Steve’N’Seagulls Are Brothers In Farms… Really!

June 21st, 2016
by Celtic Bob

Viral Internet sensation STEVE’N’SEAGULLS are back. Their second album Brothers in Farms is due out September 9 via Spinefarm.

For the uninitiated, Finland’s S’N’S shot to fame thanks to their bluegrass covers of metal classics, which spread across the w-w-w and garnered fans all over the world and racked up millions of views.

September 21, 2015 was eventually christened STEVE’N’SEAGULLS Day in the entire state of Colorado, while the band also covered The Beastie Boys’ hit “Sabotage” for The AV Club, toured the U.S., bringing their folk metal madrigrals to the masses, and appeared at the annual SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, last Spring.

The first single for their hillbillified cover of Iron Maiden’s “Aces High” is slated for release on July 21, with the video following on August 3.

U.S. tour dates are below.


9/23 – Knitting Factory | Brooklyn, N.Y.
9/24 – Rowdy on the Roof | Cumberland, Md.
9/25 – Haymarket Whiskey Bar | Louisville, Ky.
9/26 – Cosmic Charlie’s | Lexington, Ky.
9/27 – The Hi-Fi | Indianapolis, Ind.
9/28 – Duck Room | St.Louis, Mo.
9/29 – George’s Majestic Lounge | Fayetteville, Ark.
9/30 – Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival | Guthrie, Ola.
10/1 – The Riot Room | Kansas City, Mo.
10/2 – 7th Street Rascals Live | Moline, Ill.
10/4 – Vaudeville Mews | Des Moines, Iowa
10/5 -The Frequency | Madison, Wis.
10/6 – Rose Music Hal |, Columbia, Mo.
10/7 – O’Leaver’s Omaha | Neb.
10/8 The Armory Performing Arts Center | Brighton, Colo.

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Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper sign to Dissonance Productions

June 20th, 2016
by Celtic Bob


Dissonance Productions proudly announces the worldwide signing of Steve Grimmett’s GRIM REAPER. The recently launched rock/metal label will release the band’s new album, Walking In The Shadows, on September 23. It will be the band’s first new recording since 1987’s Rock You To Hell. Pre-order information for the album’s standard and limited edition digipak formats will be announced shortly.

The release of Walking In The Shadows has been an anticipated announcement by fans of the British metal band for more than two decades. Vocalist/band leader Steve Grimmett shared to fans via a Facebook posting in early January noting, “2016 has started and that means only 29 days until I start touring again. This year it’s Europe then North America, South America, plus a new album… bring it on!” He continued in discussing the new album saying, “I am tremendously proud of the album. It has taken a long time because it has been fraught with problems, but we have ended up with the best thing I have done in decades. We’re all looking forward to bring it to the fans and excited to be doing a world tour, starting straight after its release, and carrying on until 2017.”

Surrounding himself with an all new band, Grimmett recently completed a 22-date North American tour. The tour, including stops in New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Antonio, and Austin. Due to its success, the band recently announced a planned return in the autumn to support the new album after release.

GRIM REAPER’s story begins in 1979 after successfully fighting off hundreds of bands in a local Battle Of The Bands competition. This win, combined with an already sizeable following, aroused the interest of Ebony Records. Signing with the small UK label, GRIM REAPER released three albums in rapid succession to international acclaim. Due to legal turmoil with Ebony, GRIM REAPER would disband in 1988. Grimmett would go on to record with Onslaught, Lionsheart, and more recently The Sanity Days debut Evil Beyond Belief. His renowed vocal range remains one of metal’s most identifiable with loyal fans turning out in numbers to hear him perform.

Since reforming in 2006, Steve Grimmett’s GRIM REAPER has made several European festival appearances including Germany’s Keep It True, England’s British Steel, Belgium’s Heavy Sound, and Sweden’s Muskelrock. Steve Grimmett’s GRIM REAPER will perform next on June 18 at Rock The Ball in Hungerford, England. It is a charity event for Marie Curie . The band will also headline London Camden Underworld on the 23rd September, the show will be the European launch event for the new album.

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Motörhead’s ‘Clean Your Clock’ Out Now

June 20th, 2016
by Celtic Bob


They were the Kings of the Road. They lived on it. They loved it and the fans loved them!

Never was the spirit of Motörhead more alive than when they were on tour, shake, rattle and rolling audiences to within an inch of their lives thanks to that indomitable cocktail of power, purpose and head-crunching volume.  In fact, after four decades of bone-pulverizing duty, Motörhead were still enjoying sold-out gigs worldwide.

On November 20th and 21st 2015, at the Zenith in Munich, Germany, UDR Records made the decision to record  – what happened to be the very last live shows ever recorded  – and Motörhead proceeded to deliver two storming sold out shows.  Where there had once been almost too-fast breakneck pace, there was measured yet still thunderous rock’n’roll served up only as they could, Phil Campbell playing better and better, and Mikkey Dee elevating the art of drumming to the superlative heights which made him one of metal’s most coveted skinsmen.

