we were packed in like fucking sardines, luckily it wasn’t hot as balls in there for a change. Sound quality is ok, stage is spacious, pit is large, but often overfilled, and lighting is so-so. Parking sucks, we ended up a few blocks away. Place looks beat, would help if somebody took a paintbrush to it and cleaned it up a bit.



About 8:30 Anthrax took the stage and dove into an explosive version of “Fight ‘Em Till You Can’t”. Jon and Scott’s guitars were heavy with chunky riffs while Charlie and Frankie provided a thunderous backdrop. Joey’s vocals were strong at times, not at others and his mic cut out a few times. Overall, the band sounded tighter than they did when I last saw them in September with Motorhead, but Joey wasn’t as on. At this point the Anthrax set has become pretty predictable as I’ve seen them 15 times now. Only surprises in the set were new song “Evil Twin”, a real thrasher that I dug, instrumental “March of the S.O.D”, and the crushing closer “Among the Living” (best song of the set, killer riffs from Scott, FOLLOW ME OR DIE!). Rest of the set was good staples like “Caught in a Mosh” (STOMP STOMP STOMP!), “Antisocial”, (great audience participation!) and “Indians” (PPP-PREDJUDICE!). Before “Evil Twin”, Scott addressed the crowd and said they had just been in town last September with Motorhead, which started a Lemmy chant! I thought Anthrax was going to play a Motorhead song in tribute to the fallen King of Rock n Roll and Metal, but it was not to be. “In The End” featured banners of Ronnie and Dime, but nothing for Lemmy? Come on, Dime’s been dead 11 years and Ronnie almost 6, Lemmy just died less than a month ago. Just sayin’. Anthrax always puts on a good show and I do feel that they are one of the best live thrash bands around; I just need a little more variety. Maybe a headlining tour supporting FOR ALL KINGS later this year will give us just that.


  1. Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t
  2. Got the Time
  3. Caught in a Mosh
  4. Antisocial
  5. Evil Twin
  6. March of the S.O.D.
  7. In the End
  8. Indians
  9. Among the Living











You could feel the energy building. Screens on stage showed destruction, buildings collapsing (looked like the beginning of WOLFEN, if anyone knows that movie!) as the crowd began to get swept up into a frenzy. Then LoG took the stage and started cranking “Desolation” and the whole floor began to move! Randy was very animated as he shrieked and the band was tight, together, and feral. Fresh off working with Megadeth, Chris Adler laid down some sick drumming, providing the foundation for the ass kicking. LoG and the crowd clearly feed off each other’s energy, the heavier LoG played the nuttier the crowd got. “Walk With Me in Hell” was pretty fucking wild! Things were off to a killer start!


Randy addressed the crowd after “Walk” and said Philadelphia was the first city to give LoG a good response back in the day, and that’s why KILLADELPHIA was recorded here. There is definitely a mutual love and respect between LoG and Philly. Philly is a good metal town for established acts like LoG, Metallica, Slayer, Overkill, etc.


The set featured 4 new songs (“512”, “Still Echoes”, “Overlord” and “Erase This”) from VII STURM UND DRANG. “Overlord” is the first LoG song with clean vocals from Randy, it sounded fine but I’m not a fan of mixing vocal styles. Response to the new material was good. Best songs of the set included “Now You’ve Got Something to Die For” and the well known closer “Redneck”. Overall, good set.


LoG is a must see live when they come to Philly. This is as close as you’ll get to the craziness of seeing Pantera live in the 90s (I did that twice). Check them out when they come to your town.


  1. Desolation
  2. 512
  3. Walk with Me in Hell
  4. Still Echoes
  5. Ruin
  6. The Subtle Arts of Murder and Persuasion
  7. Overlord
  8. The Faded Line
  9. Now You’ve Got Something to Die For
  10. Set to Fail
  11. Blacken the Cursed Sun
  12. Erase This
  13. Vigil
  14. Laid to Rest
  15. Redneck




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Split Heaven – New video for “Speed of the Hawk” + short Q&A with band’s drummer

January 25th, 2016
by EvilG

Split Heaven has just released their brand new video for the song “Speed of the Hawk” from forthcoming album, DEATH RIDER (details here).

SPLIT HEAVEN - DEATH RIDER - Release Date: March 25th 2016

SPLIT HEAVEN – DEATH RIDER – Release Date: March 25th 2016

Here’s a really quick Q&A with Split Heaven’s drummer, Tomas!

Tell us about the new video – how the concept came about, where it was filmed, etc.

It was filmed in our hometown, Querétaro, at Sonic Attack studio during the recording process of the new album “Death Rider”. We had to be quick or dead because Jason had only 17 days to sing the whole album, shoot the video, make the photo session, drink beer & tequila and partying like hell haha. The concept was easy: to shoot a classic heavy metal video, raw and direct as the recording was, having fun and enjoying our life as metalheads.

Why did you choose the song “Speed of the Hawk”? Is it representative of the music on the rest of the album?

Well, Speed Of The Hawk has everything that a good heavy metal song needs, speed, a sticky chorus and twin guitars haha, so it was easy to choose it. You know, is the classic concept: party, beer, tequila, Jack Daniel’s, studio, good vinyls, good friends and playing live! The other songs on the album have more meaning and some express our non-conformity with the shit happening in our country, so it was more difficult to shoot a video, we had no time to produce something bigger.

