Michael Monroe with support act Thundermother on Scandinavian Tour – 2014 at The Tivoli Helsingborg, Sweden

December 13th, 2014
by Anders Sandvall


Michael Monroe
Scandinavian Tour – 2014
Thundermother – support act

The Tivoli
19/10 – 2014

Live pictures and review by: Anders Sandvall


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Interview with Agamoth – Abgott

December 13th, 2014
by Metal-Rules.com UK Team

Interview with Agamoth of Abgott

Interview by Ann Sulaiman

Video by Jo Blackened & Graham Hilling


Agamoth: Vocals + Guitar
Azael: Guitar
Lord: Bass
Vordhr: Drums
Kaoma Mega: Synth
Agamoth - By Ester Segarra

Agamoth – By Ester Segarra

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Interview with Stephan Forte

December 13th, 2014
by J P

Interview with Stephan Forte

by JP

Stephen Forte - Enigma Opera Black

Stephen Forte – Enigma Opera Black

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Sabaton – Heroes on European tour 2015 – 4 shows in Norway added

December 13th, 2014
by EvilG
Sabaton - Heroes on European tour 2015 - 4 shows in Norway added.

Sabaton – Heroes on European tour 2015 – 4 shows in Norway added.

View this email online if it doesn’t display correctly


24, Sabatoncruise – SOLD OUT
25, DK Köpenhamn Stora Vega – VENUE UPGRADED
27, FR Lille Aeronef
28, UK Norwich Waterfront
29, UK Brighton Concorde 2 – SOLD OUT
30, UK Plymouth The Hub – SOLD OUT


2, UK Reading Sub 89 – SOLD OUT
3, UK Weymouth The Pavillion
5, UK Glasgow QMU – SOLD OUT
6, IE Dublin Academy – SOLD OUT
7, UK Belfast Limelight – VENUE UPGRADED
8, UK Manchester The Ritz – SOLD OUT
9, UK Wolverhampton Slade Rooms – SOLD OUT
11, FR Toulouse Le Bikini
12, ES Bilbao Santana 27
13, ES Madrid Sala San Miguel – VENUE UPGRADED
14, PT Porto Hard Club
16, ES Valencia Koh Tao Club
17, ES Barcelona Razzmatazz 1 – VENUE UPGRADED
18, FR Lyon Transbordeur
19, CH Lausanne Les Docks – SOLD OUT
20, FR Strasbourg La Laiterie – SOLD OUT


8, DE Oberhausen Turbinenhalle – EXTRA SHOW
9, DE Oberhausen Turbinenhalle – SOLD OUT
10, DE Geiselwind Event Hall
11, NE Tilburg O13 – SOLD OUT
12, UK London HMV Forum
14, FR Paris Bataclan
15, CH Pratteln Z7 – SOLD OUT
16, DE Ludwigsburg MHP Arena
17, DE Langen Stadthalle – SOLD OUT
19, DE Berlin Huxley’s
20, PL Poznan Hala MTP 2
22, PL Cracov Wisla Hall
23, PL Warsaw Torwar Hall
24, PL Wroclaw Hala Orbita
25, HU Budapest Petofi Hall
27, RO Bucharest Arenele Romane – VENUE UPGRADED
28, BG Sofia Hall Universiada
30, GR Athens Fuzz Live Club
31, GR Thessaloniki Principal Club Theater


2, HR Zagreb Tvornica
3, IT Milano Alcatraz
4, DE Munich Tonhalle – SOLD OUT
6, AT Vienna Gasometer
7, CZ Prague Forum Karlin
8, CZ Zlin Hala Euronics/Novesta
10, SK Bratislava Refinery Gallery
11, DE Saarbrücken Garage
13, BE Antwerpen Lotto Arena
14, DE Hamburg Alsterdorfer Sporthalle
15, NE Amsterdam Melkweg

MARCH 2015

6, RU Moscow Ray Just Arena
7, RU St Petersburg KKZ Aurora Hall
8, RU Krasnodar Arena Hall
10, RU Novosibirsk Otdyh
12, RU Yekaterinburg Tele-Club
13, BY Minsk Republic
18, FI Seinäjoki Rytmikorjaamo
19, FI Helsinki The Circus
20, FI Tampere Pakkahuone
21, FI Joensue Kerubi – SOLD OUT
25, NO Trondheim Byscenen
27, NO Oslo Sentrum Scene
28, NO Bergen Røkeriet
29, NO Stavanger Kulturhuset

Tickets here!