He sounds so dialed in, a little mean even (in the best possible way) snarling here and there, cackling when appropriate, and singing in a way which will defy every single pre-conceived expectation you might have had.  Yes, he was fighting ailments.  But no, he was not flimsy or faded, in fact on Clean Your Clock he lays down the marker for all near-70 year olds in terms of wicked bad-assery.

Those first strains of the mighty “Bomber” are like a salve to all heavy metal souls, the reverberant classic forcing you to turn it up, Lemmy snarling and roaring. “Metropolis” grooving like the day it was written, and “Overkill” as mighty as ever…. And  here is the unavoidable truth.  There will be no more Motörhead tours because Lemmy is no longer here, and many, many people did not get a chance to hear them one more time on what proved to be their last-ever piece of road work.
Which makes Clean Your Clock a vitally important release.  It is both a celebration and an epitaph, glorious yet not without melancholy, maintaining the warmth and curve of Motörhead’s unique live sound.

Clean Your Clock is the natural sound of one of rock’n’roll’s mightiest, rarest and most astoundingly excellent beasts – Motörhead.  There isn’t a plaudit they haven’t received and there isn’t a plaudit they don’t deserve.  And if there had to be a ‘final’ Motörhead album, perhaps it is fitting that Clean Your Clock, a superb live encapsulation of the band at home, is the one.

So TURN-THIS-UP because as Lemmy himself said, the only way to feel the noise is when it’s good and loud… and remember Lemmy and Motörhead in the best possible way !!!

Bomber / Stay Clean / Metropolis / When The Sky Comes Looking For You / Over The Top / (Guitar Solo) The Chase Is Better Than The Catch / Lost Woman Blues/ Rock It / Orgasmatron / Doctor Rock / Just ‘Cos You Got The Power/ No Class/ Ace Of Spades/ Whorehouse Blues / Overkill
Jewel Case (audio only) / 12” Colored Double Vinyl (audio only) with pop-up art, DVD/CD Mini Gatefold (audio/video) / BluRay/CD Mini Gatefold (audio/video), Boxset (12” Colored Double Vinyl with pop-up art, DVD, BluRay, Metal Pin (audio video) / Digital Audio (audio only).

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Primal Fear and Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody – Ruling Montreal & Toronto

June 19th, 2016
by EvilG

Primal Fear and Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody

Monday May 30 @ Club Soda, Montreal
Wednesday June 1 @ Virgin Mobile Mod Club, Toronto

Primal Fear and Luca Turilli's Rhapsody Monday May 30 @ Club Soda, Montreal Wednesday June 1 @ Virgin Mobile Mod Club, Toronto

Primal Fear and Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody

Review by EvilG
Photos by Karen Saunders

A couple of additional pics taken by EvilG 

Every time Primal Fear tours North America, I travel and attend. They are after all, one of my favorite bands. On our shores, they commonly tour by themselves and rely upon local openers. This time however, things are different as we get treated to a co-headlining tour featuring Primal Fear and Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody. Rhapsody doesn’t tour over this way quite as often as Primal Fear, so they were high on my bucket list of bands to see and have been since I first heard them in the late 90’s. A match this amazing doesn’t happen that often, so we decided to see the show two times. It was interesting to witness the same show in two very different Canadian cities to see the different reactions from the audience.

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New ACCEPT Book By Author Extraordinaire Martin Popoff Out Now

June 17th, 2016
by Celtic Bob

German heavy metal heroes Accept have been headbanging their way around the world since 1979, creating along the way three of the finest metal albums of all time in Restless and Wild, Balls to the Wall and Metal Heart, with 1981’s Breaker even serving as a cult favourite of those in the know.

image002.gifFronted by diminutive shrieker Udo Dirkschneider, the band crafted an intelligent and professional sound somewhere along the axis from AC/DC to Judas Priest, which found Accept going gold on the strength of their superlative Balls to the Wall record of 1983.

Acrimony between Udo and the guys caused the shocking ouster of their lead singer for 1989’s Eat the Heat, and a reunion in the ‘90s didn’t last, causing renewed tensions. Now back with Mark Tornillo belting it out, Accept have created a trio of rock-solid records that finds the band back in charge and cranking out anthems new and old on stages the world over.

Come celebrate the career of heavy metal’s beloved Teutonic terrors, in this first book ever on the band in any language. It’s guaranteed that Popoff’s celebrated song-by-song analysis will have you scurrying back to the catalogue screaming for another love-bite, faster than a shark out of the dark and headbanging over the course of many long neon nights.

Price including shipping:
US orders: 33.00 US funds
Int’l orders (all books go air): $38.00 US funds
Canadian orders: $36.00 Cdn. funds

PayPal happily accepted. Ask me if you’d like a PayPal invoice (please indicate what country you are in), or just do yer usual and direct funds to

Sweet postage savings to be had for multiple orders (or two of pretty much anything—long story, ask me!), especially for US orders.

Or mail payment (personal check in US funds, cash, or INTERNATIONAL money order), to:
Martin Popoff
P.O. Box 65208, 358 Danforth Ave.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4K 2Z2

Email me at with any further questions, and see for descriptions, cover art and ordering info for my other available 30 or so books (and no, the Accept book won’t be up at the site for another 10 days or so but I am indeed taking orders!).