What do you think is different about the new album (DEATH RIDER) from your previous material?

Every album is different, but honestly with Death Rider we’re back to the roots and its much more professional in every way. First of all we decided to make the things we as a band like and that is speed; second, Jason on vocals makes our music reach the top levels, we understand each other very easily. Third point is the sound, old as hell and finally the songwriting, we are all participating in the composition with the main objective in our heads: have fun and playing traditional heavy metal.

Do you plan to do any other videos from the album or is it too soon to say?

It is too soon to say, maybe a lyric video but we need to wait a little bit more.

What other plans for 2016 do you have that you’d like to let people know about?

Not too much to be honest, maybe some festivals outside Mexico and some special gigs in our country, we had to cancel two summer festivals in Germany due to economic reasons. But wait for the next year! cuz we’re hitting the road on Europe again! Fuck yeah.

Thanks to you man, play it fucking loud!


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R.I.P. JIMMY BAIN – Yet Another Rock/Metal Legend Dies

January 24th, 2016
by EvilG

2016 has barely begun and it has not been kind to our aging rockers.  The latest causality is RAINBOW and DIO bassist Jimmy Bain who has reportedly has passed away at the age of 68. The news was was posted on Instagram by Diana Deville, a longtime employee of Wendy Dio’s Niji Management. More details about his death will be posted as soon as they become available.

Since 2013, Bain has been a member of LAST IN LINE, also featuring his fellow ex-DIO bandmates Vivian Campbell and Vinny Appice along with singer Andrew Freeman. LAST IN LINE performed in Miami, Florida on January 20 and was currently taking part in DEF LEPPARD’s inaugural “Hysteria On The High Seas” cruise.">

A message from Vivian Campbell..It’s with the heaviest of hearts that I must confirm the news of the passing of our…

Posted by Last In Line on Sunday, 24 January 2016

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Elvaron – 5th album coming in April

January 24th, 2016
by EvilG

20 years after their first release, ELVARON is coming back with a 5th album called ‘Ghost of a blood tie’ that will be released in April 11, 2016.

Here is the track-listing:

1. The journey within 7:38

2. Silent windows 9:03

3. A price to pay 5:39

4. From a brother to a shadow 6:57

5. No town of mine 9:01

6. Run away in fright 6:54

7. Distant shores 3:27

8. The man who wears my face 15:15


Elvaron is a modern progressive metal band evolving in a fantastic literary universe. Elvaron gathers many musical influences of prog-masters like Rush, Symphony X or Dream Theater while retaining a more aggressive US thrash-legends power like Overkill or Testament.


The new album ‘Ghost of a blood tie’ sets to music the texts of the French author of Fantasy

Melanie Fazi (Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire, Prix Masterton) written specifically for this album.


The new album can already be pre-ordered on



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Kataklysm / Septic Flesh / Aborted : Nosturi Helsinki Finland

January 22nd, 2016
by Arto Lehtinen


Seeing a huge line circulating outside the Nosturi club was truly an expected view, but a real surprising nice and welcomed one. The club was nearly packed by hundreds of people, but it was the Saturday evening people had crawled out of holes to have a few drinks and enjoy the grinding deadly brutality of these three bands.

Kataklysm was supposed to support Bolt Thrower back in 2006, but their gear got lost on the way to Helsinki from Amsterdam. However it took nearly 10 years to pay up to the missing gig. Therefore seeing such a huge amount of people at the gig was truly relief and wish to see more these kinds of packages in Finland.

The Belgium Aborted kicked the night. Aborted’s grinding core death offered a real knockout set of hyper blasting beats and ripping sonic torment riff. The band appeared to be on fire on the stage, raging with the ultimate passion. The crowd appeared to have entered to witness Aborted live. Both the crowd and the band definitely caused the best uncontrolled performance of the night.



The Greek Septicflesh made the debut visit at the Jalometalli Oper Air metal fest a few years ago. Doing the second stint to Finland along with two other bands turned out to be a good and wise combination. Septicflesh got a warm reception from the audience. The bombastic and apocalyptic songs with the powerful approach spellbounded half the audience whereas half the other couldn’t stand any second of Septicflesh’s apocalyptic sounds and songs decided to leave the hall.

IMG_7070 IMG_7042 IMG_7051


When Kataklysm was about to start, it was noticeable all of a sudden there was more room to move at the venue. Seriously did people leave the venue before Kataklysm kicked of ? How odd indeed. Well the canucks didn’t get depressed about that and unleashed the brutality of technical death metal. The four piece metal patrol delivered a good set of songs from the long career. Kataklysm’s murderous deadly metal with the modern grip sounded a bit monotous time to time.However the four piece delivered a good set of all in all 15 songs in a row.

IMG_7157IMG_7173These kinds of package tours are truly essential to pull a good amount of people to the show. Especially in this case the club was pretty packed and the atmosphere was tremendous great. Even though some people left the venue after some certain bands, that didn’t prevent the rest of the crowd from havinf fun and enjoying the night. These kinds of tours are welcomed.

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