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Hibernacula Records presents an evening of black metal fury

December 12th, 2014
by EvilG
Hibernacula Records presents an evening of black metal fury

Hibernacula Records presents an evening of black metal fury

Hibernacula Records presents an evening of black metal fury, featuring the UK’s finest upcoming black metal bands.

Stahlsarg www.facebook.com/stahlsarguk

Stahlsarg was conceived in 2013 featuring previous members of Eastern Front, they are a non political band who write music and lyrics from a historical and subjective point of view of the brutal campaigns of WW2, they create their own brand of blackened death metal.

Necrosadistic goat torture www.facebook.com/pages/Necrosadistic-Goat-Torture-Official/186111281430389?fref=ts

Necrosadistic Goat Torture is a metal band formed in 2003, by GoatLord and GoatMaster. Having supported acts such as Angelcorpse, Desaster, Revenge, Skyforger, Besatt, Razor Of Occam, Nocturnal et al. and playing sets at Hell’s Pleasure 2008, Infernal Damnation and Bloodstock festivals, the band continues steadily its assault on the world.

Vehement www.facebook.com/officialvehement

Vehement are a progressive black metal band from Eastbourne, relentless, brutal, grim and blindingly technical in their delivery, their debut album is coming 2015

Exquisite Ending www.facebook.com/exquisiteending

Exquisite Ending are a UK based black metal band, Their songs take the listener to a dark place, conveying an introspective self-loathing catastrophe of melodic movement and unrelenting rawness, combined with occult and ritualistic ideologies of “Misanthropism” a religious cult created by the band to emanate their hatred towards mankind.

Sponsored by: Zero Tolerance magazine AND Metal-rules.com
FREE ENTRY 18+ Sunday 1st February. The Unicorn, Camden, London

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Anvil – Nosturi Helsinki Finland

December 12th, 2014
by Arto Lehtinen


with supporters ( Ranger and Scene X Dream )

The 10th of December 2014

Nosturi Helsinki Finland

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ANAAL NATHRAKH – Interview with David Hunt

December 12th, 2014
by Peter Atkinson

anaal logo (585x321)

Interview with David “V.I.T.R.I.O.L.” Hunt

By Peter Atkinson

Promo photos from Earsplit PR

Live photos from facebook

English/American hybrid Anaal Nathrakh are one of the most intriguing and unusual bands in extreme music – with an emphasis on unusual and extreme. The duo – California-based guitarist/bassist/programmer Mick Kenney, an English transplant, and Birmingham, England-based vocalist David Hunt, also known fittingly as “V.I.T.R.I.O.L” – work in mysterious ways to produce a punishingly unique shit-storm of black/death metal, grindcore, industrial and electronic music.

Anaal Nathrakh tour sparingly, but have been remarkably productive since forming in 1999. Their latest album, the just-released Desideratum, is their eighth, to go along with an EP. Over time, the band’s chaotic music – occasionally flavored by contributions from Mayhem’s Attila Csihar, Napalm Death’s Shane Embury and Danny Herrera, Lock Up’s Nick Barker and Watain’s Set Teitan – has grown bigger, brasher and more calamitous.

Desideratum is Anaal Nathrakh’s most thunderous effort yet. Amazingly, it’s also their most immediate and easiest to warm up to, thanks in part to Kenney’s slashing hooks and crushing grooves, some surprisingly infectious rampaging melodies and Hunt’s vocal gymnastics. The apocalypse never sounded so awesome.

On the phone from the U.K. – a week after a Skype failure put the kibosh on a batch of interviews with the states, mine included – Hunt talked about Anaal Nathrakh’s unconventional logistics, incendiary sonic mish-mash and the unorthodox method by which it gets made.

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Interview with Terry Butler of Massacre

December 12th, 2014
by J P

Interview with Terry Butler of Massacre

by Hellias 


Terry Butler is one of the few musicians that were part of Chuck Schuldiner’s Death for a while. Also was the bassist for the famous gore death metal Six Feet Under and when he left the band, Obituary welcomed him. Now, with Massacre re-activated, he is back to record a new album with them. We have had an intimate catch up with Terry Butler who let us in on the happenings of the Massacre and Obituary camp, Chuck Schuldiner, the writing sessions of Death’s albums LEPROSY and SPIRITUAL HEALING, AOR music, John Tardy’s complaints about the low record sales of Obituary albums and how to make a good death metal album.