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June 16th, 2016
by Metal Rules

Helix - (Gene Simmons says) Rock is Dead

Helix – (Gene Simmons says) Rock is Dead

“I am so sad that the next 15-year-old kid in a garage someplace in St. Paul, that plugs into his Marshall and wants to turn it up to 10, will not have anywhere near the same opportunity that I did,” Simmons said. “He will most likely, no matter what he does, fail miserably.”

Simmons blamed a lack of industry support, piracy and a lack of appreciation for “the creators.”

“It’s very sad for new bands. … They just don’t have a chance,” he said. “You’re better off not even learning how to play guitar or write songs.” Today’s songwriters and creators are more likely to work behind the scenes than practicing and testing their material out on stage, he added.

“The death of rock was not a natural death. Rock did not die of old age. It was murdered,” he said.

Simmons, of course, is far from the first to lament the decline of rock. In 1972, the Who sang “Rock is dead, they say” in “Long Live Rock,” a finger in the eye to those who believed the music wasn’t what it was a few years earlier. In 2009, guitarist and “Underground Garage” host Steven Van Zandt gave a speech at SXSW, “A Crisis of Craft,” that observed that one reason nobody’s buying records is “because they suck.”

In blogs and on Twitter, reaction was largely negative to Simmons’ statements.

“Business models for the music industry will come and go. But rock will never die,” wrote Bill Brenner.

“So What’s This About Rock Finally Being Dead? I Beg to Disagree, Gene Simmons,” was the headline of a column by Alan Cross on “A Journal of Musical Things.”

And the Foo Fighters were probably the pithiest.

“Not so fast, Mr. God of Thunder,” the Dave Grohl-led band tweeted.

Simmons, however, doesn’t think there’s much future in the genre.

The song & CD are available through Planet Helix.

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Crucified Barbara break up

June 15th, 2016
by EvilG


Hey everyone!

Today we are sad to say that a long journey has come to an end. Crucified Barbara were our dream and you all, made it come true!

The times we’ had together as a band and shared on (and off) stage with you guys, leaves memories that no time can kill.

Our lives have parted and we need to move on. The last years have taken its toll on all of us and the joy of playing together got lost somewhere along the way.
But we are musicians at heart and the last chord is not taken for any of us, so we will probably see each other again, under different circumstances and in other variations.

Thanks to everyone we worked with during the years who believed in us when no one else did.
But without you, our fans, we wouldn’ have seen the beauty and the strength of what rock music can do.

Thank you again for making our dream come true!

All the best and biggest respect!


Crucified Barbara
Mia, Klara, Nicki, Ida

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Steelfest – Hyvinkää Finland

June 14th, 2016
by Arto Lehtinen


Steelfest offering one hell of line-up once again is a perfect festival for those ones longing for small event, yet having extreme metal on the bill..  All in all 20 bands from different countries offered one kind of unique festival in the centrum of a small town in Southern Finland. The old ancient buildings with the tremendous great environment with the amazing weather gave the absolute positive vibe for the whole weekend.  Metal-Rules.Com made a visit at Steelfest to witness several great gigs.

Article by Arto Lehtinen & Timo Hanhirova
Pics by Arto Lehtinen


Jyväskylä’s very own Black Metal group Saturnian Mist was the first band of this year’s Steelfest and I’m somewhat happy that there wasn’t that many people to see this excruciating crapfest. Their Slipknot antics are just way too much for me. Theaw totally unnecessary drummer guys seems to be there just that they can bring couple friends to backstage with them as they bring absolutely nothing to music. At least the left-side drummer guy wasn’t totally wasted like in Tallinn’s Howls of Winter so he actually managed to hit the drum most the time. So kudos to that. But yes, Saturnian Mist looks dumb and they sound really boring, next!

Radical politics aren’t something that Steelfest has been traditionally steered away from and inclusion of Finnish Black Metal band White Death was yet again a proof of that. Hatefully charged youth got some much needed warm-up before better-known bands of the radical scene. Band includes members from Lappeenranta scene bands and style-wise it’s not far removed from those other LPR hordes like Hammer, Satanic Warmaster et cetera, you know the deal: melodic, really Finnish sounding raw black metal it was, nothing surprising there. What I didn’t like is the general immaturity of their image at stage. They aren’t as stupid as Saturnian Mist before them, but still not great either. I know that Finnish bands tend to focus on aesthetics less then their Scandinavian counterparts, and many times it’s a good thing, but come on, you don’t have to look laughable, do you?


IMG_9332 IMG_9327 IMG_9320
IMG_9331 IMG_9321 IMG_9330

Czechs of Inferno was pretty good in the Helsinki’s Black Flames of Blasphemy couple years ago and they were pretty good now. They matured their sound from basic black metal of earlier records to something flirting with current religious current and the end product is surprisingly viable. Usually I don’t dig when bands jump to the hype wagon but cheering to Inferno felt a bit special underground treat as there were so few people attending. They played early, they aren’t well-known nor they are outright nazis so no love from the audience this time, sadly. The “mystic and occult” antics of the singer are totally clichéd by the way, but I let it slip this time as show was otherwise satisfactory..


IMG_9349 IMG_9344 IMG_9342
IMG_9339 IMG_9337  IMG_9352

Demonical feat. ex or current members of Centinex gave the more death metal oriented gig. The band relied on the old school approach and delivered pretty basic death metal outburst.

IMG_9377 IMG_9364 IMG_9361


Goatmoon is known for toying with the extreme right wing idealogy. The band didn’t hide that aspect at all, just instead let it speak for themselves. Basically it was interesting to witness how the crowd might be into Goatmoon and the ideology presented by them. Indeed the band pulled a nice huge crowd to salute with the raising hands. Besides the extreme black metal assault, having more folk oriented approach with the pipe and third guitarist came a bit of out of blue for sure for most of people.

IMG_9488 IMG_9487 IMG_9505
IMG_9493 IMG_9492 IMG_9501

Blasphemy have gigged in Finland quite a lot during the past few years. Therefore seeing them once again wasn’t that dramatic feeling and experience as they made the debut visit at Finland several years ago. However the bassist giant V Kusabs was absent for a reason or another, however the Canadian black metal skinheads relied on the force of the one guitar and the basswork by Deathlord. Blasphemy is definitely brutal and barbaric as far as the musical approach is concerned. Black Winds is definitely an eerie looking frontman with the brutal voice and raw outlook.

IMG_9540 IMG_9531 IMG_9538
IMG_9541 IMG_9526 IMG_9527

IMG_9535 IMG_9551

Local Lathspell has been around for a while and churning out record after record but I must admit that this it the first time I really invested time to see and hear these guys. And I was pretty pleased actually. They are most definitely elite among the Hyvinkää scene. Their black metal is focusing to just the right things and not gimmick and bullshit. Songs are mainly long but still they have good riffs and they don’t end up being totally repetitious. And what I liked also was that they actually invested something to look even remotely cool on stage with their chainmail shirts. Lathspell was the most pleasing surprise so far in the festival and I’ll try to give a go to their albums some day.

IMG_9423 IMG_9413 IMG_9407
IMG_9404 IMG_9400 IMG_9399


When Ukraine’s Kroda played in Finland first time with Temnozor ages ago I remember that while I liked their show hen, they were trumped by the sheer excellence of the headliner. Now they didn’t have Temnozor as their nemesis and boy they were good and convincing. They have just the right amount of folky touches but they are still raw enough to be considered real black metal and not some shitty world music. They sound razor-sharp and they look good, what’s not to love? Their gid was clearly one of the highlights of the weekend and reignited my lost interest towards this band.

IMG_9578 IMG_9585 IMG_9580
IMG_9566 IMG_9564 IMG_9575

Oh my, Sadistic Intent blew me away, again. I’ve seen these guys too many times and still they come up big, nasty and superior in every way imaginable. And yes, they also play these same (excellent) songs in every gig and still be able to slay. They have just this charisma of monolithic, larger than life, death metal legend. What they really are not, frankly, without even one real full-length album in their resume. Fellas, you have to release it already and join the caste of real legends. But I guess when you are throwing gigs in other continents with just some EPs under your belt you’ve been doing something right down of the road.

IMG_9678 IMG_9663 IMG_9662
IMG_9670 IMG_9664 IMG_9659
IMG_9669 IMG_9660 IMG_9654

1349 has gained the monumental status as another brutal more straight forward played black metal from Norway. The primitive black metal approach is accomplished by the Satyricon batteryman Frost beating the drum with the skilled timing style. His playing was definitely spellbounding and tight as following his playing was definitely obvious. The brutal approach by 1349 started sounding a bit dull in the long run, however the whole set wasn’t the blasting black metal metal though. The band has unleashed the fiery brutality on newer outputs as well, sounding infernal nihilistic as well. 1349 being the last band of the day was a great way to conclude the first day.


IMG_9718 IMG_9699 IMG_9686
IMG_9702 IMG_9698 IMG_9684

IMG_9694 IMG_9740


The first real band of Saturday, Malicious, is a local band that released their debut MLP while ago but unfortunately audience didn’t either know these guys nor cared. Whatever the reason was, they still tried to bring their A game to those literally few people front of the stage. I have to say that I like these young blokes. They are like a bit less affected version of Upsala scene bands, as Finns from Hyvinkää just can’t be as self-aware. They also have their kin in Åland’s Vorum. And that means that their brand of death metal is aggressive and full of vigor of youth, just the way it should be.

IMG_9771 IMG_9769 IMG_9764
IMG_9769 IMG_9770 IMG_9763

Sarkom is another less-known band Steelfest brings from the B league of Norway’s Black Metal scene. This time I was splendidly surprised by the quality of their stuff. I’ve been spinning some records in the past but they left no memory marks. Now they showed that their material is working fine in the live setting. They surely have just basic stuff and nothing really shiny moments, but still pressing the right buttons with some tasty riffs. I have to say that I watched this way more willingly than 1349’s fast but numbing attack night before even band are playing in totally different leagues.