Metal-Rules.com: Hello, Terry! This is Hellias, I am very happy and glad for this interview and greetings from Greece! First of all, how are you doing? And where are you checking in from today?

Hello, Hellias, thanks for the interview. All is well here in Dover, Florida at my humble abode.

Metal-Rules.com: To start off, let’s take a look at the new upcoming and long awaited Massacre album. How is it going with that? In what stage exactly is the process of the new Massacre album that it is in the works?

The album is going well. It’s on track to be released March 24th in Europe and April 1st in North America through Century Media.



Metal-Rules.com: What are the plans for Massacre after that release?

We have a short tour lined up in May for Europe starting in Holland for the Neurotic Death Fest. We plan to tour as much as possible in 2014.

Metal-Rules.com: You personally have been playing for the past 25 years in different bands, like Six Feet Under, Death, Denial Fiend and now Obituary. I’m sure you had many difficulties throughout this time…What makes you always keep pushing forward?

Basically the love of music keeps driving me. I love to play music and see people enjoying it. It’s hard to be away from the family, but they understand. I have definitely had to deal with a lot of egos and bullshit, but I’m in a better place now!!!

Metal-Rules.com: MASSACRE has not released a new studio album since PROMISE back in 1996, that is 20 years. Don’t you think that almost 18 years to wait is too many?

Well, we will just say 22 years. PROMISE is what it is, but I don’t think it’s a Massacre album. Obviously, we would have liked to continue putting out records in ’92, but the band split up. It’s great to be able to put out a record in 2014 and have a label believe in you.


Metal-Rules.com: Could you give us some details about the writing sessions for the new Obituary album? How did you join the album? You or the band made the contact? How do you compare writing sessions in Massacre and OBITUARY to, say, some of your previous bands, like DEATH, SIX FEET UNDER, etc.?

Well, Obituary contacted me to help them out when Frank was released. I’ve known them for 25 years, so I have a good relationship with them. When I quit SFU, I told them I would like to offer them my services full time, so they said hell yeah, come on. I’ve been with them for 4 years now. The new Obituary album is complete. Trevor, Donald and John have worked together so long that they are a writing machine. There are 14 songs and they are pure Obituary. The new album will be out June 1st. The writing sessions are the same for both bands. Musically they are different, but the process is the same. Everyone has a voice.

Metal-Rules.com: Can you remember something donsie or enthusiastic from the writing sessions of Death’s LEPROSY or SPIRITUAL HEALING?

The writing session for Leprosy was quick; Chuck and Rick worked together in Orlando and were in Tampa. We would get together and they would show us the stuff. Spiritual was great because Bill, James and I would get together at Chuck’s house and write together. Those sessions were special for me because I helped and co-write 4 of those songs.

Metal-Rules.com: Is Denial Fiend working on a new album? Some people might not be familiar with the band. Can you tell us more about Denial Fiend?

We are on a bit of a break at the moment. Well, we have 2 CDs out. The band is a bit of a mix between Punk, Thrash and Death Metal. Lyrically, we deal with zombies and ‘50s Sci-Fi. We hope to get a CD out sometime in 2015.

Metal-Rules.com: How important is it to you that people pay attention to your lyrics apart from listening to your music?

Lyrics are important. One funny thing is that as long as it makes sense to you as a band, then it makes sense. Words can have so many meanings. If you are good at writing lyrics and can tell a story that adds a lot to the band overall, it gets people talking about all facets of your band.

Metal-Rules.com: And now some personal questions. How did you get into playing music?

I’ve always wanted to play an instrument. I bought a bass in ’85 and started fooling around. When Massacre kicked out their bass player, Bill called me and asked if wanted to join.

Metal-Rules.com: What’s your opinion on other kinds of music?

I can listen to other types, no problem. I like a lot of ‘70s AOR music and hard rock. I grew up on country. I love southern rock. Obviously ‘80s metal as well. My heart is in the NWOBHM and bands like Mercyful Fate and Celtic Frost.




 Metal-Rules.com: Do you know any Greek heavy metal acts? Are there any Greek metal bands that you really like or want to share the stage with? Rotting Christ, Septicflesh, Firewind to name a few.

I’ve played with Suicidal Angels before. They opened for Denial Fiend in Europe in 2008. Great guys!!! Any of those bands would be cool to play with.

Metal-Rules.com: And now I would like to discuss some deplorable events. We are in the beginning of 2014 and a few big metal personas have already passed away…Ronnie James Dio, Peter Steele, Paul Grey (Slipknot) and finally Jeff Hanneman (Slayer). Are the last 4 years the most depressing years of heavy metal?