IMG_9800 IMG_9780 IMG_9793

Mörbid Vomit’s debut album titled Doctrine Of Violence saw the light of day a year and was praised as one hell of a debut album. The album presents the technical and brutal death metal in a way as it is supposed to. The four piece delivers the tight and skilled death metal playing ever live at the stage. The band truly did a brutal slap of the straight forward, yet technical death metal by hammering the songs off from the debut album down to the audience. The outfit doesn’t joke or fool, just being loyal to the real death metal roots.

IMG_9838 IMG_9833 IMG_9822
IMG_9836 IMG_9831 IMG_9826

Skyforger from Latvia is familiar band from the past Finnish tours and festivals so I wasn’t totally excited to see them beforehand. Given that fact, the gig was yet again a testimony that these guys are good what they are doing. I like the old stuff (first 2 albums or so) and they went maybe a bit too folky after that for my taste buds, but still quite good stuff in general. And of course old gems were cherries on the top the cake. ‘Kiitos’ they said in Finnish with surprisingly good pronunciation.

IMG_9921 IMG_9918 IMG_9910
IMG_9895 IMG_9920 IMG_9893


Sawhill Sacrifice being the local black metal squad  unleashed . The band has been gigging for example in China. However it was rumoured there will be some eye capturing performance. The local black metal squad delivered the brutal and barbaric set of the grim sounding black metal for sure. As for the eye capturing performance a couple of ladies entirely covered in blood hit the stage.

IMG_9955 IMG_9949 IMG_9946
IMG_9944 IMG_9941 IMG_9947


Diabolical was ….how to say nicely…. kind of sounded of out of tune and to be honest thruout the whole set. Sorry guys, the sounds were messy and the band sounded pretty boring in the long run.

IMG_9869 IMG_9881 IMG_9868
IMG_9885 IMG_9872 IMG_9867

Necromancer played at Steelfest a couple of years by doing the blast from the past old school set of their 80’s speed metal stuff. The band played indoor stage creating the more suitable place whereas as for their gig at the outdoor stage. Well if this was their farewell gig, it could have been much tighter and even extreme aggressive. Playing under the burning and bright sun wasn’t speedy. All in all there was a bit too much hassling in the performance as the band should have banged the stuff with the ultimate rage.

IMG_9960 IMG_9958 IMG_9957

Impaled Nazarene has always managed to create the controversy and war of words  all over these years. This gig wasn’t any exception what comes to the singer’s vocabulary assault toward the former Thy Serpent member and the current owner of the KVLT record shop. Obviously there has been some verbal  fighting and it was let it go now. However Impaled Nazarene has always been savage and merciless on the stage giving no mercy. The set was based on covering the wide career even from the ep up to the latest effort. Of course Impaled Nazarene dedicated MotorPenis for Lemmy. Impaled Nazarene turned to be extreme sadistic merciless live act indeed. The frontman’s character and voice are those aspects truly dominating  the audience to worship the band. The music is yet brutal and uncompromising perversity.

IMG_9996 IMG_9984 IMG_9992
IMG_9993 IMG_9986 IMG_9983

Denial Of God is the long time black metal veteran, already formed back 1991. Despite the longevity, the Danish black metallers haven’t been productive. Anyway the cult group hit the stage at Steelfest to spread the Danish black metal approach. It was more apparent the crowd worshipped Denial Of God’s black mass ritualistic show. Denial Of God sounded evil and presents the basic the black metal elements.

IMG_0092 IMG_0069 IMG_0089

Ragnarok from Norway… As a matter of fact five Norwegian blacked metal bands had been booked to share the stage with other bands, but the Norwegian black metallers definitely pull a lot of crowd as well as they are still able to unleash the infernal black metal blitzkrieg. As for Ragnarok, after having gone thru line-up changes Ragnarok still sounds evil and grim. The set was kicked with the kind of Motorheadish slogan “We are Ragnarok, we are here to play the Norwegian black metal”. They did indeed and conquered the audience.

IMG_0109 IMG_0103 IMG_0101

Batushka is the name of new hype from Poland and while I was eager to see them live, in the end I deemed them somewhat pretentious, calculated affair. They have it all, mysterious murmuring, ritualistic chants, occult hand gestures and what’s the most important nowadays, really cool robes with some orthodox imaginary. I appreciate the effort, I really do. But what about the music then? Nice, but not that nice. They have some good parts in their super-mystical esoteric stuff and they have good flow but mostly I ended up thinking that is this really so superior to merit all the hype? Probably not but this was something that has to be seen in 2016 and now I did, so todo list has one less item.


IMG_0152 IMG_0150 IMG_0148
IMG_0139 IMG_0149 IMG_0143



While Rob Darken of Graveland did some recent press angering his core fans saying that Graveland is not racial nor political anymore and he actually wants that everybody can enjoy Graveland’s music, this band is still something to behold in the “normal” festival settings. The reputation is still damn big, and it’s not a good reputation. But while some hate Graveland, I argue that their early material is really magnificent piece of Black Metal history. And gladly they still played choice cuts from the In the glare of Burning Churches era of raw black metal in their third gig. Then there were epics like Thousand Swords. Such a good stuff that gave me chills. Rob’s live lineup is bunch of hired guns but it was nice to hear this competent drummer to play homages to infamous Capricornus. And Darken himself is probably generating some controversy with his hippie style dance moves on stage, or let’s say they are just paganic. Nevertheless Darken did make a right choice to bring Graveland to stages. I just hope that he won’t overstay his welcomes and keeps this in right, underground, context.


IMG_0224 IMG_0207 IMG_0216
IMG_0222 IMG_0215 IMG_0208


Gorgoroth with Hoest from Taake once again on the mic hit stage right after the midnight. As a matter of fact Gorgoroth is supposed to have another singer, but apparently Hoest handles the live performance. Besides Gorgoroth went thru the mandatory line-up changes when Frank Watkins passed away some time ago and had to recruit a new guy. As for the performance Infernus’ Gorgoroth sounded brutal as well as chaotic barbaric. Hoest’ s commander role on the stage turned out to be such dominating and in a way uncontrolled behaving. The band raged with the brutal and barbaric passion thru the whole show. Gorgoroth is mean and truly presenting all evilness.

IMG_0291 IMG_0288 IMG_0314
IMG_0282 IMG_0277  IMG_0289

Steelfest was nothing but a tremendous blast from the beginning to the end. The line-up was once again extremely amazing even though the organization of the Steelfest were struggling a few unexpected cancellations and had to pull through by booking replacements. However these replacements were highly appreciate among the crowd. As for the continuation of Steelfest, well to be honest it remains to be seen. All kinds of expectations and speculations have been thrown into the air. It would be truly awesome to see Steelfest return with extreme strong line-up. 

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FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Announce Canadian Tour

June 14th, 2016
by Celtic Bob

We took this Demand Campaign everywhere. We had huge success with it in the USA, and in Europe it even won the ‘Arena Tour Of The Year’ award… It’s not surprising in a way as it is inclusive of the fans – they vote and we are listening. What a concept, right? Nobody learns from talking, you learn from listening.” – Zoltan Bathory

If you’re receiving this email, it’s because you were integral part of making this tour happen. You voted and posted, commented and shared… helping us to determine exactly where you wanted to see this show. And now, we want to say thank you.

Beginning  at 10AM local time, you can access a limited number of discounted pre-sale seats by visiting our Official Site and using the code:


There will also be a limited number of standard price floor tickets + prime seating available using the code:

PLEASE NOTE: Discount does not apply to VIP Packages,
which will also be available beginning tomorrow at 10AM local time.


September 9 – ABBOTSFORD, BC
September 10 – PENTICTON, BC
September 11 – CALGARY, AB
September 13 – LETHBRIDGE, AB
September 14 – REGINA, SK
September 16 – MEDICINE HAT, AB
September 17 – EDMONTON, AB
September 18 – SASKATOON, SK
September 20 – WINNIPEG, MB
September 23 – OSHAWA, ON
September 24 – LONDON, ON
September 27 – MONCTON, NB
September 28 – HALIFAX, NS

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Interview with Dave Ingram, Vocalist of Hail of Bullets

June 14th, 2016
by Infamous Butcher

Interview with Dave Ingram, Vocalist of Hail of Bullets

June 13, 2016

Interview by InfamousButcher

Dave Ingram

All extreme metal fans are familiar with the work of Dave Ingram. The vocalist fronted Benediction during their heyday in the 90’s, growling his way through classic albums like THE GRAND LEVELLER and TRANSCEND THE RUBICON. He also had a memorable turn in Bolt Thrower on HONOUR, VALOUR, PRIDE and has been involved with numerous other projects. Most recently he joined Hail of Bullets as their new singer. I was lucky enough to witness their mind-blowing performance at Maryland DeathFest XIV last month with Dave at the helm for the first time! Let me tell you, I’ve seen a lot of shit, and this was one for the ages! I did have the pleasure of meeting Dave at MDF, but due to timing we ended up conducting the interview remotely.

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“METAL MELTDOWN” New Series Of Four Concert DVDs Set To Launch With July 22 Release Of ‘Metal Meltdown – Featuring Twisted Sister Live At The Hard Rock Casino – Las Vegas’

June 13th, 2016
by Celtic Bob

The first “Metal Meltdown” concert series event kicked off at The Joint at the world famous Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas on May 30, 2015. Legendary, multi-Platinum selling rockers Twisted Sister performed an explosive 90-minute concert of their biggest hits spanning their 40-year career. The show was dedicated to the honor of Twisted Sister’s iconic drummer, A.J. Pero, whose tragic, sudden death just two months prior to the filming of this event shocked the music world. The band announced that not only were all the remaining concerts being performed in 2015 dedicated to the memory of A.J. Pero, but that 2016 would mark the 40th and final year of the band’s legendary live performances. They recruited renowned drummer and friend of A.J. Pero, Mike Portnoy (The Winery Dogs, Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold) to take the reins, and his very first Twisted Sister appearance was captured by the “Metal Meltdown” camera crew.

Twisted Sister fans will now get to witness that special concert produced by the award-winning production company, Rock Fuel Media in association with Loud & Proud Records. Directed by Brian Lockwood (Bon Jovi, Metallica, Motley Crue), METAL MELTDOWN – FEATURING TWISTED SISTER LIVE AT THE HARD ROCK CASINO – LAS VEGAS features that complete concert, as well as Rockshow, a bonus documentary that takes fans through the band’s 40-year ride from local club outcasts to world domination with exclusive interviews, archive footage from the ‘80s, photo gallery. It was mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound. Set for release July 22, the retail package includes both BluRay and DVD formats as well as an audio CD.