Jeff Hanneman’s passing really was a shame because he was still fairly young. He was directly responsible for influencing many thrash and Death Metal players in bands today. Dio is one of my favorite vocalists. It really sucked when he passed. We are all getting older, so this thing will happen more and more.

Metal-Rules.com: What do you think of today’s music industry in general?

I think there are a lot of cool bands out there, and a lot of classic bands still going strong. You can’t do anything different. It’s all been done. The record labels themselves have had to change because of the technology with production and illegal downloads.



Metal-Rules.com: Is technology part of your life or are you still a “romantic”?

Both ha-ha…I love traditional ways and customs, but technology has helped us so much. For example, going to a famous studio with rich tradition to record our album was very exciting to be part of. With protocols, everyone has a studio now. Sure protools allow you a lot of freedom and technology in your own environment, but the tradition and nostalgia is lost.

Metal-Rules.com: Heavy metal changes throughout the decades. Heavy and Thrash metal dominated the 80’s, there was Death, Black and Power metal in 90’s, and Metalcore and Nu Metal in the 00’s. 2010 was the beginning of the new decade. What do you see for the future?

Well, I see a mix of all the genres sticking around and still being relevant. Hopefully the Nu-metal style dies totally…lol. I’m not sure where metal can go from here. It’s all been done. Maybe if certain genres mix such as Black Metal and Polka, Grindcore and Salsa? Lol



Metal-Rules.com: If you could pick only one musician to work with, who would that be and why?

Oh wow there would be so many. Rob Halford, Dio, Phil Lynott, Cronos, Tom Warrior, John Oliva, plus many more. Basically, these were my heroes when I was learning how to play music. But that doesn’t answer the question. Probably overall, it would be Rob Halford. His vocal range would allow for so many different styles of writing music.

Metal-Rules.com: Some years ago, I read John Tardy’s complaints about the low record sales of Obituary. What’s your own opinion on record sales in general?

Well record sales are in the toilet these days because of illegal downloads and digital downloads. It’s too hard to regulate. The internet is a good tool and a bad tool. The die-hard fans will still buy the vinyl and CD’s for their collection.


Metal-Rules.com: What elements make a good death metal song and album?

In my opinion, you need to write music that people will remember. Good riffs and some catchy hooks. If your fans can drive home from your shows and remember the riffs in your songs, then you’re doing something right.

Metal-Rules.com: Terry, thank you for this interview. I wish you and the rest guys of Massacre and Obituary all the best!!!

Thank you Metal-Rules for the interview!!!!

Love to the Greek Fans!!!!

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December 12th, 2014
by EvilG

German power metallers Orden Ogan will release their new album, Ravenhead, on January 16th (in Europe) and February 3rd (North America) via AFM Records. The band has just unveiled the first video clip from the album – check out “F.E.V.E.R” below:

Orden Ogan - Ravenhead

Orden Ogan – Ravenhead

Ravenhead was mixed by Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann at Greenman Studios and will be available as standard CD, limited digipak (including two bonus tracks and bonus DVD Live at Summer Breeze 2013), limited vinyl (500 copies in green) and limited special edition (raven sculpture + digipak, limited to 1,000 units).
Ravenhead tracklisting:

“Orden Ogan”
“The Lake”
“Evil Lies In Every Man”
“Here At The End Of The World”
“A Reason To Give”
“Deaf Among The Blind”
“Sorrow Is Your Tale”
“In Grief And Chains”
“Too Soon”

Orden Ogan are on tour with HammerFall in 2015. For dates visit https://www.facebook.com/ORDENOGAN/app_123966167614127


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December 11th, 2014
by EvilG

saxon_logo_2_kb_2014 (2)Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler was rushed to hospital on Monday night after suffering a brain aneurysm (a bulging, weak area in the wall of an artery that supplies blood to the brain). A second surgery had to be performed after the first one was not successful. His wife Gina Glockler has issued the following update after the second surgery:

“Nigel’s surgery went according to plan & (he’s) resting tonight. I hope to post more info as I have it, and hopefully a message from the man himself!!

Thank you all for the support, it really means so much.

Gina, Justin & Madeline”

Saxon have been forced to cancel their upcoming UK dates, which were due to be the culmination of 38-date European tour Warriors of the Road celebrating their 35th Anniversary. The set list featured tracks from what is known to the fans as ‘The Holy Trinity’ – Saxon’s seminal albums Wheels Of Steel, Strong Arm Of The Law and Denim And Leather.