As Twisted Sister guitarist JayJay French explains, “The decision to continue performing all the summer shows in 2015, not to mention the concert that this performance celebrates, was in jeopardy over the days immediately following A.J.’s sudden death. We needed time to re-group and re-focus. Everyone was great. All the promoters of the huge European summer festivals that we were set to headline and Barry, the producer of this concert said, ‘We understand. You all (meaning the band) have to do what makes you comfortable. Whatever the band decides has to be honored and respected.’

“In the end, I believe we did what A.J. would have wanted us to do and Mike Portnoy was a very big part of that decision in both an emotional and artistic way. This performance captured herein just two months after A.J.’s death really was about our way to help memorialize the great A.J. Pero. The front four (Dee, Eddie, Mark and I) have had no one but A.J. behind us since 1982. This concert has A.J.’s influence permeating through our bloodstream in ways that I will never forget and when we cut to A.J.’s drum solo on the rear projection screen, We were all emotionally overwhelmed. Not since our reunion for NY Steel in 2001 (to honor and raise money for the families of the NYC police and fire department who died on 9/11) have I been moved to tears.”

Award-winning producer Barry Summers of Rock Fuel Media commented, “Twisted Sister was the first live club band I ever saw in 1979 at Emmett’s Inn in New Jersey, and they literally blew my mind. We actually revisited Emmett’s and filmed a scene for the Rockshow documentary. It has been a real dream come true to produce this amazing concert film for such an iconic and influential band. The tribute to A.J. Pero makes this film that much more special. We’re excited to give the fans the highest quality concert film and live recordings ever released in the year of Twisted Sister’s final farewell.”

Other bands filmed in Las Vegas as part of the “Metal Meltdown” include Extreme, Skid Row and Great White. Stay tuned for details on those releases.


1. What You Don’t Know
2. The Kids Are Back
3. Stay Hungry
4. The Beast
5. Shoot ‘Em Down
6. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll
7. I Believe In Rock ‘N’ Roll
8. Under The Blade
9. I Am (I’m Me)
10. We’re Not Gonna Take It
11. The Fire Still Burns
12. The Price
13.  Burn In Hell
14.  A.J. Pero Tribute
15. I Wanna Rock
16. Come Out and Play
17.  S.M.F.

About Loud & Proud Records:
Loud & Proud Records is an independent record label whose mission is to provide a true partnership between artists and their label. Loud & Proud’s roster of releases is a diverse collection of established and developing artists. Notably, the label’s longstanding relationship with Lynyrd Skynyrd has yielded releases from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Zant (featuring brothers Johnny and Donnie); The Rossingtons (Gary & Dale Rossington), and Blackfoot (featuring Rickey Medlocke). The label also represents recordings by rock supergroup The Winery Dogs; emerging Nashville roots/blues artists The Delta Saints; multi-platinum alternative band Flyleaf; Grammy® Award winners Blues Traveler; Grammy® award winner Rick Springfield; five-time Emmy® Award winning actor and musician Jonathan Jackson and his band Enation; jam scene favorites The String Cheese Incident; powerhouse rockers KIX and more. Labels under Lipsky’s direction in the past (CMC International, Sanctuary Records Group and a joint-venture with Roadrunner Records) released such prominent artists as Rush, Neil Young, Robert Plant, KISS, Morrissey, Lenny Kravitz, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band and more. Loud & Proud Records is distributed worldwide by ADA, a Warner Music Company and is marketed outside North America by International Solutions.

About Rock Fuel Media:
Rock Fuel Media is an award-winning, full-service film and television production company specializing in multimedia content distribution. Rock Fuel Media’s goal is to build entertainment brands, engage audiences and boost revenues for its partners. Their team has worked with some of the world’s biggest artists, including Guns N’ Roses, The Smashing Pumpkins. The Beach Boys, Korn, The Doors, Heart, Carrie Underwood, Jane’s Addiction, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bonnie Raitt, Elvis Costello, Hank Williams Jr., 3 Doors Down, Norah Jones, Cyndi Lauper, Melissa Etheridge, Twisted Sister, Extreme, Skid Row, and Great White. They produce 2D/3D and 4K live entertainment programming and provide a cloud-based, multi-channel content distribution platform for the shows they produce and distribute. They use a proprietary production process and secured content delivery network specially designed to engage audiences, build brands and boost revenues for their partners.

Rock Fuel Media Inc: live entertainment programming

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Wacken Metal Battle Canada – Winner Selected

June 12th, 2016
by EvilG

Thank you Canada! Bands, Judges, Sponsors, Media Partners, Fans for an amazing 2016 Edition and Finals!

Congratulations to Profaner who will be representing our country at the international battle at Wacken Open Air \m/\m/


Congratulations to Profaner

Congratulations to Profaner

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BLOODSTOCK confirms more bands!