The following shows are re-scheduled as follows: Tickets are valid for the new dates.

3 – Newcastle, England – Academy
4 – Nottingham, England – Rock City
5 – Wolverhampton, England – Wulfrun Hall
6 – Oxford, England – Academy
7 – London, England  – Shepherds Bush Empire

The band and management would like to apologise to all involved for any inconvenience caused.

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December 11th, 2014
by EvilG

immortal_live_8.jpgAccording to Dagbladet.no, Immortal frontman Abbath (real name Olve Eikemo) has tried to claim rights to the Immortal logo via his sole proprietorship Eikemo Compositions. The application has been stopped by a lawyer representing lyricist/guitarist Demonaz (real name Harald Nævdal) and drummer Horgh (Reidar Horghagen), who want the Immortal trademark to be shared by all three members. Abbath has until this Friday (December 12th) to respond to the opposition, before the Norwegian Patent Office makes a decision in January/February.

The core trio Abbath, Demonaz and Horgh have been together since 1997’s Blizzard Beasts and created the band’s triumphant black metal triumvirate At The Heart Of Winter (1999), Damned In Black (2000) and Sons Of Northern Darkness (2002) along with 2009’s reunion album, All Shall Fall.

The band members have failed to comment. More news as it develops.

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Terry Butler and Ed Webb leaving Massacre

December 11th, 2014
by Arto Lehtinen

IMG_3338DEATH DTA TOURS regret that, due to several factors, Massacre will not be taking part in the “Symbolic 20th Anniversary” European tour in late February/March 2015. Unfortunately, Massacre also had to cut their participation in the Swamp Leper Stomp ‘14 tour with DTA, Obituary and Rivers Of Nihil by one show.

Massacre bassist Terry Butler and vocalist Ed Webb today issued joint statements indicating that they have formally exited the band:

Said Terry Butler: ”It’s with a heavy heart that I am announcing my departure from Massacre. I wish Ed, [drummer] Mikey [Mazzonetto] and [guitarist] Rick [‘Rozz’ DeLillo] the best of luck with their future endeavors. I would like to thank the awesome fans for their support and loyalty and to those who labored to help bring the band back from beyond. Thank you as well….Arrivederci!”

Adds Ed Webb: ”After much thought and consideration it is with deep regret that I announce my departure from Massacre. This was not an easy decision to make but a necessary one. The last four years have had its share of both unbelievable times as well as some times I wish to forget. I want to thank all of the Massacre fans, those who accepted me as the new vocalist as well as those who didn’t. You guys gave me the desire to work harder than I ever had in the past. I also had the privilege to play some of the most incredible shows, do some killer tours and meet a lot of great people along the way. At this point, I am going to just concentrate on my two main projects [Generichrist and Destined To Ruin] as well as a few other projects I am working on. I want to endlessly thank Terry, Rick and Mikey for the opportunity to record an absolutely crushing CD and get to tour around the world with them. I wish them all the best in their future endeavors. I hope to see everyone in the future and thanks for letting me do what I live to do!”


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Black Spiders@ Glasgow Cathouse, 9/12/14

December 11th, 2014
by Metal-Rules.com UK Team

Black spiders

The Cathouse, Glasgow, Scotland

December 9th 2014

Review and pics by Ritchie Birnie


Black Spiders

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FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE: “Epilogue” video clip released

December 9th, 2014
by EvilG
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Labyrinth

Fleshgod Apocalypse – Labyrinth

Italy’s Symphonic Death Metal horde FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE announced that they had filmed an official video for the track ‘Epilogue’last week by teasing fans with a snippet from the clip. The band are pleased to announce that fans can now watch the video for the track, which is taken from the band’s latest album Labyrinth, over on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel: http://youtu.be/LXLl68Llf8E

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New Lyric Video from Egonaut – The Hurt

December 9th, 2014
by EvilG

LYRIC VIDEO – THE HURT (Electric, 2011)

To celebrate another successful year for Egonaut, we hereby give you a brand new lyric video for a song from our first album “Electric” (2011). The song is called “The Hurt” and it has since the release been the last song in almost every live set when Egonaut been performing live, giving it a very special place in the hearts of the nautfans as well as the members of the band.

The video contains lyric and live footage from the festival tour in Sweden this summer. The track is a brand new recording that was recorded live at Bastard Sound Studios this autumn.

Link to video: http://youtu.be/lGA5hE5vOHE

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