June 12th, 2016
by UK Team
BLOODSTOCK festival has announced another batch of bands for August’s event at Catton Park, England!

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Rock Legend ALICE COOPER to Headline at ROCK CARNIVAL 2016

June 10th, 2016
by Celtic Bob


As recently announced, the annual ROCK CARNIVAL is back for its second year – taking place on September 30, October 1 and October 2 at its new location in Lakewood, NJ at FirstEnergy Park, home of the Lakewood Blue Claws.

As with its inaugural year, which drew a staggering 50,000+ attendees, the second annual ROCK CARNIVAL will feature classic amusement rides and entertainment, the most delicious food truck offerings, high-action Professional Wrestling, a wide selection of tasty brews, and of course… the best in local, national and international rock music performances! This year’s event will also see the addition of more carnival area space and a children’s fun zone. This is a weekend of big fun for the whole family!

ROCK CARNIVAL is pleased to announce even more stellar talent performing at this year’s show. In addition to Saturday headliners and heavy metal legends Twisted Sister performing their can’t-miss official tri-state farewell show, fans will enjoy a legendary Friday headline performance from none other than the original shock rocker himself, Alice Cooper.

Pop culture icon Alice Cooper pioneered a grandly theatrical brand of hard rock that was designed to shock. Drawing equally from horror movies, vaudeville, and garage rock, the group created a stage show that featured electric chairs, guillotines, fake blood and boa constrictors. With a schedule that includes six months each year on the road, Alice Cooper brings his own brand of rock psycho-drama to fans both old and new, enjoying it as much as the audience does. Known as the architect of shock-rock, Cooper (in both the original Alice Cooper band and as a solo artist) has rattled the cages and undermined the authority of generations of guardians of the status quo, continuing to surprise fans and exude danger at every turn, like a great horror movie, even in an era where CNN can present real life shocking images. With his influence on rock & roll long since acknowledged, there is little that Alice Cooper hasn’t achieved in his remarkable career, including platinum albums, sold-out tours and any number of honors and career achievement awards. As he heads back out on the concert trail each year, Cooper insists he’s still motivated to continue touring and recording albums, as well as making time for such side projects as Cooper’stown (his Phoenix-based restaurant/sports bar) and his “Nights With Alice Cooper” nightly radio show, syndicated domestically and worldwide on over 100 stations.

In addition to Alice Cooper, other newly announced artists include Clutch, Blue Oyster Cult, Zakk Sabbath, Cycle of Pain, Zebra, Jackyl, Shaman’s Harvest and KYNG. These artists join previously announced ROCK CARNIVAL 2016 artists   Overkill, Ace Frehley, Monster Magnet, Fuel, Cinderella’s Tom Keifer, Dokken, Texas Hippie Coalition, Doro, Four By Fate, Killcode, Jester and American Angel. Even more ROCK CARNIVAL performances will be announced soon, with Sunday’s performance line-up being announced via 95.9 the WRAT on Tuesday, July 5!

Music will take place on multiple stages including two main festival stages, side by side, on the field.  Fans will have general admission access to the stadium field. The musical portion of the event will once again feature the Birch Hill stage, a very popular performance area, with the addition of another performance area showcasing developing artists.

This year’s festivities will also include a brand new “Classic” Friday night celebration, which will feature tributes to classic rock favorites! Voyage will perform a tribute to Journey, Almost Queen will play your Queen favorites, and Zakk Sabbath – featuring vocalist/guitarist Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne), bassist Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Rob Zombie) and drummer Joey Castillo (ex-Queens Of The Stone Age) – will perform Black Sabbath classics.

Reserved weekend, GA weekend, single day, VIP and Skybox tickets for this year’s ROCK CARNIVAL are on sale now. Carnival entry is FREE for all children under 16 and Adult Carnival Only Admission is $15 in advance, $20 at the Carnival. Carnival Only Admission does not include stadium access.

Single Day, VIP Packages and Skybox Meet & Greet’s, powered by SoundRink, are on sale beginning today. Get your reserved and GA weekend + single day tickets here! Find VIP packages and Skybox tickets via SoundRink.

More carnival details, per-day line-ups and other entertainment will be announced soon. For more information, visit

The ROCK CARNIVAL is produced by Stan Levinstone Presents and GameLoud.

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Diviner – band leader/singer Yiannis Papanikolaou

June 10th, 2016
by Anders Sandvall


Band leader/singer Yiannis Papanikolaou- Diviner

Thanks to Emil Westerdahl at Ulterium Records for setting up the interview
Thanks to Ulterium Records for the promo pictures of the band.


The Greek heavy metal act Diviner released their debut album FALLEN EMPIRES last year and since I thought the album was great I hooked up with one of the band’s leaders, singer Yiannis Papanikolaou, to learn a bit more about them. The band is jammed with experienced and skilled musicians like guitarist Thimios Krikos (Innerwish) and drummer Fragiskos Samoilis (Innerwish). Innerwish is one of the biggest metal acts from Greece and Yiannis was also a member of that band before joining Diviner. Besides Diviner this busy man also leads and fronts the Dio cover act Rock N Roll Children, whom we discussed during our interview. To learn more about Greek heavy metal lean back and enjoy…

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